Wheel Problems of Toyota Sequoia

Toyota Sequoia owners have reported 30 problems related to wheel (under the wheel category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Toyota Sequoia based on all problems reported for the Sequoia.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2002 Toyota Sequoia 1
Failure Date: 07/11/2017

I was driving down the highway in my Toyota when I herd a loud sound so I pulled thecar over and called a tow truck I belive the lugnut might be faulty or worn downto bring my car to my grand paws house . The wheel was broke laying flat on the groynd.

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car image   Wheel problem of the 2006 Toyota Sequoia 2
Failure Date: 03/31/2017

Toyota Sequoia (ball joints recall) was driving on highway I-5 northbound just after the bridge that goes over the sacramento river I was on the bypass/cosway bridge driving in the #1 (of 2) lane going 65 mph when suddenly my front end driver's side of my vehicle dropped completely and I was skidding on complete metal, I had no breaks and continued to skid for what seemed like forever, and steered to my to my right passing the #2 lane going up against the edge of the right side on the bridge. I was completely shocked. I couldn't open my driver's side door due the traffic right up against me. I immediately called my insurance road-side assistance who dispatched a tow truck. Due to the nature of the location, the tow truck required the assistance of highway patrol. The tow truck driver immediately knew about this issue and said Toyotas were known from the upper/lower ball joints breaking on them. The vehicle was taken to valley tire service shop. The service guy there also knew immediately what was wrong with it. The next day I called the Toyota manufacturer to report the incident. I was informed that the defective part was in fact a recall. However, the part had already been replaced in 2009. After having reviewed many blogs on line about this being a common issue with Toyota Sequoias (some more than once), I was extremely concerned. I am extremely concerned and fear driving this vehicle knowing that the defective part having already been replaced is still defective. I will not trust another part being replaced on this vehicle and would like to know what I should do.

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car image   Wheel problem of the 2003 Toyota Sequoia 3
Failure Date: 01/01/2017

My car has 136,000 miles on it, and the issue is rust. The whole bottom frame of the car is completely taken by rust. Its a hazard to drive because it seems like the car will fall apart! please help make Toyota aware of this situation. The car has an abnormal amount of rust!!.

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car image   Wheel problem of the 2001 Toyota Sequoia 4
Failure Date: 11/10/2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015, I was driving down interstate 37 toward corpus christi, TX, and out of the blue my well maintained vehicle had a hard shake/shimmy in the rear end. It rocked my rearend left to right. Very scary. Luckily I had both hands on the wheel. The traction control sensor went off. I braked, thinking maybe I had had a tire go flat quickly. Very scary at 75 mph. Also very lucky that not semi's or vehicles were near me. I turned the Sequoia off and got out to check the tires. There was no problem. I got back in and restarted the vehicle, the traction control lights had gone off, so I started to accelerate back into traffic. . . And the Sequoia went crazy again, rear end shaking, traction control lights going off. It was 8 pm, dark. I was too scared to try driving again, so I called for a tow. I have done some research on similar problems and found there were many. Some people say it is an electronic control sensor. Each wheel has one and maybe one went out causing that wheel to rotate differently from the others, jerking the car around. This is very dangerous! I had been in san antonio, TX rush hour traffic just 3 hours before and had this jerking that caused swerving happened on the downtown highways, someone could have been killed. People should be warned and Toyota should recall vehicles affected, because from my research, there are a lot of affected Sequoias.

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car image   Wheel problem of the 2007 Toyota Sequoia 5
Failure Date: 06/30/2015

I was driving on the free way when I felt my vehicle rattled and a something came off the front driver side tire. I was able to take an exit and safety. I got out and checked the tire and found a 2x5 chunk of rubber was missing from the tire wall and the tire was going flat. When I tried to open the back-hatch to put on the spare tire the hatch latch wouldn't work. Upon closer inspection I found the plastic latch was broker and made it impossible to lower the the spare tire. I was fortunate to be close enough to home to drive it slowly before the tire went completely flat. Upon further investigation I found the latch issue to be a common problem with Sequoia 2002-2007 due to cheap plastic part and with out providing a secondary safety release to open the back-hatch in case of emergency. The dealer is charging $400 - $500 dollars labor to make the repair to a $20 dollar part. . Read more...

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car image   Wheel problem of the 2004 Toyota Sequoia 6
Failure Date: 04/30/2015

Made a left hand turn and the control arm broke off from rusted frame while traveling at about ten mph. Repair center say's the vehicle is a total loss, because the frame is not safe, nothing to re-attach control arm to!.

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car image   Wheel problem of the 2001 Toyota Sequoia 7
Failure Date: 04/24/2015

Tl- the contact owns a 2001 Toyota Sequoia. The contact stated that the check engine warning light illuminated intermittently and that the vehicle went into a limp mode. The contact mentioned that each time the failure recurred the vehicle was extremely slow to pick up speed. The contact stated that while traveling 25 mph, the check engine light illuminated and upon attempting to accelerate to a highway speed to enter the highway the acceleration pedal was pressed and the vehicle would not pick up speed. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who indicated that the part was not available due to not being in production. The dealer told the contact that there were 804 other consumers waiting for the part to be manufactured and that the contact was placed on a waiting list. The vehicle was not repaired and the dealer had the vehicle for several weeks. The manufacturer was notified of the failure and was unable to determine when the part would be in production. The contact was also included in NHTSA campaign id number: 11v148000 (tires) and for years, the dealer did not explain why the recall repair was not completed. The contact was also not able to determine when that recall would be performed. The manufacturer was to respond to the dealer and the contact when the part was available to repair the vehicle but provided no specific date. The approximate failure mileage was 69,000. Dyd.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2001 Toyota Sequoia 8
Failure Date: 04/06/2015

Driving down road and drivers side front end dropped; the vehicle just seized. The ball joint snapped and the tire buckled on the vehicle there was no brakes or steering. Fortunately I had just exited a major highway onto a straight secondary road when this occurred. I feel if this had happened on the highway I would have been in a major accident; which would have included multiple other vehicles as well.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2007 Toyota Sequoia 9
Failure Date: 01/19/2015

On Monday afternoon 1/19/2015 was driving my 2007 Toyota Sequoia 40 mph as I drove my vehicle suddenly dropped on the left side & my tire flew off. Damage was done to my suspension as it scrapped & hit the concrete pavement damage was done to my rim. Now the dealership I purchased the vehicle from is currently working to resolve my issue. What happened to me has happened to many others where they will input your VIN into Toyota system but it does not populate that your vehicle is involved in the recall. Yet they recalled over 500,000 vehicle sold with the defect ball joint. This has cause substanital damage to a perfectly good vehicle.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2002 Toyota Sequoia 10
Failure Date: 10/25/2014

Purchased 4 new firestone wilderness le 265/70/16 tires in July. While driving, noticed vibrating of car around 60 mph. Pulled over and inspected tires. 3 of the 4 tires are missing large chunks of tread. One of the tires has wires and inner tire exposing causing vibration. Unacceptable.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2002 Toyota Sequoia 11
Failure Date: 08/05/2014

The skid control lights come on for no reason the whole car shakes and there is a thumping and grinding noise from the vehicle along with the beeping warning sound. It happens at different speeds sometimes when breaking or turning and losing power. This last a few seconds then the vsc light comes on and the vsc off light and all is ok while lights are on.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2002 Toyota Sequoia 12
Failure Date: 11/29/2013

Since the date indicated (Nov. 29,2013) the track off lights and system in my Sequoia gets activated without road conditions which justify it. I felt a strong noise and lost power and had a dangerous situation because of the sudden stop or loss of acceleration. Took it to Toyota and told sensors and computer needed to be replaced at great cost , but with no guarantee of definite solution. I believe this is a safety issue involving anti- skid and track system which need to be attended to promptly. Can you help?.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2002 Toyota Sequoia 13
Failure Date: 08/05/2013

Vehicle vsc and trac is auto-engaging during a drive without cause. The vehicle will jerk to a side, and a grinding noise will occur until the vehicle comes to a stop. Braking is slow and takes much longer to stop the vehicle. Electronic beeping is also heard throughout. Vsc and trac lights come on and stay on after the incident until the vehicle is turned off.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2002 Toyota Sequoia 14
Failure Date: 05/29/2013

During rush hour, a vehicle before me abruptly stopped. To avoid from hitting them I swerved to the left hitting a wall divider when the front left wheel caved in having me and my family swerve all the way to the right into another sound wall. What I tried to do was hit the brake before going head on into the wall but the gas pedal was stuck causing us to accelerate into the wall. Luckily there were shrubs and bushes to help the car go into a slow as we slid across the wall. I dont know why the gas pedal decide to get stuck and accelerate us into the wall but im hearing from other Sequoia owners that they have had the same problem with their pedals and that needs to be checked out as soon as possible.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2002 Toyota Sequoia 15
Failure Date: 03/16/2013

My wife and I were on the way south I-405 from work to go to the church. I made exit at fairview, and then left on baker street. I felt the steering wheel was very heavy and uncontrollable. The car crashed. There was no other car involved. My breast and head are in pain right now.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2005 Toyota Sequoia 16
Failure Date: 01/31/2013

During application of a spare tire to the rear passenger wheel, 2 of the 6 lug screws snapped off at their base. Additionally, previously repaired rear hatch latching mechanism (Toyota recall) broke again, which does not allow access to release the vehicle's spare tire, mounted under the rear.

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car image   Wheel problem of the 2001 Toyota Sequoia 17
Failure Date: 11/22/2012

Last year my car while traveling at a speed of 50 mph just collapsed. My ball joints fell completely off. My the grace of god I wasn't killed because I was on the interstate. I have since had it repaired but not by a Toyota dealer. At the time as now, all my lights were lit vsc trac, abs etc. I have had this problem throughout having this Toyota and it has been very costly. Now as we speak my car is at a dealer and I can only imagine they will tell me it's the faulty computer chip. I will also have them check for rust since I'm hearing of all these cases of rust. My car has been in tip top shape due to my husbands knowledge of cars. However, some of these reports appear to be incidents beyond our control. I'm lucky to be alive. I guess if I had been killed Toyota would still be denying their product is faulty. I would like Toyota to step up and pay for some of these issues I've had and if my car needs this expensive computer chip. . Abs is engaging my brakes they pay for it. This is the second time I've made a report and I haven't heard anything from Toyota. . .

car image   Wheel problem of the 2002 Toyota Sequoia 18
Failure Date: 05/17/2012

The vsc lights come on when driving, the rear differential seal was completely rusted through and should be on a recall, the frame was on recall and replaced in 2014, but the rear seals were rusted thru and Toyota after costing me thousands does not want to cover rear seals why ? right after the frame was replaced and the Toyota dealer in deerfield beach, FL said the rear differential is also way rusted out and may blow the seals, well they did during a oil change and check. If Toyota knew of the extreme rust on the frame that it was also on the rear differential as confirmed by 3 different mechanics one being Toyota. Toyota wants me to pay $2,000. 00 to fix which is outrageous.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2005 Toyota Sequoia 19
Failure Date: 04/10/2011

I have a Toyota sequioa 4x4 2005 bought nrand new but have problem since then with all tires wearing only the outside wall. . Done 3 sets of tire with alignment going 4th now but issues not resolved. . . And there other sequioa's with similar problem and this thing need to be address. . Dealers and Toyota not responding to this issue. . . Thank you. .

car image   Wheel problem of the 2005 Toyota Sequoia 20
Failure Date: 08/16/2010

A week after a 36000 mile service and not used for a week, when finally driven, minutes into the drive the emergency light and the traction dash lights came. When taken to dealer, was informed it was the brake booster and computer. I'm baffled this unit(s) would need replacing at 36 thousand miles. Not to mention that the first dealer's visit two wheel studs were placed due to rust. It's very disturbing not knowing what might happen next. The vehicle is used only for long distance trekking.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2004 Toyota Sequoia 21
Failure Date: 06/01/2010

The entire frame is rusting including the rear differential, suspension and other structural component. The dealer sprayed on a liquid tar but now that is falling off with the rust which was sprayed over.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2004 Toyota Sequoia 22
Failure Date: 09/17/2009

Wheel of Toyota Sequoia broke down .

car image   Wheel problem of the 2003 Toyota Sequoia 23
Failure Date: 02/04/2009

While driving along at city street speeds, during dry weather, on paved roads, my vsc trac and trac off lights come on. No other warning lights come on. Then a buzzer sounds for about 3 seconds. Then at the same time, a strange grinding sound comes from underneath the car, and the brakes seem to start working for no reason. I quickly pull over, turn off the car. I check the outside of the car and see no indication of running over anything. I then start the car and all the lights are back to normal (off). This happens about 2-3 times a month, for about a month or 2 now. I have not been able to determine any problems.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2008 Toyota Sequoia 24
Failure Date: 10/15/2008

Full size spare tire does not fit over front wheels if vehicle is equipped with the optional trd brake package because the calipers are larger. Toyota states that in the event of a front flat, the solution is to remove a rear tire, place the spare on the rear then remove the flat front tire and replace it with the rear tire. Toyota refused to replace the original spare with one that fits on the front.

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car image   Wheel problem of the 2001 Toyota Sequoia 25
Failure Date: 10/17/2006

With all the complaints about Toyotas, I thought I should file my complaint about my 2001 Toyota Sequoia. I was driving down the freeway at 70 mph when my front right wheel suddenly flew off! the car slammed down on to the pavement and luckily there were no other cars on the road in wyoming. The pins that the lug nutsscrew on to were all sheered off.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2004 Toyota Sequoia 26
Failure Date: 07/12/2006

Car had had all applicable services and maintenance. Out of warranty due to high mileage. No problems prior. Noticed noise in front suspension of car. While driving in center lane of freeway on the way to the mechanic, ball joints failed and drivers side front wheel buckled under the car. Miraculously, we were able to get car off of freeway with no injury or damage. Understand there is an outstanding recall of 775,000 vehicles including Sequoia's of our year for this problem. We called Toyota who refused to pay for our repairs twice based on the VIN number of our vehicle. We appealed through our dealer and were refused again by Toyota. Today, our mechanic informed us that he had two more Sequoias with front noise that he referred to Toyota dealerships. Both cars had the universal joints repaired by the dealerships free. Meanwhile, we had to pay more than $2,000 for repairs and have received no assistance or acknowledgement from Toyota. If this problem occurred for 775,000 other vehicles including our make and model, surely our problem should be included.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2006 Toyota Sequoia 27
Failure Date: 12/01/2005

2006 Toyota Sequoia, sr5; dunlop at20 grandtrek tires, p265/65r17; 4k miles; since new, vehicle has a shimmy starting at 32 mph and beyond; dealership has inspected 3 times, reportedly re-balancing wheels once and equalized all tire pressures. Problem not solved! test drove another like vehicle, similar problem. Other same vehicles' owners have similar complaints. Reported to Toyota customer service; no resolution! please advise of any similar problems with tires/rims/vehicle/warping of drive axle, etc. Thank you.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2003 Toyota Sequoia 28
Failure Date: 07/27/2005

I have had my rotors and brake pads changed a few times due to a conspicuous issue with my vehicle. At braking times during any slight "hard" stop, coming from either highway or street speeds the vehicle starts to vibrate on the front end. Tires seem to be wobbly and shake quite a bit. Nearly had a few accidents due to this phenomena. Have taken my vehicle in for servicing at reputable repair shops and have had rotors "cut" and new brake pads installed frequently. Have even had to buy new tires, even though not needed, based on dealer recommendation. Seems there is an issue with these Toyota vehicles after having done some research and spoken to a few other Sequoia owners. Catastrophic brake failure is a possibility on these vehicles. Will it take an injury or even a death to finally have someone delve into this issue?.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2002 Toyota Sequoia 29
Failure Date: 10/06/2004

While driving, the front drivers side wheel came completely off the vehicle. The consumer stated that there was some type of pole sticking out. The consumer had the vehicle towed. Toyota told the consumer there was nothing they could do. Please provide any further information.

car image   Wheel problem of the 2002 Toyota Sequoia 30
Failure Date: 10/22/2003

While driving at 45 mph a very strong vibration, suddenly the front driver side wheel came off the vehicle. The vehicle crashed, serious injuries to the driver. The air bags systems never activated. The computer have an impact code, but the air bags didn't deploy.

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