Seats Related Problems of the 2006 Toyota Highlander

Table 1 shows one common seats related problems of the 2006 Toyota Highlander.

Table 1. Seats related problems of Toyota Highlander

Problem Category Number of Problems
Seats problems
Seats problem

In February 2010, I noticed my driver leather seat was torn on its side, I contacted Toyota about this defect, since the vehicle was purchased in January 2006. This is a fully upgrade limited vehicle. All I do is slip in and out of the seat and I take extremely excellent care of my vehicle. I believe the leather material used in the vehicle is of poor quality. On 4/28/10 Toyota eventually responded to my complaint, stating the warranty for the seat is 3-years or 36,000 miles: their file # 1003280070; incident 100426-000166. They suggested I contact a dealer, which I did:on 7/27/10 I had a Toyota dealer look at the seat and they concluded that the warranty had expire. I am obviously not satisfied with Toyota's response; their estimate for me to replace the seat cushion cover is $1123. 36 incl taxes. I believe such an expensive vehicle should be outfitted with a higher grade leather seat cover. I have had cheaper vehicles with leather seats which lasted many more years through the life of the vehicle. Toyota has done an injustice with the installation of this poor quality leather and I feel cheated by such action. There must be other owners who have the same experience that I have with the seat. The seat was not deliberately torn or cut and we are quite petite people. When I view the leather in my other car the corners where the driver slides in seems to be stronger and possibly re-enforced to facilitate the driver's initial weight. Toyota has not done a good job to ensure the lasting wear and tear of the seat. Is this deliberate? how did they come up with a 3year, 36000 warranty? what testing did they perform to decide the seat will only last up to that period, therefore they were sure to make a lot of monies on replacement after the warranty expired? this is unfair. Please let me know if I have any recourse to get Toyota to replace the seat. Thank you.

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