Engine Oil Leaking Problems of Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4 owners have reported 23 problems related to engine oil leaking (under the engine and engine cooling category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Toyota RAV4 based on all problems reported for the RAV4.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2008 Toyota RAV4 1
Failure Date: 08/25/2017

I have changed my oil 3 times and each time it consumes oil more quickly this last time I changed the oil right before a1000 mile trip. . When I got back home (2000 miles later) I had less than a quart in there. No leaks. . No black clouds of smoke. This was in less than 7 days. Very concerned! I have owned this car about 6 months now.

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car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2006 Toyota RAV4 2
Failure Date: 08/19/2017

The car started knocking, went straight to a shop and it turns out it had no oil in it. Was due for an oil change but not to the point it should have been out of oil and had not shown any signs of leaking.

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car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2008 Toyota RAV4 3
Failure Date: 12/03/2014

Car runs through oil between 5000 recommended oil changes. Have to constantly check if there is enough oil. No leaks, just goes through a lot of oil.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 4
Failure Date: 07/31/2014

My 2007 Toyota Rav4 started to consume copious amounts of oil. There are no signs of oil leakage and no smoke from the exhaust pipe. I always have the oil changed at a Toyota dealer since I purchased the car new. After my recent oil change, I drove approximately 1,500 miles and had to put in 2 quarts of oil. I assumed this was a fluke and Toyota did not fill the oil up. But now again, I drove another 1,500 miles and this time it was bone dry on the dip stick. I did not receive a low oil light. I added another 2 quarts of oil to bring it up to the bottom line.

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car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2006 Toyota RAV4 5
Failure Date: 02/03/2014

At about 65,000 miles, I noticed that my 2006 Toyota rav 4 was consuming large amounts of oil in between oil changes (which I have done every 3000-3500 miles). There was no leak, no warnings - but when checked the oil well is bone dry. Brought it to the dealership who played dumb, even though I told them Toyota had issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) about this, and that my VIN number falls under the cars listed. There are thousands of complaints about this on-line, and the dealership just said that was irrelevant. Meanwhile, I've been adding oil at every 1000 miles or less.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2006 Toyota RAV4 6
Failure Date: 10/03/2013

Just recently purchased a used 2006 Toyota Rav4. . . Because I've owned two previous to this one and simply appreciate them. . . However. . . . I've only owned this one since may of 2013 from a reputable dealership and to much surprise I am already experiencing technical difficulties. At about 1. 5k miles after an oil change, my oil light comes on. . . Checked the oil and it was low to the point where I had to add an additional quart on the 1st occasion and 2 quarts on the 2nd occasion. . . May I add that there is no leak. Who is going to hold Toyota accountable? I need help and answers.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 7
Failure Date: 08/04/2013

This car is burning (not leaking) oil. I got my oil changed (at 3000 mile interval) today and the mechanic says there was almost no oil left in the engine. My last oil change was 3 months ago and I noticed the same problem then.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2008 Toyota RAV4 8
Failure Date: 06/06/2013

The engine died on our vehicle. Dealer said it stopped working but would have to take apart the engine to find out why. They said they could not find any leaks but it ran out of oil & ceased the engine. It was only 4 months since our last oil change. People are telling us it should not have ran out that fast without there being a leak. Toyota said they will not cover the repair because it is out of warranty. By only 525 miles!!!! this is our second Toyota & we loved them. We were intending on being life long customers. But now we will never buy another Toyota! especially since I have read other people having the same problem. They need to recall these vehicles!! we now have $13,000 left to pay on the vehicle & can't afford to fix it & have no other vehicle.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 9
Failure Date: 04/03/2013

Over the last few years. My 07 Rav4 has beeen using excessive oil. Thought it was a leak from below. But no drip on driveway was visable. No signs of a leaks. When the oil was changed, over the course of the years. Their is very heavy blow-by when the engine is running and the oil filler cap is removed. Couple of machanics have said, this is incorrect.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2006 Toyota RAV4 10
Failure Date: 02/20/2013

The engine oil light would blink intermittently especially when applying brakes. Upon inspection of oil dipstick, there is no sign of any oil on the dipstick. Brought to a mechanic and had the oil changed (with synthetic mobil 1 as recommended by Toyota). Mechanic noticed very little oil drained. After refilling with new oil, test drove the car and confirmed the dipstick showing oil at maximum level. Around 2000 miles later, inspection of oil dipstick revealed almost no oil again. There were no leaks which mechanic confirmed as the underside was clean as a whistle. Mechanic believes piston problems which will be very expensive to replace.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 11
Failure Date: 01/20/2013

I have noticed multiple occasions since 01/20/13 that my Rav4 has been low on oil. I have had it checked, and have checked it myself, and have found it to be so low it doesn't even register on the dipstick, and only after driving less than 1000 miles. Each time this has happened I have had to add anywhere from 1-3 quarts of oil to get it to where it should be on the dipstick. There are no leaks under the vehicle, and there's no noticeable smoke coming from the exhaust. I have been advised by my mechanic that this is an ongoing problem with multiple years of Rav4 vehicles. I am scared to continue driving, with having to constantly check the oil, but I have no choice as I don't have a second vehicle. I feel Toyota has left me holding the bag for a defect they won't admit is their faulty equipment/engineering.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2006 Toyota RAV4 12
Failure Date: 02/02/2012

The vehicle loses 1-2 quarts of oil over 30-60 day period or 1500-2000 miles. No signs of leaks, dripping or other sources of loss are visible. In checking Toyota Rav4 owner forums, it seems this condition is prevalent among many and spans several model years. The condition has been occurring for several years now, but we thought it was just us and seemed to be a slower loss. Now the loss is much faster. I am concerned that if people wait to check oil until next oil change, they may damage their engines.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2004 Toyota RAV4 13
Failure Date: 11/17/2011

Even though the vehicle has a perfect maintenance record and has no history of over heating, the head bolts pulled loose from the engine block and the engine leaked oil from the head gasket area. This was verified by desert Toyota of tucson. The engine got covered with motor oil and while it was hot it smoked extensively to the point I feared it would catch fire. It did not ignite because the Rav4 was pulled off the road and turned off before it could happen. Toyota corp. Was contacted and they said there was nothing they could do to remedy the problem, but issued a case number. The vehicle is not safe to drive. Desert Toyota prescribed a $6130 repair.

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car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2006 Toyota RAV4 14
Failure Date: 04/24/2010

My 2006 Rav4 4wd (40,000 miles) began leaking oil at a very fast rate, leaving a large puddle of oil on the garage floor, which wasn't immediately noticed by me. The oil pressure indicator light never illuminated, therefore I had no way of knowing that there was almost no oil in the car. I would not have known there was a problem if my boyfriend had not called me from the house to warn me that most of the oil that should be in my car was on the garage floor. Toyota replaced the defective oil line and says that the oil pressure indicator system is working correctly, but I am concerned that the next time there is a problem with my oil delivery system, I won't have any warnings to prevent me from burning up the engine.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2006 Toyota RAV4 15
Failure Date: 03/07/2010

Massive engine oil leak. This is the hose referred to in lsc 90k - variable valve timing with intelligence (vvt-I) oil hose replacement limited service campaign. While driving in the local walmart parking lot virtually all of our engine oil drained while we were driving at less than 10 mph. We had no warning lights on the dash. Our only warning of a problem was a hot oil smell. We stopped and I checked the dip stick which was completely dry with oil sprayed all over the engine which explains the hot oil smell.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 16
Failure Date: 08/21/2009

I was driving down the highway with my 2 children and the oil hose broke. No failure lights came on the dashboard. Took car to closest repair shop. They had to add 5 qts of oil since it leaked out. Found out this happens quite frequently on the same engine in another model. The oil hose was replaced.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2006 Toyota RAV4 17
Failure Date: 07/09/2009

The contact owns a 2006 Toyota Rav4. While driving 35 mph, the contact was informed by another motorist that his vehicle was leaking oil. Prior to the failure, the contact heard valve chatter coming from the engine. The vehicle was taken to the dealer and they stated that the entire engine needed to be replaced. The current and failure mileages were 61,000. Updated 8/24/09 a rubber hose in the oil delivery system failed which caused destruction of the engine. Updated 08/26/09.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 18
Failure Date: 07/07/2009

Engine oil leak over several weeks. Upon opening the oil fill cap, the rest of the oil came out the bottom of the car. I was forced to have it carried to the dealer because of that. The dealer informed me that it is v v t I hose on engine bank 1 that needed to be replaced, that Toyota knew of the problem but they never recalled to fix the cars, they fixed them as customers brought them in (according to bulletin). It took about 10 days to fix. A mechanic I know who saw the invoice told me that Toyota replaced almost half the bottom of the engine( replaced bank vti hose, both v v t I gears, cam shafts and housing a total of 31 parts. I did not have to pay , but I was very upset at Toyota for knowing that a problem existed but did not alerted customers.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2006 Toyota RAV4 19
Failure Date: 05/08/2009

Huge oil leak! started small, noticed a little on the turn around in my driveway - didn't even think it was my car since there was no oil when I parked. About one week later came home after a short trip and noticed the car smelled hot. I checked under the car and the oil was just running out - the bottom of the car was covered with splattered oil and in about 15minutes - no oil left! I haven't taken the car to the dealer yet - I'm afraid of the $$ and with all of the dealerships closing, the towing fee alone will probably be one I can't afford. I have check the internet and there are plenty of comments on this same problem. Where is the recall???.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2004 Toyota RAV4 20
Failure Date: 03/31/2009

Head gasket on the 2004 Toyota Rav4. I took my car in for scheduled maintenance including changing front brake pads, an alignment and oil change. Within a week of this visit my heat wouldn't work, took it back, was rechecked and advised there was nothing wrong. Within a week after this visit it started to smoke, took it back and was advised that I had a leak, needed a new waterpump. Took it for a second opinion and decided to take it back to my dealership. They broke down the engine and essentially advised me that the threads on my head gasket fell and apart in the engine block and was advised to call Toyota to see they would help with the cost. I've heard this is a recurring problem with the head gaskets used in some Toyota models. I bought my car brand new and only had 86,000 miles on it before it was declared a total loss unless I wanted to pay $6,000 to have it repaired. There was a recall I found online describing the same problem but it was for an older version of this car. I believe that they are producing the same defective head gaskets and leaving their customers to absorb the cost. This is truly unfair and in our current economy, I am forced to buy a car for something that could been prevented if they were making quality and reliable head gaskets for all their cars.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 21
Failure Date: 02/26/2009

Oil hose ruptured on '07 Toyota rav-4 dumping all engine oil. Engine then was starved for oil and ruined internal engine parts. Toyota is aware that there is a problem with this hose leaking and a TSB exists for the fix. However, there is no recall or even a mandatory inspection of this hose at regular service intervals. Our issue was a complete rupture and it would have cost us thousands to repair on our own if the car was out of warranty. It could have even lead to a crash as the tires and brakes got covered with oil.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 2007 Toyota RAV4 22
Failure Date: 01/01/2007

Toyota v6 engines 2gr-fe have a problem with the vvti oil pipe failing. This pipe has a rubber section in it, it leaks with all the oil draining & causing engine failures. Toyota has replaced this pipe on later vehicle with all metal this started out with the avalon. Check out the ravworld on line site. Click on "4. 3" & then "oil line failure rav camry, Lexus" etc. Toyota needs to recall all vehicles with 2gr-fe v6 that have the rubber hose in the vvti oil line.

car image   Engine Oil Leaking problem of the 1996 Toyota RAV4 23
Failure Date: 11/01/1996

Oil leak.

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