Seat Belt Related Problems of the 2013 Toyota Camry

Table 1 shows one common seat belt related problems of the 2013 Toyota Camry.

Table 1. Seat Belt related problems of Toyota Camry

Problem Category Number of Problems
Seat Belt problems
Seat Belt problem #1

Driver side seat belt is stuck in place and will not work,.

Seat Belt problem #2

On the way home from west virginia university Sunday evening around 1:10 am driving near rt119 uniontown, PA we spun in rair while making a turn twards exit going 55 mph , we hit a guardrail spun and flipped over 4 times 75 feet over an enbankment not one airbag deployed causinf more injury to my daughter in the back seat , we all hit our heads and got contusions , concusions and abrasions while wearing our seat belts the back seaty belt either burned or was cut I have 33 pics from insurance adjustor , with the extreme impact I cant believe no air bag opened , causing more injury to my daughter in the back seat. It was a miracle we survived .

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