Unknown Or Other Problems of Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna owners have reported 191 unknown or other related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common unknown or other problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's unknown or other (191 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Toyota Sienna

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

Making left turn into parking spot. The car was going very slowly then all of a sudden the vehicle exhibited an unintended acceleration. Vehicle was abruptly steered in opposite direction to avoid collision with car parked in front and applied brakes aggressively. Incident happened in elementary school parking lot. Fortunately, no one was in the immediate vicinity. Vehicle taken to Toyota dealer and was unable to find problem or replicate it.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

Cpsc#i1260525a. 2005 Toyota Sienna. Consumer stated about two years she started have problems with the drivers door on her Mini van. Also she stated she got it fix and it's giving her problems again.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

In may of 2011 I purchased a Toyota Sienna 8 passenger that has been reclassified in Nov 2011 from 1550 lb cargo and passenger capacity. To 1325 that renders it non compatible, for which I had bought the vehicle for. Therefore it has caused and renders this what was 8 passenger and value to decrease. This is clearly a miss representation of sale,and customers should be compensated or a fix to restore this classification should be issued. I have contacted both Toyota and dealer to my regret no solution for this problem is available but if one were to put 8 passenger and cargo, skip the cargo or luggage 8 x's adults @190= 1520 who would be held accountable????.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

The power sliding door on the driver's side would not close; its cables held the door in the open position. I was unable to make the door operate manually with the frayed and jammed cables. The car could not be operated safely without the door properly closed.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

The passenger power sliding door began making a terrible noise. When we looked into the matter, we saw that the mechanism that controls this is a cable that is exposed to the elements. The cable had rusted and snapped. This is obviously a very poor design and should be recalled.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

Started vehicle and air bag warning light began flashing. Looked online and found hundreds of other 2006 Sienna owners have same problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

Faulty rear liftgate struts. In 50 degree weather, struts fail and door drops and automatically continues to close. Problem is ongoing. No injury.

Unknown Or Other problem #8

Power sliding door was stuck halfway open, and would not open more nor close. Looking inside the door machinery I could see the metal cable was frayed and material was stuck in the works, preventing the door from moving in either direction. I was able to force the door closed because we needed to transport children home. But now the door cannot open, and is unsafe. From searching online, now I see that this is a problem that thousands of Sienna customers have encountered.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

The passenger side power sliding door became stuck in the open position and would not close. The manual override does not work; it simply would not close. Using a great deal of force, we finally got it closed after arriving home, but now we cannot open it.

Unknown Or Other problem #10

Water accumulating in fold-down compartment for third row seats. Standing water noticed under carpet. Dealership unable to replicate leak.

Unknown Or Other problem #11

While driving west in I-88 in new york, between exits 1 and 2, our rear end completely locked up. We were able to get the car onto the shoulder, but in doing so, we hit the concrete wall causing some body damage.

Unknown Or Other problem #12

After pulling out of the driveway and driving forward less than 100 yds, the vehicle began to pull left and right as if vehicle stability control were taking over. Very shortly after, the vehicle came to an abrupt stop with brakes seemingly applied on their own (power brake assist?). The screen lit up with the following warnings, "check abs," "check vsc," and "check brake system," followed by "have your vehicle checked by dealer. " the abs, vsc, emergency brake, and check engine lights on the dash came on as well. Upon taking a look under the hood, we also discovered what appeared to be an oil leak at the head gasket. The vehicle was taken to the dealer and a Toyota engineer was flown in to help diagnose the problem. The result was they cleared the codes, wiped up the oil, and said there was nothing wrong with the car. About a day and a half later, the exact same thing happened again with the vehicle pulling, warning lights, etc. This time, the dealership said that they found "hard" codes and that the floor wire harness needed to be replaced. The vehicle has now been out of service for 16 days. We shall see whether the wire harness fixes the problem. The dealer said they put dye in the engine oil to try to detect a leak. Not sure why they didn't investigate the problem while the oil was sitting there. It was very obvious where the leak was.

Unknown Or Other problem #13

Both of the sliding doors on my 2004 Toyota Sienna have stopped working. First, the cable snapped on the passenger side, then the driver side got locked in an open position. After much struggle, each time we were able to close the broken door in order to safely drive to the dealership to get it fixed. Both times, we were told we needed to replace the door for $2000. The dealer told us that they are seeing alot of people with the same issues. Seems like Toyota should be providing a manual solution or a recall if it's really as widespread as the dealer indicated - essentially, the van is unsafe to drive with doors stuck in an open position.

Unknown Or Other problem #14

I bought a 2006 Toyota Sienna le awd for my special needs daughter . The sliding door snapped a cable and wouldn't open. ,so I had to crawl in from other side to get her out,that was not a easy task b/c she is immobile and could not help me with getting her out of special carseat and brace. . I think this should be Toyota's job to replace or at least help with replacing,if not I will never purchase or recommend this van to anyone. . I had her special seat on that side just for that reason and I will file a claim with this. .

Unknown Or Other problem #15

Air bag light on instrument panel flashes on and off; took it to the dealer, which determined was a defective air bag sensor, which needs to be replaced along with the air bag and airbag harness under the driver's seat. Total estimate for the pair including labor: $3000.

Unknown Or Other problem #16

The motor in the power sliding door burnt out. The pulley cable got caught and overheated the motor. Now the door is stuck in the open position the pulley cable is taught and it will not close.

Unknown Or Other problem #17

Both sliding doors worked only intermittently. Then driver's side door got stuck open and we had to drive with the alarm blaring. Could not get the door open or shut. Approx 3 days later, the passenger sliding door got stuck shut and when I tried to open it I heard a loud sound. The cable snapped and the door is stuck shut. Our kids had to get in and out of the van by going in the front door and climbing around to the back. If there is a reason to need to get out of the van quickly they will not be able to do so. This is an ongoing issue w/ Siennas and is a big problem that needs to be addressed.

Unknown Or Other problem #18

Automatic sliding door left and right are not operational. Only works manually.

Unknown Or Other problem #19

Transmission went out; needs complete replacement. 2008 vehicle with only 78,000 miles should not have this problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #20

Passenger side automatic sliding door requires manual force to assist electric motor during opening and closing. Door appears out of vertical alignment and impacts car frame during opening procedure. Exposed metal occurs where door has rubbed paint off of frame.

Unknown Or Other problem #21

Sliding side door does not latch. I have see thousands of complaints and still no recall. $2500 dollars to repair.

Unknown Or Other problem #22

Our 2005 Toyota Sienna's power side door broke at 127,000 miles. The cable that is attached to a motor inside the door snapped. The only thing wrong is the cable. But, you can't purchase just the cable. You have to purchase the whole motor/cable assembly for $1,100 just for parts directly from Toyota!!!! that doesn't include labor to install it!!!!! apparently this is a common problem for many Sienna owners and Toyota should be forced to make a recall to fix the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #23

After returning from a short drive the driver-side sliding door (not powered) will not open at all. The lock won't move to the locked position, and it appears to not be unlocked either.

Unknown Or Other problem #24

Power doors frozen -weather in the 30 degrees fahrenheight. Our Toyota 2005 limited Sienna's power doors, both sides, are "frozen" and won't open when the weather is in the 30's fahrenheight. You can hear the motor trying to open the door but won't move. Somtimes the door latch releases just enough to turn the door open light on in the car and you can't close or open to fix the problem. Other times the door just doesn't open even when you hear it trying to open. When driving the kids to school they have to enter through the front doors and climb over into the rear seats. They have to do the same to get our of the vehicle. When the car warms up the doors work. Dangerous situation for getting kids/rear passengers out of the car. We have applied wd-40 to the parts and still getting the problem. Serious safety issue that Toyota needs to correct.

Unknown Or Other problem #25

We recently purchased this vehicle and are very disappointed in the quality of the power doors. After owning it for about 2 months the door just broke. The cost to fix it is $1800. 00 plus tax. We have discovered that this seems to be an issue for many other Toyota owners. It seems that it is was poorly designed and it would be more than nice if Toyota would do a recall for this situation. It is a very expensive issue to fix and takes away one of the nicest features of the vehicle to not have the power door work. My hope is that with all the complaints out there we can get Toyota to own up to this mistake and reimburse us for having to fix this inevitable problem. Thanks for your help in this matter.

Unknown Or Other problem #26

Sliding door motor failure. Door failed to close. Had to drive with side door open!.

Unknown Or Other problem #27

At approximately the same time, days apart, both sliding doors stopped working. The left door would beep continuously indicating that it was ajar. With some grease and help from a mechanic, this problem resolved but has happened twice since. Two days later, the sliding door on the right made a horrible scratching sound when closing. When the door was opened a second time, the cable snapped. From what I understand, it is quite costly to repair this. I love my Toyota, but I am not willing to spend upwards of $1500 to fix a problem that evidently is an issue with other owners of Siennas. I am hoping that Toyota would consider a recall as there is an obvious flaw in the door mechanism causing the cable to break.

Unknown Or Other problem #28

The driver's side door check strap is failing. My understanding is that it has to do with the failure of welds where the strap connects to the door. There have been other complaints I have seen on line of similar failures. Some as early as 35,000 miles into the van's life. The repair for this defect is expensive and requires the re-welding of the strap to the internal portion of the door.

Unknown Or Other problem #29

The passenger side door (automatic) does not close. It will attempt to close itself but will stop just before closing. The door will pause for 1-2 seconds and then re-open and stay in the open position. Multiple attempts have the same effect. Disconnecting the battery does not resolve the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #30

The sliding passenger suddenly failed to operate. Can not even manually close the door. Appears to be an issue with cable. Had to drive home with the door open. Very unsafe with little children in the vehicle! there was no way to manually override this issue either!.

Unknown Or Other problem #31

Passanger power sliding door not working properly. Passanger side power sliding door opens on its own. Passanger power sliding door will not close on its own. Toyota dealer diagnost as power sliding door motor and cable failure. The cost was quoted at $1700. This is a safety concern because when the door is manually closed it will just automaticly open when driving down the road.

Unknown Or Other problem #32

Vehicle was in park on a flat street. I wanted to move the vehicle forward, so I depressed the brake, and began shifting the (automatic) shifter to drive. The gear shift lever never made it to the drive position. As I moved the lever, the car shot backwards, striking a vehicle behind me with tremendous force. I have had the same model car for over 7 years and never had this happen. I cannot figure out how or why the car accelerated (forcefully) in reverse as I was shifting into drive.

Unknown Or Other problem #33

Power sliding door locks and wont open. Its a simple power door lock, when malfunction, no one can open the door, and its serious risk hazard. Toyota dealer charges $700 to repair a door because they say the warranty over after 30k miles.

Unknown Or Other problem #34

Both of my manual sliding doors on this vehicle will not open from either the inside or outside. I went to Toyota of on 9/10/11 with the passenger side not opening-this has been an ongoing problem for years. They denied being able to fix it on a goodwill policy despite the chronic problems. By the time I returned home from the dealership, the driver's side sliding door no longer opens. Now I have to transport 6 children in my van and both sliding doors won't open. They have to enter/exit from the front seat/rear hatch-major safety issue. The dealership wants $650 per door to fix the problem-$ I don't have. I am furious and frustrated-will never buy Toyota again-we didn't opt for the electric door so that we would avoid door problems-now what?.

Unknown Or Other problem #35

Power slidding door cable broke due to the fact it is exposed to the elements of the rain and snow and ice causing the cable to rust and break door will not open this is a safty issue Toyota needs to address this issue if there was an accident the could be deadly for my family if they can't get out!!!!!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #36

Power door stopped working - would barely open or close, if at all. Toyota told me it would cost over $3000 to fix the one power door. I asked them if they could disable it, at which point they cut the cable. I have since found out there is a way to do this without damaging the car door. Have since researched this on the web and have seen that the power doors on this model Siennas have a lot of problems similar to this. The door is now so heavy and fast to close I am more worried than ever about my children using it. If their hand/arm/leg ever got in the way it would easily be crushed.

Unknown Or Other problem #37

The powered sliding door was stuck halfway open. I shut the power to the door off using the button by the steering wheel and tried to closed the door, resulting in a small piece of metal snapping off and just missing my eye. There is cable that the door slides on that is damaged and frayed. This is preventing the door from opening and closing properly, even manually. The dealer wants $1200 to repair the door, or $150 to remove the power and use the door manually.

Unknown Or Other problem #38

The motor on the sliding power door failed. I called Toyota and was told I would have to pay to repair it. I have an extended warranty on my car but it is not a covered component.

Unknown Or Other problem #39

2005 Toyota Sienna rear auto hatch safety reverse mechanism does not stop the closing of the door when encountering an object, hand or body part or when attempts are made to stop the closing of the door. Door continues to close under power that cannot be reversed/stopped. This defect/problem could conceivably be a serious and potentially fatal hazard if a child was exiting the rear cargo compartment and the door was in the process of closing. A hand or arm in the door gap would not be sufficient to stop the closing of the door I believe although it would be quite stupid to attempt this situation since strong resistance by hand cannot reverse the closing of the door. This problem just started in August 2011.

Unknown Or Other problem #40

Left rear sliding door on my Sienna (2005) does not open at all. When I push the button to open the door, the door will attempt to open but will not open. I can't even open the door manually. I am experiencing problems with my right rear sliding door as well. The door opens but will not close on its own. It is just a matter of time before the door fails as well. In the event of an emergency I would not be able to get my kids out quickly. This is a scary thought because I have three small children that are latched into car seats and boosters.

Unknown Or Other problem #41

Total failure of rear liftgate struts (manual liftgate). Cannot support weight of liftgate; liftgate drops immediately when released. Similar to problem in recall 08v244000 for Sienna power rear liftgate struts.

Unknown Or Other problem #42

Cable on the automatic door snapped and the door is inoperable and unsafe. It will cost $1500 to fix. The van is only 6 years old.

Unknown Or Other problem #43

The passenger side sliding door has a middle hinge that now sags and prevents the door from closing or opening properly. Often, the passenger side is the safest side to exit the van, and without this door opening or closing properly, the more dangerous driver's side door must be used.

Unknown Or Other problem #44

2007 Toyota Sienna engine stopped, and failed to start withint about 15 minutes afterwards at hot weather above 95f with air conditioning on.

Unknown Or Other problem #45

My power sliding door is stuck closed. This happened after it opened properly using the power button, but when I closed it, it stopped halfway. After several attempts using the power buttons to close it, as well as turning off the power door feature, it still wouldn't close. Since I was out with my 2 children, I forced it closed with the help of someone else. Now it won't open, manually or powered, and I am afraid of doing more damage to the vehicle by trying to force it open.

Unknown Or Other problem #46

2011 Sienna le rear view mirror vibrates while car engine is turned on and when car is in driving vibrate to the point that makes a person dizzy. Spoke to boch Toyota service regarding this safty concern, but we were told that the vibration on the mirror comes with a car design, not a malfunctional part, refuse to replace or attemp to solve the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #47

Automatic door will not latch closed manually or automatically.

Unknown Or Other problem #48

My 2005 Toyota Sienna the upper dashboard(by the windshield & front airbags is cracking. I am highly concerned that these cracks will interfere with proper deployment of the front airbags in an accident situation. Also the upper dashboard may break apart in an accident situation and become airborne causing further injury to vehicle passengers. I have contacted Toyota and was told it was only covered for 36,000 miles or 3 years despite the fact it can pose a safety issue. In researching the internet, I found other 2004-2007 Toyota Sienna and other people work to the same problems with the cracked dashboard and the warranty not cover.

Unknown Or Other problem #49

Purchased a 2011 Toyota Sienna limited on June 25th. Next morning, after the car had been in dry weather and garaged overnight, I pulled it out to find the entire rear storage area by the back door was soaking wet with water standing in puddles and the rear welds corroded. It is apparent the water has been there for some time. After wringing out 4 beach towels, I put an industrial fan on it for 5 hours. It's still wet.

Unknown Or Other problem #50

My complaint involves the Toyota Sienna minivan (mine is a 2007). I believe Toyota is aware of a defect in the rear ac lines which causes them to prematurely corrode near the rear axle. This causes a release of the refrigerant into the atmosphere and mandates the lines be replaced by the owner at a cost of app. $1200. My vehicle was purchased new in may 2007 and has 45k miles- no accidents, always properly maintained. This van was recently recalled for excess corrosion in the spare tire carrier which causes the spare tire to fall out. The following is a quote from their press release: the recall includes certain 1998 through 2010 model year Sienna 2wd vehicles equipped with a spare tire and operated in cold climate areas with high road salt use. In addition to the district of columbia, vehicles currently registered in the following cold climate states with high road salt usage are covered by this recall: connecticut, delaware, illinois, indianna, kentucky, massachusetts, maryland, maine, michigan, minnesota, new hampshire, new jersey, new york, ohio, pennsylvania, rhode island, virginia, vermont, wisconsin and west virginia. The corrosion resistance of the spare tire carrier in insufficient when vehicles are operated in areas where a large amount of road salt is applied. In the worst case, the carrier cable may fail and the spare tire could become separated from the vehicle. . . The dealership service rep (sunnyside Toyota of north olmsted, ohio) stated to me that he sees this failure very often, and the parts dept. Keeps the parts in stock due to frequency of replacement. The replacement parts have not be improved and carry the same part #. I called Toyota's customer care line and was told they would not provide any assistance. Please search online for others with the same problem- there are many. R134a refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere is a severe environmental problem and Toyota should be held responsible for repairs and costs to consumers.

Unknown Or Other problem #51

Have had the sliding door looked out & "re-set" 4 times. If we pull the door a little, it will close, but will not open or close with any button (front panel, key fob or side panel). Today it started to close on my child & she couldn't get it to stop, her backpack strap was caught on the seat. Pretty scary. Right now the kids are climbing in through the front passenger door. Also, about 1/2 the time even with manually closing the door, it remains open & will beep when I put it in gear, so I have to jump out & go push it closed.

Unknown Or Other problem #52

Passenger side automatic sliding door failed to open when using remote as well as when it was manually attempted to open. Good thing we have one manual sliding door. . . Though this door is automatically locked when gas tank door is open.

Unknown Or Other problem #53

My 2004 Toyota Sienna xle driver door weld is broken. The passenger door window only opens half way and sometimes the door does not open all the way because of the broken weld. At first it was only a popping sound coming from the weld and then the piece broke. Now the door gets jammed occasionally.

Unknown Or Other problem #54

The power door fails and will not close automatically. It seems to get lodged and subsequently stuck open. The power motor tries to move it but fails and stays open. You have to lift and assist to get the automatic feature to engage.

Unknown Or Other problem #55

2004 Toyota Sienna. Left side, driver side power sliding door will not close-motor failure.

Unknown Or Other problem #56

Toyota Sienna 2004 le - rear door struts (manual) failed causing the door to drop (free fall). Very lucky that my kids were not around at that time.

Unknown Or Other problem #57

Lift gate struts on 2009 Toyota Sienna have failed meaning that the rear door does not hold itself up when opened. There are two struts and both have failed. The struts must be replaced at a cost of about $200 each for a total of $400.

Unknown Or Other problem #58

Electrical failure the clock loses time when you turn off engine then when you start engine it will give you warning to check vsc , srs airbag is off , radio is off too. The autimatic lock is not functioning we have to lock doors manually. This is frustrating because we have a brand new car!!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #59

Toyota Sienna 2006 rear back door lift struts failed suddenly. I was visiting lake tahoe and when I was taking the luggae off, suddenly the door came down, luckily myself and kids were away otherwise it might have fallen on either me or my kids, I reported this to Toyota dealer after my trip and they say it is normal wear and tear and will cost me 450 bugs to replace the struts. My worry is it should not fall suddenly, fix it by recall if some kids come between the door then it might be very dangerous. I feel the too cold weather is the culprit.

Unknown Or Other problem #60

2008 Toyota Sienna le my son - who has autism had accidentally zipped his jacket over his seat belt. He got scared and asked me to help him - so I opening our automatic sliding door (driver side) to help him unzip the jacket. While I stood there trying to get his jacket unzipped - the sliding door started to close and proceeding to slam into me 4 times before it backed off (I am pregnant - 26 weeks at the time). It has on other occasions automatically shut without us activating this. This scared me - as I also have a 3 year old and of course am pregnant - what if it was my 3 year old standing there while the door slammed into him continually? I have read numerious complaints about this online from other Sienna owners and would like to have this investigated. The door should not be closing all on it's own - and it should not slam into a person or object 4 times before it backs off.

Unknown Or Other problem #61

While trying to park my 2010 Toyota Sienna with one foot on the brake the vehicle accelerated into a sign post and into the vacuum at the car wash. The vehicle's brakes went soft and unresponsive even with both feet on the pedal, it only stopped when it could not go any further and I was able to put the vehicle in neutral. There was damage to the driver side front quarter panel as well as property damage. I simply could not stop the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #62

We have a 2011 toyata Sienna xle that has acceleration issues. While in cruise control, when the vehicle needs to accelerate to regain speed or up a slope, the engine races to 5000-5500 rpm before speeding up. Also, on some left turns the engine nearly dies. The dealer says the engine racing problem is normal and part of the engineering. Big problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #63

Door makes a popping sound when opened. Resulting in the door to open further then normal when ajar. Now the door is at the point where it won't open all the way and the window will not roll down completely. I read some posts online and apparently the issue has been acknowledged by Toyota but they have not yet recalled the car for this problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #64

Wheel rims on 2006 Sienna are deteriorating with bubbling of alloy wheels appearing on rims. Bubbling is occurring throughout wheels and not in one area.

Unknown Or Other problem #65

The incident occurred while I was driving from ohio to florida, on spring break. I was the sole adult in the vehicle with my two daughters, who were riding in the middle seats. We had traveled all day and had stopped in lake city, FL to fill up with gas. When we got back on the highway (I-75), my daughter told me she was hot. It was just after 8 pm and the sun had set. Not wanting to turn on the air conditioner, I told her I would open the rear vent windows to move air through the car. I pushed the button to open the rear vent windows, and the window on the passenger side flew off the van. I heard the noise, and my daughter yelled that the window was gone. I looked in my rear view mirror to see the window sailing through the air in the draft of the van. Then it crashed and shattered all over the highway. We were very lucky that no one was traveling directly behind us. I slowed down and waited for any cars traveling behind me to pass and to see if anyone was going to pull over. No one stopped, and there was no reason for me to go back for the shattered window. I would like to note that I was not traveling at an excessive speed. Thankfully my van was the only car involved and no one got hurt. One expectation that I have when I buy a car is that the windows won’t fly off when I open them during normal operation, no matter how old the car is. My car has never been in an accident, and further more it had just been in the dealership for the 90k maintenance and body check.

Unknown Or Other problem #66

What I asked Toyota to do is repair my driver side door due to a known defect. Late model Toyota Sienna minivans have manufacturing defects that Toyota is not willing to address. Toyota Siennas are prone to door popping when opening and closing due to broken door welds. I am told after the fact there was a Toyota technical service bulletin that was issued to the Toyota dealership that was not brought to my attention. This bulletin extended out the repair of this defect by five years to 2009. When the problem surfaced on my Sienna in February, 2011, I was told the Toyota district management would not fix this defect because it was past the extended warranty period of 2009. Toyota management refuses to correct this known defect. My escalation has been documented in Toyota reference number 1103311750 to the Toyota.

Unknown Or Other problem #67

On the automatic sliding door on the passenger side, there are two cables that assist with the motor mechanism. One of the cables is exposed to the outside and got corroded. This cable snapped and prevented the door from opening. The internal cable then slid off its track and fell between the sliding door and the body of the vehicle, further jamming the door and scratching the paint. The biggest concern is that in the event of an accident, this faulty mechanism can prevent the occupants from escaping the vehicle if there is a dangerous situation. The sliding door cable design and the backup mechanism is flawed and dangerous.

Unknown Or Other problem #68

2004 Toyota Sienna: automatic sliding door fails to open or only opens intermittently. In 2008 I spent over $1000 to have this exact problem fixed and it is happening again. The passenger slidinging door will not open, whether in the automatic mode or if changed to manual. This not only shouldn't happen, but is a safety hazard. If I were in an accident and my kids were in the car - they would not be able to get out of the car. Toyota has not taken responsibility for this problem. There are over 500 posts on edmunds. Com about the exact same problem! it is about time to do something about this!!!!.

Unknown Or Other problem #69

Passenger side power sliding door will not open/close. It is stuck in the close position. The door will not open manually. When the buttons are pushed to open with the power system, I can hear the door-motor run, the door attempts to open, but when it does not open the door-motor shuts off.

Unknown Or Other problem #70

Power sliding door fails to close completely due to frayed cable. Repair requires complete replacement of cables, hinge, and motor by Toyota, which will cost $1700. Many Siennas have this problem. Toyota show repair these as a recall, but refused to do so on my van.

Unknown Or Other problem #71

We have a 2004 Toyota Sienna, which we bought new. Very often we've had both rear sliding doors frozen shut when it gets cold. If we attempt to open one of the doors, the motor opens it a fraction of an inch and then won't close again completely so that we have to drive with the door not entirely closed. I don't feel that I can have my child in the back safely with this situation, not to mention the inconvenience of having to climb over seats to get in and out. I will not take it on the highway with any passengers for fear the door will suddently open on the highway without warning. This appears to be a problem with many 2004 Sienna vans and it should be a safety recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #72

Coming up to an intersection, car kept accellerating as I lifted my foot off of the gas pedal, had to push hard on the brake as engine continued to rev, placed in neutral, depressed gas pedal a couple more times, engine quit reving. Discovered that anchors for the driver's side floor mat had come out of the carpet and allowed the floor mat to creep up affecting the gas pedal. Removed the mat, took to local Toyota dealer who said there was no recall regarding the Sienna floor mats, the dealer replaced the 2 rings in the carpet used to anchor at my cost, one anchor became dislodged again within a day. Seems that there is some type of defect in the engineering of that ring used to sandwhich/secure into the carpet.

Unknown Or Other problem #73

I want to report a scary incident occurred yesterday with my minivan. On 2/11/2011, at about 7 am, I started by Toyota Sienna to send my son to his high school, I heard strange noise. It sounds like not all the cylinders were runnung. The car was not powerful as usual. I tried to turn off my van, by turning the key to stop and taking key out. The can did not stop. I inserted the key to start again, it still had the noise. I drove my son to his high school any, which is less than a mile away. After dropping him off at the school, I drove back to home. When I was close to my I saw the temperature meter was midway. When I got to home, I stopped my car in front of my house, took the key out. The engine was still running. I opened the hood, saw smoke came out from the engine area. Although no flame was started, I used my house fire distinguished to put out the smoke. Then the engine stopped. The car died in front of my house on my drive way. I reported this incident to Toyota today.

Unknown Or Other problem #74

Stopped in left turn lane and hit head on by another vehicle at about 30-35 mph. Air bags did not deploy and seat belt retractor failed resulting in severe injury to sternum and ribs.

Unknown Or Other problem #75

2007 Toyota Sienna xle at the three year age, the rear bungee's that move the rear hatch up and down began to fail. Toyota reluctantly (out of warranty) replaced. Prior to, the hatch would fall continually and strike our heads. In the six months since, the hatch has stayed up but I feel the new bungee's are too strong. Now the automatic closing feature has failed. You have to really pull on the hatch to close. Toyota denies any "history" of issues with the hatch sytem on our vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #76

I have a Toyota Sienna 2004 le model. 2 weeks back my back door (hatch back) started closing down without any resistance. The back door struts have stopped working. The back door pretty much fell on my childs back. I called Toyota but they wouldn't do anything about it. My Toyota reference number is 1103101789.

Unknown Or Other problem #77

June 2007 took our Sienna to dealer for warranty repair. The passenger door was making a popping noise and would not stay open when parked facing downhill. Dealer cleaned the latch mechanism and the door worked for a month. We returned to the dealer for additional warranty repair in sept. 2007. They again cleaned mechanism but replaced no parts. The automatic slider door ceased working shortly after this. We continued to use both slider doors in manual mode until January 2011. The passenger door failed to seal and latch in a closed position with the body of the van. We drove 70 miles to the dealer where they were able to get the door to close but informed us that the door hinge and latch mechanism needed to be replaced. We returned 7 days later to have the repairs done and we were told that the door which would open and close, but not latch, 7 days earlier would now not open at all and the automatic slider door cable would need to be cut to perform the repairs and then we would need to replace the automatic door motor as well. We were also informed that the driver's side passenger slider door would also need to have similar work and that by replacing the hinge we could possibly save the latch and auto slider motor on the drivers side. Unfortunately there was no warning that the slider door was going to fail and we were several miles from a Toyota repair shop when the latch problem occurred. We drove 70 miles with the door unsecured.

Unknown Or Other problem #78

My Toyota minivan 07 slid on ice/snow into intersection twice this winter and up onto someones lawn today. It felt like the anti lock brakes were activated after I slid a bit, while on a curve, I lost complete control. I was going very slow foot, off hte pedal on a curve.

Unknown Or Other problem #79

Toyota Sienna xle automatic sliding door jampep, and caused the door can't be closed when I had a car full of children and dogs, how can I drive home without the door close, this is a big safety issue for myself and my children.

Unknown Or Other problem #80

Dashboard has sustained multiple significant cracks. Not involved in any accident, nor was dashboard cut in any way. Dash material is still soft. Many similar complaints noted online. Very concerned about function of airbags should accident occur. Toyota has been unresponsive to complaints.

Unknown Or Other problem #81

The rear hatch rubber door handle melted due to heat during the summer. I had to cover the door handle with plastic in order to open the rear hatch. During cold weather, the rear hatch cannot be opened due to the melting door handle. I have taken the vehicle to the dealer where the dealer advised that the door handle needed to be replaced at a pretty high cost. The vehicle was not repaired. I have read numerous complaints online regarding the melting door handle for the year make and model vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #82

Passenger rear sliding door on 2005 Toyota Sienna either sticks or does not open correctly. Unable to get kids out in an emergency.

Unknown Or Other problem #83

In 2008, we had work done on the liftgate of our Sienna to repair the liftgate struts and mounting brackets. The liftgate was not lifting entirely or it would lift and then unexpectedly begin to lower again. This repair was done under a recall from Toyota at a Toyota dealership. At christmas time this year, I was picking up my sister-in-law in the busy arrivals line at o'hare. I opened the back liftgate from inside so she could quickly put her suitcase in the back. As she put in her suitcase, the door began to shut on her. Fortunately, she was not hurt. Since then, the liftgate has not been opening fully. It opens just to the eye level of my husband and myself, so we risk bumping into it with our eyes each time we put something in the back of the van. We have to exert quite a bit of force on it to get it to lift all the way up. I called Toyota customer service in California just after the new year to see if they would repair this problem again, but they said no--the repair was beyond its warranty. I explained that this was a significant safety issue, an accident waiting to happen, but they were unmoved. The repair will cost close to $500. Because this is a safety issue, and not just one of convenience, my husband and I feel we will have to pay to have the repair done. However, since this issue was one that warranted a recall before, we thought you would like to know about it, especially since Toyota has been made aware of it and has elected not to address it voluntarily.

Unknown Or Other problem #84

Power sliding door failure 2004 Sienna the power sliding door on my 2004 Sienna has failed 3 times. The first 2 were covered under warranty, but the 3rd time is not. This is a very costly repair as the whole door needs to be taken apart and is estimated @ $1,400. It is also a safety issue as children cannot get out by themselves if they need to in a crash. I have contacted Toyota corporate to no avail. My case # is 110-1210025. Nothing in a vehicle should need to be repaired three times!! there are 1000s of complaints and once again Toyota will not do something until someone dies in a crash as a result of this!.

Unknown Or Other problem #85

All of a sudden my passenger side rear sliding door would not open or close with the automatic button. This went in and out of working order for a few months when it stopped for good. It was manually operative at this point and now the door will not open at all. It is stuck in the closed position and cannot be opened at all. This is not only a very difficult situation when shuttling five children to various places, it is very unsafe for anyone to be riding in a car where the door is unable to be opened even when the sliding door button is turned off, nothing can be done.

Unknown Or Other problem #86

Power sliding door fails to close - manual override would not work. Wife and 4 children trapped in the dark and cold winter weather with an open door - not safe to move the vehicle. Father came to rescue and after repeated forceful attempts, the door closed. There are numerous recalls on this vehicle for missing labels - how about a recall on something really serious. The door is completely unreliable - cost to fix $1500+. This not an isolated incident. . Read more...

Unknown Or Other problem #87

2000 Toyota Sienna minivan I was parking my car on the street, my foot on the brake pedal, when the engine started to suddenly rev up. With my foot still on the brake pedal, I quickly put it on park and turned off the engine. This is the first time this has happened.

Unknown Or Other problem #88

My 2004 Sienna has leak in water pump with 66k mile.

Unknown Or Other problem #89

My 2004 Toyota Sienna has a defective driver's side door (the check strap inside the door broke off the wield); this causes the door to make loud popping and cracking noises when opened or shut, the door can freeze in certain positions and/or quickly open at end of sequence. Toyota knew of hundreds of such complaints, but did not do a recall. Instead they allegedly extended the warranty to 50,000 miles. I never received any information from Toyota regarding the potential problem and it doesn't appear that Toyota sent any owners such info. Regardless, the problem didn't surface in my vehicle until about 55,000 miles and or after 5 years from purchase. Toyota shops claim they have to replace the entire door at a cost of $2,500, and Toyota will not cover the repair/replacement. Given the countless complaints from Toyota Sienna owners regarding the exact same problem, it is clear that this is a manufacturer's defect. I did nothing that would have caused the damage to the wield, and there was nothing I could have or should have done to prevent the wield from breaking.

Unknown Or Other problem #90

On October 18, 2010 my 2009 Toyota Sienna dashboard vsc (variable skid control)/off track and check engine lights illuminated. I took my van in for service immediately. The dealership made repairs that were covered under warranty, and assured me that the van was safe to drive. On November 24, 2010, the same vsc/off track and check engine lights illuminated again. When I returned to my local dealership for service, I was informed that due to the thanksgiving holiday, the service department did not have availability until November 30, 2010. Service advisor assured me that my vehicle was safe to drive, as long as I stayed in town, and wasn’t planning on taking the car on any long trips. However, I never got a chance to return my van to the dealership because on November 29, 2010 it started to make unusually loud noises and accelerated unexpectedly. Naturally, I attempted to stop by breaking, but the brakes were not functioning at all. I tried again and again to break, but to my disappointment the brake pedal did nothing, no matter how much I pumped it. Luckily, I was able to avoid hitting any pedestrians or cars by steering up the curb and into a lamppost. The van continued to accelerate uncontrollably until it finally came to rest on the steps of the county courthouse!.

Unknown Or Other problem #91

Left power sliding door does not close properly and re-opens.

Unknown Or Other problem #92

Accelerator pedal pushed to the floor to rapidly pass a truck. When accelerator was released, it did not return to idle position but stayed at floor. Floor mat did not interfere with movement of accelerator. Required several kicks with foot to release accelerator pedal. Dealership claims incident might have been caused by dirt in throttle body.

Unknown Or Other problem #93

Driver side sliding rear door on 2004 Sienna (Toyota) cable snapped?.

Unknown Or Other problem #94

2007 Toyota Sienna van, power sliding door center hinge failing, requiring replacement, when door is on driver's side and rarely used. Numerous similar complaint online. Please consider that such a failure of this hinge cannot be considered "wear and tear" with limited usage.

Unknown Or Other problem #95

Purchased 2011 Sienna le van in October 2010. Almost immediately the power sliding doors intermittently open an inch or less & alarm sounds. You can't open or close door at this point. You have to man-handle it to close. Even turning off the power door with the switch does not help. Took it to the dealer & they said Toyota corp. Knows about it but no idea how to repair. I should just check back at next 5000 miles check. What if door gets stuck open & it's raining. . . . Only option is to shut off the power doors & use manually. I bought this model because of the power sliding doors!.

Unknown Or Other problem #96

Both power sliding doors have become inoperable. It is a safety issue because my children cannot open the doors from the inside of the vehicle. Toyota will not stand behind their product.

Unknown Or Other problem #97

The cable on my Mini-van's automatic sliding door snapped. The slider no longer works.

Unknown Or Other problem #98

I own a 2004 Toyota Sienna and for the past 2 months I have been having problems with the steering. I took my car to the mechanic and was told they could not find anything wrong with it. Within the past week I feel the steering is getting much worse. I feels as if I have 4 flat tires. The car will be very hard to turn and wheel needs to be turned back into position when done turning. I am afraid this will cause an accident. Please investigate this and see if there are any other complaints for this problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #99

I have a significant safety issue that does not fit the ordinary type of complaint. I believe that the tire industry is putting thousands of derivers at risk in winter driving because of policies that ignore normal driving conditions. Because of test on vehicles that are skidding out of control they are making policies that put the driver at risk when driving in snow. They recommend that two tires with greater tread always be installed on the rear wheels. Skids are a result of driving too fast. However if you cannot move the car their recommendation is of absolutely no value. If you have a front wheel drive vehicle in deep snow and cannot get enough traction you cannot move. If you are driving and a snow plow make a pile in your path it may stop your can and you may get hit in the backend. If you have a steep hill and can't get up you are a big hazard for all traffic behind you. I ntry to drive with my front wheels in mind and to avoid at all cost losing traction. Also if you have abs brakes they minimize the effects of rear wheel skids.

Unknown Or Other problem #100

I have owned this vehicle since 2003 and have never had any major problems with it. It has always been very reliable. However, on September 21 while driving east on i20 in the dallas area, I accelerated the vehicle while on a slightly steep hill. The engine suddenly quit for a few seconds while I was driving and all the equipment lights came on. It then mysteriously started back again and I kept driving. This happened a couple more times while driving east on illinois avenue in dallas and it finally died completely on the same street . The engine would not start and even the lights would not come on. I was able to pull into the city of dallas's parking lot before the vehicle stopped completely. I had the van towed to one of the Toyota dealers in dallas. They checked it out and could not find any problems with it. Then on Monday, September 25 the vehicle was completely dead in our garage at home. I jump started the vehicle and drove it again to metroplex Toyota on Tuesday, October 5. The only thing they found was the intake hose clamp at t-body was very loose and the power door light was coming on. They tightened the hose clamp and re-initialized the power door. Again, on November 11, I was driving east on I 30 when the van completely died in the middle of the highway. Even the hazard lights would not come on. I was stuck in the middle of a busy freeway. Fortunately, I 30 was backed up and no one plowed into the rear because most vehicles drive at 60-70 mph on that freeway. I had the vehicle towed to metroplex Toyota again. This time the only thing they could find wrong was that the battery was not held down tightly. However, while I was going to drive away in the van, I noticed that the power door light was on again and the door would not close properly. We finally decided to leave the vehicle with the dealer for some time so it could be checked out.

Unknown Or Other problem #101

The automatic sliding doors on our 2005 Sienna xle malfunction on a regular basis. The passenger side door has broken entirely and cannot be opened manually or automatically without tremendous effort (as in using entire body weight of a grown man). The driver's side automatic sliding door has opened by itself while driving on the freeway at 60mph! because of these problems, we have been forced to have our passengers climb through the front driver & passenger doors. The cost to repair these issues has been estimated at $1200-1800. No abuse of the doors has taken place as they've only ever been opened via remote (until now).

Unknown Or Other problem #102

Side door stop functioning.

Unknown Or Other problem #103

We had used the automatic overhead button to open the rear driver's sliding door. After our children got in the car, we tried to use the button again to close the door, however the door stopped midway because the cable came off it's track. We were not able to close the door while the cable was off the track, so we had to cut the cable and remove it in order to shut the door. We can only use the door manually now, however, it is extremely difficult to open and close, especially on the slightest incline. This is a safety issue for whoever is sitting in the rear seats, typically my children, for if there is an accident, it would be extremely difficult for them to get out. Apparently this has been an ongoing problem for years with the Toyota Sienna's and Toyota will not fix the problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #104

1. Since last year, the left side of sliding door will close by itself. 2. The right side of sliding door will not able to close unless pull from outside.

Unknown Or Other problem #105

2009 Toyota Sienna sale.

Unknown Or Other problem #106

Cable on power rear sliding door of 2004 Toyota Sienna snapped rendering door useless.

Unknown Or Other problem #107

Our insured was pulling into parking space when vehicle suddenly accellerated striking a walgreens drug store. Our insured driver was treated and release at a local hospital. The vehicle was deemed a total loss and is currently being held for further inspection and download of the data recorder.

Unknown Or Other problem #108

Cracks along the entire dashboard and airbag areas of the front dash. Concern about proper airbag deployment or failure and lack of stuctural integrity of the dash along with steering control during a vehicle crash. Dash failure and debris from dash may affect the steering control if dash debris is lodged against steering area. Noticed dash cracks at about 60k miles and the cracks continue to grow with each use of vehicle. Currently vehicle has 79k miles. Dealer/manufacturer did not want to fix or replace the dash citing out of warranty issue. However, this issue is on all 04 and up Toyota Sienna's and possibly more vehicles with this type of dashboard material.

Unknown Or Other problem #109

We recently purchased a used 2008 Toyota Sienna. Just before 10 a. M. Today, I pulled into the driveway, just like I have every day for 13 â½ years, turned toward the garage, following the curve of the driveway. I touched the button to open the left garage door, just like I always do. I was driving very slowly, because I was about ready to stop the car and park in my driveway. All of a sudden, the car lurched forward and I think it sped up. I dont know why the car was moving forward! it happened so fast and I recall thinking, OH my gosh, I dont want the car to go in the garage!! I was pressing the brake as hard as I could, and I turned the wheel to the right, trying to avoid the car accelerating into the garage! the car hit the corner of the part of the house that divides the two garage doors. It did stop and I put it in reverse right away to back up. The front corner of that house section now needs to be repaired, and a flower pot (lightweight styrofoam) broke when I turned the wheel that direction. This was a very frightening experience and it happened so fast! I am afraid to drive my car! I have made an appointment to have it looked at by the Toyota dealer where we bought it.

Unknown Or Other problem #110

Automatic sliding door will not work properly. It will not shut unless done manually. Occurred soon after passing 50k miles. Dealership "could not diagnose problem" and wanted ~$1200 to replace motor in door. Appears this is a common problem that Toyota will not address.

Unknown Or Other problem #111

While I was trying to open my 2004 Toyota Sienna passenger powered sliding door the cord ripped. It is too costly for us to repair this item and I can not use the door with children as it is to hard to open for a minor.

Unknown Or Other problem #112

My 2004 Toyota Sienna Mini van power sliding door made a horrific 'snapping' sound when the cable that activates the door snapped. The snapping cable did not hurt anyone, but could have if someone was standing behind the door near the rear quarter panel window. The door is no longer functional and will cost $1500-$3000 to repair.

Unknown Or Other problem #113

I have a 2006 Toyota Sienna, while driving I have noticed on numerous (5 or 6) that the car will surge forward without pressure on the gas. I am not on cruise control when this happen, it has happened on the freeway and when I am coming out of a turn. I am very concerned. I have also had battery problems with the vehicle. The car battery would die after a door was left open for 5 minutes. After numerous visits to the service center without being able to repeat the situation, and numerous bills since it was never a "problem" they finally were able to repeat it and fix the battery. Now this accelerator issue is much more scary for me. I have 3 children that I drive every day in the vehicle and I need to feel safe. The incident date I used below was the most recent however I first noticed this 2 years ago.

Unknown Or Other problem #114

I am reporting another Toyota sticky accelerator pedal. Our 1999 Sienna minivan has had 3 incidents of stuck accelerator, the most recent was Jan. 21, 2010. I believe it has become "stuck" between 40 and 45mph. Other incidents were in summer (cannot remember date) and October 2009. The 1st incident was brief and corrected quickly by pushing down on the pedal to "free it", the 2nd incident required braking and putting the car in neutral and shoving the pedal with my foot to the left and right to free it up. I was able to drive the car to the shoulder, turned the car off and then the pedal seemed to work ok, although a bit sluggish response. Our mechanic fixed the throttle body and the car has not had another incident until last week. The most recent incident was more harrowing in that there was not much room to maneuver the car since we were headed for lots of cars stopped at a traffic light. I tried to slow the car by braking hard with the left foot and shoving the accelerator. Pedal down and side to side while in neutral but this did not work quickly like the October incident. I was able to pull over to a shoulder before crashing but it took much longer for the car to stop this time, and I actually threw the car in park to stop the car! I turned off the car and after a few minutes, was composed enough to drive it. Our dealer will check the car Jan 29. The floor mat does not appear to be involved jamming into the pedal, so it is probably a mechanical "catch" that is getting hung up when the pedal is down a certain distance. We thought the safety gurus would want to know. Luckily no crashes have occurred yet!.

Unknown Or Other problem #115

Dash board has multiple cracks due to defective material. I am concerned that this might affect how the airbags deploy in an accident as the cracks are also over the passenger airbag area. I have seen many Toyota Siennas with the same problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #116

Passenger side power door jammed, would not open after slow speed crash which knocked off the outside door handle. Toyota of santa barbara, CA took a week and charged $2500 to fix just the power electical door, no body work (that was extra). Door has never worked properly ever since. Many incidences of door not shutting or opening when using control buttons inside car. After 19 months, power door jammed while open and could not close it by power or manually, attempted to drive to service station while in the jammed open position and while moving, the door slammed closed on its own, popping the wire cable, which is now dangling. Door now works part of the time manually, not at all with power, no motor sound at all. Door opening mechanism on inside of door frequently jams in the pushed in position and then door is completely inoperable. This is severe safety issue. Children in back cannot exit on that side. Toyota should recall and have power doors converted to a safe, reliable, manual opening mechanism.

Unknown Or Other problem #117

In January of 2010 the cable for the spare tire carrier froze up and would not operate. As a result, I purchased and replaced the spare tire carrier in January of 2010. I received the recall for the spare tire carrier (NHTSA 10v160000) notice from Toyota in August of 2010. I submitted my part receipt and information for reimbursement, but was denied.

Unknown Or Other problem #118

Both rear sliding doors refuse to open, intermittently and randomly. This issue happens when weather is somewhat cold and wet for the manual sliding door. For the "automatic" door, it happens continuously. We've had the motor replaced in the automatic door and it fixed the problem for 2 years. . . But now it has happened again. Kids have had to get into and out of the car via the back hatch. Major safety concern.

Unknown Or Other problem #119

Date: December 31st 2009 time:8:00am to 8:30am auto : Toyota Sienna le - 2008 model it was snowing that day and I was driving 5 miles per hour within my neighbourhood. When I was making a turn, the vehicle skidded automatically and collided with footpath. In that the tire, wheel, suspension,sensor and some other parts were damaged. I truly think that the failure is caused by Toyota Sienna even though the van had a abs. I truly think that there is some issues with with the abs of Toyota Sienna. I can provide more details if it is required.

Unknown Or Other problem #120

Rubber on the trunk release hatch melts and sometimes causes the trunk to unlatch by itself. Contacted 2 local dealerships and no recall has been issued and they want about $300 to replace.

Unknown Or Other problem #121

Sliding doors are frozen shut in temps below freezing.

Unknown Or Other problem #122

The sliding doors will not open when outside temperature is below freezing. If you need to enter and exit the vehicle you must crawl through the front seat. The automatic door will sometimes open without being manually activated. The air in the rear will automatically come on and shut off after a few seconds without being manually activated.

Unknown Or Other problem #123

In freezing cold weather, the rear sliding doors on the passenger (automatic) and driver (manual) side freeze shut. The vehicle is kept in a garage and my wife has on multiple occasions placed our young children (ages 2, 5 and 7) in the vehicle to go somewhere and upon arriving the doors are frozen shut and she'll need to get them out through the front driver or passenger door. We've also had it where we were able to open one of the door enough to unlatch it but can't get it any further. At that point, we are unable to get it fully shut again and are forced to drive with the system warning that a door is ajar. We have not had it thaw and fly open while driving, but it is unnerving. The problem occurs almost every day during the winter and presents a danger to my children as my wife cannot easily remove them from the vehicle if necessary when this happens. I hope there is something you can do to help us and the many other Toyota Sienna owners experiencing this issue.

Unknown Or Other problem #124

The cable on the automatic sliding door frayed and broke, preventing the door from securely closing. For that day, the door would slide open or shut depending on how I drove and the angle of the terrain. Then later in the day, the door would not close at all. I was able to slide it shut about halfway and then it would get stuck. I figured out that the broken cable was getting tangled in the door, preventing it from closing so I had to cut the cable to close the door. A loose door like this is dangerous because it is heavy and would sometimes slide back on the kids. This door is a very heavy door and can easily hurt someone. The cost to repair is prohibitive so we have had to switch the door to be used manually, but sometimes it still does not lock in place in the open position.

Unknown Or Other problem #125

2004 Toyota Sienna. The passenger side automatic sliding door will not open automatically or from within. Children sitting in the back that could not open from the inside and had to crawl out over car seats to the other doors. Myself included when I shut the door to clean the interior. The passenger side seat belt (second row cabin chair) won't retract and was checked and found that the seat belt was not twisted to cause the malfunction, but with the device itself.

Unknown Or Other problem #126

My 2005 Toyota Sienna automatic doors won't open. The wire connecting it to the motor is jammed and although I can hear the electrical part trying to open it, Toyota claims I need a completely new motor to open my door. $1300. Yikes.

Unknown Or Other problem #127

The power sliding door on my 2006 Toyota Sienna van fails to open either manually or by the power controls. The Toyota dealer refused to fix it since it was past the warranty period. I beleive this to be a safety concern since the door cannot be opened, even manually. The Toyota dealer wants between $1,000 and $2,000 to fix it with no guarantees that it won't happen again.

Unknown Or Other problem #128

The left side automatic sliding door was stuck in an open position. Our car was packed with our 5 kids. They door could not be closed automatically or manually. What occured was the plastic coating on the cable had cracked and bunched up and stuck in the pulley of the door system. In order to move, we had to cut the steel cable (which wasn't easy). Which allowed us to close the door manually. The door can not be fixed by simply putting another cable in. It requires the entire motor assembly to be changed. Which cost between $1500-2000.

Unknown Or Other problem #129

The dashboard is cracking and splitting and may affect the deployment of the airbags.

Unknown Or Other problem #130

2005 Toyota Sienna xle driver side door interior door panel pops off while door is shut and jams door shut preventing exit from the vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #131

Tire pressure monitoring system is not working and Toyota has made up various excuses as to why the light does not go off during a flat or "blow out" or that it is working properly. Recently I was extremely nervous during driving and found after pulling off and stopping at a Honda dealership that I had an undriveable tire. Honda was not sure why the light did not go on but said it was unsafe to drive and would not hold air so I could not get to Toyota. Beside the 9 tires I have replaced the latest tire cost me a rim also. I am assuming that this was due to the flat that I did not know that I had. Something needs to be done about the run flats and especially the tire pressure monitoring system before someone is killed or severely injured. Please do something about this very serious problem.

Unknown Or Other problem #132

In April 2009 the accelerator stuck on my 2009 Toyota Sienna van. The dealer failed to replicate the problem and neither the dealer nor Toyota has made any progress to resolving. Now I see where a vast number of other Toyota vehicles are similarly plagued and my confidence in the Sienna is further eroded. Please help!.

Unknown Or Other problem #133

Toyota Sienna 2004 rear hatch fell on me. . . Shocks just didn't work and now will fall without proper support.

Unknown Or Other problem #134

We own a Toyota Sienna xle 2004. Back in November 2008, the driver sliding door cable snapped, making the door jam and unusable in "power" mode. Cable dangling out of its socket, we drove to our dealership to have it serviced. The repair came to over $1800!!! after researching this issue on the internet, I'm finding that many people are experiencing the same problem!! I'm thinking that it doesn't necessarily have to do with mileage but perhaps more with age of vehicle 4-5ish years old. The cable, which drives the sliding door, is completely exposed to elements. (you'll find it within the groove located under the rear side windows) this cable is made of some kind of metal (steel? who knows. ) then coated with a black plastic/acrylic/rubber casing (such as an electrical wire). With time, the casing begins to dry and be brittle, causing it to crack and fall off the wire, leaving the wires completely vulnerable to getting wet, rust, freeze, etc, also rubbing extensively unprotected against the gears. Within a few months or even weeks, the metal cable wires snap thus getting caught in the mechanism. One thing leads to another and the whole cable snaps, making the door jam altogether. Per my own experience at the dealership, and subsequently reading and researching many blog sites, the only way to fix this issue is as follows: remove the entire door, remove and change the entire mechanism. Extremely costly, there's just no way around this. Asked if there was a way to simply change the cable, I was informed that the cable is part of the motor and that it is not a part that can be purchased or repaired separately. Now, we are faced with the problem of the second side which has snapped just a few day ago (only 3 months after the last one). We don't feel we should have to pay another 1800$ to have this fixed. We feel there are enough complaints about this that Toyota should issue a fix.

Unknown Or Other problem #135

My Toyota Sienna xle sliding door broke. It stop working all of a sudden, bring it back to dealer but it will cost me about 1800 dollars to fix it.

Unknown Or Other problem #136

Passenger sliding door would not open to let passengers escape from the vehicle. -- several time in last 4 years.

Unknown Or Other problem #137

Spare tire fell from under vehicle, causing blowout on r/r tire. Metal threaded rope had sheared off. Unable to locate spare after incident. When buying replacement part at dealer, stated this happens all the time. Posibility of injury or death very high in similar incidents.

Unknown Or Other problem #138

Both sliding doors on the minivan began rubbing against the body about 4 months ago. The problem continues to get worsen. On the driver side, the door has rubbed down to the metal at three points on the body where the back of the door closes into to the door housing. Additionally, the door is sagging enough on the hinges that the paint is being rubbed off along the track of the door as well. The passenger side door has also begun to sag on it's hinges and has rubbed the paint off the body in one spot. The issue is clearly related to the door sagging on it's hinges - whether the issues is design flaw, or parts that can not handle the weight I do not know. The dealer said that they would replace the hinges and fight for 100% coverage from Toyota (the care has 51000 miles and am past warranty).

Unknown Or Other problem #139

I am file a complaint about my 2001 Toyota Sienna xle with dual power sliding door. The power malfunctioned with only 60000 miles on it. Now I know many people complained about the this quality and safey issue. I turned it into manual door. It is a safety concern.

Unknown Or Other problem #140

The contact owns a 2004 Toyota Sienna. The dashboard on the vehicle is cracked. The cracks originated from the air vents near both front doors to the windshield. The dealer was unable to determine the cause of the cracks, but they were willing to pay for half of the charges. The contact believes that the cracks were due to a manufacturer defect based on the amount of complaints that were found in other Sienna's. The failure mileage was 32,000 and current mileage was 42,000. Updated 10/16/08. Updated 10/17/08.

Unknown Or Other problem #141

2004 Toyota Sienna heated seats. Drivers sided heated seat failed right after expiration of our warranty Toyota quoted 800 for repair without any offer of assistance. Passenger side heated seat quit working approxiamately a year later.

Unknown Or Other problem #142

My rear passenger side sliding door does not open from the inside. I have checked the child safety lock and it still will not open. The power switch broke about 2 years ago and we learned to live with it, but the fact that my children can not get out of the door is so unsafe. If there was an emergency, they would not be able to get out. I have to get out and walk around the car to open it for them. This is unacceptable. This is a problem with all Sienna owners I know. This should be a recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #143

I own a 2004 Toyota Sienna with sliding door problems. The cable has frayed so badly on the driver side the door is inoperable and has been so for several years. The cable on the passenger side door is also frayed and I fear will become inoperable soon. Car was out of warranty and Toyota wants $1400 to fix the door.

Unknown Or Other problem #144

Purchased 2007 Toyota Sienna 4000 miles ago - several months. Ongoing problem - no accident at this time: in my opinion a very serious hesitation in engine response when I require an immediate fast forward movement of the vehicle, especially at slower speeds. Dealer says no service bulletin. (I've been driving for 40 years).

Unknown Or Other problem #145

2005 Toyota Sienna - just average amount of air flow from the floor position of the front heater even though the fan is in the fastest speed setting . Toyota dealer said this is normal - call made to Toyota customer service - were sympathetic but not helpful.

Unknown Or Other problem #146

Vent covers on front bumper fall off when driving.

Unknown Or Other problem #147

1) driving on highway at 65 mph and took a rock that punctured my ac condenser on my 2004 Toyota Sienna resulting in ac failure. 2) took to dealer and told it was not covered under my warranty. They would happily fix it for $862. 3) dealer told me I should have had a front bra or screen covering my grill because the condenser was exposed. I told them if they made me aware of this design problem when I bought the vehicle I would have. Replacement condenser for $495, labor will cost over $350. Not something you would expect for a fairly new car under warranty.

Unknown Or Other problem #148

I am original owner of 2004 Toyota Sienna xle limitted and been always garaged started developing cracks on dashboard on the driver's side by the ac vent and above steering wheel. I am concerned about this cracks as potentially preventing airbags from deploying properly or may be deploying prematurely. *this is safety problem! dashboard cracks was noticed at 60,000 mileage and the manufacturer was made aware of the failure and a complaint was filed. Thousands owners of Toyota Sienna 2004 have same problem with cracks on dashboard with spreading all over to passenger side in airbag area- “manufacturer told me that I am only one have this and van is out of warranty”. . Read more...

Unknown Or Other problem #149

: the contact stated while parked and activating the ignition switch, an arching came off and burned the ear piece of a cell phone traumatizing the contact's ear. No warning signal was present during the numerous incidents. The spark could be heard and seen every time there was an occurrence. The vehicle was taken to the dealership who checked all electrical grounding but no defects were found. The manufacturer was notified. Updated 10/11/06.

Unknown Or Other problem #150

I purchased this car from joe myers Toyota on 02-09-2006. It has only been a month since then and the car is already giving me problems. I contact the dealership but they were no help at all. The car does not drive right. I talked to the dealership but they said it is not their problem. I don't want this problematic car anymore. I talked a mechanic and he told me this car was in bad conditions. I want to cancel the purchase of this car.

Unknown Or Other problem #151

: the contact stated the keyless entry fob opened other 2005 Toyota vehicles. The dealership is changing the code for the keyless entry.

Unknown Or Other problem #152

The electric door (passenger side) intermittantly worked for years, sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. Finally it quit working. The rear fan goes on and off at will. There is an electrical short. My rear tail light on driver's side is always out, even after replacing it multiple times. The trunk door lost all its hydraulic lift and actually hit me in the head. It has no hydraulics left now and is very hard to lift. The lighted buttons by the front windshield where you operate the garage door, electric door - burnt out at probably 37,000 miles and were ridiculous to replace. The door locks are all screwed up. Hard to unlock the driver's door manually with a key, have to unlock from passenger side. The door clicker does not work. Batteries have been replaced multiple times and the clicker quit working shortly after, again an electrical short of some sort??? so no clicker, no electric door, no trunk lift, no dome lighting, no tail light, not to mention all the recalls that van had (extra tire, seatbelts, door issues). I had to replace my radiator?? cause it was leaking. Van currently has 126,000 miles on it. It is by far the worst quality vehicle I have ever owned. I have owned an 80s Toyota corolla which was fine, Saturn, Acura integra, Ford explorer, also mazdas, 2001 Chrysler 300m (horrible also), there is no doubt that after reading all the posts on the edmunds site about this 2004 Sienna van, it should be recalled for electric door problems and all door problems,.

Unknown Or Other problem #153

I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna all wheel drive vehicle. In June of 2005 my tires had to be replaced. I had approx. 20,000 miles on the car. The tires were run flats. It would have cost me over $1,100. 00. Then I go ahead and buy regular tires and find out that there is no where to mount a spare tire on the car. So now I am driving around with no spare tire in my car. Toyota claims this is an isolated incident but now I am finding out that is not true.

Unknown Or Other problem #154

When I noticed that the horn did not work, I went to my nearest Toyota service agency. However, they told me that the horn was functional and that the problem was a wear in the system. This worn out part is supposedly between the rod of the wheel and the horn, which no longer makes the proper connection. And yet, this connection is suitably rendered from this worn out part when the steering wheel is completely turned to either side. They estimated a $1000 charge to fix this matter. Their conclusion was based on the fact that this issue could not be simply replaced. They mentioned that the only remedy was to change the whole system. Personally, I cannot believe that itã‚s so expensive to fix this deficiency. Something as miniscule as a bad connector should not impact the whole system unless itã‚s a manufacturing defect. Because of the simple fact that my horn is only used rarely and the way the mechanics reacted to the problem, I find that this is mostly ã‚a Sienna problemã‚쳜.

Unknown Or Other problem #155

Passenger sliding power door stopped working. I manually tried to open the door and it fell off the rear hinge point. I am a mechanical engineer specializing in product testing. I worked in the automotive component industry for 11 years. I can say that this door system is way under engineered. Toyota should be forced to fix this. People ae reporting this all over the internet. I called Toyota when just the auto open/close system was broken. They told me I'm on my own. That system fails in two ways. 1. ) if the auto open/close system fails it should break way from the hinging system so the door will just function manually. Instead it jams the door in the position it broke in. That is a safety issue. 2. ) the hinge system is way under engineered for load. I am a 180lb 46 yr old engineer who is soft around the middle. I'm not very strong. I took the door off the hinge! that should not able to happen with such a low force rate. I see this as a safety issue as well. Toyota engineers should be ashamed of them selves. That van cost over 40k brand new. It's only 6 years old and has been well cared for. T's a family/child carrier. It should be designed like a tank in my opinion.

Unknown Or Other problem #156

Item 1-- this is an awd model with run flats and no space for a spare tire. The low pressure warning for the tires is revolution based, and therefore doesn't activate due to the stiff wall run flat tires. I have had numerous occasions where the tires were very low with no warning, and two occasions where the tires had zero air and were ruined with no warning, and the first indication was a roar and sudden very bumpy ride. These 2 events happened at city speeds, but I fear this event at interstate speeds. The later models were equipped with pressure sensing devices (not revolution sensing). The vehicle has only 38k miles, perfect condition, and I just renewed my extended warranty for 6 more years, so would like a recall retrofit to pressure sensing for safety and peace of mind. I had thought Toyota would develop a fix, but to no avail. I have this documented on Toyota service invoices and the factory rep has reported there is nothing Toyota can do. Item 2--- when pulling out from behind a vehicle to pass and flooring the accelerator, there is a full second of hesitation before the down shifting/acceleration begins. This has caused two near misses. This is documented with Toyota, but all I've been told is that it is caused by "drive-by-wire" (?), which I assume is an electrical signal as opposed to a mechanical throttle cable, but again, Toyota says there is nothing they can do.

Unknown Or Other problem #157

I lilve in colorado and the doors will not open when weather drops below freezing. My kids could not open door from inside either. I recently broke the handle while trying to jerk the door open. It only happens in winter, but have never had this issue with any other vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #158

I bought a 2004 Toyota Sienna ce in ottawa, ontario, canada, from a dealer, new, off the lot in August 2004. By the first winter, both back sliding doors would freeze shut, especially the passenger side, and would not open until the vehicle got really hot inside. The dealer had no solution, offered no solution. In addition, by the second year we had three radiators installed, and had both front doors repaired for rusting under a general recall. Also, the rear fan has been going on and off, even with the switch in the "off" position. We have taken this issue to the dealer many times, but they do not have an answer, nor a strategy to figure out why it does this. Finally, this vehicle has rattled inside from day one and is unpleasant to drive. I find the Toyota dealers not interested in you once you buy the car, but after three years to the day the called me wanting to know if I'd buy a new one. I will not buy another Toyota.

Unknown Or Other problem #159

Rear power lift gate on 2004 xle ltd Sienna upon opening does not stay open and comes down on person standing under lift gate. Waiting for Toyota to order parts for fix . Could be very dangorus if a child is standing under the gate as it does not stop and could crush someone.

Unknown Or Other problem #160

See complaint number 10120930 and 10112448. I do have had this problem on my 2004 Sienna le awd. . My problem is identically to complaint number 10120930. I have contacted my Toyota dealership and they gave me this "OH you have to rotate your tires and tires wear more on minivans" crap. My tires should not be wearing at 6-12,000 miles. They replace both front ends and now they are wearing out again. I sincerely hope that you take this matter seriously and have Toyota look at the suspension and drive train issues and do a recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #161

Engine oil gelled/became sludged in July 2002, oil pump failed in November 2003.

Unknown Or Other problem #162

When the window of the rear passenger door was rolled down, the door would not latch. This would not allow the door to latch. The door slammed shut when a passenger gets in and out of vehicle. Toyota stated this was a new safety feature.

Unknown Or Other problem #163

Since purchase of vehicle had 8 repairs on sliding manual doors. They end up getting stuck so you cant open it to get in or out. Had 1 or 2 repairs 2003 at mark jacobson Toyota,6 repairs(2004,05,06) at fred anderson Toyota,1 repair tao auto(2010), in need of repair now also.

Unknown Or Other problem #164

Exterior handle on rear hatch door cracked and broke which prevents the back door hatch from being opened.

Unknown Or Other problem #165

I am sending this letter to express concern relative to the safety and usability of our 2001 Toyota Sienna Mini van. We have had continued problems with the van that has been addressed with the dealer (kenny kent Toyota in evansville, in) as well as Toyota. The engine is our brand new van had gelling issues to due manufacture?s defects. The problems are continuing to date. In the manufacture?s response it states that Toyota offered goodwill assistance to us for the engine gelling. (this happened to a brand new van). It also states that this was not covered under warranty. Toyota said that this was a warranty issue and it is also listed as warranty in Toyota documentation. According to the owner?s warranty information book, the basic warranty is 36 months or 36,000 miles and the power train warranty is 60 months or 60,000 miles. The defect with the engine based upon the warranty as stated in Toyota?s warranty information book states that all repairs and adjustments needed to correct defects in materials and workmanship of any part supplied by Toyota is covered. In the manufacture?s response it states that the vehicle is not exhibiting any warrantable nonconformities that substantially impair the use, value or safety of the vehicle. Unfortunately this statement is not true. We have continued to have extreme electrical problems with the van. These problems are continuing to date following Toyota?s attempts to repair the engine. On one occasion my wife and my six-year old daughter were in the van alone when the van refused to start. It was a 90+-degree day. Toyota service cannot find the cause and problems continue. The engine doesn?t have the power it did prior to the repairs, the valves clatter very loudly and the engine makes a chugging sound when it idles. We now have a new van that for lack of any word has been butchered. The value of the vehicle has been drastically diminished. Noble jones 801 s. Parkway henderson, ky 42420 270-826-2801.

Unknown Or Other problem #166

Vehicle shut off without prior warning. Battery/ alarm system/ key, and starter were checked.

Unknown Or Other problem #167

All the above data is an estimate becuase we are waiting for copies of all maintenance and repair records from Toyota - - but we have had multiple problems with this vehicle including screeching brakes, left veer when driving, bad transmission (replaced twice),smog check failure due to oxygen sensor and/or engine problems, clunking noises in engine, a shuddering of vehicle when driving or braking. The car has been at dealers for as long as 3 weeks; dealer admits not knowing what is wrong. Failed.

Unknown Or Other problem #168

Noticed white smoke upon starting car for a couple of days. The following Sunday, the oil pressure light came on while traveling-stopped and put in 1 quart of oil, light went out. The following Monday, the engine check light came on. The next morning, Tuesday I took the car to the nearest Toyota dealer and was told that our engine was full of sludge due to improper or lack of maintenance. The repairs were not covered under the warranty. Was given an estimate of $9k to replace the engine or $5500 to rebuild the engine. We then took the car back to the dealer where we purchased the car, and was told the same thing, only this estimate was $2k to "clean" the engine. The service manager called the Toyota rep on our behalf and was denied any help through the warranty. In filing a report with Toyota was told my next step was arbitration - "the paperwork is in your warranty book". I had to have the engine cleaned at my own expense.

Unknown Or Other problem #169

Oil light failed to report major engine sludge problem before there was severe engine damage. The damage is reported by the Toyota dealer as $8900. 00 to replace the engine in a car with only 20,181 miles. The light flashed for a split second and never turned on again. The oil light failed to indicate low oil pressure in the system causing considerable damage.

Unknown Or Other problem #170

Estando mi hija detenida para doblar a la izquierda fue impactada por otro vehmculo por la parte posterior. Esto provocs que nuestro vehmculo impactara otro que se movia en direccisn contrario al nuestro. Luego nuestra van se auto-acelers DE forma espontanea sin que mediara accisn para tal comportamiento . Mi hija que manejaba perdio el control sobre dicho vehiculo siendo imposible controlarla en un recorrido DE unos 150 pies DE distancia. Allm se detuvo al impactar un arbol a orillas DE la carretera. El vehiculo fue declarado perdida total por la aseguradora universal insurance DE puerto rico. Este accidente ocurrio en el municipio DE san german. Escribi una carta al presidente DE la Toyota en puerto rico relatandole esto mismo que aqui les narro. He recibido una carta DE ellos donde me indican que van a investigar. Quisiera que se investigara mas a fondo las causas que provocaron esta aceleracisn szbita DE este vehmculo. Pudieramos estar salvando otras vidas si lo hacen pronto. El vehmculo fue declarado perdida total. La aseguradora se llevs este y desconozco el lugar donde lo depositaron. Por tal razsn no puedo darle otros datos sobre el mismo. Aun despues DE impactar el arbol este vehiculo se queds acelerado y las gomas se pulverizaron por la accisn DE estas contra el pavimento. Otra persona luego entro al vehiculo y retiro la llave del encendido tengo fotos del accidente y testigos del mismo. Este accidente fue reportado a la policma. El juicio sobre el mismo se vera en el mes DE marzo DE 2001. Atentamente, filix rodrmguez. Summary written in spanish.

Unknown Or Other problem #171

At only 30,000 miles, while vehicle still under full bumper to bumper warranty, smoke began emitting from exhaust pipe. Took to dealer - dealer says it is steam. Next smoke gets worse (its blue) & oil light flashes when braking. Take it back to dealer - dealer says need oil change. Do it. Next - same stuff. Take it back. Dealer says oil leak in valves or rings - will call to set up appt. For repair. No call. I call dealer. Dealer says want oil change receipts. I get them. Dealer says no fix under warranty, not covered, caused by consumer lack of maintenance. I complain to manufacturer. No luck. I look on internet - hundreds of identical complaints on various web sites. Caused by sludge in engine, which analysis of shows water & fuel in oil. I contaact you.

Unknown Or Other problem #172

No summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #173

Engine check light kept coming on continually, causing winding sound from transmission. Dealer notified, and infomed consumer that vehicle was safe to drive until part arrived. Feel free to provide any further details.

Unknown Or Other problem #174

The check engine light came on at 50 miles, we were told car needs a new torque converter and that it is safe to drive the car while the part comes in. Six weeks later and 2400 miles on the car with engine light on and off the torque converter was replaced. When car was returned to us it shifted with a jolt. Back in the shop with transmission problems. Not acceptable on a new car.

Unknown Or Other problem #175

Malfunction indicator lamp (check engine light) came on at 64 miles and remains on. Gas tank not empty and gas cap is on securely. Dealer service center advised that this is due to an inaccurate transmission code being thrown, and I should continue driving the vehicle while they wait for a TSB from Toyota.

Unknown Or Other problem #176

Toyota Sienna 1998 purchased in late 1997.

Unknown Or Other problem #177

Engine check light intermittently would come on. Vehicle been in / out of dealer's shop on six occasions, and was informed that the cap on the fuel tank was loose. But problem was reoccurring. Other then the engine check light coming on, how does this affect the vehicle? please give further details.

Unknown Or Other problem #178

While consumer is driving tire pressure light goes on. Dealer says abs actuator is dfective. Dealership is waiting for parts to repair vehicle. Please add VIN#.

Unknown Or Other problem #179

The senstive sliding door remote control causes the sliding door to open and close unexpectedly which caused personal injuries while taking out the groceries. Dealer said that's way the control is. Please provide further information.

Unknown Or Other problem #180

Engine light appeared. Oxegen sensor fried 5 times.

Unknown Or Other problem #181

Exact failures occurred on two 1999 Sienna taken from same dealership.

Unknown Or Other problem #182

Ltr fwd fm (IL) inquiring why his 2008 Toyota Sienna is not currently under recall for sudden unintended acceleration. The consumer wanted to know the differences, mechanically, technologically and electronically between his model and those that are under recall.

Unknown Or Other problem #183

Consumer did research on investigations for a 2005 Toyota Sienna. Consumer would like to know what Toyota has to say about the investigation but they have not sent anything in yet.

Unknown Or Other problem #184

While driving engine check light continously illuminates. Oil turns to thick sludge like substance, and blue black smoke comes from tail pipe. Please provide any further information.

Unknown Or Other problem #185

While driving engine check light illuminates continously. Oil turns thick/ sludgy like substance, also, blows out blue black smoke from tail pipe. Please provide any further information.

Unknown Or Other problem #186

Indicator which contols many other components including abs does not work unless all four tires are exactly the same. This indicator controls the tire size and not the pressure as indicated in the sales brochure. The problem is that if you replace just one tire when you have a failure you have to replace all four no matter what the wear on the other three are. Otherwise the indicator light will continue to cycle on and off. I did not stop when I really had a flat tire and thus was put in a stranded situation with 2 infants in 103 degree weather. Toyota says they are aware of the problem but refuse to correct it. The system will ultimately over correct itself and interfere with other critical components unless every time you change one tire you replace all four. What a maintenance nightmare !( dot number: ).

Unknown Or Other problem #187

Lock/latch that holds sliding door open has failed.

Unknown Or Other problem #188

No summary.

Unknown Or Other problem #189

This 2000 Sienna is a lemon. At 50 miles the torque converter needed to be replaced. At 100 miles I noticed that the van pulls to the left at highway speeds of 65 to 70 mph. At 28,000 miles the front tires firestone were all chewed up belts showing even though we had 3 alignments done in less than a year. The automatic side passenger door got stuck and would not close, dealer replaced door computer, at 15,000miles paint was chipping off the door handles and a short time later paint was chipping off the front hood as well. At around 20k the remote key/alarm started blowing fuses, it's been back 4 time to get fixed w/ nothing done to fix it. This is the circut that has the alarm, clock and dome light. From the very begining the trans. Sometimes would shift either hard or w/ a dely between 1st & 2nd gear then at about 30,100 miles the clutch cable was replaced. A clunk now happens when going from park to reverse esp. When on a hill. It still does not shift from 1st to 2nd right all the time. The sun visor, when it's covering the left drivers side window, will move and hit the driver when making a left turn at anything over 5 mph. So now every time I make a left hand turn one hand is on the visor and the other on the wheel, when I blew one of the front tires the aaa serviceman couldn't crank the cable that holds the tire back under the van, dealer replaced cable and other parts. The radiocd player skips a lot when going over bumps, have been waiting almost 2 months for the replacment. Mind you we've only had this van less than 2 yrs!!! other stuff, battery was replace within a year, why I don't know, change door keeps popping open (drivers left side) weather stripping on drivers side at the bottom on the car (not door) is falling apart. Head lights are either not aimed right when in spec. Or bad design. I think this is due to the way the lights are shaped, there is very little light directly in front of you but plenty of light on the 2 sides of the road.

Unknown Or Other problem #190

Tire air pressure warning light stayed on after the tire was replaced. Yh.

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