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Steering Problems of Toyota Highlander - part 1

Toyota Highlander owners have reported 67 problems related to steering (under the steering category).

car image   Steering problem of the 2005 Toyota Highlander 1
Failure Date: 11/09/2015

Unable to steer car properly esp when making a left turn. The car, on at least 3 occasions, had the tendency to go straight (difficult to steer) when making turns and then goes away most times. 2nd incident, writer attempted to merge to the main street. Last incident today.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2012 Toyota Highlander 2
Failure Date: 11/05/2015

Klunk sound and feeling in steering wheel started around 48000 mile at 51000 told by dealer the intermediate steering shaft needed replacing. This seems to be and on going problem with Toyota cars.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2015 Toyota Highlander 3
Failure Date: 08/22/2015

Received recall notice. Scheduled service on vehicle for Saturday the 22nd of September 2015, 0930. Documentation indicated the recall would take a total of approximately 4 hours to complete. Recall was for eps ecu, urgent safety recall. At about 1445, received call from dealer that they would have to order the part and my vehicle would not be ready until the part was in on Tuesday the 25th and repairs completed. Why did they not have the part on hand at the dealer if this was an urgent recall? called Toyota, ref # 1508221403 and they indicated they only send the part when the vehicle has been identified as needing the repair. This is not "within a reasonable time" for an urgent safety recall.

car image   Steering problem of the 2005 Toyota Highlander 4
Failure Date: 05/30/2015

On Saturday, may 30th at approximately 8:30 I was moving our 2005 Highlander from the street into our reserved parking space within our complex. As I was starting my right hand turn into the complex the car accelerator stuck. I hit the curb on the driver's/left side causing the vehicle to veer to the right. As the car continued to accelerate I hit a tree and knocked over one of the community's posted signage. The impact made the car bounce backward partially into the drive, damaging the front passenger's side, drive shaft broke, front end part flew all over and a small fire occurred. Police were call and report taken. They estimated the speed at 20-30 miles per hour. The report taken was not filed since the accident took place on private property. The tow truck driver started the vehicle to get it on the truck. He had a difficult time for he could not get the wheels to turn. On Tuesday, June 2, we were notified by our insurance company that the vehicle was totaled. There was a recall repair done on may 21, 2011, after we were advised that the replacement parts were available to install the forward retention clip used to secure the drive's side floor carpet cover. We were advised that if it was not installed properly, the cover may lean toward the accelerator pedal and interfere with the accelerator pedal arm. If this occurs, the accelerator pedal may temporarily become stuck in a partially depressed position rather than returning to the idle position. An accelerator pedal temporarily stuck in a partially depressed position may increase the risk of a crash. There must have been a failure of the replacement part.

car image   Steering problem of the 2015 Toyota Highlander 5
Failure Date: 05/29/2015

I took my 2015 Toyota Highlander to fred anderson Toyota in raleigh for a recall on the ciruit board for the electric power steering. They found that my car contained the defecctive part and were unable to provide me an eta on the replacement part. The dealershiip provided a camry rental car, not a comparable vehicle. The entire reason I purchased the Highlander was becuase my family need a large SUV. I traded in a car for an SUV and have received a car back from them. I have left messages for the rental car manager and he has not returned my calls. The service department indicates thatt several Highlanders have been waiting for this part for over a month now, which is unacceptable. It could be over a month before I get my brand new vehicle back (no one can tell me), and I'm stuck with a vehicle that does not meet my families daily needs. I called Toyota corporate and they have offered no further assistance.

car image   Steering problem of the 2015 Toyota Highlander 6
Failure Date: 05/29/2015

Tl-the contact owns a 2015 Toyota Highlander. The contact stated that while at a stop light the power steering seized and become difficult to maneuver when making a right or left turned. The (eps) light on the control panel illuminated. The failure recurred numerous times. The vehicle was take to a dealer but was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The failure 38,040. Aw.

car image   Steering problem of the 2015 Toyota Highlander 7
Failure Date: 05/23/2015

A safety recall on a possible defective circuit board for the electric power steering, I was told that there is no parts available to replace the defective parts and they don't even know when is the parts will be available.

car image   Steering problem of the 2015 Toyota Highlander 8
Failure Date: 05/20/2015

I received my recall letter for the eps ecu unit 5/13. Inspection would take 1. 5 hours, replacement 2. 5 hours or longer depending on the dealer's work schedule. The first available appt at the dealership was 5/20. On 5/20 I drove to the dealership for a morning appointment and it was confirmed that my vehicle had the problem. I was told they had to order the part, would keep my vehicle and they would provide a loaner. I called the dealership on 5/27 for an update. Was told the part did not arrive but it was expected the next day. They would call with an update on 5/28. No call from the dealership on 5/28 so I called the Toyota customer experience center (cec) and was given a case number. On 6/1, I called the dealership and was told the part still had not arrived but had been shipped. I called my cec rep and complained about the delay. I was informed that the repair parts have been on back order since last month and they are scheduled to begin arriving sometime during the month of June. I asked for an explanation of the information disconnect between the letter, Toyota corporate and the dealership on the part availability for this recall . I also asked what Toyota's definition of a reasonable amount of time was for addressing this recall and my rep was unable to provide an answer suggesting that the time varied by state. Day 13 has passed and neither my dealership nor Toyota seem have a clue when this will be resolved. In addition, both the dealership and Toyota were informed during our inital conversations that I have a cross-country relocation scheduled for 6/8. My rep said she would call me on June 4 to see how things are progressing. We were led to believe in the recall letter this was less than a one day project when indeed there is and has been a serious supply chain problem. Honesty from Toyota on day one would have been nice.

car image   Steering problem of the 2015 Toyota Highlander 9
Failure Date: 05/14/2015

Tl- the contact owns a 2015 Toyota Highlander. The contact received notification of NHTSA campaign number:15v144000(steering) however, the part to do the repair was unavailable. The contact stated that the manufacturer exceeded a reasonable amount of time for the recall repair. The manufacturer was not made aware of the issue. The contact had not experienced a failure. Kh.

car image   Steering problem of the 2015 Toyota Highlander 10
Failure Date: 05/13/2015

I received a recall notice in the mail on may 12 about a possible defective circuit board for the electric power steering. I took the car to a Toyota dealer on may 13, and was told later that day that my car did indeed have one of the units deemed defective. I was given a loaner car at no charge. Everything seemed ok, but now it is 10 days later, and no replacement part has arrived. Not only that but both the dealer and the national customer service number are completely unable to predict when any replacement parts will be available. Is there any way to make Toyota more responsive? is there any way to get Toyota to put more pressure on the manufacturer of the circuit board in question? what constitutes a "reasonable time" for Toyota to remedy this defect?.

car image   Steering problem of the 2013 Toyota Highlander 11
Failure Date: 04/01/2015

I turned on my car, put it on drive when I tried to press the gas and turn the wheel to get out of the parking lot the steering wheel locked so hard I could not turn it. I pressed on the breaks but the breaks were not functioning at all as I was pressing on the break pad the check engine light came on and so did the break light on the dash board, on the big screen where it shows my info and other fancy gadgets showed "brake malfunction park car in safe zone" as the car drove forward by itself and the brakes were not working the car hit an empty parking space to come to a complete stop. I was at a school parking lot with kids everywhere around me!.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2008 Toyota Highlander 12
Failure Date: 12/26/2014

Tl-the contact owns a 2008 Toyota Highlander. The contact stated that while attempting to park, the steering wheel seized. The vehicle was towed to the dealer where it was diagnosed that the intermediate driveshaft detached form the mount due to a failed spiral cable assembly. The vehicle was repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 125,000. Djr.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2008 Toyota Highlander 13
Failure Date: 10/30/2014


car image   Steering problem of the 2013 Toyota Highlander 14
Failure Date: 10/29/2014

The 2013 Highlander was serviced in florida Monday 10/27 for 15000 miles service, today my sister was driving since service, the taction light came on ,the engine light was flashing , the Highlander was not stable driving straghtt on the road and seemed like it needs a tune up. I called the dealer and it was taken their ,first response was gas put in, yes . Was told possible the cap was not put on wright and with newer cars it could be a malfunction the computer. . Turned out that the ingition coil switch was bad on this 2013 Highlander. Which is why I'm reporting this due to recent issue with another car manufacture knowing the igination switch was bad on their automobiles.

car image   Steering problem of the 2011 Toyota Highlander 15
Failure Date: 08/22/2014

Started the car. Power steering was gone!! it had just gone out!!! thank god I was in town. I had just gone over mountain road where I could have gone over a cliff and been killed. I was able to take the car with horrible difficulty to a mechanic across the street and they called the Toyota dealer and they told them to disconnect the battery. That didn't work. I had the car towed to the Toyota dealer when they took the tow it seemed to be working. They checked it and was given an "all system ok" on the powertrain, chassis, electrical and network systems. They said it was a "glitch" a glitch???? this is a car I paid $34,000 for and I have kept up with all the scheduled maintenance. Now I'm afraid to drive it. It was terrifying. I have to drive home from san luis obispo to lancaster CA and I'm scared to death. A glitch????.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2008 Toyota Highlander 16
Failure Date: 06/14/2014

We were starting off to go on vacation when warning lights came on the dashboard and information panel with hybrid system warnings and brake warnings then the car completely stopped in the middle of the road and steering was lost. We were able to get off to the side enough to prevent causing an accident however we were on a busy street. Had it towed to the local Toyota dealer and the diagnosis was a failed coil. They replaced all 3 coils saying that it would be prudent as the engine was already apart (I agree). They also said that this is a relatively common occurrence with some of the Highlander hybrids. I have the part and it looks like the top of the coil became became over heated and blew out the top plastic compound. I consider myself very lucky that this did not happen while on a highway on a rainy day where the vehicle abruptly stopping would certainly have caused me to be in an accident. This is certainly a flaw that Toyota should address for safety reasons and it makes me hesitant to want to purchase another Toyota product again.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Toyota Highlander 17
Failure Date: 06/12/2014

From a stop with a turn in either direction on any service in any weather, an audible noise and jolting vibration telegraphs through the steering wheel. Feels like a loose part that may separate in the steering assembly and render the vehicle uncontrollable. First raised with momentum/ fowler Toyota of tulsa 6/14/14 with refusal to repair as a warranty claim @ 41430 miles (dealer would not note in service check-in but promised to inspect). Raised again with jim norton Toyota that would not inspect without the payment of a $100 inspection fee @ 60459 miles. Not sure of safety implications but concerned that failure of the steering shaft could occur. No repair made to date since warranty and/or safety issues could not be resolved. Noted similar complaints in other NHTSA complaints for 2010 Highlanders.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2012 Toyota Highlander 18
Failure Date: 05/21/2014

The vehicle developed a clicking feel in the steering system about a year and 9 months from manufacture date. Toyota dealership diagnosed problem as a failed intermediate steering shaft and recommend indicate replacement . I contacted Toyota as I feel repair should be covered by company due to nature of failure and age of vehicle. They have not offered anything in way if assistance and have no recall pending even though this seems to be a serious problem across the whole Toyota vehicle line up.

car image   Steering problem of the 2006 Toyota Highlander 19
Failure Date: 05/10/2014

I have owned this Highlander hybrid 2006, for exactly 1 week. There were no incidents leading up to this one while owner drove vehicle that week. Owner started car on Saturday morning to get kids to soccer game and vocal class, both missed. Upon starting vehicle driver noticed p/s warning sensor light on dashboard. Then put car in reverse and realized there was no power steering in vehicle? this was the one and only light that came on. Contacted dealership who says they will contact owner on Monday.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2011 Toyota Highlander 20
Failure Date: 04/29/2014

When making a right hand turn the steering system has a significant "bump" of "thump". This appears to be a problem with a part of the steering sector shaft that Toyota is well aware of but will not acknowledge there is a problem with design. Toyota will only correct problem if customer is willing to pay cost of approximately $1200. Not sure what will happen if correction is not made, but I believe it could lead to failure of the steering system to function appropriately.

car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Toyota Highlander 21
Failure Date: 04/10/2014

When steering either left or right during forward or reverse movement of the vehicle, there's a loud clunk noise.

car image   Steering problem of the 2009 Toyota Highlander 22
Failure Date: 03/24/2014

The contact owns a 2009 Toyota Highlander. The contact received a recall notification for NHTSA campaign number: 14v168000 (steering) and stated that the part needed was unavailable to perform the recall repair. The manufacturer was notified of the issue. The contact had not experience a failure. The VIN was not available.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2002 Toyota Highlander 23
Failure Date: 03/15/2014

Driving on I-26 east bound with kids near exit 110 in columbia, SC. Car veered violently 3 lanes and took a turn facing the traffic. Lost complete control of the steering, brakes and the engine shut down abruptly. Pictures and videos with tire marks are available for analysis along with the police contact report. Engine started after several trials at which time the car was pulled away form the main lanes. All 4 tires are replaced 6-8 weeks ago with brand new tires. Front drivers side tire shows the stress of the sudden impact. A pastor couple is the eye witness to the whole event. Luckily rear traffic stopped avoiding a major accident. Our sincere wish is to prevent this happening to other families by understanding the root cause of the problem. We moved the car to the nearest Toyota car dealer and requested them to analyze the situation to avoid repeat of similar incidents to other families.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2010 Toyota Highlander 24
Failure Date: 02/22/2014

While driving on the interstate at 70 mph, a deer hit my car. Airbags did not deploy, damaged front end, minor damage to the bumper, major damage to engine compartment and windshield was cracked why did the airbag not deploy our major oncern concern that will the airbag work after repairs??.

car image   Steering problem of the 2005 Toyota Highlander 25
Failure Date: 08/28/2013

When I returned from work on 08/28/2013 I noticed a leak under my vehicle. I took my car to an auto mechanic on 8/30/2023 and they informed me that the power steering line was rusted and leaking and needed to be replaced. My vehicle only has 74296 in mileage. I had the power steering line replaced for safety reasons.