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Frame Rust Problems of Toyota Tacoma - part 1

Toyota Tacoma owners have reported 358 problems related to frame rust (under the structure category).

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2000 Toyota Tacoma 1
Failure Date: 12/07/2016

The contact owns a 2000 Toyota Tacoma. The contact observed a brown piece of metal hanging underneath the vehicle. When the contact looked under the vehicle, he noticed that the entire frame bed was rusted out without warning. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and stated that the recall had expired. The contact stated that he did not receive a recall notice. The manufacturer did not offer any assistance. The failure mileage was 175,000.

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car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma 2
Failure Date: 11/28/2016

I took my Toyota Tacoma 2006 in for service at pauly Toyota 1035 s. Route 31, crystal lake, IL 60014 last night and they found several cracks in the frame, the area were the springs are mounting to, is really rusted and in really bad condition. The cracks don¿t seem to be new, and there is even paint in between the crack so they knew the crack was there in February 2015 when I took my truck to be painted, this was part of the frame rust recall by Toyota. The frame was not wire brush at least to get some of the rust off for the paint to attach to it, within 2 months big pieces of metal and paint were falling from the frame. On September of 2015 I took my truck to pauly Toyota to be inspected for hole or problems in the frame, because of the big pieces of metal falling from the frame and they said everything was ok. Now a year later the frame has several cracks.

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car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma 3
Failure Date: 11/16/2016

The contact owns a 2007 Toyota Tacoma. The contact noticed that the fuel tank was leaking. Once the fuel tank was removed, the contact noticed that the subframe was rusted. The vehicle was taken to a dealer where it was diagnosed that the frame needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 137,000. The VIN was not provided.

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car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2005 Toyota Tacoma 4
Failure Date: 11/15/2016

Toyota truck recall on frame rust and corrosion. I brought truck to prime Toyota lancaster MA the frame was coated with an undercoat paint. The truck went in for repairs when it was on the lift the mechanic said there were holes and corrosion in the frame and it was a safety issue to drive. I asked the dealer about having it fixed I was told to contact corporate. Corporate told me the recall has been closed out and that did what was necessary to fix it. They just covered up the rust and corrosion. I'm afraid to drive my truck for fear I might get seriously injured. I need help thank you!.

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car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2005 Toyota Tacoma 5
Failure Date: 11/11/2016

Frame defect with rust and corrosion. Not sure when the corrosion started, but I discovered Nov 11, 2016 - while doing a transmission fluid change. The major rust and corrosion appear to be concentrated near the catalytic converters on both sides of the vehicle affecting the integrity of the frame. See attached photos for left side (driver side) and right side (passenger side).

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2001 Toyota Tacoma 6
Failure Date: 11/07/2016

Last year, 2015, I received a recall notice from Toyota concerning an issue with the spare tire hanger. I went to the Toyota recall web page and typed in my VIN, two recalls were outstanding, the spare tire and the frame. I contacted Toyota concerning the frame recall and was told that the frame recall had been closed. I informed the Toyota rep that I never received a recall notice for a frame issue. She stated that the noticed had been sent and returned due to incorrect address. Toyota than resent the notice to the correct address based on 911 changing my address from 132 center st, to 338 center st. I than told the rep. That I do not understand how Toyota could close out a recall which is a major safety issue and asked to speak to someone else. Long story short I was told the recall had ended and there was nothing Toyota would do to correct the issue. Afterwards I crawled under my truck and looked at the frame and did not notice any rusted out areas. On Monday November 7, 2016 as I was driving to work I lost the brakes. I was able to return home as the brake failure occurred at the end of the street I live on. I crawled under the truck to see if I could locate the damaged brake line. I found an area covered with brake fluid and determined the line had failed. While I was under the truck, I noticed the frame had rusted through just in front of the passenger side rear leaf spring. This is a definite safety issue which in my opinion could be a matter of life and death. I also noticed on the news this morning that Toyota once again has made a multi billion settlement due to frame rust issues on their 2005 to 2010 Toyota. I want Toyota held responsible for not repairing and of replacing the damage they know exists on my truck!!.

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car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2001 Toyota Tacoma 7
Failure Date: 10/22/2016

My son purchased this vehicle from a private sale. There was a recall on the vehicle for the frames. Frame was inspected in 2010 and an undercoating was applied-sealing in the existing rust on the frame. This existing rust has since gotten worse to the point where it is now unsafe and starting to break. We have contacted Toyota but they refuse to do anything because the 15 year extension was up in July. We were unaware of this and now the truck my son has only driven for 7 months is now worthless and unsafe. Toyota did not properly address the safety issue of this frame back in 2010 and now refuses to fix their mistake. They feel that just because the 15 years is up that they are no longer responsible for the safety of the vehicles they put on the road. Please help me tell them that they are still responsible.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 1998 Toyota Tacoma 8
Failure Date: 10/12/2016

"1995 through 2000 model year Tacoma frame rust corrosion warranty extension" received a letter from Toyota attached. Requested frame inspection attached. Requested another frame inspection attached. My vehicle case was not handled consistent with the intent of Toyota's program nor was I contacted by their impartial services group (isg). As a result the safety of me and my passengers has been neglected be not allowing me the safety benefits of their warranty offerings.

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car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2000 Toyota Tacoma 9
Failure Date: 10/01/2016

I when for oil change on my truck, upon lifting the car I was told by the mechanic that the frame is very rusted and has wholes on it and it will be a safety hazard to drive it like that and that there is a potential that the frame could break while driving.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma 10
Failure Date: 09/29/2016

Excessive rust on frame of truck. Frame coating/ protection insufficient. Toyota re-coated the frame on February 7th 2015 however the frame has continued to rust unabated as coating is flaking off.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2004 Toyota Tacoma 11
Failure Date: 09/24/2016

Frame rusted.

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car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2004 Toyota Tacoma 12
Failure Date: 09/19/2016

Was rear-ended yesterday. Upon inspection by insurance inspector, the inspector stated the frame failed, cross-member broke off frame due to excessive rust and rear of frame was rotted. This vehicle had received frame recall, but was only offered undercoating, which was done, but was obviously not done on rear of frame. Insurance inspector knew of this recall and stated Toyota should not be allowed to get away with this. The truck was in excellent condition before accident (other than frame). Due to frame rot, instead of being fixable, it was deemed total loss and will now cost significant financial burden. Called local Toyota dealer I have dealt with before and their customer relations director went to inspect and noted rear part of frame rusted out, but that's where all damage occurred due to being rear-ended, so didn't offer much other than it was an "interesting situation". Then had the nerve to ask if one of his sales people could call me to buy another Toyota.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2001 Toyota Tacoma 13
Failure Date: 09/16/2016

The contact owns a 2001 Toyota Tacoma. The contact stated that the frame was rusted through and the vehicle was unsafe to drive. The contact stated that the manufacturer's repair initiative from approximately 2012 was completed on the vehicle, but has now failed and rusted through. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 270,000.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2002 Toyota Tacoma 14
Failure Date: 09/15/2016

Body frame is rusted to a point where the vehicle is unsafe to drive.

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car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma 15
Failure Date: 09/10/2016

I too am a victim of the defective Toyota Tacoma frame. The frame of my vehicle rusted through to the point of breaking, rendering my vehicle completely unsafe to drive. The vehicle only has 78,000 miles, and is now utterly worthless. I was driving the vehicle at highway speeds when I felt the frame give way, immediately changing the entire dynamic of performance. I was able to get the vehicle to my home when I discovered the frame had rusted through completely, dropping the vehicle between the cab and the bed. Only luck and my own driving experience kept me from crashing when the defective frame failed. I contacted Toyota, thinking that this issue would be handled because of the obvious manufacturer defect in the frame of the vehicle. I was wrong about this, and was met with complete disregard and a smug assurance that Toyota would never make any amends for this defective product. I was told that a notice was mailed to the previous owner of the vehicle, and that this met their obligation and that nothing further would be done concerning the matter. To say that the american consumer has been taken advantage of in this situation is a gross understatement. From the number of complaints concerning this exact situation, it is clear that there is a systemic defect in the frame used by Toyota in these vehicles. The manufacturer knows this, but instead of making efforts to correct the problem, they are expending their resources to defend not addressing the issue. Just because the company set an arbitrary date when they would no longer address the issue does not make the issue go away. They knowingly installed defective components in these vehicles and are now engaged in a deceptive and manipulative campaign to shirk their responsibility to the american consumer. I implore the nhsta to be the voice of the individual in this matter, as alone, we have no recourse.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma 16
Failure Date: 09/04/2016

This is what I wrote to Toyota "hello there, I already called Toyota customer care number and even got a case number for my problem and the answer I got was we can not help you with your problem because there is no warranty after the recall period is over. I will start from the beginning. My truck is 2006 Toyota Tacoma . I got a letter in mail about the recall for the frame and it stated that if my truck has excessive rust or a hole in it they will replace the frame, if not they will coat the frame to slow down the rust on the frame. I took to my dealer, they inspected it and found no holes in my frame. They will apply the coating and sent me on my marry way. This was back in 1/20/2015. Now fast forward to 9/6/2016 and now I have a big hole in my frame and a lot more rust then before. I don't take to beach. I take very good care of the truck but it's that defective frame that is on the truck. I know 95-00 Tacoma's did a buy back program a few years ago. The 2001-2004 if the frame got coated you gave the a 15 year warranty on the frame. 2005-2008 Tacoma's in canada got the same 15 year warranty if the frame got coated. So why not 2005-2008 Tacoma"s in the USA don't have that warranty? my point is you kinda need to work with me and others with this problem. This will be an safety issue at some point. The safety of myself, my family and other drivers. Please help me out now before it's too late. ".

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2005 Toyota Tacoma 17
Failure Date: 09/04/2016

While underneath truck investigating noise from vibrating metal I noticed the frame badly rusted near the catalytic converter to the point where a large hole formed. Rusted pieces of the frame fall off when lightly tapped with a hammer. A quick internet search made it apparent this is a very common problem. Truck was bought and always registered in a southern state but was driven in illinois for 3 years while on military orders. There is surface rust everywhere but I haven't done a complete inspection yet to find other holes.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma 18
Failure Date: 09/02/2016

During a recent safety inspection, the inspector noted that the frame was rusted and in one spot was rusted through. Contacted the manufacturer and was told that a recall had been initiated but had expired in March of 2016. Additionally, the manufacturer stated that the recall was not safety related. I have never been notified of this recall. Driving the vehicle with a frame that may fail is not safe. I believe that Toyota should be required to issue a safety recall and that they should be required to repair this unsafe condition caused by lack of a viable quality control program.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2005 Toyota Tacoma 19
Failure Date: 09/01/2016

The Tacoma is susceptible to unusual amounts of frame rust and while underneath mine, changing the oil in the truck I found holes in the truck frame large enough to fit my fist in. So far I've received the run around from Toyota. They had a limited service campaign and replaced many truck frames. That stopped in March of 2016. Now they aren't doing anything about this problem and leaving it on the shoulders of americans to deal with. In addition to that, after their own admission, one could only suspect that the frames that weren't replaced have a high likelihood of failure on the highways, especially in states where they (the states) don't do rigorous inspections to get vehicles licensed. After the research that I've done I've discovered a few things; the trucks have a fundamental frame problem. Toyota admitted that there is a problem. Many of us, (tacoma owners) can't afford to replace the truck frame or purchase another vehicle to replace it with potentially making the highways and Toyota drivers unsafe because of a known manufacturing defect that Toyota won't rectify. Additionally, I'm sure based on forums and other reviews I've uncovered online, that many of the vehicle owners are completely unaware of the defect and the threat to their own safety, and the safety of those around them on the roadways due to said defect.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma 20
Failure Date: 09/01/2016

The contact owns a 2006 Toyota Tacoma. While the vehicle was stationary, the contact noticed that the frame was rusted severely. The vehicle was taken to be repaired per a recall in which the frame was spraycoated, but the failure recurred. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was 75,000. The VIN and NHTSA campaign number were unavailable.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma 21
Failure Date: 08/31/2016

01/22/15 Toyota dealer applied corrosion-resistant compound (crc), to frame of 2006 Tacoma (mileage 113835), a recall service. March 2016, I discovered crc peeling/flaking off many places on the frame. It appeared crc had been applied over rust. 4/12/16 we asked dealer to inspect crc during upcoming recall service for leaf spring assemblies. These were replaced 06/23/16 (mileage 138878). Invoice reads, ¿please note: crc on frame is peeling off¿. Dealer advised calling Toyota customer experience center. 06/24/16 Toyota created case complaint #1606240431. They notified us 6/27/16 that the crc campaign had ended and there was no remedy. 08/01/16, proprietor of a local garage, in business since 1955, evaluated. He was aware of the recall, had worked on other recalled trucks and said this was the worst he had seen. He thought crc had been applied to cover up rust. He recommended sand blasting and re-applying rust protectant soon before rust causes a serious safety issue. 08/11/16, owner of a body shop evaluated and said it would be difficult if not impossible to remove the rust. He was surprised the dealer had not replaced the frame, since he was aware of many frames being replaced by another dealer 40 miles away. Both professionals noted bubbling &/or buckling frame metal due to rust and said this will eventually become a very serious safety issue. 8/31/16, I contacted Toyota customer experience center to share professional opinions. The supervisor said Toyota would do nothing and would assume no liability for property damage, injury or death if the rusted frame breaks and causes an accident. I said this was unacceptable and repeatedly asked to speak with her manager. She said she did not have a manager and she terminated my call. Toyota¿s failed remedy leaves us with the initial recall problem and safety concern.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2002 Toyota Tacoma 22
Failure Date: 08/24/2016

I was informed by Toyota case worker that the rusty frame recall expired and it is my problem now. I didn't receive any frame recall notice but received a spare tire lift plate recall (which doesn't expire) due to rust and severe corrosion. I was informed by dealership my truck was unsafe to even put on the lift to address current recall, of course they let me drive it home which is a 35-40 minute drive for me. I was forced to scrap my truck with a perfectly good motor because how unsafe it was and the expense to fix it on my own. I didn't realize the severity of the problem until I crawled under my truck and was beside myself! I had huge holes in the frame, the leaf springs were shot, all this was under the "undercoating" that was done at time of purchase to protect frame from rust! I paid extra for that! even my seat mounts on the interior back seat were rusted! I suspect the quality of metal used is on the lower side. . . I used my truck as a truck, hauled small amounts of mulch, soul for my garden, it moved me 5x! I didn't go muddling in it, park it in a pond, or live in a flood area. I just used it. . . How is there an expiration date for the ongoing problem that can ultimately jeapardize a persons safety as well as others on the road?! please hold Toyota responsible. . .

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2004 Toyota Tacoma 23
Failure Date: 08/24/2016

Frame rust.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma 24
Failure Date: 08/15/2016

Frame corrosion. The frame on my 2006 Toyota Tacoma truck is very rusty. The metal is just flaking off. I took it to the car wash and while washing underneath parts of the metal just flaked off in large pieces. I called the dealer and was told they couldn't help me and gave me a customer service number for Toyota corporation. I called that number and was told a limited service campaign for corrosion problems on my truck ended on March 31, 2016. They could not assist me with my problem because it wasn't a safety recall. What will it take for this problem to become a safety issue. The frames on these trucks are defective. They are fracturing and rendering these trucks useless. Many of us cannot afford to replace the frames and if we sell this problem is so well known we can't get a fair price for vehicles. My truck has 100600 miles on it. I've taken care of the truck but it doesn't matter. The frame rusted anyway. Please help those of us that have these vehicles. Toyota should recognize that this is a safety issue just like it was before. The only difference is that Toyota learned how to avoid responsibility for these defective frames.

car image   Frame Rust problem of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma 25
Failure Date: 08/05/2016

The contact owns a 2006 Toyota Tacoma. A year after the vehicle was repaired per an unknown recall, the subframe was rusted. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where the cause of the failure was undetermined. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 41,000.

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