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Engine Burning Oil Problems of Toyota Camry - part 1

Toyota Camry owners have reported 139 problems related to engine burning oil (under the engine and engine cooling category).

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2015 Toyota Camry 1
Failure Date: 01/05/2016

The contact owns a 2015 Toyota Camry. While the vehicle was undergoing a routine maintenance check, it was discovered that the engine was burning oil. The dealer confirmed the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 4,000.

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car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 2
Failure Date: 11/21/2015

Tl-the owns a 2007 Toyota Camry. The contact stated that while driving at 35 mph, there was an noise coming from the passenger front side of the vehicle. The vehicle started to lose speed, the contact costed over to the side of the road. The vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic where it was diagnosed that the oil tube broke and burned the engine and it would needed to replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was aware of the failure. The failure mileage was 45,300. Aw.

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car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2010 Toyota Camry 3
Failure Date: 10/14/2015

We have owned this car since new and followed the maintenance schedule religiously. The car is at 76,000 miles and yesterday I discovered that the car had burned through 2. 5 quarts of oil less than 3000 miles from the last oil change. Additionally the slave cylinder is leaking after the transmission was replaced at 23000 miles. Prior to the last 3000 miles, the car had never burned through oil between oil changes. Upon researching the issue I found that the previous generation of this engine had piston issues that Toyota eventually started fixing for free (after multiple class action suits). I took it in to my dealership and they recommended an entire engine overhaul to fix the pistons ($5000) of which they cover nothing. In addition they confirmed the slave cylinder was leaking and that the transmission would need to be overhauled a 2nd time ($2,600). Unfortunately I purchased this car in manual, and Toyota barely sold any of these transmissions which has resulted in no acknowledgement of any manufacturer defects. While I understand the transmission is poorly designed but considered a wear item, I can not understand how the pistons on a car with regular maintenance would give out at 76,000 miles.

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car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2009 Toyota Camry 4
Failure Date: 09/22/2015

I was driving and my car's low engine oil light came on. I brought it to Toyota and this employee helped me pour in 2. 5 quarts of oil. This is in between the maintenance scheule. After getting an oil consumption test from Toyota, the employee told me that Toyota's standard is that we can lose a quart of oil for every 1200 miles. I brought my car back to them after 1,000 miles. They said that my car passed the test, I noticed that they added a quart of oil to my car. This is so not normal! I just received the extended warranty notice a couple of weeks ago. It defeats the purpose of notifying us if Toyota denies that our cars have the oil consumption problem. This powerful company is bullying everyone. A lawsuit does not help get our cars fixed. Please recall the cars. Otherwise, you are letting Toyota get away with bullying behavior. Thanks!.

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car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2008 Toyota Camry 5
Failure Date: 09/07/2015

Purchased a used 2008 Camry on 7/15/15. The car was serviced for the oil change right before I got it and I still had over 900 miles left before I hit the 3000 mile mark to have the oil change done. We checked the oil and it was completely dry. Not a drip on the dip stick! I think it's safe to say that this vehicle has a engine oil consumption issue.

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car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 6
Failure Date: 08/15/2015

I have a Toyota solara 2007 it has an excessive oil consumption problem (tested and certified by Toyota of south florida dealer as part of Toyota national recall)but Toyota corporation doesn't have an specific time to fix this problem because they don't have yet the parts to replace and they don't know when those parts will be available. This problem has been recognized by Toyota since 2014. How they don't have these parts yet?.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2008 Toyota Camry 7
Failure Date: 08/01/2015

High oil consumption.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 8
Failure Date: 06/18/2015

My car was burning more than 5 quarts in less than 3k miles but after long time finally Toyota has fixed the issue. But this was happening for me from 45k miles on my car around 2009 until now. Mean while since the engine was burning which caused my catalytic converter to blow off. They should replace the catalytic converter too because this is caused by the engine oil burning in the combustion camber. Few years back they fixed my power window on the driver side but last 12- 18 months I am experiencing an issue some times the window opens on the passenger side but most of the time passenger would try to open but it wont open. I believe its an electrical issue which may have happened after they fixed on the driver side. If any accident happens then the passenger wont be able to get out which is very dangerous its an safety issue.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2009 Toyota Camry 9
Failure Date: 06/10/2015

Car had no oil left in it after 5000 miles and just getting oil change at that time. Was told my 2. 4 engine is known to "eat" oil per service tech and Toyota is doing an "oil consumption test" on the engine after I put 1200-1300 miles on new engine oil. Car went through 4. 5 qts of oil in 5000 miles! not burning out exhaust and not leaking anywhere. Service tech advised this is known problem. According to them, after "oil comsumption test" if my car "eats" less than a quart in 1100 miles that is acceptable! that is not. I know 20 year old cars that dont burn or leak or "eat" oil at oil. This known issue with the Toyota 2. 4 engine should be recalled and owners given a new engine or compensation. I cannot keep putting oil in car every 1100 miles! Toyota needs to be held accountable for a defect they are aware of. I was lucky to not have taken my car on long trip and have engine seize up on me on highway causing a possible crash. Please help with this problem. I know others have similiar complaints with NHTSA and also other websites and wanted to bring mine to your attention also. Thank you very much!!.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2009 Toyota Camry 10
Failure Date: 05/21/2015

I purchased my 2009 Toyota Camry in 2008 after graduating college. I have always serviced my car as required per the Toyota manufacturers guide to have it serviced every 5,000 miles. The last three or four times I had to take the car at least 500-1000 miles before the required service mileage. About 90% of the service maintenance was performed at the Toyota dealership. Per the Toyota service package, the technicians are suppose to do a through inspection of the car to notify any areas of concern to the customer. I read a TSB that was issued by Toyota in November 2011 regarding excessive oil consumption due to a defective seal or piston ring. Recently before I hit the road for vacation, I was checking my tire pressure and decided to check my oil levels. The car was not suppose to be serviced for another 500 miles and their was no oil on the dipstick. . Nothing came out. I took my car to the nearest jiffy lube and asked the mechanic to look under the engine to see if there was an external oil leak. The mechanic checked and said no oil was leaking on the outside. He told me there could possibly be engine oil burning up, which is why I pulled the Toyota TSB. This is very concerning because I wouldn't want my engine to lock up driving at a high speed down the freeway. Toyota should be held accountable for the manufacturing defect and should investigate the matter. There is a class action lawsuit against Toyota for the above matter and I will be sharing my story. Thank you.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2009 Toyota Camry 11
Failure Date: 05/18/2015

At intermittent times, most noticeably while braking or turning or both, warning light and sound activates. Checked just recently, no oil on dipstick. Suspect excessive oil consumption manufacturer defect on my year and model which is not being addressed by Toyota.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 12
Failure Date: 04/22/2015

On 3/4/15 I had an oil change at conrad's. On 3/11/15 I took my vehicle in to Toyota for the oil consumption test. At this time they asked when my last oil change was and I stated 3/4/15. They said they typically like to perform the oil change before the test but that oil change was recent enough to use. When they checked my oil they said my car arrived with no oil reading on the dipstick and that it was more than one quart low on oil. I explained how could that be I have no oil in my driveway or anywhere. The service advisor said they would need to do an oil change or they couldn't do the test. I called conrad's they stated that is not true and it's there word against Toyota. I had Toyota perform the oil change and they also sealed the engine off for the test. On 4/22/15 I returned as I had reached 1200 miles since the start of the test. At that point they stated my car passed and the oil consumption was good. In June I was headed out of town and the oil light flashed on as I exited the highway. At that point we added two quarts of oil. Now it is 8-5-15 and my son was driving the car and the engine started knocking. We added two quarts of oil but it's too late. The noise coming from inside the engine did not stop. Called Toyota today and talked to the service manager and he said I could bring it in to be looked at. I will have to tow it up there as I'm not sure if it's drivable. Next oil change was 9-7-15 or 92481 miles. Current milage 94014. It appears that the car is burning an excessive amount of oil even though Toyota claims it passed the test.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 13
Failure Date: 04/21/2015

I was driving home from work, and as I was coming to a stop I heard a warning ding, looked down, and my dashboard read "low engine oil pressure. " I found that warning odd considering I have only put 2,000 miles on my car since my last oil change, I have not noticed any oil leaks in my parking spot or under my car, and I had my transmission serviced four weeks ago and there was no mention of any leaks by the service technician. I pull into the walmart parking lot close by, check my oil, and oil levels are not registering on my dipstick. I quickly bought 2 quarts of the manufacturers recommended weight of oil, put them in, and went directly to my service station. The service station took me in immediately, completed their inspection, and they informed me that they cannot find any leaks anywhere. In addition, there are no bad smells, no smoke, no signs of oil burning, nothing. They recommended an oil change, which I did. The service station gave me a 50% discount on the service because it was only 2 months and 2,000 miles since I was last there for an oil change. The mechanic suggested that I keep a case of oil in my trunk, check the oil level once a week, and add oil as needed. I think this is a lot of oil consumption, and a lot of work for such a young vehicle. My car is a 2007 Toyota Camry xle 4 cylinder with 79,004 miles as of 21 April 2015.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 14
Failure Date: 03/24/2015

My car started using oil at 115,000-123,000 miles. I took it in 2-3 months ago and Toyota performed an oil consumption test. My car used 1. 6 quarts of oil during that time, it did not have any external leaks when they performed this test. I was told it was not under recall and this much oil consumption is normal. Using the much oil is not normal and it was not using oil before the 115,000 miles. I was told since it was not under recall that if I wanted the valve seals repaired it would be under my expense. This is not a new complaint about the 2007 Camry and the internet has numerous customers having excessive oil consumption and some were worse than mine. Toyota should own up to this defect and fix it.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 15
Failure Date: 03/09/2015

We got a warranty enhancement on our Toyota which started to lose alot of oil we took to Toyota green in lexington ky they had on their report we done over 2196 miles when started the test. Which was completely wrong they said we only used 1/2 quart of oil so it was not losing enough oil emailed Toyota considers oil consumption excessive when it exceeds 1. 1 quart per 600 miles. My husband has been checking since took writes down mileage when he checks it had little over 900 miles on it and we had lost almost a quart of oil it liked 1/8 being a full court. Of course they say it says it in the book what they can use. I have had exactly 4 Toyotas and they have never done this. They told us that we can take back in 5000 miles or 6mo which ever comes first. This just does not sound right to me. My husband was not back there when they checked every think which next time he will be. Their exact words they said when checked when they first checked it was slightly low added one qt of oil rechecked and it was little over. When it states in the book also never to put over the amount of oil in the car.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2008 Toyota Camry 16
Failure Date: 02/10/2015

Oil light went on. I took the car to sun Toyota, holiday, FL. They advised me to have an oil change at my expense and to come back later to see if there were any issues. I called later and they said it was too early and to come back at about 1100 miles. In the meantime, I received a letter from Toyota re. Warranty enhancement up to 10 years and 150k miles for excessive oil consumption. I was unable to return until today (3/28/15) despite my best efforts. The mileage was 1568 since the oil change and they said it was too late and outside their parameters. They would not do the test again for 6 months. I asked them to at least check the oil and they did so at my insistence and 2 quarts needed to be added and they advised me it was dangerous to drive the car with low oil and to check the oil every week and add oil as necessary. I complained to the service manager and he refused to do anything for 6 mos. I phoned the national Toyota service center and they confirmed that the warranty enhancement existed but refused to do anything for 6 months. They want me to have the oil change done again at my expense for a second time and to pay for the diagnostics for their defective vehicle at my expense. They refuse to do anything about it at their expense for 6 months. I think they should take care of the oil change and the diagnostics and the repairs immediately at their expense. Thank you.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 17
Failure Date: 02/03/2015

The engine on this car have consumption two quarts oil every two thousand miles. And don't have any leaks.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 18
Failure Date: 01/16/2015

Excessive oil consumption is a problem. The vehicle uses three quarts of oil between 5,000 mile service. Two oil consumptions tests were done. Toyota stated not eligible for warranty. . . . . Updated 11/18/15.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 19
Failure Date: 01/13/2015

This car has burned a quart of oil every 1000 miles for the past seven years. Recently received a TSB from Toyota on this issue and as instructed, took it into a Toyota dealership. I was shocked to learn from their staff that Toyota was considering replacing my engine if it did indeed burn a quart of oil every 1000 miles. I mean come on---the car has 180k miles on it. Never the less, I was impressed with the idea. They "sealed" the oil cap so no one could tamper with the oil level. They informed me that they had topped off the oil level. I put another 1200 miles on it and returned the car as instructed, to allow them to "perform a detailed test to determine if the engine was consuming a quart every 1000 miles. I checked the oil dipstick the morning I took the car back to Toyota. It was a full quart low on oil. Interesting, but Toyota performed their test and advised they would contact me. Did not happen. A month later I called the dealership and they informed me the CA had burned 7/8 of a quart and as it was less than a quart, I was basically sol. All said and done, I was not expecting a new engine. I was expecting to leave feeling I had been treated fairly and professionally. The net result is that I have made two totally unnecessary trips to the dealer just to be informed Toyota does not and will not do anything. . . . Becauset their test indicated the car failed to meet their criteria by 1/8 of a quart. Gee. . . It was aquart low when I took it in, but wait. . . (I must be an idiot and blind. You. Think they pulled the dipstick out and kept looking at it until they saw what they wanted to see?? I had been considering purchasing another Toyota product but this experience has demonstrated to me why I should never consider Toyota. I liked their Camry, but they failed to appreciate my honesty and demonstrated a lack of impartial decision making. Adios amigo.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2009 Toyota Camry 20
Failure Date: 01/11/2015

It has 80,000 miles and burns excessive oil. I checked it yesterday and there was no oil touching the dipstick. It starts consuming oil two years ago and now it consumes 3 quarts between the oil changes.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2008 Toyota Camry 21
Failure Date: 01/02/2015

Excessive oil consumption with my 2az-fe engine. Burns through 1 quart approx. Every thousand miles. Toyota claims this is within warranty but low oil pressure light comes on halfway through my service cycle.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2009 Toyota Camry 22
Failure Date: 12/17/2014

Excess engine oil consumption. Engine oil keep disappearing. Have to add more oil every week or two (that's less than a 500 miles to burn a quart or 2 engine oil!) to bring it back within the acceptable level. There is no visible leaks, no blue smoke indication. It is dangerous if engine suddenly fail when driving. This seems a common manufacturing defect from Toyota (t-sb-0094-2az-fe engine oil consumption).

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 23
Failure Date: 12/01/2014

Excessive oil consumption was noticed in this vehicle around December 2014. The dealer refuses to deal with it considering 1 quart for every 1,000 miles is normal.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 24
Failure Date: 11/21/2014

Vehicle leaks or burns oil in excess from unknown location or undisclosed location by manufacturer. No oil visible on ground underneath car . Engine was not getting adequate lubrication due to this problem and thus caused engine failure. Vehicle was no longer able to accelerate on freeway and had to be pulled over putting vehicle owner at risk and other drivers on road in danger. The engine is now damaged and is unable to be repaired despite proper maintenance and recommended oil changes as per dealership and owners manual. The engine now has to be replaced. This leakage has been reported by over hundreds of unsatisfied customers and has purposely been disregarded by manufacturer despite the numerous complaints received and made by 2007 Toyota Camry owners. Many of which suffered like this owner and had to pay out of pocket for a new engine despite this being a manufacturer defect that has been neglected.

car image   Engine Burning Oil problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 25
Failure Date: 10/23/2014

This engine has high engine oil consumption, there is no visible leaks, no blue smoke indication, and oil lamp keeps going of on stops and acceleration. When that happens is because the engine oil is low, even after regular oil changes at mileage and dated recommendations Toyota do have a history of this in late 90' with v6 models due to oil sluggish and appears it's happening again. This is also safety concern cause the vehicle might ceased during operation and can cause an accident on our national highways. Also it is believe that this is manufacturer defect issue and Toyota needs to rectify.

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