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Automatic Transmission Column Shift Problems of Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna owners have reported 5 problems related to automatic transmission column shift (under the power train category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Toyota Sienna based on all problems reported for the Sienna.

car image   Automatic Transmission Column Shift problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna 1
Failure Date: 07/05/2010

The contact owns a 2005 Toyota Sienna. The contact turned the ignition off, and the gear selector was shifted into the park position. Suddenly, the vehicle lunged forward without warning. When pressure was applied to the brake pedal there was no power response. When the emergency brake was engaged, the vehicle came to a stop. The contact inspected the vehicle and detected that the gear shift cable had disengaged, possibly when encountering a bump in the road. The manufacturer and an authorized dealer were notified of the failure. In addition, the speedometer would display an inaccurate reading at various speeds. The vehicle had not been repaired when the complaint was filed. The failure mileage was 114,000. The VIN was unavailable.

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car image   Automatic Transmission Column Shift problem of the 2002 Toyota Sienna 2
Failure Date: 06/05/2010

The contact owns a 2002 Toyota Sienna. The contact stated while driving in reverse at unknown speeds, the shifter lever broke. The contact applied the emergency brake to completely stop the vehicle. The contact was only able to drive to his residence while in reverse. The contact then removed the steering column in order to move the shifter to neutral. The manufacturer would not provide any assistance. The contact was concerned with the possibility of the failure occurring at highway speeds. The failure mileage was 78,000.

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car image   Automatic Transmission Column Shift problem of the 2004 Toyota Sienna 3
Failure Date: 05/10/2007

My husband noticed the 2004 Toyota Sienna moving in the driveway and found that the automatic transmission shifted out of park. He then played around with it and found that it can be shifted out of park without depressing the brake. I took it to the local Toyota dealership and was told that something broke off inside and would cost around $700 to fix it. They then said that my children must have broken it off swinging from the shifter. I responded that I really didn't think that my children did such a thing and the customer service rep admitted that they're probably not strong enough to break it anyhow. Thiswas very dangerous.

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car image   Automatic Transmission Column Shift problem of the 2003 Toyota Sienna 4
Failure Date: 08/23/2004

While in park vehicle shifted out of park into reverse. Consumer managed to turn off the vehicle from the passenger's side. Dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. . . . . Vehicle wa sin park and not running. Consumer went to turn off motor from the passenger's side and vehicle went into reverse, as consumer backed out after checking the gear shift to be sure it was srill in park position. The front doorknocked consumer down when he tried to get out of the vehicle. While lying on the ground the front wheel on the right left side of consumer. He sustained several broken ribs, road rash to right leg, burns on arms, side and leg. Was hospitalized and had physical therapy.

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car image   Automatic Transmission Column Shift problem of the 2001 Toyota Sienna 5
Failure Date: 04/14/2001

Car rolled uphill while in neutral into the garage from the driveway. I injured my l knee as I was trying to get back in the car to stop it by being pinned by the drivers door as it hit a steel support post in the garage.

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