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Steering Problems of Toyota Tacoma - part 1

Toyota Tacoma owners have reported 125 problems related to steering (under the steering category).

car image   Steering problem of the 2009 Toyota Tacoma 1
Failure Date: 04/30/2016

Lack of alignment during Toyota safety recall e02 / NHTSA recall id 14v 604 I am concerned with the lack of vehicle alignment as an included part of e02 post replacement of the rear spring packs. When the rear springs are removed from the vehicle, the rear axle often shifts such that is it no longer in the same position as it was previously installed. Thus the vehicle is no longer properly aligned, as front toe is set based on the thrust angle of the rear axle. The thrust angle is derivative of the alignment of the axle relative to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, and creates a moment about the yaw axis of the vehicle. Re-alignment of the front of the vehicle provides corrective measure by setting front wheel toe to account for the position of the rear axle, thus ensuring the vehicle tracks correctly and is stable during dynamic maneuvers. When the Tacoma first entered the servicing dealer it was confirmed to be correctly aligned. However, the pre-alignment numbers on the hunter expressalign sheet show that the rear axle position after performing e02 has shifted -0. 15° [iso] about its vertical axis relative to the position prior to rear spring replacement. Failure to have the Tacoma realigned would have resulted in the need to counter-steer the vehicle to maintain a straight trajectory during normal operation. It is unacceptable that the customer should be expected to bear the burden of cost for the alignment, when it is necessitated by the corrective actions prescribed by Toyota during e02. Failure to re-align vehicles becomes a safety concern, namely due to uneven tire wear and the potential for instability of the vehicle due to misaligned axles causing the vehicle to increase tendencies to over-steer. I am disappointed in Toyota's apparent disregard for owner safety and feel this is an issue that should be addressed with urgency.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2009 Toyota Tacoma 2
Failure Date: 04/17/2016

Vehicle has 91k mileage 4x4 all highway miles. Backed out of my driveway and could not turn wheel. Checked fluid but it was fine. Attempted again and got on local road only to find truck uncontrolable at any speed. Saw another complaint on this after I got vehicle towed back to my house and decided to file complaint. My truck never had an issue like this before now. It is definitely unsafe to drive and Toyota appears to have other Tacoma owners with the same issue that could be fatal if it happens when driving at 65 mph let alone at slower speeds on curves. I will not let my family drive the truck because the steering is so unreliable. Please let me know if Toyota will repair this under a recall or other camps in. VIN is 3tmmu52n19m012213.

car image   Steering problem of the 2005 Toyota Tacoma 3
Failure Date: 04/15/2016

I experienced rough (stiff, binding) steering in both directions and within two weeks it was progressively getting worse. I thought I had a steering fluid issue, but the dealership immediately knew of this problem and confirmed it by turning the steering wheel. They knew right away that it was caused by a rusted u-joint on the bottom of the intermediate steering shaft (p/n 4520304020). In addition to the stiff steering going into a turn, the steering would not return to straight and I unexpectedly nearly went into the curb. I believe that this is a very unsafe condition and must be brought to the attention of all 2005 Tacoma owners. I have never been advised of any need to perform any special servicing of this part at any mileage interval. It appears to be a bad design that allows salty water from winter roads to get into the u-joint which then rusts.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2009 Toyota Tacoma 4
Failure Date: 03/23/2016

Steering , I bought a new 2009 Tacoma with the platnum warranty and the steering is now not working, I feel that this is unsafe and is difficult to drive. I called the number to tell them that I brought it to a dealer (vanderstyne Toyota rochester NY) to see what the problem was and that I was told I needed to pay 130. 00 for diagnostic fees to see what the problem was with it and that they would not even look at it to see what the problem is. This vehicle does not seem safe to drive. I see there are many recalls on Toyota steering problems and I am forced to contact an attorney to see if this is legal action.

car image   Steering problem of the 2001 Toyota Tacoma 5
Failure Date: 03/19/2016

Rust seems to be coming off by the handfuls and pieces thick enough that I am concerned. I looked under my truck and among other things, metal lines (brake, steering, not sure), the gas tank, and steering linkage became my biggest concern. By the thickness of rust I have gotten from my vehicle I am certain it is not surface rust. How much will something rust before it becomes a failure, especially with a line under pressure such as brake lines? the last time I filled up I noticed gas leaking on the concrete. I am not sure if it is coming from the tank itself or not.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma 6
Failure Date: 03/04/2016

Steering has become very difficult. Parking, changing lanes, and turning have all become quite a dangerous chore--. To the point I do not feel safe even operating the truck.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma 7
Failure Date: 03/03/2016

The frame is rusting out on my Tacoma that I purchased and Toyota says since they inspected it 9 month ago it no longer qualifies for frame replacement program. It had not been driven under any negative road corrosive conditions in this time, and this frame was I believe rusted when inspected and not discovered because it has rusted from the inside out. Now the power steering has gone out and I have been experiencing acceleration problems with it since purchasing it. I contacted Toyota about the frame rust and was told basically too bad so sad. They have told me they filed my complaint under file #1603091915 at their national headquarters. The frame metal is defective. The power steering has quit working at approximately 75000 miles, and the truck accelerates under its own power when shifting into 5th gear.

car image   Steering problem of the 2008 Toyota Tacoma 8
Failure Date: 01/31/2016

The contact owns a 2008 Toyota Tacoma. While driving at a low speed, the steering wheel seized. As a result, the contact was unable to steer the vehicle. The failure recurred on numerous occasions. The vehicle was taken to a dealer where it was diagnosed that the seals were corroded and the power steering joint needed to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the front driver side wheel needed to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired; however, the repair did not correct the failure. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The VIN was included in NHTSA campaign number: 14v604000 (suspension). The failure mileage was 95,000.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2004 Toyota Tacoma 9
Failure Date: 01/29/2016

When driving home from having the truck serviced, the front drivers wheel broke and crashed into a curb. After taking it to Toyota and calling there help desk, theye confirmed it had a lower and upper ball joint failure. At this time Toyota will not honor this recall and will not provide any assistance with the repairs.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2005 Toyota Tacoma 10
Failure Date: 01/29/2016

Steering is difficult, as if no power steering exists. I checked online and saw others had the same problem. I lubricated the lower part of intermediate steering shaft, and it seems to work ok for now. If the part is rusted, I'm afraid the steering will go out altogether and cause loss of control. This is a safety issue. The frame has been replaced due to rust. Is this more of the same problem?.

car image   Steering problem of the 2015 Toyota Tacoma 11
Failure Date: 12/20/2015

As we were driving last night, the steering wheel fell apart during a turn, rendering it instantly unmovable. We got stuck in the oncoming traffic lane. We could not exit the vehicle because too many cars were whizzing by us. When we dislodged the broken piece we pulled over to the side. We physically hold the steering wheel together so that we could drive home. Toyota hauled the car off this morning. You're very lucky to be alive, we can take this very seriously and would hope that you would do the same. As soon as we could move the vehicle to a safer location, I began videoing. I have that as well.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2005 Toyota Tacoma 12
Failure Date: 09/15/2015

The contact owns a 2005 Toyota Tacoma. While driving various speeds, the steering wheel became difficult to turn. The contact had to apply force to the steering wheel in order to steer the vehicle. In addition, over time, the steering wheel became extremely loose. The contact had to steer the vehicle in excess to keep the vehicle in position. The failure recurred on numerous occasions. The vehicle was not diagnosed nor repaired. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. The failure mileage was 75,000. The VIN was unavailable.

car image   Steering problem of the 2000 Toyota Tacoma 13
Failure Date: 09/08/2015

The truck has frame corrosion that makes the car illegal to drive. In 2010, it was recalled for this issue. I brought it in to a Toyota dealership in 2010 and 2013 for the warranty. Based on a letter I received from Toyota, Toyota was supposed to buy back the vehicle if corrosion was present or spray corrosive resistant compounds (crcs) at no cost to me. The dealership did neither. I was under the impression they sprayed crcs because that is what we discussed at the dealership. Turns out they did not spray and six months after the warranty ended the frame was deemed so corroded by an oil change mechanic at an independent business, I can no longer drive the vehicle. Toyota and the Toyota dealership will not address the letter they sent me and the fact they did not spray crcs as discussed. The vehicle is very unsafe, I did was I was told, and the dealership is negligent if following binary rules of the warranty--replace the vehicle or spray crcs. The dealership claims "they had no responsibility to do anything" but a letter I received from Toyota says differently. The vehicle was serviced regularly and ran well and has no issues but the frame makes the vehicle unsafe and inoperable. The frame of the vehicle is no collapsing as well. The frame is rotted through.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma 14
Failure Date: 06/26/2015

Steering actually locked up requiring extra effort to make a right curve. After stopping and looking for aa problem working the wheel back and forth freed up the steering enough to drive home. An internet search found hundreds of complaints about this issue with Tacomas. Lower steering u joint rusts and seizes. . Lubed the shaft and plan to replace the steering knuckle.

car image   Steering problem of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma 15
Failure Date: 06/14/2015

Steering wheel intermittently tightens up while driving making it rather difficult to turn. Seems to be related to a worn intermediate steering shaft. Performance tends to improve upon adding lubricant to the associated u-joint, however over time this part begins to tighten up again. This part will have to be replaced.

car image   Steering problem of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma 16
Failure Date: 06/03/2015

Try to make small adjustment with steering wheel and the steering appeared to fight me. When first starting the truck and go to back up, the wheel is difficult to move. After rocking the wheel back and forth a number of times the steering seems a little more normal. This same wheel fight can come on even when you are on the road and traveling the speed limit. Since this happens while driving, I am worried that it could seize up and cause an accident. If it was just my vehicle I would just pay and get it fixed, as I am currently doing, but the internet says there are a lot of people with the very same complaint and they have contacted you folks. The range of model year appears to be 2005 and up. Please look into this as it is a very dangerous problem and people could die.

car image   Steering problem of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma 17
Failure Date: 06/01/2015

Steering randomly gets stiff and almost locks. Rusted ujoint in intermediate steering shaft.

car image   Steering problem of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma 18
Failure Date: 05/02/2015

The intermediate steering shaft has corroded at the u-joint due to insufficient protection and poor design. This has resulted in stiff, jerky steering that poses a driving hazard, and is a significant expense to replace.

car image   Steering problem of the 2005 Toyota Tacoma 19
Failure Date: 05/01/2015

I can not control steering wheel,it gets to hard to steering.

car image   Steering problem of the 2008 Toyota Tacoma 20
Failure Date: 04/29/2015

Merging onto highway and steering bound up without warning. Took all my strength to avoid hitting guardrail and narrowly avoided causing a major accident. After looking online it seems to be a common issue of an exposed joint in the steering shaft rusting and binding up. Just a matter of time before someone gets killed because of this issue. Extremely poor design of this part. I no longer will take my family in this truck and will be looking to trade in for a different vehicle. Toyota needs to issue a recall to repair this problem and protect its customers.

car image   Steering problem of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma 21
Failure Date: 04/17/2015

After frame was replaced I started having stiffness in my steering.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma 22
Failure Date: 04/04/2015

With out warning, my steering got very stiff and the wheels would not return to center automatically. After researching I found that it could be the u-joint on the lower steering shaft. I sprayed lubricant on the u-joint and this temporarily resolved the issue. The binding returns every week or so. The u-joint is not protected from the elements allowing road grime, salt and other contaminants to get into the u-joint. This is a very big safety concern and should be recalled. When I spoke to the dealer they stated to keep lubing it until it stops working. This seems to be dangerous and I will be working to replace it. I am seeing that the cost is ~ $350 to have a dealership perform the repair. Please investigate as this is a very big safety issue and many Tacoma owners of the 2005 to at least the 2012 model are indicating having this issue at different mileage.

car image   Steering problem of the 2011 Toyota Tacoma 23
Failure Date: 03/17/2015

My horn does not work when I press on the steering wheel unless I turn the wheels to the right or to the left then it will work. I took in my truck to the Toyota dealer and they told me this is not covered under the warrantee and that they will have to charge me $130 to look at it. I told them that this is a safety issue. When I am driving and something happens and I have to beep someone I cannot do that no matter how much I press on the steering wheel. I bought this car new. I owned other cars before but this is the first time I drove a car with no horn. To me it seems to be a manufacturer issue I believe Toyota should repair this at no charge.

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car image   Steering problem of the 2005 Toyota Tacoma 24
Failure Date: 03/09/2015

The steering in my Toyota Tacoma began to bind suddenly when turning the steering wheel to the left or right. Upon inspection by the dealership, the intermediate steering shaft and steering yoke both needed to be replaced. The replacement part appears to be an updated part with a rubber boot to prevent corrosion of the shaft joints. I believe the failure of the original part was due to poor design, causing the part to begin to fail. If not replaced and the shaft or shaft joint had broken at speed, this certainly would have caused a crash.

car image   Steering problem of the 2007 Toyota Tacoma 25
Failure Date: 02/16/2015

Tight steering I thought due to extreme cold temps in February. Problem would resolve itself as the outside temps and/or engine temp increased. In April I was still having very tight steering intermittently especially on start up and in the morning (when my vehicle hadn't sat in the sun all day). Took it in to a private mechanic, was told the joints inside the steering shaft were seizing up and I needed a whole new steering shaft - total price $533. 00.