Exterior Rearview Mirror Problems of Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna owners have reported 3 problems related to exterior rearview mirror (under the visibility category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Toyota Sienna based on all problems reported for the Sienna.

car image   Exterior Rearview Mirror problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna 1
Failure Date: 10/24/2006

Side mirrors break very easily, and spray a type of antifreeze on the side of the vehicle. This antifreeze stains/corrodes the paint permanently, requiring a paint job. On a minivan, this costs upwards of $1500-2000, as the entire side of the van was splattered. I simply bumped mirrors at a very low speed on a narrow street, the glass shattered, and the antifreeze sprayed the car. The main housing of the mirror was not damaged, illustrating that this was in fact a very minor and small impact. It's bad enough that it caused the glass in the mirror to break, but to cause a $2000 repair is very bad. Dealership reported others have had this issue as well. Cars are judged in part by how expensive they are to repair in a minor collision. This wasn't even a true collision!.

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car image   Exterior Rearview Mirror problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna 2
Failure Date: 11/09/2005

2005 Toyota Sienna van defective side view mirrors that can break easily from minor vibration or bumping the mirror housing. Three small plastic securing posts will break causing the actual mirror with it motor attached, to fall out of its housing and rendering it absolutely useless and irreparable. 1. Backing out of garage and brushed the mirror housing against the door frame very lightly. The mirror housing pivoted only with slight vibration and the entire mirror with its motor attached fell out completely. . The mirror , intact with the motor, could not be re-inserted. On inspection of the housing it was found that a piece of plastic with only three flimsy small diameter plastic post arising from it were responsible for holding the entire mirror and motor fractured off at their small bases 2. Failure of the mirror to withstand a small impact when the mirror was designed to pivot back and forth to reduce breaking off the entire mirror. Unable to drive the car safely . Inability to see backing up and seeing cars on road. Impossible to adjust mirror or purchase parts from dealer 3. Unable to buy inexpensive plastic part to fix mirror immediately . Entire mirror sold as an unit at a exorbitant $485, labor $118 and wait 5 days for part. . When complaining to service people about the mirror breaking they stated it happens quite often in car washes. Old part at home and it looks like it could have been glued back in place with proper glue or broken part replaced for dollars , not close to $600. There is no excuse for not being able to replace this plastic part or attempt gluing and making it even stronger.

car image   Exterior Rearview Mirror problem of the 2005 Toyota Sienna 3
Failure Date: 05/01/2005

Driver side mirror shakes vigorously during high speed traveling (65 mph) making unsafe for changing lanes or especially at night, it will disturbs the driver with bouncing lights.

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