Gasoline Engine Problems of Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander owners have reported 2 problems related to gasoline engine (under the engine and engine cooling category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Toyota Highlander based on all problems reported for the Highlander.

car image   Gasoline Engine problem of the 2005 Toyota Highlander 1
Failure Date: 07/05/2006

When I accelerate from a very slow speed (almost stop) my 2005 Toyota Highlander will surge. I have experience this when try to pass or when slowed to take a turn but with not coming to a complete stop. The dealer has not been able to correct it. I get the feeling that they think it is normal or ok.

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car image   Gasoline Engine problem of the 2001 Toyota Highlander 2
Failure Date: 05/10/2006

We bought our Highlander just over a year ago and we have to constantly put oil into vehicle. It only has 80,000 on it, and we have to put about a liter of oil into it every other week. The manufacturer of our area checked it twice, and determined that we need another engine, but the cost was around $7000 in canadian that engine would come from japan, and it would be a used one, and would only warranty that for 1 year. Then what am completely disgusted!! we plan on getting rid of this thing as fast as possible and will never buy another Toyota again. . Do yourselves a favor and tell people about this so no one goes this .

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