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Cruise Control Problems of Toyota RAV4 - part 1

Toyota RAV4 owners have reported 51 problems related to cruise control (under the vehicle speed control category).

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2001 Toyota RAV4 1
Failure Date: 01/20/2014

While in cruise control on an incline my Rav4 accelerates out of control so I have to apply the brake to get it out of cruise control. I had this on 2 Rav4s, both 2001, one was 4wd and the other 2wd. Toyota tried to repeat the problem in the first vehicle by sending it home with a tech who drove to modesto. They could not repeat it. . . On my current car it does the same and Toyotas best answer was not to use cruise control after he asked why I was using it anyways. I was worried about the ecus in these cars and before buying it, sent the private dealer to Toyota to remedy this. Now I find out they only flashed the ecu under the recall which they new didnt fix anything. Now 2 years later I face the harsh shifting condition. . . . All on me. Im lucky not to hsve been hurt by either of these issues not addressed properly by Toyota, and thank god my 9 year old wasnt with me when the car stopped shifting properly.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2011 Toyota RAV4 2
Failure Date: 10/01/2013

While driving at speed the vehicle's stability, antilock brakes and traction control functions stop functioning and the indicator light for all turn on. The cruise control disengages which caused the car to decelerate rapidly. I was in traffic and was able to accelerate to avoid an accident. The accelerator and braking appear to work properly but I am unable to reengage the cruise control. This is exactly the same symptoms in the recall of the 2012 Rav4 but the 2011 is not included.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2009 Toyota RAV4 3
Failure Date: 04/06/2013

The contact owns a 2009 Toyota Rav4. The contact was driving approximately 50 mph with the cruise control activated. The contact approached a traffic stop and applied the brakes but the vehicle continued to accelerate. The gear was shifted into neutral in order to stop the vehicle. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer for diagnosis. The technician was unable to detect a trouble code. The manufacturer was notified of the problem. The approximate failure mileage was 75,000.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2008 Toyota RAV4 4
Failure Date: 01/31/2013

The onboard computer (ecm) program is defective in the 2008 Rav4, and probably other years and models, causing owners to unnecessarily bring cars in and pay for unneeded service. When I started the car to begin an interstate drive, 3 fault indicators (check engine,vehicle stability control, 4 wheel drive) illuminated. Following owners manual, my wife called the nearest Toyota dealer who told her to bring the vehicle to a Toyota dealer immediately, and to drive cautiously, to allow additional room when following other vehicles, and not to attempt sudden stops. Another fault indicator (cruise control would not engage) presented itself enroute. The service technician said the reason for all 4 fault indications was the #6 cylinder misfired 1 time a few seconds after I started the vehicle. He said the ecm is programmed to give these 4 fault indications for a cylinder misfire, but he did not know why. He said that he could find no reason for the single misfire, but that he found and tightened a slightly loose air intake hose that could not possibly have caused the misfire. He told me that it would have been fine for me to make my interstate drive without coming to the dealership. I believe that the onboard computer programming that provided these 4 fault indications is defective for the following reasons. 1. A single cylinder misfire is unrelated to and has no effect upon the three systems pointed to by the fault indications (vehicle stability control, 4 wheel drive, cruise control) 2. A single cylinder misfire at startup is not an emergency situation requiring immediate service at a Toyota dealership with extraordinarily cautious driving enroute. 3. During the 1 hour drive to the dealership the cylinders of the vehicle fired successfully around 360,000 times, and the programming did not recognize this faultless operation and automatically clear the fault indicators.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 5
Failure Date: 07/15/2012

While driving on the highway, my accelerator opened to full throttle. I had to depress the brake strongly for between 10 and 15 seconds until the accelerator clicked off. The cruise control was on, but it was not set. The pedal was well clear of the floor mat, and looking down during the incident I could see that it was clear of any objects. It was a terrifying event. Upon notifying a local Toyota dealership, they tested the vehicle and claimed they did not discover what the problem was.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2012 Toyota RAV4 6
Failure Date: 03/05/2012

Abrupt speed changes in normal speed and cruise control, radio and clock flashing occasionally, low tire pressure constantly, damage in air conditioning.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2008 Toyota RAV4 7
Failure Date: 02/20/2012

I was crossing a parking lot and pulling out into a street. I stopped then pulled forward, so I could see if any cars were approaching. A car was approaching so I pressed the brakes, then the car surged forward. It felt like when the cruise control accelerates. Because a crash was imminent, I decided my best chance was to move my foot to the gas petal and speed up. I drove the car straight and then to the left. The other driver laid on his horn, slowed down and drove on. I purchased this car in early November 2011 from fred anderson Toyota. It appears to never have been wrecked. It had around 23,300 miles on it at time of purchase. That night of 02/21, I checked consumer reports online and found that there had been a recall on 2008 Toyota Rav4. The next morning, I removed the floor mat from the driver's side floor. It did not appear to have been moved before. There are 2 holes at the back of the mat and one of the holes had a black rubber hook device holding it to the floor. The other hole (back right side) did not have a hook. When I entered the VIN on the Toyota website, it showed a repair order for a car with 30,599 miles on 11/08/2012. My car still does not have that many miles. I don't think a repair has been done on my car. My notes show that I bought the car on 11/05/2011.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 8
Failure Date: 02/16/2012

A car pulled out of driveway and I touched the brake pedal and my engine increased acceleration when it should have slowed acceleration and I pushed my car into neutral and I pulled cruise control lever towards me and the engine slowed down-my car had been set to cruise at 52 mph. After the incident I shut the cruise control off as I was heading into town. I then pulled into big scoop(canton,IL business) parking lot going less than 5 mph-a lady walked in front of my car and I touched the brake and again I experienced unwanted acceleration and again I was quick in shoving car into neutral preventing a serious injury. I went home and called fort Toyota in pekin, IL and I took car in Feb, 17, 2012 at noon. They had their top mechanic check it out-he said he could find nothing wrong. They called Toyota's headquarters and they told them it was a floormat issue. They told me that and I told them it had nothing to do with the floormats but rather after touching the brake pedal is when I received unwanted acceleration in both incidents. They asked me several questions about that and they gave me Toyota's headquarters number and gave me a rental car to use. When I called their headquarters they said it was a floormat issue and that was their final statement on the matter. I told them it was a brake issue but they stuck to floormats as the cause and that is why I'm reporting this matter to you as I feel for the safety of all drivers; this issue needs to be resolved by any automaker with unwanted acceleration problems. A first step is to admit that they have the problem then good(safe) things will result. Thank you for hearing me out. It is appreciated very much,[xxx]. Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6).

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2003 Toyota RAV4 9
Failure Date: 10/28/2011

10/28/11 while driving approx 25-30 mph without applying the gas, the car began to accelerate unexpectedly I was able to get the car off the road braking was very difficult when the car was placed in park rpm revved to 4. My husband looked under the hood and the throttle was out a little and when he touched the area it snapped back. 10/29/11 driving at a low speed, approx 35-40 mph car began to accelerate unintentionally. I was able to get the car off the road with much difficulty and the car was again revving when placed in park. I lifted the hood and touched the area of the throttle. After waiting a few minutes the car started normally and I drove home cautiously. Car taken to certified Toyota garage for repairs. The check engine light was lit when taken and service was unable to find a problem and lubricated car and returned to us. 11/1/11 occurrence #3, I drove the car on the expressway without any problems then driving at approx 35 mph while driving around a curve, I could feel car accelerating unintentionally again. Car was towed to dealership and service personal experienced car when started was revving without applying the gas. Service found scratches in the cover for the cruise control and felt this caused the throttle to stick. Hole was cut in the cover and car returned. 11/5/11 occurrence # 4, I was driving around a city circle at approx 25 mph the car again began to accelerate. I got off the road, car revved to a 5 when placed in park. Car towed to dealership on flat bed. Unintentional acceleration was experienced by the service department at the dealership again. Car left for repairs.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2009 Toyota RAV4 10
Failure Date: 08/28/2011

On Sunday, August 28, 2011 at approximately 12 in the afternoon, I was driving my family's 2009 Toyota Rav4 with my wife and infant son, eastbound on highway 44 between winner, sd and platte, sd. With the vehicle's cruise control set at the speed limit of 65 mph, I changed lanes and began to pass the truck ahead of our vehicle on this two-lane country road. Increasing the vehicle's speed to 70 mph to complete the pass of the other vehicle and return to the eastbound lane, the Toyota Rav4 unintentionally accelerated to speeds in excess of 85 mph. At the time of the sudden unintended acceleration, the pedal area was checked and confirmed to be clear of any obstructions, including the vehicle's driver-side floor mat. With the cruise control off and the brakes cautiously applied, the Toyota Rav4 would not slow down from its state of sudden unintended acceleration. It was determined that the only way to take back control of the vehicle was by completely pressing the brakes to the floor; however, the decrease in speed was gradual at best, and the engine continued to rev out of control. The vehicle's brakes were fully engaged in this way until the vehicle stalled out, partially onto the shoulder of the road at a speed just under 10 mph. Again at this time, the pedal area was checked and confirmed to be clear of any obstructions, including the vehicle's driver-side floor mat. Over the last two years, the vehicle has had three accelerator pedal recall repairs and one floor mat recall repair completed and is not reprogrammable for the brake override system that is being installed in the newest Toyota models. With no crash resulting from the Aug. 28 incident, the vehicle was rejected for an inspection or any further services. As this was a very scary and traumatic situation for my family, the Toyota Rav4 has not been operated under the same driving conditions since the incident.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2008 Toyota RAV4 11
Failure Date: 05/09/2011

My 2008 Toyota Rav4 cruise control fails to hold speed during up hill climb and causes engine surges.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 12
Failure Date: 09/19/2010

Unintended acceleration. 1st incident: minor incident on a wed/thurs that I initially thought was just the brakes going soft and mentally thought to watch them to see if they might need replaced. 2nd more serious incident Sunday, 19sep10: cruise control on in a 55mph zone, tapped brake going into 45mph zone, used pedal until needing to brake for full stop at intersection. Started braking and engine started revving - hubby says tac reached 2500/3500 rpm. I was busy trying to stop the vehicle and figure out what was happening. Got vehicle stopped and managed to avoid accident. Engine recovered and returned to normal. Drove home, parked and took to Toyota next day. Dealer looked car over and ran diagnostics for 1. 5 wks - called in field rep who looked some more. I drove around for an hour with the master mechanic - couldn't get the vehicle to replicate. Same circumstances for both incidents. Dealer nor I could replicate in dealer's presence.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2009 Toyota RAV4 13
Failure Date: 07/15/2010

Sudden acceleration 2009 Toyota Rav4. Pulling out of a hotel parking lot towards stop sign, very low speed, took foot off gas pedal and placed on brake pedal. Rpm's increased dramatically. Slammed gear to neutral, kept foot hard on brake pedal, shut off engine. Situation repeated once following day in similar scenario. Both events during first long road trip in car (over 500 miles driving before incident). Second incident - foot released gas pedal but resting on gas pedal - could sense gas pedal pulled down like when vehicle accelerating after resume when using cruise control. I never use cruise control.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2010 Toyota RAV4 14
Failure Date: 04/22/2010

On several occasions the cruise control did not disengage, either when the brakes were applied or the lever pulled. It has accelerated at least twice while approaching slowed traffic, ahead.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2004 Toyota RAV4 15
Failure Date: 02/24/2010

Have a 2004 Toyota Rav4. On occasion , when the cruise control is turned off by applying the brakes or to slow down. When resume is engaged on the cruise control the car will accelerate beyond the set speed . Have to turn cruise control off when this happens or the car would continue to speed up. Happens only occasionally, not all the time.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2006 Toyota RAV4 16
Failure Date: 02/22/2010

My wife and I have both experienced unintended acceleration while our 2006 Toyota Rav4 was operating with cruise control engaged or while re-engaging cruise control after slowing for traffic. In each case, the vehicle accelerated well beyond the cruise control set point (typically 55 mph). This acceleration occurred on flat roads, no ice or water on the road. The engine was fully warmed up,and the vehicle has been serviced on a regular basis at prescribed intervals by our local Toyota dealer. This unintended acceleration has occurred 5 or 6 times over the life of the vehicle. The most recent occurrence was February 22, 2010 when I re-engaged the cruise control from a speed of 50 mph to the previous set point of 55 mph. The vehicle accelerated to 65 mph and was still gaining speed when I disengaged the cruise control. Fortunately, the vehicle responded to turning off the cruise control, the brakes functioned normally, and I was able to avoid hitting the vehicle ahead of me on the highway. This vehicle is not involved in any of the current Toyota recalls, and our local Toyota dealer does not take our reports of unintended acceleration seriously. Therefore, no action has been taken to correct the failure(s) and no parts have been replaced.

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car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2008 Toyota RAV4 17
Failure Date: 02/15/2010

I am the owner of a 2008 Rav4. I was traveling with cruise control at 50 mph as I approached a down grade toward a traffic light I manually took the car out of cruise control expecting to slow some. I realized that I needed to slow more and applied the brake pedal. However, I could feel the car fighting the brakes. I put the car into neutral and was able to stop for the lights. When I did this the engine was racing while stopped. When the light changed I put the racing engine into drive. I jerked forward and has been ok since. I reported this to the dealer. I was told that another owner of the same year and model reported a similar event that day. This is different than the runaway cars reported in the news, as the car did not accelerate to max speed. Toyota seems not to be responding to cars made before 2009. I think this is a computer problem where the cruise control did not turn off and the stepping on the brakes did not take it out of cruise control either. On Feb 19 I reported this to the Toyota dealer and was told that another person had reported this same type of thing that same day. They look for error codes but found none.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2010 Toyota RAV4 18
Failure Date: 02/04/2010

The contact owns a 2010 Toyota rav 4. While driving 60 mph with the cruise control engaged the vehicle accelerated up to 85 mph. The contact applied the brakes to disengage the cruise control. The contact has not notified the manufacturer regarding the failure. The contact stated that the acceleration was very sudden and could have caused a crash. The failure mileage was 6,000.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 19
Failure Date: 01/05/2010

While using the cruise control it has a tendency to accelerate rapidly and sometimes past the set speed when using "resume. " hitting the brakes or turning off cruise control has always stopped it. This has happened many times over the last three years. Usually the car is going over 60 mph when this happens. Recently the car has accelerated once when not using the cruise control. When hitting the brakes the acceleration stopped. This has happened only once. I have never taken it in because it will be hard to trace and the warranty is out. Without changing out all of the components one could never be sure the problem was corrected. I noted that you have now gone down to 2009 rav's. I believe that there could be a problem with earlier years too.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 20
Failure Date: 12/25/2009

2007 Toyota Rav4 when using cruise control on a slight incline the car will start shifting in and out of gears, bucking and jumping and I turn the cruise off immediately. It sounds like the engines going to blow. . Read more...

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 21
Failure Date: 12/04/2009

First issue-while backing up slowly, attempted to stop before hitting telephone pole, instead of stopping rav-4 lurched backward hitting pole causing $4,000 worth of damage. Cost us $500 deductible, plus over $1000 next several years for losing no-claim credit. Second issue; cruise control while climbing a hill will, the vehicle will accelerate wildly, then cut out, then lurch back and forth until you hit the brake to shut it off. No injuries from this yet, but dangerous if other vehicles present. Updated 02/17/10.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2009 Toyota RAV4 22
Failure Date: 11/10/2009

While driving on interstate with cruise control set @ 70mph. And entering a reduced speed area, I disable cruise by tapping brakes. After traveling a few miles the car would accelerate at a fast rate on its own. I would then either tap the brakes again or turn off the cruise to stop the acceleration. This has happened at least 6 to 8 separate occasions. Last use of cruise was in November.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2008 Toyota RAV4 23
Failure Date: 10/27/2009

The contact owns a 2008 Toyota rav 4. Occasionally after brake application, the cruise control switch will not disengage. The vehicle has not been diagnosed by the dealership. The current and failure mileages were 38000.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2008 Toyota RAV4 24
Failure Date: 09/26/2009

Date is approximate, but this has happened numerous times, not always under the same conditions. It has happened after being driven in light rain & heavy rain & after vehicle being parked & restarted all of the lights would be illuminated. Initially while driving in moderate rain multiple vehicle warning lights illuminated, cruise control failed on freeway @ set speed of approx 60mph due to rainfall. While continuing to function the vehicle started to feel like it was rolling on marbles & the feel is a little unnerving, but you are able to maintain control of the vehicle. Diagnostics reveal multiple codes, but once reset all lights are out & the vehicle drives normally again until driven in rainy conditions. Independent garage said to take it to Toyota when the rain induced the warning lights again & I'm headed to a Toyota dealer this morning after a light rain on Saturday morning all lights illuminated again & the cruise will no longer engage. Don't know if this has been reported by any other rav 4 owners, but independent garage so far has said "we can't find a failure just a lot of codes & once we clear the codes it is okay. " if I understand the premise of the warning lights they are there to indicate something requires attention - so my faith in "there's nothing wrong or we can't find anything" is a little shaken. I spoke with Toyota & they deny that this has ever been reported by any rav 4 owners & I would have to bring it to them when the failure & warning lights come on - they will see them this morning. Thank you for your time.

car image   Cruise Control problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 25
Failure Date: 09/10/2009

This is a possible expansion of the present Toyota "sudden acceleration" investigation. It involves one momentary incident of uncommanded acceleration on a 2007 Toyota Rav4 vehicle in sept. 2009. It has not recurred nor was it reported to Toyota nor the NHTSA. While traveling on an open highway, with the vehicle under cruise control, I attempted to resume my normal cruising speed after an apparently successful "brake shutdown" of the system. On applying the "resume speed command", the engine went to an apparent full throttle position with the transmission downshifting into "passing gear". This continued for a short time, estimated to be less than 2 seconds, followed by a sharp deceleration and a second full acceleration (again of a momentary length of time). After the second incident, the vehicle resumed normal operation with continued cruise control. At no time did I apply manual brakes or shift out of "drive". The incident has never repeated. The report is strictly to inform you that the apparent problem under investigation should not be limited to 2009 model year Toyota's but should go back further into their fleet with "electronic throttle control".