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Latest Technical Service Bulletins of International Transtar

2012 International Transtar engine (pws) TSB (Bulletin REC16507)
Bulletin Date: Aug. 8, 2016
Component: Engine (pws)
Bulletin Summary: The on board diagnostic (obd) data stored for purposes of defining required maintenance or repair may be inadvertently lost without notice to the operator.
Vehicles covered in this TSB:
2010 International MXT, 2010 International Paystar, 2011 International Paystar, 2012 International Paystar, 2013 International Paystar, 2010 International Prostar, 2011 International Prostar, 2012 International Prostar, 2013 International Prostar, 2014 International Prostar, 2010 International Transtar, 2011 International Transtar, 2012 International Transtar, 2013 International Transtar, 2014 International Transtar, 2010 International Workstar, 2011 International Workstar, 2012 International Workstar, 2013 International Workstar, 2014 International Workstar.
2017 International Transtar electrical system TSB (Bulletin IK0800445)
Bulletin Date: Aug. 2, 2016
Component: Electrical system
Bulletin Summary: Body controller updates for all vehicles with 500k baud data link
Vehicles covered in this TSB:
2017 International Aecb, 2017 International Aesb, 2017 International Becb, 2017 International Besb, 2017 International Cecb, 2017 International Cesb, 2017 International Durastar, 2017 International Lonestar, 2017 International Prostar, 2017 International Transtar.
2016 International Transtar equipment TSB (Bulletin IK0800445)
Bulletin Date: Jul. 21, 2016
Component: Equipment
Bulletin Summary: Body controller updates; only when equipped with 500k baud communication network
Vehicles covered in this TSB:
2016 International Durastar, 2017 International Durastar, 2016 International Lonestar, 2017 International Lonestar, 2016 International Prostar, 2017 International Prostar, 2016 International Terrastar, 2017 International Terrastar, 2016 International Transtar, 2017 International Transtar, 2016 International Workstar.

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