Engine Knocking Noise Problems of Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius owners have reported 2 problems related to engine knocking noise (under the engine and engine cooling category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Toyota Prius based on all problems reported for the Prius.

car image   Engine Knocking Noise problem of the 2010 Toyota Prius 1
Failure Date: 02/07/2018

At about 125k miles, my Prius nearly ran out of oil between services, and I religiously service my vehicle. I burned 1 to 2 quarts between services since. At 272,408 miles, I just paid $5751. 59 for a complete engine rebuild. . . Rest of car is in great shape. Oil consumption problems were known by the dealerships, but I was given no recourse except dealing with it. Latest issue. . Check engine light on, misfire on cylinders 1 and 4 (progressing to all), horrific knocking noise with sound of rushing water upon start-up. Eventually, (once the cylinders fired significantly) the engine could run satisfactorily for the remainder of the drive. . . Until the next start. Early on I read that Toyota knew of the under-engineered motor of the 2010s, but I have not received anything announcing a recall or care to fix their engineering issue. I have my service records to validate the care I've given to my car. The date of the engine rebuild is what I will provide as to when this happened, but the oil consumption began years ago.

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car image   Engine Knocking Noise problem of the 2011 Toyota Prius 2
Failure Date: 10/29/2011

Upon starting vehicle, a very loud knocking noise, accompanied by shaking occurred. At this time no failure/warning lights appeared on dashboard. Moved car forward approximately 15 feet, and placed car in park, knocking/shaking did not abate. Turned car off. The next day, the car, upon starting had the same loud knocking/shaking. It was audible from several feet away from the car. On the second time, it was accompanied by a warning light to put the car in park. Vehicle was towed to the dealership.

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