Unknown Or Other Problems of Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry owners have reported 296 unknown or other related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common unknown or other problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's unknown or other (296 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Toyota Camry

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

On October 24, 2012, I parallel parked my 2003 Toyota Camry on the street. The car in front of me was leaving, so he asked me to move back a few inches so he could get out. My car was still running so I shifted the car into reverse, and as I began to take my foot off the brake pedal, my car accelerated backwards at a very fast speed into the car behind me. Wanting to pull up a few inches to get out and assess the damage, I shifted the car into drive and as I did, my car accelerated forwards into the parked car in front of me. It accelerated at such a high speed that it pushed the three cars in front of me together. At no point during these two rapid accelerations did I ever apply my foot to the gas pedal. This incident caused damage to several cars and could have ended up with much more severe consequences had I not been in that location.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

The driver side sun visor was kind of rough, past one year. It won't move or will get jammed. Last week it came apart with metal hook hanging. This is despite the fact that I keep my car like a baby. It's in immaculate condition (just like out of showroom condition) it was extremely freighting as it will keep falling off every few miles. I had to duct tape the whole thing, so as to drive back home. Pls. Urgently instruct Toyota to put this into recall before somebody looses his life driving 2007 Toyota Camry because of poor quality visor.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

I heard about the recall that Toyota had on or about Tuesday 10/9/2012 on the pwms drivers side last month I starting having this problem and all of a sudden there is a recall , so I e-mail Toyota to let them know that my Toyota was having the same problem and wasn't it included the auto button starting sticking and the window sometimes sticks trying to go down, they stated that my car was no longer in waranity I didn't think a recall had anything to do with a waranity,my 2003 means the same to me as a person who has a 2007 that may not still have a waranity. My window had not done this before this time stated,my last answer from ask Toyota stated that the 2003 is not included so I did ask them to let me know who the reporting agency was but I started to do a little research on my on and I found your agency. I paid for my Toyota the same as a person with a 2007 or 2009. Please help with some info.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

My driver's side sun visor has fallen into my view. It is difficult to drive with this defect.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

I went to pick up my vehicle on September 3, 2012. On the way I found the vehicle was rigid and the suspension was not working properly. When car hit various imperfections in the road there was a banging noise and the car would vibrate. I felt dizzy as during my time spent driving car. The car seems unsafe to use. This should not occur on a vehicle that cost $31k and on the first day that I am driving vehicle. In addition the steering felt more weighted on the left as opposed to the right. When I turned left there was greater resistance. I contacted the customer relations manager that same day and he indicated he felt it maybe a tire pressure problem. He then stated that I should bring the car in for service department to see what the issue is. I later discovered that the radio sound fluctuated. I had contacted the service department to confirm my appointment and discovered that an appointment was never made. I notified Toyota main office and they provided me with a case # 1209050107. The main office at Toyota indicated that they would contact the customer relations manager. I will be going to advantage Toyota in valley stream, NY on 9/8/12. Please have someone investigate the issue regarding the suspension on these vehicles. I don't want someone else to incur the same issues I have.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

Car was parked on flat road, then started. Brake pedal was pressed and car was put into drive. When brake pedal was released, car was propelled in reverse. After double and triple checking that car was actually in forward gear (via indicator on dash). The car continued to go backwards. After shifting the car into park, (shutting engine off) and retrying identical sequence of events, car behaved normally, moving in forward direction. Fortunately, car had been parked parallel to curb with no cars around it, and the problem was fealized before the accelerator was pressed, so no accident, injury or damage occurred. In any other scenario, damage or injury may have resulted.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

Sun visor has broken and drops down to block drivers view. This has happened on both sides, though not simultaneously. Visor must be held in out of the way position until something such as tape can be afixed to hold it up. Given the suddenness of the incident, it could cause loss of view at a critical time.

Unknown Or Other problem #8

Driving down the road at 65 (posted speed limit) when drivers side sun visor broke, flopped down right in front of my face, blocking road from my view. Had to hold it up until I found a safe place to pull over. Could have crashed.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

I have 2003 Toyota Camry le. . I got into multiple issues with the vehicle. First one is the sun roof/moon roof getting jammed and not closing properly resulting in water leak and as well as high cabin noise. Dealer told it will cost 2000 + to fix the sunroom/moon roof as this need to be replaced complete. Also while doing the 110000 service dealer said the front and rare suspension system needs to be replaced which will cost 2000 + usd. I am requesting Toyota to look into this and get this fixed for me.

Unknown Or Other problem #10

I experienced a rattle from a door panel.

Unknown Or Other problem #11

My Toyota Camry 2007 has defected the visor won't stay up if flops down and is difficult to see to drive. It can't be moved to the side either, as it is broken at the top. This is a safety concern, a lot of Toyota owners has this same problem. Toyota should be has recall this defective part replacement.

Unknown Or Other problem #12

Sun roof/moon roof getting jammed and not closing properly.

Unknown Or Other problem #13

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry that has intermittent instrument cluster problems. The speedometer and tachometer will cease to indicate proper readings and drop to zero. The tachometer will then bounce between zero and what I can only assume is a close approximation of the actual engine rpm. At the same time, the abs and parking brake warning lights illuminate and stay on for the duration of the "episode". These last anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. In the meantime, the car runs normally from what I can discern. I can be driving down the highway at 70 or sitting in the parking lot idling and these episodes occur. There are no other indications that something is amiss. . . No rough idling, no engine stalling, just the display.

Unknown Or Other problem #14

Drove down road keeping a constant 40-45mph. Vehicle suddenly revs engine wildly to redline. Car speed increases drastically to 65mph from 40-45mph. Took foot off gas pedal and engine still accelerated. Moments later engine went back to normal operating condition.

Unknown Or Other problem #15

The sun visor on the driver side just flopped down. It startled me and I almost got into an accident. The sun visor is unable to stay up by itself, and it remains floppy and hangs straight down. I am short, and I have my seat all the ways forward and in the highest position; so the floppy visor is a visual obstruction to driving. The only way to keep the visor up is to tie it and wrap the tie around the ceiling hand holder on the driver's side. So, if I'm driving into the sun, I have to untie it; but because it hangs straight down, it blocks my total vision. The problem is compounded because I live in florida and I am constantly using my sun visor year round.

Unknown Or Other problem #16

The rear window reflects all the defroster lines when a car is behind you. So when looking out the rear window and there is 1 car you see 20 lines of lights and if there is 2 cars you see 40 lines of lights and so on. This clearly does not let you see out of rear window clearly. It is also very distracting and can cause an accident since you can not see out of your rear window.

Unknown Or Other problem #17

The drivers side sunvisor suddenly fell down and will no longer stay up. We have to hold it up while driving or keep it taped up which prevents us from using it while the sun is in our eyes. I have found an online forum where many others are having the same problem with their 2007-2008 Camrys. Others are also having problems with the passenger side sunvisor falling down. Thankfully mine is under warranty and is being fixed by my local Toyota dealer since we purchased the platinum warranty. This is a dangerous hazard and should be recalled and fixed by Toyota immediately.

Unknown Or Other problem #18

Dashboard cracking leading to possible air bag deployment failure.

Unknown Or Other problem #19

I had both of my sun visors break as I have read that other people have had the same problem. I was driving down the road when I needed to use the visor and it broke. This should be a recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #20

While driving dashboard lights came on, lost engine power, pulled over, smoke from under hood-electrical fire, car totaled.

Unknown Or Other problem #21

This vehicle was involved in a previous accident in the home driveway of the owners of the vehicle. As the owner was turning into his driveway, a tire blew out on the vehicle's right front passenger side. As the driver/owner hit the brake the car accelerated into the side rock barrier of the driveway. According to Toyota who investigated the incident, there was no issue with vehicle. But another incident has recently happened involving the car this year on the incident date listed on this form. The wife of the owner of the vehicle was in the driveway operating the Toyota Camry 2011 to park the vehicle. As the car was turning to park in the driveway the operator pressed on the brake to back the vehicle back when all of a sudden without warning the vehicle leaped forward hitting the an exterior door to their basement which is surrounded by the rock that covers their home. The car was severely damaged, air bags were deployed and the operator sustained some injuries which caused her to visit the hospital and have medication prescribed to her. The impact on this second accident was so severe that is shown pictures of the incident you have to wonder how such an impact could happen unless their was fault in the vehicle. This time we are awaiting response from Toyota to investigate this problem. We also wanted to contact the government to make known of this recurring issue with the braking or unintended acceleration of the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #22

The left front tire ( new tire, I punched 4 new michelin tires 7/11) on my car popped. I am not sure if the car pedal got stuck first, everything happened fast. Steering became impossible and the car when side to side as I attempted to steer the car. The stewing wheel would turn, but it didn't work. The major thing is that I couldn't operate the car because of the pedal getting stuck and the steering was impossible after that. The car was taken to carriage cage auto repair by aaa, who recommended I take it there, since the car could not be driven. I then went to the er room for care. Nationwide insurance was notified, they gave an estimate of over five thousand dollars to repair the car. Toyota in lake city, wa -bruce in auto care was notified regarding the pedal becoming stuck. I will have to take the car there once it is repaired. I wonder how safe is the car and what can be done about it.

Unknown Or Other problem #23

I was driving on the highway at 70mph when all of a sudden my sun visor fell down and impaired me seeing the road ahead. I went to go flip it up but it had broken suddenly and without warning and would not stay up. I was trying to get off the highway while holding up the visor and trying to keep up with traffic as to not cause an accident. When I finally got off the road I had to actually rip the visor off because it wouldn't go up at all no matter what I did. The car is barely 2 years old. Normally I would just fix this and move on with my life, but upon doing some research I realized that there are literally thousands of complaints dating back to the 2007 Camry on the same visor issue. We were lucky we were able to get off the highway but let me tell you, I couldn't see a thing and if there was a car in front of me when it fell down I would have hit something or someone. Again, it was without warning and just fell down - I wasn't moving it or touching it. I'm beyond upset especially now that I know that Toyota was well aware of the situation.

Unknown Or Other problem #24

Every time I turn on the heating system of my Toyota Camry, I get this foul sulfur smell coming from the vents. I took it to the dealer and they say they ran tests on it but since they can't reproduce the smell there's nothing to do. Thus far Toyota has written it off to the sulfur levels in the fuel, yet I own a Toyota corolla as well and have never had this experience. At the dearlership they told me that the smell happens after the fuel is burned and passed through the catalyst converter, but I'm worried that separate systems -- the heating and the process of burning fuel -- cross together to bring that smell into the cabin of the car. I remember the previous big Toyota recall and how they tried to brush the problem under the rug, but I hope this doesn't happen here. That is unless NHTSA is willing to let people inhale such noxious and possibly toxic fumes.

Unknown Or Other problem #25

Driving 70mph on the highway, I accelerated slightly to pass another vehicle. The accelerator got stuck and the speed kept increasing. I tried applying the brakes, but the car started to lose control. I swerved around cars and tried to maneuver to an exit ramp. The car was now going 95 mph. I was unable to control the exit and the car hit the guard rails and flipped over.

Unknown Or Other problem #26

While driving down the highway my sun visor just flopped down for no reason obstructing my view of the road. I pulled over to the side of the road and examined the visor and noticed it would not go back up. It looks like the springs in the visor broke. I went on line and read of stories of the same thing happening in the 2008 Camry. . I went to the Toyota of orange and the service manager jeremy wright said he hasn't heard of any problems with the visor and showed him all the comments on line and he said you can get anything on line. . They would not back up their defective visor. But over all this is a major safety issue that needs to be brought up with Toyota. I lost my view of the road and could of killed someone. My name is craig born, I live at 1341 e voigt way placentia CA. Caborn@roadrunner. Com 714 223-0179 dl # n8015077 VIN # 4t4be46k98r021915.

Unknown Or Other problem #27

The sunvisor of the driver side won't stay in an upward position. It is very dangerous to drive the car with the visor installed, had to take it out.

Unknown Or Other problem #28

Soon after I bought this brand new 2011 Camry the car started acting weird. A constant problem that appear a lot of time when I am driving concerns the transmission. At low speeds, mostly city driving, the car jerks with abrupt shiftings, and sometimes harsh shifting. Also it feels like the car pauses a little when shifting at low speeds. The thing that concerns me and my wife the most is that the car takes off like it rushes rather than a smooth acceleration, although we both press the gas pedal really gently. This mostly happens at low speeds when we are driving in the city where heavy traffic might be present. This is making both of us very concerned about our safety. We are concerned to the point that we both stopped driving the car unless we really have to, we rely on our second car which is a BMW. One other issue is that the car feels like it is going to stall when I release my foot from the acceleration. This happens at both slow speeds and high speeds.

Unknown Or Other problem #29

The driver side visor broke and fell in my face as I was driving. Blocking my visibility for a few minutes thank goodness I was not driving at a higher speed.

Unknown Or Other problem #30

On September 2011, the texture of my dashboard started changing to a shiny tacky texture, and the closer to the window the more severe it was. I must add that I take great care of my vehicle and whenever is parked outside I use interior windshield covers to protect it from the sun and heat. In an attempt to clean it, I noticed the dashboard was disintegrating. It was coming right off and it was impossible to remove the sticky texture. Furthermore, the dashboard is so soft that it can be scrapped right off with a nail or any slightly sharp object. I've been investigating this issue, and it appears to be common on 2007 Camry's and 2007 Lexus' vehicles. I created a video demonstrating this defect and have posted it on youtube. . Read more...

Unknown Or Other problem #31

The drivers side sun visor will not stay up. It just hangs down in the way. It was not damaged in any way that I can see. Just normal use. When driving I have to eiter move it to the side to see. This has caused some visibility problems when it is very bright outside and you are driving into the sun. Or id I have had to move it to the side it impairs my side vision.

Unknown Or Other problem #32

My left driver's side sun visor began drooping last week. I noticed a few days later that it seemed to be getting lower and lower and was dropping into my field of vision, obstructing my view. Then, it began randomly falling, which completely keeps me from being able to see where I'm going or what might be in my path. During the course of a 15-minute drive today, it fell 3 times. My car is no longer under warranty, having a replacement installed is almost $200 and I'm learning that this is a very common problem in 2007 Toyota Camrys.

Unknown Or Other problem #33

Driver side sun visor was originally put on too tight by the company. It was too difficut to move to the driver's door to block the sun from the window. So, when I tried moving the sun visor back into its original position, the bar broke. The trunk release does not open the trunk from the inside.

Unknown Or Other problem #34

High beam headlights came on and would not turn off. Fuses had to be pulled due to the battery being drained. Online research shows there is an apparent problem with the headlight relay or switch but there is no information online where they are located. Also there is a severe knocking noise in the front end. The rack and pinion had to be changed as well as the struts and the car doesn't even have 50k miles on it. Toyota is junk!.

Unknown Or Other problem #35

Driver's side sun visor has broken and will randomly drop down into field of view while driving - while this does not appear to affect my wife's visibility (she is 5' 1"), it will completely block my normal field of view (I am 6' 1"). I can only see immediately in front of the vehicle when it does this and requires me to duck down quickly to try to see while trying to move the visor away at the same time. This could have disastrous consequences if it happened while merging or pulling into traffic.

Unknown Or Other problem #36

Cracks in the vinyl dashboard have started on both the passenger and drivers side of the car and are continuing to get bigger. I am concerned that the dashboard cracks along the front of the dash could potentially cause the airbags from deploying or cause them to deploy unnecessarily.

Unknown Or Other problem #37

Both driver and passenger sun visors are defective and no longer function properly which causes obstruction of view and dangerous driving conditions. The visors are still connected but for some reason, droop horribly and will not stay in their proper positions. On 8/23/11 as I was driving in morning traffic, the visor came down and obstructed my view. When I attempted to move it to the side, the entire visor came off.

Unknown Or Other problem #38

In August 2011, I began to have problems with the driver side sun visor. It doesn't stay up in the folded position. At times it would all of the sudden fall open without touching it. The range of motion of the visor became very limited. Even in the down position it would not stay back. This became an issue especially when driving in the direction of bright sunlight. Not being able to position the visor as needed impeded my ability to drive safely.

Unknown Or Other problem #39

Driver's side sun visor wouldn't go up today. Had to told it up as I drove until I could safely pull over. I had to pull it off as I couldn't safely drive with it flopping around.

Unknown Or Other problem #40

Both sun visors have broken and will not longer remain up. Driver side was hanging straight down and had to be removed. Passenger side will only stay up at about a 45 degree angle. Both failed suddenly and obscure driver's vision. Upon removing the driver side visor it could be seen that the seam in the plastic was broken and the internal metal clip through which the visor shaft passes slips instead of holding fast. Numerous small pieces of broken plastic from the inside were protruding out of the seam.

Unknown Or Other problem #41

The sun visor on the driver side will no longer retract to its normal position and now hangs at an awkward angle compromising my field of vision. As the sun visor has rarely been used or even touched, I believe Toyota is at fault and should be held responsible for correcting this inconvenient and hazardous defect as soon as possible.

Unknown Or Other problem #42

I have a 2011 Toyota Camry se. At around 5,000 miles when it was time to take it in for service, oil change, tire rotation etc. I had a type of squeaking crackling noise that I would hear when pulling in and out of driveway. I took it in and Toyota service department knew right away what it was. It was the supports for the sunroof that needed to be fixed. They advised that the noise would only get louder and louder. They had it there for two days guing/bonding supports. On August 10, 2011 I was driving my car when I heard a loud explosion. I looked at all my glass windows and didn't notice what had until glass was flying on the passenger side of the car. I pulled over and that is when I saw my sunroof glass broken. The strange thing about the glass was that it looked a volcano. It was shatterred from the outer part of the sunroof glass to the middle. Almost like there was pressure built up and it only had one way of shooting up and out. I called Toyota to make an appointment for that day. I went in that afternoon and explained everything I just wrote to their service department. I also mentioned that the work order history had where they fixed the supports on the sunroof/ he said they would look at the car tomorrow and let me know. I received a phone call from them the next day stating that I had to get a hold of my insurance claim adjuster so they could go look at damages. He had talked to totota warranty department and they came to a conclusion that they were not going to cover damages. He stated that it seemed like a rock had hit it. I spent the next 10 days waiting for my car to get fixed and on top of everything, I had to pay rental fees for the 10 days because Toyota does not offer free rental service to customers. They also don't direct bill your insurance company so you can pay only the percent stated on insurance policy. I had to pay them the full amount and take it up with my insurance. I paid my insurance deductible and then took the car.

Unknown Or Other problem #43

First my passenger sun visor would not stay in the upright position (the position that its put in when not in use). My brother had it in the downward position to keep the sun out of his eyes and then when he tried to put it back up the coil/spring popped and it just hung down and refused to stay put up. A few days later when I was getting into my car I noticed my driver's side sun visor was now hanging just like the passenger sun visor. I went to put it up and then I heard the coil/spring pop and then the visor completely fell off.

Unknown Or Other problem #44

Driver side and passenger side sun visors both split on top within 1 week of each other. Vehicle is only 3 years old.

Unknown Or Other problem #45

The driver's side sun visor will not stay in position. The driver's side sun visor is also quickly loosening to the point where it will be a distraction or fall on the driver while in operation of vehicle. This part on the vehicle has had light use and mainly for sheilding glaring sun while car is in motion. Without the proper functioning of the sun visor, it will put the driver and occupants in a dangerous situation.

Unknown Or Other problem #46

Driver side sun visor fall down on 8/1/2011. It will not stay hold up which will block driver's sight while driving. There is potential and serious possibility that this fall down sun visor may cause a car accident. Ever since last year, numerous of people have reported to Toyota that 2007 to 2011 Camry has this problem. As of today, 8/8/2011, Toyota has yet to reply to this problem or make any recall to the problematic model. In fact, Toyota asks their customers who experience this problem to pay for a replacement sun visor which may have the same problem in the future. This problem was created by either design or manufacture. Not by failure of usage.

Unknown Or Other problem #47

2007 Toyota Camry le. The sun visor broke and is hanging down directly in my driving vision. I put it to the side but it doesn't stay. I drive into the sun. This is a safety hazard and I can see on line it's not uncommon. I have duct taped it to the ceiling for now. Toyota wants over $200 to fix. This should never break, and it break seems like it's inside the visor itself.

Unknown Or Other problem #48

Driving along highway and place sun visor in direction of the drivers side window to block sun on left side of vehicle and the sun visor pops out of place and will not stay in the correct position. Currently the visor is either always down blocking the upper portion of view or pointing directly in face if attempting to block sun on drivers left side of vehicle. The failure is ongoing, and will not be corrected unless a new visor is supplied. Consequences of this failure include: blocked vision with the inablity to see upper portion of windshield, failure to see traffic signals, and the potential for sun to shine brightly in eyes causing vision impairment.

Unknown Or Other problem #49

While driving into the sun, I pulled my visor down to block the sun. The visor broke & hung limply in my face, blocking my view. When I tried to move it out of the way, it wouldn't stay. In order to drive safely, I ended up pulling off to the side of the road, and figuring out how to detach it, so that it would not block my vision.

Unknown Or Other problem #50

Driver side sun visor fails under normal wear. Once visor is broken it hangs down in the drivers view creating a hazard. There is no possible way to fix the visor to original condition once in a broken state. Replaced visor with Toyota oem part. Upon inspection of the broken visor, it was determined that the reason the original visor failed was because the tension bar is dependent on a metal clip that it restrained by the weak plastic housing. Replacement visor should have better reinforcement around tension bar. Without destroying the replacement part, it is impossible to determine if a design change has been made to fix this issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #51

Driver side sun visor fell down while driving down the intersate.

Unknown Or Other problem #52

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry and the sun visors have been sagging when in the stowed position for a year or more. Today, the drivers-side visor has decided to fall into my field of vision while driving. I tried to stow the visor, but it will no longer stay put. I had to remove the visor from the roof. As of yet, I have done nothing to repair or replace as it is a Sunday. I will contact Toyota tomorrow and see what it will cost me. I have read many other similar complaints online and that is what let me to your site.

Unknown Or Other problem #53

The passenger sunvisor began to hang down slightly and then it dropped all the way down and wouldn't go back up at all. We tried everything to fix it but to no avail. The passenger can't even look forward at certain times of the day due to the sun right in their eyes. Recently, the driver's side sunvisor has now done the same thing. It is hanging down in the view of the driver and causing safety concerns. We have to drive holding it up with our hands just so we can see out of the drivers window to drive. I researched online to see if this has been a problem to other Toyota owners and was astonished at how many complaints there were regarding this problem. When I saw how many other Toyota owners were experiencing the same problem, I decided to file a complaint due to safety concerns for so many.

Unknown Or Other problem #54

My wife has a 2008 toyata Camry. It is out of warranty as of December 2010. She didn't let me know she was having issues with drivers side sunvisor dropping until it was too late. I searched the internet looking for a replacement part and found this is a common problem other owners share. The dealer wants $117 or more for this part. My issue is Toyota knows it's a problem and buying a replacement sunvisor will have the same problem. I had to remove the visor before it cause her to panic when it dropped and have an accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #55

Sun visor breaks at top and falls (still hanging) into viewing area of vehicle making it much harder to see and is very blinding while driving. Plus, once broke, the visor will never stay up again.

Unknown Or Other problem #56

Driver's visor just broke, flopping down in front of my son's line of vision while he was driving at night.

Unknown Or Other problem #57

Driver side sun visor keep dropping down on my 2008 Camry.

Unknown Or Other problem #58

The sun visor on the drivers side of my 2008 Camry has broken and will not stay in the up position. It caused major impairment to my vision while driving and was very distracting. In order to fix the problem I had to remove the visor completely from the bracket the holds it. Now I have the opposite issue of not having a visor, which can in its own way can make driving difficult. The cost to fix the visor at the dealership was quoted to me as $185.

Unknown Or Other problem #59

I have a 2007 Camry se my visor fell off hit my head and I almost had a head-on collision.

Unknown Or Other problem #60

Instrument panel and all gauges , lights went dead replacing or taking out the fuse which was still good , turns it back on but then when the car is off the dash goes out again.

Unknown Or Other problem #61

Driver side sunvisor keeps drifting down while driving blocking driver's view and creates driving hazard and possible accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #62

I open my sunroof leaving before I pulled out of my garage. I stopped for a red light and made a turn. 5 to 10 seconds after I turned I heard a loud explosion that sounded like a gunshot. I checked my door windows and the appeared fine; I slightly closed my sunroof and saw that the glass was shattered in a million pieces. The gunshot sound was the sunroof exploding in my 2007 Toyota Camry. My car only has with 68,000 miles on it. Toyotas are made to be driven 300,000 miles. This explosion occurred while my sunroof was in open mode. I took my car to Toyota and was told that maybe a rock hit the sunroof. I told them that it wasn’t possible since the sunroof was open when the explosion occurred. The explosion caused the glass to shatter. I called my insurance company was told that if it is determined that this explosion was a manufacturer’s (Toyota) defect that Toyota was responsible for replacing the sunroof. I called Toyota and was told that if I didn’t have an extended warranty that this item would not be covered. The dealer told me that they would replace the roof for $1080. I told them that this item should be working at the mileage that I have and that they needed to replace it. I also told them that I have owned 3 other cars with sunroofs and the mileage was way past my current mileage that I have never seen this type of problem. I called the 800 number and filed a complaint and they told me that they weren’t going to pay for this item. I told them to file it as a complaint. I also told them that I was going to file a complaint on Toyota.

Unknown Or Other problem #63

The drivers' side sun visor broke and flops down in drivers face. At first it would stay in the holder but eventually started to flop down at any moment, flopping, creating a safty hazard. Toyota dealership wanted $200. 00 parts and labor to repair. I don't have that kind of money to fix a defective part. For safety reasons, I had it removed. The internal mechanism is locked as the only way it would fit in now would be opposite the way it has to be to work. This is a design flaw apparently, the tiny plastic parts cannot withstand the force of the metal parts which resuts in a failure. This is in a 2008 Camry.

Unknown Or Other problem #64

The passenger sun visor does not work.

Unknown Or Other problem #65

The driver's side visor is broken where it connects to the arm/bracket. It doesn't want to stay up. Either way I try to push it (backwards or upward), it falls back down. This is very dangerous because it is difficult to drive not being able to see red lights unless you strain to peer underneath the visor. Please help!.

Unknown Or Other problem #66

I recently purchased a 2008 Toyota Camry le with approximately 40,000 miles. The driver's side sun visor is floppy and does not stay up in the "locked" position. When I drive over a bump, the visor flops down further. I am constantly having to push it up when it dangles too low and obstructs my vision. Furthermore, if I get into an accident I could smash my forehead on the visor. I've researched finding a new visor online, only to find numerous complaints on the 2007 and 2008 models. I believe a recall is in order.

Unknown Or Other problem #67

On a hot day while parked, the front windshield of my 2011 Toyota Camry developed a very large crack.

Unknown Or Other problem #68

The passenger side sun visor no longer stays in the up poistion, causing a blind spot for the driver.

Unknown Or Other problem #69

Toyota Camry (2004) with appox 50k miles stalled while driving. It did not respond to pressing of the accelerator pedal. Car which was speeding at 30 m/h came to a rolling stop right in the middle of the road creating a dangerous situation. (if it had occured 5 mins ago, we were on the freeway driving at 65m/h and would have definetly resulted in an accident. Car was towed to Toyota dealership. They diagnosed the problem to be failure of the pedal sensor.

Unknown Or Other problem #70

2008 Toyota Camry sun visor became loose during regular use and a few days later the visor fell down on me as I was pulling out of my place of employment.

Unknown Or Other problem #71

The oil light on my 2007 Toyota Camry comes on before the required oil change is due. When I take it to the dealership, they say it is low on oil & it is normal to burn about a quart of oil for every 700 - 1000 miles & I need to check it between oil changes and probably add additional oil. There is not an oil leak and several other 2007 Camry owners have reported the same issue and response. Additionally, I own a 1998 Camry and it has never been low on oil.

Unknown Or Other problem #72

2007 Toyota Camry driver's side sunvisor falls down in front of driver, will not stay in up position, this is the second time it has broken, car is 4 years old with about 50k miles? this is a $100+ part, it should fail so quickly.

Unknown Or Other problem #73

The sun visor on the driver's side flapped down without being manually released. The visor no longer locks into place and releases randomly while driving. This is a dangerous driving hazard.

Unknown Or Other problem #74

The driver side sun visor is dropping down on my 2008 Toyota Camry. Both the clips are fine but it just quit staying in place. It happened around 40000 mile or after 3 and 1/4th year of ownership. I haven't used the visor heavily; my regular commute is opposite of sun position.

Unknown Or Other problem #75

May 21, 2011 after picking up grandkids from school the car was accelerated and lost power when entering I-35 south bound. The engine light on the on the instrument panel was on also. The car had to be pulled over to the shoulder, put in park and restarted. This happened two more times before getting home. May 22, the same thing happened again, so we took the car to auto zone and have diagnostics ran. The message shown related to the throttle control being stuck and the codes were aa1, aa2 and aa3, all relating to faulty throttle control parts. May 23, called Toyota to file a complaint and hopefully get assistance. We were denied assistance since our we do not maintain service through a Toyota dealer and the car is 10. 000 miles out of power train warranty. Fowler Toyota charged us $1061. 00 to diagnose, and repair the electronic throttle control system. Our car is a 2005, Toyota Camry. VIN 4t1be32k25u045463. The problems occurred each time the accelerator was depressed. The car would just lose power and die, the engine light was illuminated on the instrument panel. Car would have to be put in the park position and restarted.

Unknown Or Other problem #76

I purchased a 2002 Toyota Camry back in March of this year from a private auto seller. On may 20th while sitting at a stop sign in neutral, my rpm gage all of a sudden surged. I pressed on the gas pedal twice to see if it was stuck since I'd heard news reports that this was reportedly the issue according to Toyota when other incidents were reported, but I thought they were with the newer models. Nonetheless, when I released the pedal, the gage continued surging. Thank goodness I was in neutral when the acceleration started because there were children in the area who were waiting to catch their school bus. I decided to turn off my vehicle and sat for about ten seconds, started it back up and it was still surging for approximately another three seconds, then finally stopped and went back to normal. At that point, I turned back around and parked the car at my home. Fortunately, I have another vehicle I was able to drive. That following Tuesday I stopped at a Toyota dealership in kansas city, kansas and explained to the service parts worker what happened. His explanation was it's the floor mat getting stuck causing the acceleration and that I need to provide my VIN number for them to look it up. First of all, this was not a floor mat issue. If that was the case then when I pressed the gas pedal, it should've come unstuck. It's obvious that the dealership wanted to go the route that's going to be the least expensive instead of actually looking into the problem. Upon doing some research online, I came across a technical bulletin memo from August 2002 that addressed the acceleration issue stating that it was an electronics glitch. I e-mailed Toyota’s customer service dept. And the only resolution they offered was. . . . . Nothing. Apparently the warranty has expired for this particular issue so now I have to pay for any repairs done. Due to the dangerous nature of these incidents, repairs should be automatic and not at the cost of the consumer!.

Unknown Or Other problem #77

When I take off and get to exactly 25 mph, I hear a thumping from the back passenger side of the car. Sounds like thumping is coming from the tire. It only happens until it gets to 25 mph. When you go pass 25 mph it stops. I have taken the car to the dealership approximately five times and they never hear the noise. They tried to tell me that it was probably gas swishing around in the gas tank. It is a thumping, not a swishing.

Unknown Or Other problem #78

The driver side visor has broken and will no longer stay up. It just hangs down impairing the driver's line of sight.

Unknown Or Other problem #79

Using sun visor as normal. One day it just loses it's hold and flops down. Will not stay up. We prop it up but it just comes down. Seems to pose a threat should there be an accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #80

I bought a Toyota Camry on may 10 2011,the same week I felt the car acting up, I made an appointment for service and told then what it does,the service manager said it was normal,I taking my car 5 or more times for service and all they say is normal,my Camry shakes,vibrates all the time,I am afraid that the car is going to turn off on me and cause an accident one of this days that is the feeling I get every time I drive this car, I am a single mom with 2 girls all I want is honesty the seller dealer they need to let the buyer know of the wear things the Camry does before making the purchase the way the buyer can make the decision of purchasing the car or not. . .

Unknown Or Other problem #81

The visors stopped staying up, they are not working, first the drivers side broke, it just falls down and will not stay up. Then about 3 months later the passenger side fell down, I have to use a straight pen to mash them to stay up. This should be a recall by Toyota since I read about many other people on the internet who have this same problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #82

My wife and I are retired in florida. We parked our 2011 Toyota Camry xle with keyless ignition in our garage and brought the key fob with us into our home. My wife either did not push the engine off button hard enough or forgot to push the engine off button to turn off the engine. We did not hear the 3 short beeps telling us the engine was running and the key fob was removed from the vehicle. The garage is attached to our home. The vehicle was left running in our closed garage. Carbon monoxide fumes entered our home causing headaches, nausea, and lethargy. Our home carbon monoxide detector sounded an alarm. We investigated and found that we left the vehicle running in the garage for 90 minutes. The garage temperature was over 100(f) degrees. There was a large pool of water under the car from condensation from the car air conditioning compressor. We were sickened by the carbon monoxide fumes and came close to losing our lives. The keyless ignition option is too dangerous. There needs to be a change in design that turns off the engine when the key fob leaves the vehicle and the engine off button is not depressed.

Unknown Or Other problem #83

Driver side sunvisor will not stay up and falls down, partially blocking windshield.

Unknown Or Other problem #84

Traveling on an interstate highway I accelerated to 60 or 65 mph. The steering wheel began vibrating badly and the car started to shake. On slowing down the shaking lessened but continued and the steering wheel stopped vibrating. On bringing the car to the shop they determined that the engine mounts had failed. On replacing the mounts one of them had split into two pieces.

Unknown Or Other problem #85

We bought a 2007 Toyota Camry in October 06 and have been experiencing low oil levels for the past 3 years. On a couple of occasions, the oil level has gotten so low that the oil light came on. We have been reporting the problem to two separate Toyota dealerships and they've asked me to return the car for oil checks after 1000 miles, which show a lost of over a quart of oil. Our Toyota dealership has been telling us that it is normal for the Camry to consume over a quart of oil after 1000 to 3,000 miles and there is no problem to fix. I have an extended warranty through fidelity and a service specialist by the name of tony at Toyota of orlando been giving me the run around about getting fidelity to give them the go ahead to resolve the issue. He said that he has called fidelity a couple of times to get authorization but they have not gotten back with him but will contact us when he gets the ok. It has been over two weeks since he said he has been trying to get the go ahead from fidelity, so we decided to call fidelity to find out why they were delaying giving the dealership the go ahead to fix the car, seeing that we have the platinum place. Fidelity informed us that no one from Toyota of orlando has ever contacted them at any time about our 2007 Camry. We then spoke with a service manager by the name of bryan and he has been giving me the same story about it is not unusual for the Camry to consume over a quart of oil between 1000 to 3000 miles, so there is nothing to fix. We have owned over 8 cars and has never had this type of problem. I have spoken to several mechanics and they informed me that this problem should not be happening to a newer model car like ours.

Unknown Or Other problem #86

When car moving in a little up hill at 25 mph with accelerator slightly depress engine surged forward suddenly losing control of the vehicle rolling out of the road an crash in a concrete barrier resulting driver injured and the front end of the car body damaged. At the moment of the incident the car continued moving forward dragging the brakes that were fully applied to try to stop the car. A witness driving behind the car saw all the stop lights of the car blinking but the car continued moving forward instead of stopping. The current and failure mileages were approximately 48916.

Unknown Or Other problem #87

Just 5 second after pulling out from parking space, while going around the school bus and trying to avoid the car going toward me, pushed the accelerator pedal. The car speed up at whole power and I was not able to stop it. It flied approximately 90 feet reaching speed at least 50 mph in approximately 1-2 second. I was trying to push the pedal to stop it, and at the same time trying to avoid collision with the traffic in front of me, I managed to jump on a curb and eventually stopped after hitting a building and after my car flipped on the driver side. I strongly believe something, inside the car (either mechanical or automatic system) prevented me stopping the car timely. There was no injury, building were damaged just sightly, my car was destroyed , but it has a full coverage. The whole crash was tapped by a security camera. It clearly shows the acceleration of the car, which everybody, who watched it, believe couldn't be done by person, but mostly by a car itself. That simply looks for me something the same as it was in previous Toyota recalls.

Unknown Or Other problem #88

My 2005 Toyota Camry (70,000 miles) stalled yesterday as my wife was driving the car to drop my son to school yesterday and the car stalled right in the middle of the road in busy traffic. My 8 year old son was terrified when the car simply stopped on a busy state road. As my wife was driving the car she suddenly realized that in spite of pressing the accelerator pedal the car was not accelerating and then she realized that the car had stalled. This car has been maintained with regular services at a Toyota dealer. I have dropped my car at the local Toyota dealer and they advised that the throttle body needs to be replaced. The cost to get this repaired is about $1200, which by no means is a small amount. After searching on the internet it looks like there are many Toyota Camry owners (model 04 through 06) who have had to go through this exact same problem. So it definitely looks like a widespread and not a one off issue. It needs to be investigated further. Its a shame that a car company like Toyota hasn't owned up this problem and recalled the cars yet. If sudden uncontrolled acceleration is a problem worth recalling the cars, isn't sudden stalling of cars equally dangerous?.

Unknown Or Other problem #89

2010 Toyota Camry hybrid. Consumer states odometer malfunction the consumer stated when the vehicle was taken to the dealer the odometer read 15,562 miles and when the vehicle was returned it read 19,296 miles.

Unknown Or Other problem #90

2008 Toyota Camry sun visor problems. 1. No known events 2. Sun visor both sides fail to lock up, they jsut hang down, not adjustable. Consequence is my vision is impaired at all times. 3. I have removed the sun visors. Now I have no way to use them when I do need them.

Unknown Or Other problem #91

Went to car wash to get the road salt off car. Pushed in the code numbers for the automated wash. I had to open window still could not reach so opened door also. Punched the code closed door and window. The light turned green and the door began to open so I took car out of park into drive to inch forward. As soon as I let off the brake pedal the car suddenly accelerated forward hitting the door before it could fully open. I thought I was going to sail right through the whole car wash but managed to get the car stopped by standing on the brake before hitting the exit door.

Unknown Or Other problem #92

The driver side sun visor in the 2007 Toyota Camry begin with a clicking noise when changing the position of the visor from up to down. Now the visor is losing the ability to stay in the up position. This defect causes a major blockage in the ability to see the roadway ahead. At this point in time nothing has been done to repair the issue. Hoping that Toyota will issue a recall and correct the issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #93

On 1/10/11the "check engine", "trac off", and "vsc" warning lights in my 2005 Toyota Camry xle v-6 vehicle became activated. The mileage was 89961. Service advisor ryan parker at vandergriff Toyota in arlington, TX. Advised that the warning lights had been activated because one of the catalytic converters was defective and would have to be replaced at a cost osf appr. $1500. To restore the two safety functions. Steve gardner, a customer service supv. At the Toyota 800 number confirmed that the two safety functions were disabled when the warning lights were on and that they could not be restored unless the defective catalytic converter was replaced, ie, the computer could not be reset to restore the safety functions. The vehicle operates normally, but I have been deprived of the use of the " trac " and " vsc" safety functions for which I paid extra since these functions were options when I bought this vehicle new at stevinson Toyota in golden, CO. In 2005. It appears that a defect in the computer system has created a safety problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #94

I started my car, sat in the parking lot for about 2 minutes before I put it in gear & began moving. Drove approximately 100-200 yards to the exit of the parking lot when I noticed electrical problems and smoke coming out of the vents and out from under hood. I turned off the engine, turned on the emergency flashers & got out of the car. The emergency flashers died not long after I turned them on. Once I determined there wasn't a fire, I carefully opened the hood to see smoke still pouring out of the starter. I had it towed to the shop where they determined that somehow the starter had been engaged while the engine was running and didn't stop until it had drained the battery completely. I was told that I was very lucky that the heat from the starter had not melted any hoses and ignited something. The starter was replaced (it was the original starter from when the car was new), battery recharged and electrical systems checked for damage. Luckily, the only damage appears to have been to the starter itself. I subsequently went online and found references to starters in the same make, model & year overheating in the same way & some even catching the engine compartment on fire. I have to wonder how many such incidents have gone unreported, or how many engine fires were caused by starters, but the cause was never found, because the starter & everything else was destroyed.

Unknown Or Other problem #95

The contact owns a 2011 Toyota Camry le. The contact stated that for the last three months he smelled an odor inside the vehicle when he turned the air conditioner/heat off. After a while he became sick and was hospitalized, but they couldn't figure out what caused him to become sick. The vehicle was inspected by a dealer who advised him that the filter underneath the glove box may need to be changed. They were able to duplicate the failure, smell the odor and a technician from the factory was notified. When the technician inspected the vehicle they advised him that they could not locate where the odor was came from; however, he added a special filter to the vehicle to keep the odor out. Within a few weeks he smelled the strong odor again. The failure mileage was approximately 3,000. The VIN was unavailable.

Unknown Or Other problem #96

The windows consistently stick when in the up position. It is very difficult to put the window down. Many times the power window button has to be forced to get the window down. In addition, there is a residue that keeps appearing on the top of the window which sits on a rubber seal. The rubber seal at the top of the window is being worn. Concern: in the event of an emergency if the window needs to be opened it may fail to open.

Unknown Or Other problem #97

Sun visor became loose and will not stay in the upright position. First visor to fail was passenger side, which did pose a visibility issue, but not too severe. Tried to duct tape it in upright position, but it will not hold. Then, just yesterday, the driver's side failed, which definitely causes a visibility issue when the visor won't stay up, or drops down in your face, or hits you in the head on it's way down, only to hang in your view while driving, and not effectively block the sun when you need it to. A friend that owns a 2010 Camry also has also had the same issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #98

This vehicle was involved in an accident in the home driveway of the owners of the vehicle. As the owner was turning into his driveway, a tire blew out on the vehicle's right front passenger side. As the driver/owner hit the brake the car accelerated into the side rock barrier of the driveway. According to Toyota who investigated the incident, there was no issue with vehicle. But another incident has recently happened involving the car this year which will be reported on a separate form which shows us their is an unsafe issue with the vehicle that requires Toyota to be investigated.

Unknown Or Other problem #99

Prior to these incidents, the vehicle was checked by the dealer on their recall. I was traveling on a 2 lane highway at 60 mph with the cruise control on. I approached a slight incline in the road and the transmission downshifted as normal. Tachometer went from 2000 rpm to 3000 rpm. Then suddenly there was a sudden uncontrollable acceleration in which the engine revved up to 4500 rpm and the engine was screaming as though it was about to blow apart. My foot was not in contact with the accelerator pedal. The floor mat had been removed per the dealer instructions. I immediately put my foot on the brake pedal which stopped the sudden acceleration. If this had been on a wet highway or in traffic there would surely have been an accident. This same incident has occurred 4 times within the last 6 months. I took the vehicle back to the dealer and they reported that there was nothing wrong and they could not replicate the problem. After several conversations with Toyota, they said that they will make a record of my incidents but, Toyota will do nothing to fix the problem. This had to have been caused by the cruise control system or the computer/software controlling it.

Unknown Or Other problem #100

Leaking front struts: I reported the finding to the local Toyota dealer (scott tom Toyota, nampa, idaho) and also called the main Toyota customer center. The local dealer's service associate confirmed the existence of the leakage. I was told the amount of the leakage is "small," "normal," no need to repair at this point, and if I want to have it replaced then its not covered by the warranty. I believe leaking struts issue is very common to Toyota Camry and may pose possible safety issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #101

My 2001 Camry v 6 started bucking and speeding and slowing. It turned out to be a speed sensor failure (op code 500).

Unknown Or Other problem #102

I have a 2008 Toyota Camry and both driver and passenger side visors are just hanging down and wont stay up. I tried to take them back to the dealer to get fixed but I have a long commute to work so after 2 years my warranty was up. Its very hard to see sometimes without visors that work.

Unknown Or Other problem #103

2008 new Camry brake and rotor failed at 28000mile less than 3 years during warranty period. 7000 mile alignment failure, always turn one side on freeway when not holding steer. Checked by dealer, nothing was done. 28000 miles right brake cut into rotor. Repaired. However, brake still wear quickly. Alignment service solved this problem. Refuse to reimburse the cost because they did not do anything at 7000mile alignment issue, what is a joke. If this did something, this failure would not happen.

Unknown Or Other problem #104

Carpet is separating at the driver's side of the console near the accelerator pedal. Toyota dealer said there was water damage that caused the carpet to shrink and separate. Since I purchased the vehicle, I have never had water damage. There is no record of water damage in vehicle history. I was told carpet could not be fixed, however, the dealer did finally agree to fix the carpet and it has already come "unglued. " the dealer does not respond to my requests for service to correct the carpet sag. It is now sagging so much my right ankle touches it when I drive.

Unknown Or Other problem #105

1999 Toyota solara, vehicle struck a mud flap and bracket that separted from unit 2. Unit 2 continued eastbound and is unknown. (ohio traffic crash report # 10-0411-91)8jb updated 09/13/bf.

Unknown Or Other problem #106

2010 Toyota Camry. Consumer expresses discontent regarding Toyota recalls.

Unknown Or Other problem #107

Toyota solara 2005 model with 83000 miles the car was being parked in the driveway. The car was accelerated from a stopped position to move a few feet. When brakes were deployed the brakes did not engage and the car accelerated into the house. The whole front end of the car was smashed and radiator was dislocated. The car is currently in a body shop being replaced. The brakes functioned correctly after the accident as well as the accelerator as it was backed up from the house.

Unknown Or Other problem #108

Both sun visors have broken off of the car. The part of the equipments where the rod fits into the plastic piece on the visor itself has failed. The part broke, hung down in my line of driving vision and would not lock back in place. Both have now broken and I had to remove them to cotinue to be able to drive safely. I have been able to find used parts for just under 100 dollars or I would have to pay 130-150 for new visors. I know this is a problem with many 2007 Toyota Camry owners. It should be looked at at a serious flaw in the design of these visors.

Unknown Or Other problem #109

Sun visor on both driver and passenger side broke and will not stay up.

Unknown Or Other problem #110

2009 Toyota corolla. Consumer expresses discontent with recall services and would like a service description detailing what was done to the vehicle and an honest answer and information about this recall the consumer took his vehicle to the dealer for the recall repair. However, he was informed that a software update had been downloaded to the vehicles computer system because the vehicle did not need a shim for the gas pedal, because it was manufactured in japan. The dealer refused to give the consumer a service description of the details of what was done on the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #111

2009 Toyota Camry. Consumer states the vehicle has loss value because of two recalls for uncontrolled rapid acceleration.

Unknown Or Other problem #112

The sunvisors are very cheaply made. They use a metal clip that swivels around a road and a plastic casing around the metal clip. The metal clip puts way too much pressure for the plastic to withstand, resulting in failure. Numerous people have complained of their sunvisors breaking and suddenly hanging in their face, blocking their vision. When this happens, the sunvisors must be forcefully pulled out of their socket to allow unobstructed driving. Both of my sunvisors failed in the same manner within a couple of months of one another. The car was 2. 5 years old. The bumper-to-bumper warranty had just expired -- due to mileage, as we drove a lot of highway miles. There's no justification for these visors to fail this early. This is poor engineering, poor material selection, or whatever you want to call it. It is unacceptable. Toyota should be forced to recall these sunvisors. Local Toyota dealers are unwilling to help. This is a potentially dangerous situation.

Unknown Or Other problem #113

2010 Toyota Camry. The consumer stated it was apparent that Toyota knew about the accelerator pedal problem as early as July 2009 as the owners manual stated to check the pedal. The consumer stated the vehicle was manufactured in July 2009 it seemed as though Toyota failed to address the problem even then.

Unknown Or Other problem #114

I was driving 2003 Toyota Camry when all of sudden, it accelerated to a high speed, even when I applied the break, it failed to stop and was uncontrollable. The vehicle only stopped when it slammed on a residential building. I suffered injuries along with my daughter who was in the car with me.

Unknown Or Other problem #115

Fax fwd on behalf of re his 2009 Toyota Camry used in several tv news reports re unintended acceleration, his vehicle was tested by Toyota for 8 days and results were sent to NHTSA, requesting a copy of results, reply to new york, NY ofc. Toyota could not find anything wrong with the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #116

Front end support bracket not welded to frame support. This problem reported to Toyota motor sales on 08/29/10. The vehicle was purchased 08/25/10. I also notified the dealership of this safety defect the same day. The vehicle was sold to me as a certified pre-owned vehicle with no accident history. The dealership gave me a clean carfax history report which I have on hand if needed. Toyota motors sales and southeast Toyota deerfield FL. Have been notified and e-mailed pictures of this problem. I have not received much cooperation with this problem from the manufacturer or distributor. Southeast offered to buy the car back for $4212. This is a 2010 Toyota Camry with 26777 miles. The car was involved in an accident on 04/12/10 in savannah GA. Letter about the accident is enclosed from service mgr. As well as pictures. I want to initiate a consumer complaint for deceptive trade practices and deficiency in service. Updated 03/10/11.

Unknown Or Other problem #117

Defective throttle body after starting the car and putting the car in gear, the check engine light appears and the gas pedal has no effect on the engine. The car will idle along while in drive; however, pressing the gas pedal does nothing. The check engine error code points to the throttle body. My mechanic says that the throttle body is stuck in the "closed" position when this error happens. . Read more...

Unknown Or Other problem #118

I own a 2007 Toyota Camry and have owned it since 2001. From about a year ago, the gas pedal sometimes gets stuck. This usually happens when I am stopped at a red traffic light. When the light turns green, and I hit the gas pedal, it sometimes does not depress. I have to put a lot of body weight on it to get it to depress. This causes initial sudden acceleration. This has been happening quite often off late.

Unknown Or Other problem #119

In 2006 I reported of sudden acceleration in my 2005 Toyota Camry. Since then I have had several occurences where my car has lunge into sudden acceleration. The lastest time was on 3/28/10 on I-275 west heading to lawrenceburg indiana. I was driving about 60 -65 mph when my 2005 Camry sudden accelerated to about 80 mph, but my putting on the brakes allowed me to get back the control of the vehicle. Other times were vaguely remember but here's the ones that come to mind, 3/12/10, 2/10, 10/09, 8/09, there have been other times but because I went through so much with Toyota regional office that to avoid stessing out like Toyota did to me in 2006, I just didn't report it. In fear of having to go up against this big corporation again and they deny that there is even a problem with the accelerated pedal I left the reporting alone. It's very stressful going through all of this only to be told that there's no problem with the car.

Unknown Or Other problem #120

This concerns my 2007 Toyota Camry. I hear a rattle from the instrument panel and supposedly there is a TSB out for it. But I am really at a loss to digest that it is limited to only vehicles under warranty. My car is out of it by a year and about 2500 miles and Toyota will not fix the rattle. They want me to pay for it or live with it.

Unknown Or Other problem #121

I purchased my 2004 Toyota Camry in Feb. '04. From the day I drove it off the lot, the car surges as you begin to accelerate. I returned it for repair and the technicians could not figure out the problem. It has been a continual problem and still occurs daily. In Dec. 2004 as I was parking my car at the hotel where I work the car surged, jumped the curb and drove into a hotel room causing damage to the building and the car. Today is 3/23/10 and on the way to work this morning it surged twice.

Unknown Or Other problem #122

1999 Toyota solara in excellent condition yesterday as I was returning from the grocery store I tried to start my car. The engine turned over but was running erratically. When I tried turning it off to restart it, it would not stop running. It made a staccato sound and ran fast and out of control until it drained the battery and stopped. White smoke poured out and a terrible smell accompanied this. When I had it towed to the mechanic who works on my car, he said he had another Toyota that had the same problem. He has replaced the starter motor, and the battery is holding a charge. I believe that if two cars in this one garage had this problem, it may be more than a coincidence. I am not surprised to have to replace a starter motor, but this was a frightening event and could have been much worse if I were not in a safe neighborhood setting. I have had to replace starter motors in other cars, but I have never had a situation like this one when they have needed replacement.

Unknown Or Other problem #123

Toyota replaced the floor mat hooks in my 2007 Camry according to the recall. New hooks continue to pull out from the floor every day and the floor mat slides under the gas pedal.

Unknown Or Other problem #124

I went to "champion Toyota houston, TX 77034" for recall problem on March 19th. The service advisor named jacy blair signed me on and gave me an appoinment for next day morning( 9:00 am I guess). While I was there, I feel like checking my breaks too so I asked the service advisor about that and she called her technician. The technician advised me to fix my breaks right away because its sefty problem and advise me to leave my car there for that day cos they have to fix "recall thing" too. I aggred and remind him not to forget about " recall thing" again before I left. Next day they called me and left a massage in my phone that my car is ready . I went there and paid $ 480. 00 for fixing the breaks and drove back home. When I look at the invoice at home I didn't see any thing written about " recall thing" so I called them back and talked with jacy again and found out that they gave me the car without fixing the "recall thing". I was bit of angry and I asked her to pick my car from home, fix it and return to me. She said that her senior manager gonna give me a call within fifteen min. And hang up the phone. I waited for 1\2 hour but no one called me so I called her again and she transfer the phone to other guy ( 10 min. Wiat) who didn't want to solve the problem and transfer to another guy ( 20 min wait ). The last person was nice and accepted the mistake and agreed to pick up my car at home next Saturday and fix it. He called me again last Friday to verify my address and told me someone will be there from Toyota next morning from 9 to 10 am to pick up my car. I waited whole day that day but no one came or any phone call. Now, what should I do? go back there even after being insulted twice or drive my car as it is? I feel like Toyota is using this " recall thing" as a grocery store Sunday coupon, where you go for shopping to save little money but end up spending more. In my case I returned empty handed even after spendiing money.

Unknown Or Other problem #125

I parking lot. Put car into drive and pressed the accelerator to pull out of parking space. Car accelerated quickly and stopped when car hit telephone pole. Due to short distance car travel, was unable to apply brake before hitting the telephone pole.

Unknown Or Other problem #126

Ltr fm (NY) re follow-up to 1/28/10 correspondence re trade-in value of 2009 Camry was greatly reduced for purchase of a 2010 Nissan rogue due to recent Toyota recalls.

Unknown Or Other problem #127

2010 Toyota Camry owner scared to drive vehicle due to the recall about the accelerator pedal and would like a refund.

Unknown Or Other problem #128

Consumer is concerned with the 2009 and 2010 Toyota Camry defect issues. The consumer owns the 2010 Camry and he and his wife purchased the 2009 Camry for their son. The consumer and his son are afraid to drive the vehicles. They want to return both vehicles.

Unknown Or Other problem #129

While attempting to park in the parking space in front of a building, the vehicle (2005 Toyota Camry sl) accelerated on its own, jumping the curb, crashing into the railing and the building wall. Police impounded vehicle as it was unsafe. In the seconds prior to the crash, my foot was off the accelerator and I was in the process of braking because I was entering the parking space in the lot. Vehicle is now at a body shop awaiting to be fixed but not before this is reported to Toyota.

Unknown Or Other problem #130

2010 Toyota Camry concerned with recent Toyota recall. The consumer stated he examined his recently purchased vehicle and he found it virtually impossible for the gas pedal and floor mat to become intermingled. The consumer stated the problem is much more serious than shortening thee gas pedal and replacing a floor mat as indicated in the recall. Updated 03/17/10 the consumer did not state that he or his wife experienced any problems, but due to the news reports, they are afraid to drive the vehicle and it has since been garaged. The consumer listed several questions he would like to have answered. Updated 04/20/10 updated 10/27/10.

Unknown Or Other problem #131

My 2007 Toyota Camry accelerated on its own. Brakes were applied and it would not stop my car. I then struck the car ahead of me.

Unknown Or Other problem #132

Pulled out of bank drive thru bay. Stopped (to turn left into parking lot way). Pressed gas pedal to turn. Car jerked, accelerated, and spunout into the parking lot way. Brake and good driving saved me, but this 2008 Camry had just been repaired for recall pedal issue . . Issue happened again on 3/15/2010. Similar situation. . . Driving really slow in parking lot. Pressed gas, rpm went up, car hesitated, jumped/accelated, and paused before going to normal speed. Actsl like a transmission shifting issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #133

I pulled into a parking lot for the salvation army in san rafael, CA and was attempting to park my 2002 Toyota Camry in a parking slot. All of a sudden the car lurched forward with the engine revving at high speed right after I applied the brakes. My car plowed into a Toyota truck and pushed it through the parking lot for two rows before my car came to a stop. A witness stated that she heard the motor revving and the brakes squealing at the same time my car was pushing the truck across the lot. This has never happened previously and we are the original owners.

Unknown Or Other problem #134

After repeated calls to Toyota dealer about acceleration problems with only "we'll call you when parts come in" vehicle accelerated and crashed through a metal gate causing significant damage to gate and car. Auto was tolled to collision center for evaluation. After calling Toyota I was told to give problem to insurance carrier.

Unknown Or Other problem #135

Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6) my 2007 Toyota Camry car accelerated going 10 miles a hour in a parking lot with out warning. I could hear the engine race. I put the break on as hard as I could press down and the car would not stop. People were walking on my right, I saw the cement pillar and turn the wheel to hit that instead of the people. I bought the car new and in 3 years received letters that there was a problem with the pedal. All 3 times I took the letter into the dealership where they told me it was not my pedal. Now after the accident the service manager tried to blame me. I requested to meet with a Toyota rep. The rep also tried to blame me. When I pushed the issue it came out that my Camry was one with the pedal that could get stuck on a flour mat. The Toyota rep, rob brown said when the car is fixed then we will send it over to the other department to modify your pedal. I told the rep rob brown and the collision manager I want documentation on the modification work done on the pedal. There was so much damage done to my car that those repairs are still not done 3 weeks later. I very well could have killed people that day. The dealership is hoselton automall [xxx].

Unknown Or Other problem #136

2010 Toyota Camry. Consumer states they were not notified of recall which included their vehicle before the signing of their lease. Consumer seeks authorization to return vehicle and receive return of deposit paid updated 07/09/10. Updated 07/29/10 updated 08/03/jb.

Unknown Or Other problem #137

My Toyota Camry pedal was in the sticking position and when I went to brake the brakes would not do their job and I couldn't stop until I bumped the car in front of me. Prior to this incident, I had experienced sudden acceleration a few time over the last two and half years with this car, but never any sticking or break failure.

Unknown Or Other problem #138

The accelerator pedal on my vehicle has been getting difficult to press down on. It doesn't happen every day but at least once a month. When I have pushed down on the pedal with more strength then necessary, it has caused my vehicle to increase speed. Thankfully, I haven't been in an accident but am very concerned for my safety, especially after hearing of many vehicle recalls!.

Unknown Or Other problem #139

Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6) from:[xxx] subject:Toyota comments: I recall a similar problem with military aircraft, in which the engineers (myself included), could not isolate a system error. It was repeatedly fixed with no success. The problem fell down to a firmware error, on which the software was running. The firmware logic code was a third party provision to the system, and none of the engineers had real access to the logic circuitry. The firmware tested fine, and ran the test code as well, with no errors. It wasn't until the system was fully operational, that the system threw the errors. Since it was the firmware that threw the errors, none of the sensors or any of the system logs caught the problem. The vendor of the firmware "assumed" it was always the user code "the oem" that was at fault, and any log was aimed at monitoring the software execution, and not the firmware processing. In watching the major auto manufacturer come to his knees, it struck me as to how similar, the situation seems in this case, to what we experienced, in the air force. Perhaps there should be some modicum of consideration to the firmware architecture in your investigation, and not just the software. Just a thought for you to have fun with. Davec from NHTSA web site.

Unknown Or Other problem #140

Driver's seat slides when I accelerate or stop. It occurs every time I drive the vehicle and I have taken it in to checkered flag Toyota in virginia beach, va to have the problem fixed. It is obvious there is a problem with the track the seat sits on. The service technician asked the service adviser how heavy I was (I weigh 135lbs) and told her the problem could not be fixed, the entire seat would have to be replaced. Checkered flag will not respond to my service requests.

Unknown Or Other problem #141

Was inching into a parking space, tapping the brakes, going at an incline (uphill) to park. Suddenly with about 8-10 inches to go the car literally lunged forward on its own. Slamming with a huge boom into a concrete poll. The brakes were pumping as all of this happened until finally the acceleration ceased. Had the poll not been there I would have went through the front window of the restaurant or flatten any person walking by. The manager of the restaurant witnessed the entire event. He said there was absolutely no doubt in his mind from the creeping into the space, with only about 8-10 inches to go, to a sonic like boom and the huge lunge forward of the vehicle, the throttle had to be wide open, then stuck there. It was a powerful enough crash that it broke the frame around the headlight on the driver's side.

Unknown Or Other problem #142

Broken cable on sunroof of 2004 Camry.

Unknown Or Other problem #143

2010 Toyota Camry. Loss of value because of recalls.

Unknown Or Other problem #144

I have a 2010 Toyota Camry le. My car has driven "differently" since I purchased it. I will be at a stop light, and it will just start moving-even with my foot on the brake. It feels like it drives in cruise control and just doesn't let up. After this recall, I am 100% nervous to drive my vehicle. Is this how it starts? I call the 800 # and sit on hold forever, or I am told further information is forthcoming. I drive 60 miles a day and have a small child. My car is brand new, it should not be doing this.

Unknown Or Other problem #145

S10 direct reply- letter to the secretary from re support in his efforts to get resolution with Toyota 2008 Toyota Camry. The consumer stated he noticed just after christmas there was paint peeling off the rear bumper. He took the vehicle to a certified auto body shop and was informed the paint repair was poorly done and that most likely the paint shop that was used for the repair didn't use enough uv protection in the paint and the base paint was probably inferior quality. The auto body shop stated, if the uv paint protection was not used in sufficient quantity and quality in a proper manner that after 2 or 3 months in the sun, the color would change. Updated congressional letter 10/27/10. Updated congressional letter 10/29/jb.

Unknown Or Other problem #146

Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6) October - December 2009 on two (2) separate occasions, my 2007 Toyota Camry accelerated without apparent cause. The second incident happened after I had been shopping at the huntington mall for christmas. I was coming up to a redlight behind several automobiles when the car accelerated. I veered to the right side of the road to avoid hitting the automobile in front of me and braked as hard as I could. I also put the automobile in park as soon as I could. Before this, I had an incident of slight acceleration, but I don't recall exactly when or where-just that I mentioned to my husband that I felt the car didn't want to stop when I applied the brake. On January 6, 2010, I took the Camry to the dealership in which I purchased it for a routine oil change and requested the service department to look at the accelerator pedal. On January 22, 2010, the Camry had to be towed into the dealership due to a busted oil tube (which was later identified as a recall) and again, I asked the repair department to check the pedal. My husband accompanied me to pick the car up later that afternoon and when I asked if the pedal had been checked, the service advisor told my husband that the pedal had been checked and he had driven the car and couldn't find any problems. The service advisor related to us that "something about a recall was on the news about 4:00 a. M. That very morning". After the public recall and two letters addressing this issue with the dealership, I was finally contacted by the dealership to bring my automobile in for recall repairs. Since that time, I've taken the Camry in for a steering wheel concern, which warranted no apparent cause, and recently experienced another incident with acceleration. The acceleration was more of a revving of the engine rather than an out of control acceleration. I would like others to know about these incidence and hopefully avoid injuries. [xxx].

Unknown Or Other problem #147

S10 appropriate handling re Toyota vehicles sudden acceleration problem and other recall notices published by Toyota. *added information 5 pages the consumer stated he examined his recently purchased vehicle and he found it virtually impossible for the gas pedal and floor mat to become intermingled. The consumer stated the problem is much more serious than shortening thee gas pedal and replacing a floor mat as indicated in the recall. Updated 03/17/10 the consumer did not state he experienced any problems, but due to the news reports the vehicle has been garaged. Updated 04/06/10.

Unknown Or Other problem #148

My son reported while driving on the highway he took his foot off the accelerator to begin braking, the car/engine continued to accelerate forcing him to apply full force to the brakes in order to slow the vehicle down. He also reported the car felt like it was "surging. " he was finally able to slow the vehicle and exit the highway safely. The next day, we took the car to north hills Toyota (pittsburgh) who reported they could not recreate the problem. No surprise! he is an experienced driver with a perfect driving record and was truly upset by what happened. He is also the sole driver of this vehicle, so he knows how the car drives, etc. By the way, we do not have floormats on the front driver side of the car due to the recent reports of accelerators being wedged in the floormat.

Unknown Or Other problem #149

I purchased a new 2010 Toyota Camry in oct-2009 and I realized after 2-3 weeks that there is something wrong in there. The rpm goes high (and tries to stay there) when down-shifting even without the leg is off the gas paddle. While I understand that downshifting may increase rpm but then I feel like it wants to stay there by means of some un-intended acceleration. When I realized that there is something wrong, I just ignored the issue because I did not want to take the car to the dealer and let them mess it up further. I thought this is happening because it is a new car. After few miles driven, the issue will go away. But when I learned about the un-intended acceleration in January 2010, I realized that the issue is more serious and I should not ignore any more. I went to dealer but as I expected, they did not take it seriously and told me that the car runs as per design. I went for the recall too but it did not make any difference. Being an engineer, I myself have established few simple test cases where one can prove that there is definately something wrong in the car. And if the car runs as per design, then there is something wrong in the design itself. I knew in advance that taking the car to the dealership was not going to work. I purchased a new vehicle so that I can keep on driving it nicely for years to come but I neve expect it to be going to garage for such a serious issue in less than 3 months! I have not received any satisfactory answer/solution to my problem so far.

Unknown Or Other problem #150

I was traveling in my Toyota Camry 2001 on I 75 s from royal oak to detroit, mi around 2:30 am on September 6th 2009 ,when suddenly I heard some cracking noise underneath the hood and fire from underneath the hood. I was traveling at around 70 miles/hr and tried to steer the vehicle to wards the shoulder and power steering failed and I saw engine light blinking, then tried to slow down and brakes failed. I quickly used hand brake and stopped the vehicle. I quickly turned off the ignition and tried to open the door and noticed that it was locked. I quickly pulled both the knobs simultaneously and got out of the car and called 911. By the time fire engine came to the scene, the car was on huge fire. My car didn't have any major issues in the past. I did change timing belt as per the company guidelines and at authorized dealer/service center. I changed the tires 2 months ago and oil change 1 and half month ago. Neither cops nor me could come to a conclusion on what went wrong. I am letting you know as it may help to increase the safety of cars if you investigate my car. I will be waiting for your response.

Unknown Or Other problem #151

We own a 2004 Camry le. This car had been in two separate accidents - one in 23 December 2007 and 21 August 2009 wherein the accelerator took over the car causing accidents and extensive hood damages costing the insurance well over $5,000. "I have no control over my car" was the only reason I can give for these two incidents. These incidents were reported to romano Toyota only to be told that maintenance cannot explain why these uncontrollable incidents happened. In the meantime our insurance company dropped us and our insurance premiums have increased. On the recent wave of reports on Toyota Camry failures, romano Toyota was again approached to have my Camry le evaluated for the same failures. We were told this time that my car is not part of the recall years. Do we have to wait until there is a loss of life before something is done with my car? this has been happening sporadically over the course of the years of ownership. Although both incidents were not reported to the police, the insurance company had their representatives inspect the damages.

Unknown Or Other problem #152

My car is parked in an assigned garage space in an apt. Bldg. In making my usual exit my gas pedal stuck and my car struck pillars, walls and a neighbor's car. This was the first time that the car went out of control. I thought I hit the gas pedal instead of the brake--did not realize that the gas pedal was stuck until I saw tv and newspaper accts. Of the Toyota Camry recall. The years listed in the recall were not complete. My Camry is 2000, not the years of 2007-2010 listed in the recall $3000 repairs--4 days--needed for my car. Neighbor's repairs paid for by my insurance.

Unknown Or Other problem #153

The driver's side sun visor has failed twice internally, the replacement cost is ~$150. 00 us, non- warranty item. It obstructs the driver's view and the vehicle is not safe to drive until the visor is removed.

Unknown Or Other problem #154

I own a 2005 Toyota Camry se, I was driving on the highway at 70 mph, from chicago to joplin mo, as I came to the ramp to exit the highway, I put my foot on the brake pedal and started to brake, the car accelerated and wouldn't brake. I had to hit the brake pedal several times before the car finally stopped accelerating. It was a very short winding ramp and I needed to slow down quickly- my family assumed it was me. It happened last summer and it was raining at the time. I was able to avoid an accident but I know it wasn't me, and my car is not on the recall list for a repair- that scares me. That was the only incident with my vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #155

Safety issue, cheap quality windshield used by Toyota on 2007 Camry le. I filed a complain with Toyota for windshield crack which appeared on my 2007 Camry (still under warranty) with 17k miles. I took it to dealer and dealer service manager washed his hands saying this crack is due to some pebble/rock hitting the windshield and than he showed me tip of pin size mark which I really strange that how can that mark cause that crack, its clearly shows that either Toyota had advised dealers not to cover anything in warranty as customer will end up paying from his pocket rather Toyota fixing it. I even complained to Toyota but no use, they moved it back to dealer and dealer customer relation lady refused to do anything, earlier service manager had given me Toyota number to contact and see if they can do anything but looks like he knew that nothing would be done and I will just waste my time. Complain which I made to Toyota via customer relation department 0907111004 resolution sought: change the windshield ASAP or take the car back, I would rather go to Honda. Seems like Toyota car are good for road which are either driveway kind or totally clean, not able to handle highways. This was my first and last Toyota, for sure I will covey the message to others too so that people thing again before buying Toyota. I trusted Toyota name and though there after sales and service would be good and parts used would be good quality but guess its not, shows reason of why people moving away.

Unknown Or Other problem #156

I get Toyota Camry 2008 but I am very unhappy with car that shows up a lot of problem and also I call all the time Toyota customer care experience that should call Toyota customers don't care on the number 1800 that they gaveand now I give up for the service and I want return the car for any Toyota dealer on NY there is any legally law on this country that can help up? thanks for your attention.

Unknown Or Other problem #157

Last year, I was at a shell gas station at lunchtime to vacuum out my car. Right behind the vacuum was a gas pump. After parking my car and removing the carpets, I went to put change in the vac. . The side of the vac I was on was broken. So I got back in my car to move to the other side of the vacuum. I started my car, put my foot on the brake to put the car in reverse, and my car had a power surge and started going on its own. My car backed into the gas pump that was behind the vaccuum. My car was a 2002 Toyota Camry, and it just surged and took off on its own. . Read more...

Unknown Or Other problem #158

The dash in the car has extremely long large cracks in it. All over it including around the information bezels. This problem seems to be a common manufacturing defect. It had been talked about and commented on Toyota forums that it is a common problem and also includes other vehicles manufactured by Toyota . The response from Toyota is "too bad". Research on this problem would be appreciated.

Unknown Or Other problem #159

My check engine light has been on and off for over 2 years. I have had both catalytic converters replaced, a new gas cap and every other issue the garages have told me are causing the problem. With each fix the light goes off for about a week and then comes back on. Toyota dealerships always tell me it is becuase I do not tighten my gas cap, but I tighten it until it clicks. I am not losing any mileage with the light on or having any other difficulties with car, but I can not pass the emission test with the light on. I feel that the light is on becuase of a glinch in the system or a defect, because I am not experiencing any of the normal problems that come with a check engine light on for long periods of time.

Unknown Or Other problem #160

On January 26, 2009 I was pulling my 2007 Toyota Camry into a handicapped parking spot in a strip mall. My right foot was on the brake, and the car suddenly accelerated and continued going forward (there was no curb) until it crashed into a pizza restaurant. Fortunately, I wasn't injured, although my insurance company had to cover the damage to my vehicle and to the store; I had to pay my deductible and was given a ticket for careless driving, because no other explanation for the accident was evident at the time. I couldn't understand how the car could have accelerated with my foot off the gas pedal and on the brake. However, after reading about the recent furor regarding the gas pedal on 2007 Toyotas, I brought my car to my dealership where I was advised that my gas pedal was manufactured in japan and thus not subject to recall. They could not explain the accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #161

Accelerate without pushing on gas pedal. Ran into another car when pulling into a parking space. Ceasing into the spot and then it accelerated which made it run into the car. No one was hurt but my car was damaged.

Unknown Or Other problem #162

The drivers side sun visor will not stay up. It just hangs down in the way. It was not damaged in any way that I can see. Just normal use. When driving I have to eiter move it to the side to see. This has caused some visibility problems when it is very bright outside and you are driving into the sun. I had to remove it as it was impeading my vision during driving. Now I have to drive one-handed in order to shield my eyes from the sun. Toyota will not replace as a warrantied item.

Unknown Or Other problem #163

2002 Toyota Camry,sudden acceleration.

Unknown Or Other problem #164

While slowly pulling into a parking space and with my foot resting on the brake, the engine suddenly revved and the car bolted forward of its own accord. Despite efforts to brake hard, the car would not cease to move forward and hit a pole. Not until the car was put in reverse and backed out of the pole did the engine stop. There was no confusion during this incident of which pedal was being pushed. As I was already half into the space and had started to decelerate, my foot was on the brake, not the accelerator. Also, a quick check after the incident to ensure that it was indeed the brake that I was pushing proved to be accurate. I have been driving nearly twenty years with no at-fault accidents and a clean driving record. I have never once during that time mistook the accelerator for the brake, and, even if that was the case here, I certainly would not have pushed it so hard when I was already halfway into a parking space that it would cause the engine to react the way it did. I am in my mid-thirties and still have all of my faculties, as well as a quick response time. Fearing to drive the vehicle, I had it towed to the dealership and they inform me, after what they claim to be exhaustive diagnostic testing, that they can find no problems. I will try to get rid of this vehicle as soon as possible as I do not want to be responsible for someone else's death/injury when this occurs again. My sister and her boyfriend, both of whom have Toyotas, have told me that this has occurred on their vehicles as well. She has a 2007 Camry and he has a 2009 matrix.

Unknown Or Other problem #165

Sudden acceleration in Toyota Camry.

Unknown Or Other problem #166

The contact owns a 2007 Toyota Camry. The contact stated that there was a moldy musty smell from the air conditioning vents. The contact stated that his eyes itched and he sneezed while driving. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer who gave him an air freshener and sprayed foam into the vents. The contact had to frequently visit the doctor and he had sinus infections. The failure occurred when the weather began to become warm. The failure mileage was unknown. Updated 03/22/lj the consumer no longer owns the vehicle. Updated 04/25/11.

Unknown Or Other problem #167

For the last 2 years of its life, the Camry had a stalling problem. It would ride ok for a few weeks and then for several days it would stall out frequently. On the highway, the car would sometimes hesitate. Stalling occurred mostly when stopping at a stop sign or red light after coming off a highway. The car would start again, and then stall repeatedly at every red light or other event that involved slowing down or stopping. After enduring the stalling problem for many months, on 6/19/09 we took the car to our mechanic. They said the stalling might be caused by a sticking valve or the idle control motor, but they could not fix it. We brought the car to the mechanic again 8/20/09 and they replaced the throttle body assembly, which seemed to help. By spring 2010 the problem was back. We brought the car to the mechanic 5/21/10 and this time they cleaned out egr assembly and checked all vacuum lines. Car still stalled so 6/26/10 we took it to Toyota dealer. Dealer was unable to reproduce the stalling problem and said that next time it happened, we should bring it directly to their service center. On 7/20/10, our son was driving the Camry. As before, when he was driving at a higher, steadier speed, the car was ok. When he slowed down to park in a parking garage, the stalling problem recurred. Trying to get the car to restart, he stepped on the gas and the engine engaged. The car lurched forward and slammed into a wall inside the parking garage. It was totaled. We believe there was a fundamental manufacturing flaw in our Camry that resulted in the repeated stalling. We note other Toyota products being recalled for stalling problems, as well as recalls for unintended acceleration. We contacted Toyota but they took no responsibility. They said there was nothing they could do without examining the vehicle directly, but by that time the car had been sent to a salvage yard.

Unknown Or Other problem #168

About a year ago, one rear speaker cover started to crumble. The next month, the entire cover crumbled with no external force applied. One week ago, my other speaker collapsed in on itself the same way. . . With no outside pressure or influence. As a chemist, I can say definitively that the material used for the speaker cover is defective. The plastic during the molding process was not heated thoroughly. Now, Toyota says that it will be around $650 to replace the entire back cover which they will not pay for.

Unknown Or Other problem #169

Claimant was pulling into her parking spot on the third floor of a parking garage in menands, NY when she experienced unanticipated acceleration of her 2002 Toyota Camry. The police report states that no skid marks were present, indicating that she did not pull into the spot fast. At the end of the parking spot there were marks indicating that the tires were spinning. The spin marks continued up onto the concrete curbing and also onto the guard rail. Due to the unanticipated acceleration claimants vehicle drove over the guardrail and concrete barrier of the third floor parking garage, flipping over, and landing upside down on the ground level.

Unknown Or Other problem #170

2007 Toyota Camry with air conditioning problem. Consumer states that there is a strong urine smell after the use of the air conditioner. Consumer doesn't feel that this problem would be covered under warranty. The consumer also stated there is a wind sound when drving on the highway. It sounded as if the windows were down.

Unknown Or Other problem #171

Ltr to secretary requesting an investigation of a fatal accident involving his mother in law, in her 2005 Toyota Camry. The consumer would like to know all of the readings of the event data recorder and whether vehicle malfunction and/or vehicle crash worthiness contributed to the accident. The consumer did from blunt force trauma caused by the collision.

Unknown Or Other problem #172

Vehicle accelerated on its own, applied brakes and wouldn't stop. Hit vehicle in front of Camry, and that vehicle hit the car in front of it. No airbags went off.

Unknown Or Other problem #173

I had trouble with my 2005 Toyota Camry while stopped at a light when all of a sudden it the engine started racing and it wanted to lunge forward. I keep my foot on the brake very hard, put it in park and kept it in place. I hit the accelator several times and was afraid to put it back in to drive when the light changed. Luckily iit was ok then. I am not sure if it was 2007 or 2008 and not sure of month and date but this form insists you put one in so I put in any date. I really don't remember the time frame. I happened shortly after having the car in for service and the rpms seem high when not accelerating.

Unknown Or Other problem #174

During driving or in a stop light the warning ligths of vcs system lights up without any reason and then went to normal. I've noticed then that this ussually happened when some weighted vehicules passed besides mine that caused a rough road movement or some high loud. One time passed just before a routine checkup (oil & filter). I called back to the service and told me that it was a reseting of the car system. ???? this has passed for a few times every year but this time the waring lights still and it shown a diagnosis with abnormal leak in the accumulator which I've told that this should not be happened in an hybrid model.

Unknown Or Other problem #175

While driving my Camryle 2005 into the aptos post office parking area, I approached a parking spot and the car jumped the curb, hit a small light post and stopped in the soft wet dirt planting area. The post office personnel took a report and picture and I was pulled out by aaa. I had some of my car damage repaired a few months later, not knowing what the reason of the malfunction was.

Unknown Or Other problem #176

Sun visor has broken three times. This causes the visor to drop and impair visibility while driving. This is a safety hazard and should be a recall item.

Unknown Or Other problem #177

2003 Toyota Camry with cracks appearing on the rear speakers. Consumer states that by 2006 the plastic piece was beginning to fall into the loud speaker assembly, creating a black hole in the rear dash.

Unknown Or Other problem #178

2006 solara was driven by my son who was found dead in a canal on 1/28/08 by a passerby. The car had the tendency to have the floor mat on the drivers side ride up, which I was used to as it was my car. Therefore, I suspect the floor mat rode up onto accelerator pedal causing car to be unable to stop without turning off the engine. The car was found upside down with the car in park with the keys removed in 4' of water with my only child laying face down in the water dead. Since the recall came after his death, the car had already been salvaged and not able to have proof to determine cause.

Unknown Or Other problem #179

Paint is peeling and body metal is visible to the naked eye.

Unknown Or Other problem #180

The car accelerated quickly on its own, with engine racing, and could not be stopped easily, resulting in a collision with a tree. The engine continued to race on it's own, with no one pressing the throttle, until the ignition was switched off. This was not caused by a loose floor mat, the floor mat was secured and not anywhere near the pedal. In February I received a letter from Toyota saying that they believe there was nothing wrong with the car. I called Toyota to talk to the person who sent that letter and repeated the facts as stated above and she told me that I "may be mistaken. " the fact that the engine continued to race after the crash is important, since some may think that I was pushing the throttle herself. Once I got out of the car she obviously couldn't be pushing the petal herself. The engine didn't stop racing until I turned the engine off. Then, when the tow truck came, the driver re-started the Camry to position it for towing. When he did, the engine ran normally. When a car takes off by itself, it has a problem. Therefore this car, and maybe all 2007 Camrys, maybe all Toyotas, have a problem. However we drove this car for months and many miles without a symptom; it apparently takes some kind of particular combination of circumstances for the problem to come out. No one was injured in this incident, but this behavior could cause someone to be seriously injured or killed. I believe Toyota should find out why this happened and try to fix it, instead of trying to convince me that I am wrong when I tell them what happened. Updated.

Unknown Or Other problem #181

2003 Toyota Camry passenger air bag cover coming apart. Consumer is concerned about this gap in between the dashboard and the air bag cover affecting the performance of the air bag if it is needed. The dealer stated the separation appeared to be caused by excessive heat.

Unknown Or Other problem #182

After installing kraco floor mats into our 2007 Toyota Camry, we took a road trip. On the highway, I was driving with cruise control on, when suddenly the car began to accelerate. I tried adjusting the cruise control with the cruise lever, and when that did not work, turned the cruise control off. I continue to accelerate to over 85 mph (from original cruising at approx 68 mph). I tried braking, but the brakes provided little to no result. My two passengers tried to help with suggestions: I tried pushing the brake, accelerator, and clutch (5-speed car), and none helped. I started jamming my foot into the area around the accelerator, and finally there began to be some effect. One passenger suggested the floor mat, and so I finally dug my feet into it and pulled back, finally making the needed impact of having control of the car again. We have used large binder clips to attempt to keep the floor mats from interfering with the accelerator; not sure yet if this is an adequate solution.

Unknown Or Other problem #183

The contact owns a 2005 Toyota Camry. While making a 180 degree turn to the right at approximately 5 mph, the vehicle accelerated on its own. The contact was unable to stop the vehicle when she applied the brakes and crashed into seven vehicles. The vehicle came to a stop when it crashed into a retaining wall. The air bags deployed and the contact injured her arm. The driver of the first vehicle she struck sustained back injuries. The manufacturer was notified of the failure and they stated that an investigator would inspect the vehicle. The vehicle was destroyed. The current and failure mileages were 20,346. The consumer stated the vinyl floor mats may have become caught under the gas pedal which caused the unintended acceleration. Updated 11/02/07.

Unknown Or Other problem #184

Cruse control problem. When going up an incline my car will acelarate at a rate of speed that is 3mph (est) over the mph that the cruse control was set at. The acelarations is very fast and causes the car to acelarate faster than the traffic flow which requires the brakes to be applied to turn off the cruse control. You have to be alert or you can run into the car in front of you plus the braking in traffic can cause problems. On a level road the cruse control work the way it should.

Unknown Or Other problem #185

I drive a 2007 Toyota Camry and the sun visor on the driver side is broken. It seems that everybody is having the same problem with the visors. I was driving when the sun visor broke - its a safety issue since you cant see with the visor hanging in front of you,.

Unknown Or Other problem #186

The contact owns a 2007 Toyota Camry. The contact stated that the vehicle hesitates and experiences acceleration failure since it was a new vehicle. Then, on July 11, 2007, while attempting to accelerate, the vehicle completely lost all motive power and was disabled partially blocking a lane of traffic on an interstate. The vehicle failed to move even though the engine was still running. The police assisted and the vehicle was moved to a safe location. The dealer suggested that the rubber floormat may have gotten stuck underneath the accelerator pedal and caused the hesitation concern. The dealer could not find a cause for the loss of motive power failure. The current mileage is 12,968. The failure mileage for the hesitation issue was 12,960. Updated 09/10/07.

Unknown Or Other problem #187

It has been over a year that I complained to Toyota customer service about my headliner coming down. They initially agreed to repair or replace it and then after the customer service representative got involved they rescinded their initial agreement to repair it. I asked customer service who is located in torrance, calif. To send me a written letter stating why they refused to repair or replace it as they initially agreed to and they refused to do so. My vehicle was purchased at the end of 2003 and as stated, it has been over a year that I have had no satisfaction to this problem. The headliner is continually coming down and I feel it is a safety issue and a manufacturer defect. Toyota concludes it is wear and tear. Your headliner should last the life of the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #188

What auto manufacturer has more manufacturer defects than all the other auto manufacturers?.

Unknown Or Other problem #189

On March 13, 2007 at approximately 9:30 p. M. As I was exiting a parking lot and turned left on page street in stoughton, mass. My 1997 Toyota Camry started to accelerate. There was a car with two occupants stopped at a red light approximately 1/5 of a mile in front of me. As I accelerated faster and faster with my 9 year old granddaughter in the back seat I tried to stop. The car started to shake violently and my granddaughter started to scream "grams, whats wrong what's wrong" I knew I didn't want to hit the car in front of me as they had no idea I was speeding towards them, and I knew I would seriously hurt or kill them if I hit them at my accelerated speed , so as I approched the intersection I veered to the left as it was an industrial park and most of the buildings were closed. , but, I didn't make the complete turn and hit the guard rail and smashed thru it and my car got caught on top of an fire hydrant and stopped. I remember hitting and then every thing went quiet my granddaughter was screaming and I asked her if she was alright. She was coherant and the two people that were in the car at the light knocked on my window and called the police. I was removed from my Camry by the fire department and transported to the hospital where I stayed for two days, my granddaughter was also taken to the hospital but released. No one believed me that I did not accelerate the car myself. The insurance investigator stated the gas pedal was not stuck and that was the only thing they looked for in the car, I was out of work for three months. I almost lost my home. . All of my insurance forms state the acceleration I experienced including the police report my car was deemed totaled. . When I went back to the scene of the accident I realized how lucky we were that my car was caught underneath by the hydrant as it was headed into a very deep drop off and surely would have flipped over and dropped approximately 15 feet . Now with the recall I am vindicated but very angry!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #190

This incident involves changing a flat tire (front passenger side) on my 2004 Toyota Camry. This was the first time I have had to change a tire since I bought this vehicle new in 2004. I loosened the lug nuts slightly and then placed the jack under the car as indicated in the owner's manual. As I started to raise the car, I noticed that the jack was twisting under the weight of the vehicle. I then lowered the vehicle, repositioned the jack and tried again. The jack appeared to be slightly twisted but not as much as the first attempt. I removed the lug nuts and took off the flat tire. At this time the jack fell over and the car came to rest on the wheel rotor. The car was on level ground during this incident. My feeling is that this jack is not sufficiently designed to lift a vehicle of this weight and could cause serious personal injury and/or property damage under some circumstances.

Unknown Or Other problem #191

I am a mechanical engineer involved in a lawsuit dealing with this mechanical scissor jack. The case has gone to trial and been resolved. As a part of my investigation, I determined that the base of the jack is out of specification, and wobbles. The base is meant to be flat, yet all four "feet" of the base do not touch when the jack is rested on a flat surface. Based on testimony by the manufacturer, the base deforms during the final assembly, and this wobble is acceptable. I have checked a 2007 Camry, 2005 corolla, and 2011 Camry, and these cars all have the same issue with the base. During my inspections, the jack will roll inboard during normal jacking, placing all the weight onto the two inside "feet", using only about 20% of the base. If the base is flat as intended, more of the base if not all would be used providing a greater level of stability during emergency jacking.

Unknown Or Other problem #192

: the contact stated while applying brake pressure at 25 mph on a city street, the vehicle suddenly lurched forward without warning. The contact engaged the emergency brake and placed the vehicle in park which stopped the vehicle. The vehicle was towed to a dealer who determined the floor mat was pressed against the accelerator pedal. Additionally, the vehicle was inspected by an independent repair shop that was unable to duplicate the problem. The manufacturer was not notified. Updated 10/6/2006 - when applying the brakes to make a left turn, the car lurched forward and started accelerating. The vehicle continued to accelerate up to 50 mph. When applying the brake pedal nothing happened. When putting the car in park nothing happened. When applying the emergency brake the car started to slow down. The vehicle continued accelerating on it's own for another five hundred feet. The tow truck operator arrived and check the floor mats, noting there was nothing wrong with the floor mat's positioning. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who determined that the floor mat became stuck under the accelerator. The dealer trimmed the carpet.

Unknown Or Other problem #193

I've had my engin air filter & cabin air filter eaten by rodents; one caused my 2007 Toyota Camry to stall several times. Additionally I had a rodent die in the area behind the cabin air filter & decayed. This occurred around July 2006. I've rep[laced the engin air filter & the cabin filter multible times due to this issue & will need to replaced again during my next state inspection according to the dealer. Dealer replaced cabin air filter on July 14, 2006 - replaced engin air filter on may 23, 2007 - replaced engin air filter on January 11, 2008 - replaced engin air filter & cabin air filter on June 23, 2008 - replaced cabin filter on June 26, 2009 - replaced engin air filter on March 10, 2010.

Unknown Or Other problem #194

My 2006 automatic Camry shift lever will disengage while driving. I have hit the shift lever while driving at high speed (65 mph) by accident and the lever went from drive to neutral. My engine revs were alarming. Worried about blowing my engine. I quickly put my car back into drive (d) and continued. This has happened several times. I was concerned that my car would slow down and I would be rear ended. With the tailgating trend of today's drivers this is a grave concern to me. Has there been any other complaints ? I feel that the lock to change from park to drive should work in all positions so this event will not accure. I feel that this is an accident waiting to happen. This defect should be addressed.

Unknown Or Other problem #195

Climate control unit has malfunctioned three times in the four years we've owned this vehicle. Previous two times it would suddenly, without adjustment, blast either hot or cold air. We could usually stop it, by a lot of manipulation of the thermostat knob, and it was "fixed" both times by a Toyota dealership under an extended warranty. In the third (current) incident the temperature is stuck on 76 degrees. Not able to make it warmer or cooler.

Unknown Or Other problem #196

People, like the one who filed odi# 10131293, should wear their seat belts, not try to disable them and the systems that make you wear them. They are counter-productive to the industry and agencies that are trying to save lives.

Unknown Or Other problem #197

Purchased new car - noted speedometer reading 9% off - verified via stopwatch/mile marker method, gps, and radar. Dealership and manufacturer stated that the allowable at any speed is plus or minus 10% (I. E. Speedometer says 70 going 63 to 77 mph). Safety hazard in traffic flow plus I am spending lots of time while driving watching speedometer and trying to figure out how fast I am going and what the speedometer needle should be pointing at to be correct. Manufacturer and dealership have refused to attempt to correct problem. Not sure what the federal regulations allow, but 10% delta seems excessive. Dealership noted that a new car of the same make, model, and year for the lot was also tested and had the same speedometer delta from actual. Not sure if this is a systemic problem with Toyota Camry. 2005 Toyota tundra was tested and found to be about 5%. Also noted that the odometer reading is incorrect by a similar percentage (I. E. Odometer reading not accurate for actual mileage on vehicle).

Unknown Or Other problem #198

Timing belt went--automobile has only 36,000 miles. My mechanic said this should not happen at such low mileage. When I contacted local dealer, I was told that they recommend replacing the belt at four years. This car is five years old. Nowhere in the maintainance schedule does it say replace the timing belt at four years.

Unknown Or Other problem #199

The consumer was attempting to brake when he realized that something was obstructing the pedal. He managed to release the obstruction and pulled over to see what it was . It appeared to be a piece of the air duct which somehow came loose. The consumer took the part to the dealer so they could determine what it was and where it came from. The dealer determined that the part wasn't vital to the operation of the vehicle therefore the consumer didn't have it replaced/fixed. The consumer has the part in his possession.

Unknown Or Other problem #200

2000 Toyota canry xle, purchased from new rochelle Toyota, new rochelle , NY as certified pre-owned with 40k miles on 4 separate occasions over the course of 5 years beginning in 2005 -- I have experienced accellerator revving or sticking, and sometimes both together. Sometimes just kicking it stopped it, another time I had to throw the car into neutral and pull up the pedal with my foot under it, another time I threw it into neutral and it eased up. Each time I pulled over, shut off the car and restrated and it didnlt happen again for quite some time. Mentioned it to Toyota and they more or less blamed me. Told my independent mechanic who at least checked the brakes and snesors, but he didn't know what to tell me because there was no service warning. No repair was ever done.

Unknown Or Other problem #201

My issues occurred 5 years ago, it was the first year Toyota used the computerized acceleration in their cars. This information is important to the investigation being conducted by nasa. February 21, 2005 we purchased a brand new Toyota solora by June we sold it. The car failed to accelerate on several occasions by not responding when I pushed the gas pedal. I realize this is the opposite end of the spectrum, but trust that it is relevant. Please ensure nasa gets this information it will give them more to work with. I am writing you today because following a news broadcast about Toyota my child asked me if I remembered our incident that almost cost us our lives in that car. I have placed this information in your hands to do the right thing with. VIN# 4t1ca30p15uxxxxxx case numbers on file with Toyota 200504110025 -April 11, 2005 200505090783 may 9, 2005 200505120765 - may12, 2005 the issues were first handled at the dealership level where the vehicle was purchased, before I realized there was a serious safety issue with the vehicle. If you have any question I can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx.

Unknown Or Other problem #202

1996 Toyota Camry. Consumer has a odometer reading concern. The consumer stated in April of 2005 he and his wife were taking a trip and his wife noticed that the odometer was not in sync with the measured mile signs. The consumer discovered that the odometer was reading in kilometers and not miles. The consumer contacted the dealer and the dealer was supposed to find out what happened, but to no avail. The consumer then contacted Toyota of canada and informed them of the odometer issue. The representative stated that the vehicle is earmarked at the factory as to what country the vehicle is going to and the proper odometer is installed. The representative what happens to cars if they are returned and he stated there are sold in auctions and is it possible that cars come to America with kilometer odometers and the representative stated, "yes". The consumer stated that he needs a solution to this dilemma.

Unknown Or Other problem #203

While backing out of a parking space and turning the wheel counterclockwise, I attempted to brake but the car flew out of control , crashed into a concrete wall and a parked vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #204

2000 Toyota solara se gas pedal sticks. Hard to step on it. Car jerks.

Unknown Or Other problem #205

Vehicle pulls to left or right--mostly left. Vehilce will not drive straight without constant pressure on the steering wheel. I have complained and have taken it in for service and/or test driven a total of eight times. Four times have been in the last month. The springs have been replaced and a wheel alignment has been performed. Two service managers have driven with me from two different dealerships. They could feel the car pulling but said it was "normal. " there is a technical service bulletin to repair the vehicle pull/drift but there has not been any improvement to my vehicle. I hear rattles in the driver window, the passenger window/door, and the dash. The windows were serviced once. The dash has been serviced twice. Servicemen replaced the seatbelt panel on the passenger side because they thought the noise existed there. The noise still exists. Since then, they don't try to repair and I've been told 'a little play in the windows is normal. '.

Unknown Or Other problem #206

This description is in reference to a continuing mechanical error that has affected my 1998 Toyota Camry le and the terrible way my situation has been dealt with by Toyota customer service. To summarize, after a routine check of my engine oil level on October 28th, 2004, I discovered that the bottom 1-â½ inches of the engine oil dip stick had broken off. The piece was nowhere to be found and I immediately became concerned as to its whereabouts. At that time, I visited my local Toyota service center and contacted the service manager after explaining to them the situation, they said there was no way to determine how the break originated. Upon further inspection of the dip stick under a microscope it was obvious there was a clean break on the metal. This ruled out a bending of the dip stick, and could only mean the metal broke off by rubbing against another part of the engine, which was my immediate concern. On September 15th, I contacted the customer center to make them aware of my continued concern. We agreed that obviously if the dip stick would be found, the customer (myself), would not be responsible for any of the labor, as I was taking a pro-active approach by looking into the matter. On the 27th of September, I visited Toyota to get the work done. Once the pan was pulled, the 1-â½ inch piece of the dip stick was found in the oil pan. Upon re-inspection of the engine with the dip stick mounted normally, the technician and myself were able to see no interference. However, once we mounted the dip stick backwards, it came into contact with part of the engine. Although the dip stick is not supposed to be inserted that way, it still should not come into contact with any part of the motor and we concluded this was the reason for the break. I was given zero assistance from Toyota after this, and was not reimbursed for the $270 that was paid in good faith. This is why I am contacting you today.

Unknown Or Other problem #207

The odometer read 3% more than the consumer had actually driving. This caused discrepancies in speed control, warranty issues and caused an overage of 1440 mile in the consumers 48000 mile lease. The consumer was told, by a representative, that a 10% error variance was acceptable for the odometer readings.

Unknown Or Other problem #208

A plastic duct-type of device fell from behind the dashboard and lodged behind the brake pedal preventing braking when I was driving. The item appears to be a heating duct part and has numbers pp-t20, 785-us and 784-us stamped in various locations of the two-part item. This is a very dangerous situation and could have caused me an accident, if I had not had quick wits.

Unknown Or Other problem #209

1. My 1999 se v6 solara began smoking a lot everytime I started the car and when I accelerated. It turned out to be the "sludge" problem and the dealer did all of the required work to fix that. 2. I was in a front end accident in 1999 and the airbags failed to deploy. 3. There is a very loud, for lack of a better word, clunking in the front passenger side wheel area. The dealer says the strut tops are worn out and it will cost $750. 00??? per side to replace the struts. The car only has 35,000 miles on it. Shouldn't the struts have a longer life than that? 4. The driver side window just fell into the door panel one day and had to have the regulator replaced. 5. About a month ago, if I tried to restart the car when the engine was still warm it wouldn't crank. First there was no noise at all when I turned the key over and if I waited a bit, as it cooled off, it would eventually start. Then one day on my way home from work I stopped at the store and when I tried to leave it was dead and wouldn't start at all. I had it towed to the dealer where I had to buy a new battery and have a throttle body service because the was "carbon build up in the injectors". 6. The car shakes like it is going to explode at high speeds and it is not the tires being out of balance or the alignment. It also shimmies badly when I apply the brakes from a high speed. 7. Now, I went to have an emission test done and failed because the check engine light is on. The code was for the O2 sensor. My mother has the same car and has had the check engine light problem for the O2 sensor, which she had repaired and within a week the light was back on. I am so tired of one thing after the next with this car.

Unknown Or Other problem #210

I experienced a tremendous frustration -- while driving in downtown washington, DC, my car lost its power steering. When I opened the hood, I saw that the reservoir for power steering fluid was indeed full. Not wanting to be stranded 40 miles from home, I drove to the dealer from which I purchased the vehicle. I was advised that it could be several days before my car was evaluated and/or repaired. About 2 days after purchasing the vehicle, I returned it for 2 complaints: (1) the driver seat jars forward and back upon stopping and accelerating, approximately 80-90% of the time; (2) stopping/slowing the vehicle at speeds greater than 40mph (such as when slowing for an exit) causes the vehicle to shake and pull to one side. I was advised, by the services manager that the seat moving "happens in this kind of car", and that the alignment of the car was "ok" and that "pulling and shaking happens in this kind of car". And, I've tolerated it. Now, I'm wondering if the shut down of the steering also 'happens in this kind of car'. If so, I don't want "this kind of car" and perhaps my needs would best be served by some other 'kind of car'.

Unknown Or Other problem #211

Fuel system: for about the last year and a half, certain mornings my car wouldn\\'t start by simply turning the ignition; I had to try it the \\"old fashioned\\" way and depress the gas pedal several times prior to turning the ignition key. Power window: the driver side power window motor sounds like it is dying; it takes quite a long time for the window to open and close. Other: the driver side interior door handle just broke off in my hand four (4) weeks ago!!! please bear in mind that this car has less than 29,000 miles and is very well maintained. Something which has occurred over the last year or so is quite dangerous and I need to point this out because I, nor anyone I have spoken to has ever heard of such a thing. The black windshield wiper arm assembly (which attaches the windshield wiper to the motor), for some unknown reason, the black paint has "worn away", exposing a bright silver metal, which reflects the sun directly into my eyes. It is quite dangerous. Since I don't do a lot of driving and always wear sunglasses on sunny days, they has helped me somewhat. However, recently I was driving on a cloudy day when the sun did in fact come out while I was without sunglasses. This proved to be most dangerous as I managed to avoid at least one accident due to this condition. .

Unknown Or Other problem #212

Vehicle accelerated when brakes were applied. The consumer stated a vent pipe had fallen across the brake and at the same time was pressing down on the gas pedal.

Unknown Or Other problem #213

I own a 1996 Toyota Camry that has the oil sludge problem that Toyota has admitted to for the 1997-2001 cars. My local Toyota dealership examined and admitted my car has the sludge/gel problem but says this year of manufacture is not part of the campaign to fix this problem and therefor will not be responsible for the defective engine and its subsequent repairs. Toyota wants to charge me $800 to further diagnose the "extent of damage". In my research online, I have found other owners of 1996 Toyotas that are experiencing the same problems with their engines and I feel Toyota is again trying to minimize their responsibility to owners of vehicles with the affected engines.

Unknown Or Other problem #214

Nar 1/15/2003. 40% of the vehicles paint was peeling off of the hood, roof and trunk.

Unknown Or Other problem #215

I purchased a 2003 Toyota solara the last week in september2002. Within 3 weeks of buying my car the paint started to chip off and come off in chunks. I have made reports to the company each time a new chip has occurred (the chips and hunks are down to the bare metal) the company had a rep come in to look at my car and they continue to keep saying it is road damge when in fact it is not. They have offered no help, options or solutions to my problem. All I want the car to be analyzed to see what is causing the paint to come off. It could be bad paint, or that the cars metal was not prepped and treated properly before painting or it could even be the primer itself. I just want a solution to my problem, this is the first new car I have purchased and it was an expensive car. I have owned much older cars in the past where I have never had problems with the paint on them.

Unknown Or Other problem #216

Consumer received false recall notice. When the consumer called the 1-800 number it was a phone bank offering warranty extensions.

Unknown Or Other problem #217

While driving at any speed engine light comes on. Consumer can hear water in engine. This can result in a fire. Dealer notified.

Unknown Or Other problem #218

I was in an accident and my car surged foward. I had wrecked into a car because my car, a 2001 Camry surges foward at different times.

Unknown Or Other problem #219

My 2002 Toyota Camry has braking system that does not operate properly. Find every time I go to stop braking system does not stop and perform properly. Find car does not perform properly in rain and snow and skids out in this type of weather. Note have contacted dealership along with manufacturer to notify them of my complaint with no avail.

Unknown Or Other problem #220

Struts 3 service centers, including antwerpen, checked. All 3 agree on rr strut and mount. The other two added that the other struts were leaking. Antwerpen says that's "normal" for Toyota. However, a check at the service center of 2 other Toyota's revealed no leaks. After customer called a "wise ass" by Toyota rep, efforts to speak to managers revealed them unavailable for the entire day (this at 8:30 a. M. ) power window. When it was first reported, the window became operable before I could get it into the shop. In Aug. 2002 I kept the motor running and drove directly there. Antwerpen said it was the power motor and that they would order the part. Although I have called sevreral times and mentioned it again during this incident, that has not yet "come in" from Toyota it's now 4 months later. Dt.

Unknown Or Other problem #221

While driving at 65 mph the oil pressure sensor light started to flicker. Vehicle suddenly lost power. Consumer felt this was a safety concern because another driver could have rear ended him. Please provide any further infomation.

Unknown Or Other problem #222

At 32,000 miles, the warning light indicating low oil pressure came on. The owner took it immediately to the nearest Toyota dealer for repair, as it was supposedly under warranty. The dealership and Toyota motor corporation refuses to honor any warranty work because of 'engine sludge'. After only checking the oil level and pulling the valve covers off of the engine, they determined that it was 'owner neglect'. And will only look into possible causes at the owners's cost. After researching the internet the owner has found several cases of 'engine sludge' not only in the Toyota Camry's produced in 1999 through 2001 but in the Toyota truck's sienna model, as well.

Unknown Or Other problem #223

Forward surge of the vehicle while stopped with foot on the brake. There have been many incidents of the same.

Unknown Or Other problem #224

Vehicle sluggish starting . Feels like starting on 3 cylinders instead of 4. Dealer does not even offer spark plug replacement as in odi id#890522. Engine check light comes on as well . . Hasn't started backfiring . . Yet. . Basically the same complaint as the aforementioned file. Takes two or three trie to start . . Weather normal.

Unknown Or Other problem #225

The engine blew up. I have regularly changed my own oil at 6,000 mile intervals for the past year. The oil pressure light came on and I added 2 quarts of oil. One day later the engine blew and the oil pressure light never came on.

Unknown Or Other problem #226

Engine check light keeps coming on after filling fuel tank. Dealer will unplug fuse to get light to go off. Does not remedy the problem. Vehicle taken to dealer 11 times for this problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #227

Driver's door of new car needs much more force to close than other doors, on one occasion the door opened while vehcile was in motion and the door light did not come on, the consumer belives the door was defective and is a serious safety problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #228

Took vehicle in for routine maintenance and also reported that car makes "creaking noises" whenever going over bumps, intersections, driveways, etc. Was informed verbally by service attendant that the "strut top mounts" are defective and needed to be replaced at a cost of $500. 00 this occurred only about 2-3 months after the warranty expired.

Unknown Or Other problem #229

Engine check light comes on dashboard panel staying on continusouly. Dealership replaced computer part, and the problem is still occurs.

Unknown Or Other problem #230

Consumer stated that engine check light keeps coming on sporadically while driving. Vehicle been to dealer on fourteen occasions, and is still at the dealer.

Unknown Or Other problem #231

No summary listed for above vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #232

No summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #233

Driving from home when engine check light came on. Car was purchased at 29500 and charcoal canister needed replacing with only 35000.

Unknown Or Other problem #234

Pushed the accelerator, no response from the engine. Engine would spontaneously rev- without accelerator being touched. After a 2 hour rest period the car was again driven the same problem occurred. The rpm would rev without the accelerator being pushed, after about 50 feet the engine check light came on. The gas pedal would sometimes engage the engine so we were able to travel a short distance. It was unpredictable as to when the accelerator would work. It would sometimes kick in while the rpm's were reving and the car would jerk forward. I felt it was unsafe to drive. As we were shutting the car off to load it on the tow truck when thecar was shut off, and the keys were still in the ignition, the automatic door locks repeatedly went off- in a rapid motion about 20 times until the keys were removed. The car has been towed to a local dealer.

Unknown Or Other problem #235

Oil light came on, took to station added oil, had oil changed w/I 2 days told pcv valve bad, had changed, car smoked, took to dealer told oil in valves could have been antifreeze in oil or when told oil was changed it was not, maunfacture says improper maintance will only cover $1000 of approx. $4000 repair. Oil changed at least every 7500 as recom. In manual. Should be fully covered by warranty.

Unknown Or Other problem #236

This doesn't happen very often, and when it does it's just briefly.

Unknown Or Other problem #237

The remote entry system fails to work. It does not permit access to the car or it leaves the car unlocked. Since this is a random failure the car becames extreamly unsafe for my wife to park at work.

Unknown Or Other problem #238

Defective paint job. I began complaining right after I bought the car. I have been told that large spots were the clear coat has peeled off, then the paint, then the body rusted that these were rock chips, then they were caused by acid rain. The dealer fixed the problem on some spots once. The problem continues to happen and get worse. The district manager was suppose to call me when he was at the dealership next. That was almost a year ago. I am to discussed with them to even go in again.

Unknown Or Other problem #239

Brought Camry new 1999 replaced rear brakes at 9776 miles as well as rear drum told this was normal, 17472 complete front brake job, at 17472 miles replaced complete disc brakes, mounted two tires and had 4 wheel alignment, brought two more tires at 13724 miles, then 2 more tires at 29054 miles, once again wear and tear normal must be driver, another front brake job at 29981 miles and cleaned and adjusted rear brakes, then at 37738 miles rear tire worn and front tires chopped, at 38685 miles warrented brake pad front brakes and machined rotors at 40230 4 tires brought and installed, adjusted strut mounts, at 44016 miles adjusted and tightened front calipers and warranty for bearing set, conn. This car is a lemon and feel that you should not have to replace tires times 2 and brakes times 4 with only 44016 miles on car to date clb.

Unknown Or Other problem #240

While driving at 25 mph took foot off of the brake pedal and vehicle accelerat consumer applied the brakes again, and vehicle kept accelerating. Engine check light came on and won't go off. Also, driver's side shoulder belt wasn't working.

Unknown Or Other problem #241

On 4/16/01 engine check light came on. The dealer diagnosed problem on 4/19/01 and replaced air fuel ratio (afr) sensor. On 6/26/02 the check engine light came on. The dealer diagnosed problem on 6/29/02 and again replaced afr sensor. It cost over $700. 00 to fix the problem. Are there problems with afr sensors? --- about may, 1999, the vehicle started producing visible exhaust smoke at start up. The problem continues today. The problem only occurs when starting a cold engine (when the vehicle has not run for few hours). Vehicle recently passed a smog check. The vehicle has been well maintained. Are there know problems with vehicle producing exhaust smoke when starting a cold engine? is the exhaust smoke related to afr sensor failure?.

Unknown Or Other problem #242

At times when wearing boots, the plastic covering which is located between the gas pedal and the brake pedal, could interfere with pedal application which may cause an accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #243

Engine check light intermittently came on/off. Dealer notified, and was unable to correct the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #244

Clock failure. Mgm.

Unknown Or Other problem #245

While driving the vehicle stalled without any warning, then the oil light came on and the engine caught on fire. Cause unknown. Please provide further details.

Unknown Or Other problem #246

On 09/20/08 I drove my 2004 Toyota solara to a greek festival on mountainview avenue in santa rosa. I was directed to park my car in the parking field. I accelerated slightly to go over a small bump and the motor roared out of control. I had to quickly throw it into another gear to kill the motor. When I restarted the car it seemed to be ok. It was a very frightening experience. On 9/22/08 I took it to the freeman Toyota dealership in santa rosa. A representative took me out for a ride in my car and was unable to reproduce the problem with my car. They did not make out a report on the incident. No one at the dealership seemed very concerned.

Unknown Or Other problem #247

Loose panel on dash. Nlm.

Unknown Or Other problem #248

Check engine warning light failed.

Unknown Or Other problem #249

Lower dash panel malfunctioned.

Unknown Or Other problem #250

Plastic part fell from behind the dash board and lodged behind the arm of the brake pedal, causing brake loss/accident.

Unknown Or Other problem #251

The glass that covers the instrument panel gauges is very cloudy which causes the driver to have a difficult time in seeing the gauges when operating the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #252

Engine warning light illuminated.

Unknown Or Other problem #253

Vibration from right side of dashboard.

Unknown Or Other problem #254

Engine light illuminated.

Unknown Or Other problem #255

Consumer is concerned for safety of leased 2010 Toyota Camry due to acceleration defect.

Unknown Or Other problem #256

Complaint regarding the 2005 Toyota Camry seat belt warning alarm. The consumer is not happy with the pitch or duration of the seat belt warning alarm. The consumer wear a hearing aid. The warning alarm pitch is at the high end of the consumer's hearing aid and when it sounds the consumer has to remove it. The consumer asked the dealer if there was a way to modify it but was told that once it was approved by NHTSA it could not be adjusted.

Unknown Or Other problem #257

2009 Toyota Camry owner unhappy with the floor mat recall of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Owner feels NHTSA should investigate further to see if this is really the case. The consumer did not believe the floor mats were the cause of the sudden acceleration problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #258

2009 Toyota Camry. Consumer writes to express delay in repairing recall defects until the real problem has been found. The consumer stated he has not experienced any problems.

Unknown Or Other problem #259

Ltr fwd on behalf of (NY) re recent Toyota vehicle recalls, owner of a 2009 Toyota Camry seeking help to get Toyota to allow recalled vehicles to be returned by dissatisfied & personal safety concerned owners, reply to hauppauge, NY ofc.

Unknown Or Other problem #260

Fax fwd ltr fm (OH) owner of 2007 Toyota Camry concerned that the Toyota sudden acceleration recall is not properly compensating owners of Toyota vehicles.

Unknown Or Other problem #261

Customer would like recall information on her 1996 Toyota Camry.

Unknown Or Other problem #262

2010 Toyota Camry has repair problems. The dealer/repair shop has been unable to correct the problem(s).

Unknown Or Other problem #263

Consumer inquired as to what she needed to do to make her vehicle safe.

Unknown Or Other problem #264

2007 Toyota Camry. Letter sent regarding the intent to proceed with an inspection for vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #265

2006 Toyota Camry. Consumer sends a formal request to recalibrate or pre-program the engine control module computer, so that in the event of any sudden acceleration, the application of the brake pedal will instantly and automatically override and cancel the excess acceleration. Updated 05/28/10.

Unknown Or Other problem #266

The consumer is unsatisfied with the bumpers inability to absorb a certain level of abuse without sustaining damage. The consumer would like the status of the software update to correct the hesitation of the car to react immediately when attempting to accelerate. The inability of the car to accelerate in a timely manner is disconcerting to the consumer especially when driving in heavy, fast moving traffic. A nauseating rotten egg odor could be smelled inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #267

2007 Toyota Camry. Confirmation letter regarding an inspection of vehicle. Updated 05/28/10.

Unknown Or Other problem #268

2007 Toyota Camry. Consumer requests reimbursement for replacement battery. The consumer took his vehicle to have the recall repairs completed. An hour later, the consumer received a call stating he needed a new battery due to corrosion, the fuel induction svc was dirty, a brake fluid flush, power steering flush and the cabin filter was dirty. The consumer advised the dealer he didn't want any of the above repairs done. About an half hour later, the consumer received another call from the dealer stating they would not perform the recall work unless he purchased a new battery. The next week, the consumer took the vehicle to an approved independent garage and was advised the only item that was needed was the cabin filter.

Unknown Or Other problem #269

Fax fwd ltr (CA) re Toyota Camry sudden acceleration recall wants 2006 Toyota Camry to be included in recall notice, reply to brea, CA ofc.

Unknown Or Other problem #270

2000 Toyota Camry consumer wants any recall information on brakes.

Unknown Or Other problem #271

S10 appropriate handling-letter from regarding unintended acceleration problems the consumer wanted to comment about the sudden acceleration problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #272

2003 Toyota Camry. Consumer writes to express her objective viewpoint and theory regarding Toyota recalls and request comments and a reply.

Unknown Or Other problem #273

Consumer request forms to report a safety issue with a 2003 Toyota Camry and additional forms such as auto safety hotline, recalls and new car crash tests and annual report of safety recalls.

Unknown Or Other problem #274

2008 Toyota Camry. Consumer expresses discontent and comments on recall notice. The consumer stated the abs was flawed. There was short circuit due to moisture.

Unknown Or Other problem #275

While traveling on interstate 60 mph, enginecheck light came on. Owner eventually pulled over to find that engine had severe oil leakage and began to smoke. Please describe details.

Unknown Or Other problem #276

Engine service indication light stayed illuminated while driving. Dealer replaced air intake sensor. Please provide additional information.

Unknown Or Other problem #277

I have been attempting to resolve the paint issue for since August 1999, Toyota will only repaint part of the vehicle (hood, trunk, deck) and it is impossible to receive satisfaction from the local Toyota (torrance, CA). I know this is not a safety issue, but I wanted to find out if there were any other reports of this problem. Thank you very much.

Unknown Or Other problem #278

Odometer information is shown as black figures on a dark tan field. Under certain lighting conditions,because the instrument panel is shrouded in its well. The figures cannot be read. To get a reading, the driver has to take his eyes off road for several seconds,& at highway speeds, this becomes a safety hazard. The solution is simple. First use black on white as was always done & change the configuaration of the instrument panel so all instruments will be visible under all lighting conditions.

Unknown Or Other problem #279

The front end of the vehicle vibrates when reaching a speed above 55 mph, also on highway driving the vehicle pulls to right and/or left at times, dealership indicates no problem, because they will only test the vehicle on side roads, as opposed to highway driving which is what I bought the car for. The cruise control when engaged, if you hit the brakes, while the tires are still torqued makes an extremely loud bang, and the vehicle at times tends to speed up then slow down.

Unknown Or Other problem #280

No summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #281

Paint delamination on roof of car. No safety defect discussed in summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #282

I have had this vehicle in 4 different times, 3 times to modern Toyota and once to another dealer. On 05-06-1999, ron holbrook of modern Toyota in winston-salem (336)785-1411 stated that at least 25 other 1996 Camrys he knows of have the same problem and the manufacturer is working on it . Please respond with what I need to do. Thanks, michael.

Unknown Or Other problem #283

The check engine light came on in vehicle. Dealer says a wire from engine was missing, and there was also something plastic in engine burning.

Unknown Or Other problem #284

I am interested in any recalls issued for this make/year/model.

Unknown Or Other problem #285

Check engine light goes on and sometimes goes off by itself. Computer analysis indicates an oxygen sensor is bad but item is under warranty for 96 months or 80,000 miles. Problem started about 40,000 miles. Toyota says the warranty is good only in those states that adopted CA standards, I. E. , NY and MA. Other states warranty is for 36,000 miles. Problem did not surface until 40,000 miles. Original and send purchase of cars was in virginia but Toyota chose to put a CA sensor. I have no voice in va or SC emission standards. Problem now is when check engine light is on, is it the sensor or something more serious? the Toyota warranty policy is arbitrary and capricious since most Toyota's are sold outside of CA. Can you help me?? ts.

Unknown Or Other problem #286

Inquiry on recalls for 1998 Toyota Camry. Mr recall #99v307000/steering wheel & handle bar, and recall#01v012000/vehicle speed control. Scc.

Unknown Or Other problem #287

About every 6 months, the brake light illuminates.

Unknown Or Other problem #288

Indicator lights on the dash are too miniscule and low in intensity.

Unknown Or Other problem #289

Series of six or more violent swerves into adjacent lanes initiated by swerve to avoid pothole. Control loss was inappropriate to maneuver, posing significant danger.

Unknown Or Other problem #290

The engine light comes on and stays on, the sensor was reset as possible cause but the problem still exist.

Unknown Or Other problem #291

No summary listed for this vehicle.

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