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Radio/tape Cd Player Problems of Toyota Camry - part 1

Toyota Camry owners have reported 41 problems related to radio/tape cd player (under the equipment category).

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2008 Toyota Camry 1
Failure Date: 10/12/2014

The dashboard on my 2008 Camry has become increasingly soft and sticky over the past year. It is sticky to the touch and feels like you are touching the back of some kind of tape. Everything sticks to it and it is extremely hard to clean. This problem has gotten worse over the course of calendar year 2014. My car does stay outside, so probably does get more sun than if it stayed in a garage; however, a dashboard should not start to melt just because a car has been out in the sun. I have put no type of cleaner on the dashboard except for maybe an occasional wipe down with armorall (a product that should not cause this situation). The more the dashboard melts and gets sticky, the more I have noticed a bright glare coming off of it, which I am concerned could cause some visibility issues while driving the car. I kept my previous Toyota for over 10 years, and never had an issue like this. I believe this is a defect with this model car and that Toyota should do the responsible thing and fix/correct this problem for people who are experiencing the same issue.

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car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 2
Failure Date: 08/05/2013

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry and I purchased a extended warranty when I bought the car in 2007 that warranty expired August 1, 2013 a few days after it had expired my driver side visor will not stay up! I do not hang anything on it like cd holder or anything. It is driving me crazy because it makes it very hard to see the road when I am driving and I feel this should be recalled sense there has been multiple complaints for the 2007 Camry with this same situation and it is a safety problem for many Camry owners. The visor sometimes even hits me in the head when I try to get out of my car. I have had many issues with this car from day one and I am not very happy that this has not been recalled yet. Seems like Toyota does not care for the safety of their customers. Also on top of the visor my shock coil broke on the passenger side which the extended warranty did cover sense it happened before August 1st but now the strut is leaking oil on that same side, I brought it to the Toyota dealer in June 2013 and they told me they won't replace it because even though it is leaking oil it is not 100% broken yet and told me the warranty wont cover it until it completely blows! I told them I have a young child that I have to think of this safety along with mine and was shocked that even though it is leaking oil (which is not good) cause at any moment while driving it can bust that Toyota doesn't recognize it, its not like it will heal on its own so I feel it should have been replaced under my warranty that I paid almost $1000. 00 for when I purchased the car! I hope Toyota will recall the visor issue for their customers. I am going to contact Toyota directly on Monday to see if I can get anywhere with this safety issue.

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car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2008 Toyota Camry 3
Failure Date: 04/16/2013

My sun visors on both sides have messed up and now have both been replaced. My cd player also started messing up earlier this year. It says there's a cd in, but there's not. You can't load a cd or eject it. The service center at the Toyota dealership told me they don't see anything jammed in there and that I would be better off replacing it with an aftermarket stereo system b/c it would be cheaper and they would have to send my car off to have it fixed. Hopefully, I'm not the only one experiencing this problem and a recall will be issued!.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2008 Toyota Camry 4
Failure Date: 08/07/2011

The visor on my 2008 Toyota Camry broke. Up until now I had no issues with the car except that the cd player only works intermittently. Ended up having to take visor off; could not drive with it like that.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2009 Toyota Camry 5
Failure Date: 06/01/2011

2009 Toyota Camry. Consumer states several problems with vehicle to include electrical and mechanical issues the consumer had the vehicle inspected and it was determined there were several components that were defective such as the accelerator pedal, brakes, shocks, exhaust and cd player component and cable burning smell.

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car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2008 Toyota Camry 6
Failure Date: 12/15/2010

The cd player has problems loading the cd. Even though there is no cd in the drive - it keeps saying reading cd, not allowing the cd in. We had this problem only about 2years after purchasing the vehicle new.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 7
Failure Date: 12/01/2010

2007 Toyota Camry. Consumer states problems with the steering wheel shaking while driving and the tire pressure sensor staying on. She also states that the sun visor flips down while the vehicle is in motion. The consumer stated after the tire pressure monitoring system was reset. But, it light illuminated again. The cd player was no longer working, even though it was replaced a year ago. Updated 01/12/11.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2005 Toyota Camry 8
Failure Date: 07/15/2010

Rear speaker covers (2) cracked and collapsed inward with no outside forces being applied. Inquired at southbay Toyota, gardena, CA as to wether this was a parts defect, as I had read many online complaints concerning this problem. I was only given a replacement cost of $65. 00 plus tax.

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car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 1999 Toyota Camry 9
Failure Date: 03/11/2010

Despite being regularly maintained, very well taken care of, not abused, and less than average use (average 6700 mi/yr), this Toyota Camry (purchased new from a Toyota dealership in torrance, California) has never worked properly for long. The factory-installed cd/cassette/radio system has been replaced three times, and now the cd player part yet again does not work at all. At only about 10000 miles, the air flow ratio sensor and manifold had to be replaced. Then there is the fact that about 95% of the time, the car will not start without the accelerator being depressed and held for 1 min, and even then the engine always sounds weak and only reaches about 500 rpm until pressing on the accelerator again. This has been going on since the odometer read 16603 miles. That was when the idle air control valve was first replaced. The situation seemed to improve, until 34800 miles, when the same problems with it not starting and being very weak resumed. At 35394 miles the idle air control valve was replaced for a 2nd time. At 47000 miles the same problems resumed. At 49180 miles, the car would (as usual) not start unless the accelerator was pressed for 1 min. Then it ran at only 500 rpm. As it was then being driven out of an alley, the engine suddenly spontaneously boosted to 1200 rpm, nearly causing a collision. This type of impetuous acceleration started frequently occurring. Toyota refused to help with this problem, only saying to use premium gasoline, which proved to not solve the problem. Now the entire electrical system of the car has collapsed three times at 72173 mi, 75009 mi, and today (2010-03-11) at 75024 mi. The dishonesty of Toyota personnel is seen in its refusing to address the problem and earlier in fraudulently canceling the maintenance program that was part of the purchase of the vehicle after the car was paid for and its refusal to respond to written communication.

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car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2009 Toyota Camry 10
Failure Date: 01/24/2010

The contact owns a 2009 Toyota Camry. Approximately one month ago the the contact stated that her radio display was not visible whenever she started the vehicle. Within a few weeks, the rear power windows began opening on their own. The contact was driving approximately 20 mph when the brakes were engaged; however, the vehicle would not stop which caused her to crash into a vehicle in front of her. There were no injuries. The vehicle was towed to a body shop who advised the contact that there was also an electrical failure since the vehicle would start. The repair shop made several attempts to start the vehicle and was unsuccessful. The manufacturer advised her that the recall repair will start in April and that she would have to wait until then. The contact stated that the air bags did not deploy. The failure mileage was 19854.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 11
Failure Date: 08/15/2008

"melting" dashboard in heat is a serious problem. It gets sticky like duct tape and ultimately weakens and ruins the upholstery on the dash. Toyota needs to step up and correct this issue. It's a serious one.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2004 Toyota Camry 12
Failure Date: 07/25/2008

Rear speaker grill covers disintigrated and crumbled as a result of sun exposure.

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car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2003 Toyota Camry 13
Failure Date: 07/17/2008

Rear speaker covers disintegrating.

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car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2002 Toyota Camry 14
Failure Date: 07/14/2008

I have a 2002 Toyota Camry. The rear back speakers disintegrated! they cracked and then just crumbled when I touched them.

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car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2005 Toyota Camry 15
Failure Date: 06/22/2008

Rear stereo speakers crack and fall into speak cone. Toyota offer no assistance on this defect.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2005 Toyota Camry 16
Failure Date: 05/13/2008

Rear speaker cover broke.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 17
Failure Date: 08/08/2007

The contact owns a 2007 Toyota Camry. The contact stated that the placement of the sirius satellite radio is extremely low, which prevents him from focusing on the road while driving at any speed. The manufacturer has not provided any assistance. The current mileage was 8,000 and failure mileage was 100. Eq-10203478-4200. Date received 12/12/07. Updated 12/12/07.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2003 Toyota Camry 18
Failure Date: 03/05/2007

The contact owns a 2003 Toyota Camry. The contact noticed holes in the rear speaker covers and pieces of the covers had fallen into the trunk of the vehicle. The failure began in March of 2007 and still persists. The dealer agreed to split the cost for parts, but the contact must pay the labor fees. When the windows are rolled down, the speaker cover fragments float around inside the vehicle. The powertrain was unknown. The current mileage is 45,000 and failure mileage was 40,000. Updated 02-01-08 updated 02/01/08.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2006 Toyota Camry 19
Failure Date: 08/10/2006

I have a late 2006 Toyota Camry that has standard stereo option with cd and with volume and channel selection on the steering wheel. I have noticed at least two separate incidents the stereo turns on by itself. I typically do not listen to the music and keep the radio off.

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car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2007 Toyota Camry 20
Failure Date: 06/27/2006

Upon acceleration a deep thud is heard in the rear end area. All possible areas of loose articles were checked. Dealer cannot seem to find. Rear wheel well material comes loose and hangs. Dashboard had to be torn out to fix ac rattle. Jbl bluetooth radio malfunctioned and needed replacing.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2004 Toyota Camry 21
Failure Date: 12/30/2004

While parking his 2004 Toyota Camry the vehicle accelerated suddenly and hit a parked car. When turning sharply to the right the vehicle felt as if it were going to flip, shifting gears were not smooth, the brake pedal felt soft and would go to the floor and there was an erratic effect when changing the radio stations.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 1997 Toyota Camry 22
Failure Date: 09/15/2004

While driving, the made a loud clanking noise which seemed to be coming from the front. When the consumer stopped and the applied the accelerator pedal, the vehicle hesitated and jerked. The mechanic informed the consumer that the problem could not be duplicated. The driver informed the mechanic that this problem continued to happen over and over and the problem is still there and has not been resolved. Please fill in additional information. The consumers radio went out in the vehicle. The vehicle passenger seat belt sticks. Vehicle trunk light does not work. The driver side adjustable handle does not work. The rubber on the motor mount does not last and breaks. The vehicle jerks repeatedly. The consumer stated that she currently has a permanent back problem due to the adjustable handle not working.

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car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 1999 Toyota Camry 23
Failure Date: 06/04/2004

I have a 1999 solara and ever since owning it, it's been one thing after another. The cd player skips when I press the brakes, the rotors needed resurfacing because the steering wheel and brake pads vibrated when breaking, the struts rattle badly and constantly, the driver side vanity mirror broke off, the driver side door control panel has came off twice now, I've replaced break light bulbs four times, the engine sputters at times at start up and will not stay running on it's own and the driver side seat rocks back and forth. The dealer fixed the seat once out of the 7 times I brought it in for repair finally said it's supposed to do that. I told them they fixed the problem once already so how can it be a normal thing? I sat in a new solara onthe showroon floor and that seat rocked too. The dealer replaced my cd player but the new skips at times but not nearly as often. The dealer claimed there's nothing wrong with the struts and refused to replace. Tired of one thing after another. . . This is my first and last Toyota.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2002 Toyota Camry 24
Failure Date: 03/08/2004

02/23/04, dealer's invoice tocs12154: 04/19/04, dealer's invoice tocs14794. The cd and tape player went bad before the car was two years old. I did not discover this until there was 37,000 miles on the car. The warranty ran out at 35,000 miles. The cd/tape player part of the radio was not even used for a couple of months, so I was not aware there was a problem until after the warranty expired. The dealer charged me $250. 00 for a "used" radio they ordered from the manufacturer (a new radio was going to cost $850. 00). They were kind enough to not charge me for the installation. Since Toyota does not make the radios installed in their vehicles, Toyota would not help me with my problem. 03-08-04, dealer's invoice tocs12900:I have a problem with the brake system that concerns me more than the radio malfunction. There is a viabration when I slow down to stop the car. I took my car to the dealer to have this checked. They recommended that the front rotors be turned (for $170. 00) and that the rear brake drums be resurfaced (for $127. 50) by the time the dealer checked this for me, the car had 38,363 miles. The warranty expired at 35,000 miles! neither the dealer nor Toyota will do anything about the brakes. They considered it to be "normal" wear an tear. I have never had a radio go bad in any other car I have owned. My Subaru imprezza is over 10 years old! the imprezze still had its original brakes!.

car image   Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2001 Toyota Camry 25
Failure Date: 07/04/2003

Consumer stated that while driving and without warning power seat would rock back and forth or side to side. Dealer notified. The stereo had a hissing sound. The consumer would like the vehicle replaced with a later model, full refund or a rental vehicle until the repairs are completed. The consumer requested reimbursement but was denied.

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