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Transmission Fluid Leaking Problems of Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna owners have reported 3 problems related to transmission fluid leaking (under the power train category).

car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2004 Toyota Sienna 1
Failure Date: 09/13/2004

While merging onto another lane transmission down shifted on its own. Consumer applied the accelerator pedal and vehicle would not accelerate. Then, consumer noticed that the rpm gauge registered high on the dashboard. Consumer took vehicle to dealer for inspection, and mechanic determined that transmission fluid was leaking from underneath, and needed to be replaced. The other problem could not be duplicated by the mechanic. Consumer informed mechanic that this problem recurred and had not been resolved.

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car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2002 Toyota Sienna 2
Failure Date: 10/07/2003

I had bought my van may 2,2003 with about 19,000 miles. On October 7, while driving about 30 mph, the vehicle started smoking. When I pulled into a parking stall, passerbyers were yelling that my car was on fire. Fire department extinguished the flames. An independent arson investigator said he found transmission fluid in the engine, and that it had probably been leaking since I purchased my van.

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car image   Transmission Fluid Leaking problem of the 2000 Toyota Sienna 3
Failure Date: 01/24/2003

Fluid leak around the transmission pan gasket. Repaired 3 times by 2 different Toyota dealers. Easy job but maybe it is a deeper problem? transmission did not shift when cold for about 2 miles after the first and second time it was "fixed. " after the third time trying to stop the oil leak, they adjusted the throttle cable and now it seems to shift more normally in cold mornings. Since new, the left sliding manual door was hard to open from the inside. After 2 trips for "adjustments" the door is opening correctly.

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