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Electrical System Problems of Toyota Prius - part 1

Toyota Prius owners have reported 676 problems related to electrical system (under the electrical system category).

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2007 Toyota Prius 1
Failure Date: 09/25/2016

The electronic dash (heads up instrument display) on our 2007 Prius has intermittently failed to light over the last year. Yesterday, it failed and also wouldn't turn off. We always use the remote (keyless) ignition system. But, after the failures yesterday I put the electronic key fob into the hole in the dash thinking that might help. Instead, I couldn't remove it. I tried every combination of pressing buttons (the park and power buttons) and other controls, brakes pedal, shifter and it still wouldn't shut off or light up the display. After holding the power button in for an extended amount of time, it turned off and ejected the key fob. But then the car wouldn't light up the instrument display or start. This morning, again, it would not start. I was told by an experienced Prius mechanic (also an owner) that these were classic symptoms of a failing power amplifier for the display and that it was a "secret warranty," a voluntary repair to avoid a government recall, but that Toyota would only do it for 10 years. The dealer refused to do it under warranty even though the symptoms began before the car was 10 years old. They told me the recall was only good for nine years. They want $765 for the repair. It strikes me that this is a safety failure and should be covered, period. With no indication of speed or other functions (abs function, traction control, etc. ), or to turn the vehicle off, it is unsafe to operate the vehicle. The various failures, including loss of cruise control while in motion, took place when the car was cold and when it was warmed up. At rest and in motion.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2013 Toyota Prius 2
Failure Date: 09/07/2016

The contact owns a 2013 Toyota Prius v. While the vehicle was parked, it lunged forward and crashed into another vehicle and a chain linked fence. The vehicle was placed in neutral; however, the vehicle reversed and crashed into another section of the fence. The contact also stated that the brake pedal was depressed, but failed to stop the vehicle. There were no injuries and a police report was not filed. The contact stated that the start/stop button was being depressed at the time and failed to operate normally. The vehicle was not diagnosed nor repaired. The manufacturer was not made aware of the issue. The approximate failure mileage was 25,000.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2008 Toyota Prius 3
Failure Date: 09/06/2016

The contact owns a 2008 Toyota Prius. While driving 20 mph and depressing the accelerator pedal, the vehicle failed to increase in speed. All the warning indicators illuminated on the instrument panel. The vehicle was taken to a dealer where the cause of the failure could not be determined. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 81,500.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2007 Toyota Prius 4
Failure Date: 08/20/2016

Bought 2007 Prius used and everything worked. Now the driver side headlight wont work after several new lightbulbs and a ballast have been changed. It has never been in an accident to my knowledge, I would like to know if Toyota will fix their problematic vehicle.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2009 Toyota Prius 5
Failure Date: 08/01/2016

Multifunction display functions intermittently. Originally, problem only appeared in conjunction with combination meter failure during cold weather starts. Combination meter has been replaced by Toyota per their extended warranty but multifunction display problem persists. On cold starts in the morning the unit does not function. Later in the day, after sitting in the sun for a while, the unit will occasionally start to work but might go on/off and reset itself while driving. All navigation memory is still there, including ac settings but phone settings are wiped out. This multifunction display is the primary control for ac and heater, navigation system, telephone/bluetooth, audio, diagnostics/maintenance, etc. Toyota has informed me that the unit is defective and needs to be sent to the manufacturer (fujitsu) for repair. This appears to be a well documented problem with this unit on gen 2 Priuses 2004-2009. There should be an extended warranty on this piece of equipment just like the extended warranty on the combination meter.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2015 Toyota Prius 6
Failure Date: 07/24/2016

I was sitting in the passenger seat of the car while it was parallel parked. I pressed the push to start button to turn on the battery so I could charge my phone. There was no one in the driver seat. The car turned completely on when I reached over to press the button. Not only did the engine start, but without anyone pressing on the breaks the car released itself from being parked. The car started rolling backwards into the car parked behind me. I have no explanation about how this happened. I have been reading into it and apparently it's a defect of the 2015 and older models. When the car started rolling back I also started pressing both the park and push to start buttons to turn it off again. I've never felt so unsafe in a vehicle and goes to confirm that park and push to start should not be buttons!!! it makes the vehicle much more dangerous not being able to override those commands when it chooses to go on its own.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2010 Toyota Prius 7
Failure Date: 06/02/2016

Low beam headlamp bulbs fail repeatedly in less than 6 months. This happens regardless of bulb brand or model. I have had these professionally installed at multiple shops. Happens on both sides, but the latest is on driver side.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2012 Toyota Prius 8
Failure Date: 06/02/2016

Door locking mechanism, security issue, vehicle will not lock due to faulty lock actuator--- may effect other actuators. Vehicle stationary and on start up for motion.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2010 Toyota Prius 9
Failure Date: 05/31/2016

I have driven people for a living for over 30 years. I bought a Prius because of fuel costs. A month ago while transporting passengers, my power brakes go out and my dash lights up with abs,brake, & traction control warning lights. I take it to the Toyota dealer who charges me $111 to tell me I have a brake problem and that it will cost $4418 to fix it. Code # c1391; they recommend replacing the master cylinder; and booster pump assembly saying there is an abnormal leak down of the brake accumulator. This is insane. I cannot afford to fix it and must continue to work to live; therefore driving about 200 miles/day with hydraulic only brakes. My research indicates there was a major recall for this exact problem on the 2010 model. The dealership and Toyota corporate both say my vehicle was not part of the recall. I feel as though it should be since, obviously, the problem has not been solved. I am not alone, as many owners on Priuschat have the same problem. This is a major safety concern to not only myself, other vehicles or pedestrians, but also my passengers. An expanded recall is necessary and warranted. Anything you can do will help and make us all safer. .

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2010 Toyota Prius 10
Failure Date: 05/25/2016

On 05/25/2016 at about 9am, while in motion at a rate of speed approx 25 mph on a street during construction (don't know if the bumpy road had anything to do with it), the change oil soon light appeared and seconds later all the lights on the dash came on with the message to check the "check hybrid system" . I tried to stop the vehicle and it kept accelerating. I pressed on the breaks really hard and the traction control light kept flashing on and off like crazy but it barely had any impact. Although the vehicle slowed, it did not come to a full stop. I ended up hitting the vehicle in front of me. Thank god it was a truck and as able to stop the car from moving further or I could of ended up in the middle of an intersection. After the collision, the car would not stop although the park button was pressed and light was on. I even tried turning off the vehicle and the vehicle stayed on and in drive. I ended up in the hospital and don't know how it eventually got turned off but that was very frightening. I had my children in the car. On impact, the seat belts did not even tighten.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2010 Toyota Prius 11
Failure Date: 05/14/2016

My headlight caught fire and severely burned my car. I was driving down the road on a city steet and saw a wisp of smoke and pulled over into a store parking lot. I had no warning lights indicating anything was wrong. It began to smoke more, and I cautiously opened the hood to see a fire coming from my drivers side headlight area. Within seconds there was a blaze, and it took 3 fire extinguishers to put it out. The fire department confirmed that the fire originated from the headlight. I had previously experienced problems with my headlight becoming dull and cloudy. An earlier NHTSA investigation did not result in a recall. I think it's the same problem with the headlight, only much worse. If there were not multiple fire extinguishers available the car could have easily exploded before the fire department arrived. It could have easily caused harm to other people.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2011 Toyota Prius 12
Failure Date: 05/14/2016

The cd player burns the cd image label. When entering 4 cds into the changer the cd in the 4th position burns almost the entire image label. The other cds had the image paper burned on the outer 1/4 in of the label. I reported this to the Toyota dealer on may 1, 2016. On may 16,2016 I dove from wilmington ohio to lorain ohio, 3 hours playing 4 cds continuously. This caused the heat in ghe cd player to increase and burn the cds. The cd player feels very hot to the touch after use.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2011 Toyota Prius 13
Failure Date: 05/02/2016

Mice invaded my car. Trapped 6. Found nests in engine area, under trunk, inside hood felt in glove compartment in a water bottle. The smell does not leave after having car detailed and steam cleaned. Toyota should take care of this. Not the consumer problem. My car was driven every day and inside a garage.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2010 Toyota Prius 14
Failure Date: 05/02/2016

Electronic door locks continue to fail. I have taken my Prius back to Toyota two or three times to fix broken electronic door locks. At that time, vehicle was under extended warranty and the cost to replace the electronic door lock was covered. Vehicle is no longer under warranty and Toyota is quoting over $400 to fix. The fact that this continues to happen (and to different doors) leads me to believe there is a known defect in the electronic lock mechanism. I do see a few other complains of the same issue. This represents a real safety concern as the affected door remains unlocked while driving and can be opened while vehicle is in motion (such as by a child). This is also a theft concern as the door does not lock unless walking around to the affected door to manually lock it.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2006 Toyota Prius 15
Failure Date: 03/27/2016

Without warning the dashboard stopped working. The car was stopped and power button was pushed at the time when fact occurred in a very isolated place with no cell phone service an little chance of any other car passing by. The car does not display anymore speed, mileage, fuel level and gearbox position, although the car was otherwise driveable. Warning lights are not working anymore also. Backup camera and lights also stopped working. Car also does not turn off most of time (the power button might work at random with some insistence). According to information gathered this could have been caused by a faulty combination meter, which Toyota was servicing for free for some time owing to a high failure rate.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2010 Toyota Prius 16
Failure Date: 03/24/2016

Vehicle lost power, stalled while driving at highway speed; "check hybrid system" displayed on dash; required replacement of inverter and intelligent power module.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2008 Toyota Prius 17
Failure Date: 03/17/2016

Took my Prius into the dealer today for service. Later, the writer called to tell me that the mechanic had found a build-up of link and dirt that might lead up an overheating or other issues with the battery pack beneath the rear seat. I paid approximately $350 to have the battery fan serviced and later discovered that this issue is under investigation by the fhtsa. I can provide a copy of the now-paid service bill.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2007 Toyota Prius 18
Failure Date: 02/24/2016

The headlights on my Prius randomly go dark. Sometimes 1 headlight and other times both. Turning off the light switch and then back on is a temporary fix. The problem comes back minutes later. This is very unsafe for myself and other drivers on the road. This happened while I was on the interstate going 70 mph last night!.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2015 Toyota Prius 19
Failure Date: 02/18/2016

. .

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2015 Toyota Prius 20
Failure Date: 02/05/2016

Random electrical problems started happening. Bluetooth would not allow me to answer incoming phone. I could not call out. Unable to change radio station, turn on/off radio. Unable to turn on cd, or eject disk. Then radio will start working and am able to use bluetooth if I dial from my cell phone. All within a week. Last night ,I drove in silence. No radio, cd, bluetooth. Have maintenance appt. Tues. , and stated problems w/ electrical system. Didn't matter if car was moving or stopped.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2010 Toyota Prius 21
Failure Date: 02/04/2016

The contact owns a 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid. The contact stated that while driving at 40 mph, the temperature gauge began to indicate hot. The contact stated that the temperature warning light illuminated and the vehicle emitted smoke. The vehicle was parked and diagnosed by an independent mechanic, who stated that the water pump needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was 201,000.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Toyota Prius 22
Failure Date: 01/28/2016

Dash goes completely blank while in motion and car will not turn off.

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car image   Electrical System problem of the 2005 Toyota Prius 23
Failure Date: 01/11/2016

Digital dashboard sometimes is completely blank for extended periods so that I can't see my speed, fuel levels, odometer, and other info. When I start up it happens and continues the whole time I am driving. It is causing other problems related to the hydrolic braking sometimes as well when this happens.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2008 Toyota Prius 24
Failure Date: 01/01/2016

I have had my 2008 Prius since it was new and I have taken meticulous care of the vehicle with documentation to prove it. The vehicle is burning oil to the extent that I have to put a quart of oil in every 700 miles. My local dealership confirmed it is an issue with the vehicle but Toyota USA said they won't do anything about it because there "has not been enough complaints". However, the Toyota Prius chat website has numerous complaints about oil consumption. Toyota did an extended warranty for the corolla and camry but refuses to do anything for the Prius. Numerous attempts have been made with Toyota USA to correct this issue but they refuse to do so. They did say they corrected the issue in the newer models . . . But yet don't want to acknowledge that is it an issue! so, they corrected an issue that they currently don't acknowledge is an issue!! second to this issue is that the back window can only be closed by the driver's window button and will not close for the person sitting at that window in the back.

car image   Electrical System problem of the 2010 Toyota Prius 25
Failure Date: 12/25/2015

Check hybrid system car shuts off and can not restart, tried system reset per manual but would not clear hybrid. Towed to dealer, dtc code p3004-800, tech said this was the only code, had recall eoe reflash 04-14-2014 ipm extended 15 years. Car was in motion per wife. (it had been raining) the dtc p3004-800 power cable malfunction.

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