Engine Burning Oil problems of the 2000 Toyota Corolla

Eight problems related to engine burning oil have been reported for the 2000 Toyota Corolla. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2000 Toyota Corolla based on all problems reported for the 2000 Corolla.

car   Engine Burning Oil problem 1
Failure Date: 09/26/2006

2000 Toyota Corolla with approximately 62,000 miles is burning 1 quart of oil every 300 miles. Compression test shows no problem. Toyota claims rings are bad but independent garage said no way. Source of leak or consumption cannot be determined.

car   Engine Burning Oil problem 2
Failure Date: 06/27/2006

2000 Toyota Corolla - oil consumption. I, like a number of other owners, have experienced what I consider high oil consumption. My mileage is approximately 62,000 miles. Carbon buildup occurs on valves resulting in loud rattling (detonation) under acceleration, especially between 2500 and 3500 rpm. Dealer said there should be an expected amount of oil consumption between changes but I am adding close to 2 quarts per change. Compression test was fine, one cylinder slightly higher in pressure. Dealer said this indicated a possible sticking ring. Suggested a gm combustion chamber cleaner made by ac delco to blow out the carbon. Tried it. It worked great for 3 months. The detonation is back along with the oil consumption. Owned a 1995 Corolla with ported and polished engine and it never used a drop between changes.

car   Engine Burning Oil problem 3
Failure Date: 06/10/2005

Sudden increase in the rate of engine oil loss. At 120,000 km (~72,000 miles) the engine started burning oil at a rate in excess of 1 qt. Per 2,000 miles. Engine and car serviced at Toyota dealer per all scheduled service since the car was bought new (all oil changes on time per schedule). The rapid change from burning no oil between changes to burning a 4 quarts between scheduled changes remains unexplained. Investigating with dealer/service department for causes and remedies.

car   Engine Burning Oil problem 4
Failure Date: 05/04/2005

I purchased a 2000 Toyota Corolla from dry ridge Toyota on April 6, 2005. The salesman said the car had been through the dealer's usual process to ready the car for sale and ensure everything was in safe working order. The car had just under 51,000 miles on it. Three weeks later my daughter noticed it was running rough and she began to hear noise from the engine. Today, may 4, we took it to our local mechanic, less than 30 days from the date of purchase. The mechanic told us we were very lucky the engine hadn't seized or blown up--the oil was almost completely gone. There is no puddle on the driveway and no tell-tale smoke as if it were burning oil, but still the oil was gone. I have seen several similar complaints on this site for this model year and am frustrated and angry. Trusting Toyota's reputation, I bought this car for my 17-year-old daughter to drive. Now I am not confident she is safe in this car, but I can't in good conscience sell it to someone else, either. I will contact the dealership, though judging from the posts here I also have no confidence that anything will come of that. We will monitor the oil level.

car   Engine Burning Oil problem 5
Failure Date: 04/01/2004

The 2000 Corolla is burning oil at a high rate. It started at approximately the 50,000 mile mark and has been getting progressively worse.

car   Engine Burning Oil problem 6
Failure Date: 09/15/2003

Started burning oil at the rate of about 1 quart every 750 to 1000 miles right around 60k it currently has 68k, and I just realized it was a Toyota problem rather than a failure on the part of my mechanics to properly fill my oil level. I have just initiated interface with a Toyota dealer and we are monitoring oil usage.

car   Engine Burning Oil problem 7
Failure Date: 06/01/2002

I also called Toyota about a recall. I have 72,000 miles on the car and I have already replaced the tires 4 times the first set (originals) after only 12,000 miles I have had it alignments front and back twice. I continue to have tire wear and the car is all over the road after hitting 55mph I should be on my second set of tires there is also no shock absorbant on this car even going slow you just hit hard reguardless. I can not keep the alignment right or the tires from wearing quick. The paint is already peeling and fading with rust coming up in some spots I have a six year paint protection but the dearler says its my fault the way I washed it or rocks in the road alot of excuses. My # 1 complaint with Toyota though has been burning oil I can not keep oil in the engine I am replacing a quart too two quarts a week I have reguarly serviced the car and after a oil change and about 400 miles I am bone dry of oil my car has developed a knock from this when I called Toyota due to my service mans advice they said well some cars are recalled with this (burning oil)but not yours and gave me a case number. There are no leaks I park the same place each day, nothing on the engine the oil is just burning up and from what my service guy says there are "several" doing this and he told all to call Toyota but Toyota does not want to do anything about it or recall anymore engines for this problem, although they have admited several of their models burn oil and have been recalled. I bought the car new with 5 miles on it, in my opinon this car should not be burning oil after 2 years not to the point you have no oil in your engine 2 weeks after an oil change. The car is 3 1/2 years old now but this problem started when the car had about 40,000 miles on it. I would simply just like to stop changing tires so often, keep an alignment (which of course my warranty on tires is void since the problem is alignment wear) and stop putting so much oil in my engine, or have it blow up soon.

car   Engine Burning Oil problem 8
Failure Date: 08/01/2000

The 1zzfe engine design burns exessive amounts of oil. Known to have poor ring design. Toyota refuses to honor warranty. Now I am up to 1 quart consumption per tank of fuel.

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