Technical Service Bulletins of Lincoln MKS Model Years
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Latest Technical Service Bulletins of Lincoln MKS

2013 Lincoln MKS digital instrument panel TSB (Bulletin ASI-44670)
Bulletin Date: Aug. 1, 2014
Component: Digital instrument panel
Bulletin Summary: Lincoln/Ford: there are chimes emitting, intermittently, from instrument cluster and not audio system, when vehicle has a cold start. Model 2013-14 fusion, mkz.
Vehicles covered in this TSB:
2013 Lincoln MKS.
2013 Lincoln MKS (pws) TSB (Bulletin TSB-14-0129)
Bulletin Date: Jul. 15, 2014
Component: (pws)
Bulletin Summary: Ford: stored in powertrain control module (pcm) memory are various diagnostic trouble codes (dtc), along with malfunction indicator lamp illuminating (mil) and information provided to correct the issue. Model 2013 escape, fusion.
Vehicles covered in this TSB:
2013 Ford Escape, 2013 Ford Fusion, 2013 Lincoln MKS.
2010 Lincoln MKS manifold/header/muffler/tail pipe TSB (Bulletin TSB-14-0113)
Bulletin Date: May. 30, 2014
Component: Manifold/header/muffler/tail pipe
Bulletin Summary: Ford/Lincoln: some vehicles, with aluminum valve cover, will experience an excessive condition of smoking engine oil and/or consumption of oil, from tail pipe, during normal engine temperature operation. Model 2010-2014 flex, taurus, exp
Vehicles covered in this TSB:
2013 Ford Explorer, 2014 Ford Explorer, 2010 Ford Flex, 2011 Ford Flex, 2012 Ford Flex, 2013 Ford Flex, 2014 Ford Flex, 2010 Ford Taurus, 2011 Ford Taurus, 2012 Ford Taurus, 2013 Ford Taurus, 2014 Ford Taurus, 2010 Lincoln MKS, 2011 Lincoln MKS, 2012 Lincoln MKS, 2013 Lincoln MKS, 2014 Lincoln MKS, 2010 Lincoln MKT, 2011 Lincoln MKT, 2012 Lincoln MKT, 2013 Lincoln MKT, 2014 Lincoln MKT.

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