Diesel Engine Problems of Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf owners have reported 11 problems related to diesel engine (under the engine and engine cooling category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Volkswagen Golf based on all problems reported for the Golf.

car image   Diesel Engine problem of the 2015 Volkswagen Golf 1
Failure Date: 03/01/2016

Letter from senator brown on behalf of constituent regarding his dissatisfaction with the Volkswagen group of America following the purchase of his jetta tdi (attn: john patterson). The consumer stated Volkswagen deliberately added software to deceive its owners.

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car image   Diesel Engine problem of the 2011 Volkswagen Golf 2
Failure Date: 01/27/2015

2011 vw Golf tdi (diesel engine). After driving from rainy weather into freezing and snow conditions, the car was parked for several hours in a 50 deg. Garage. When the car was next started, it would struggle to start and stall out. I have read of several issues with the Volkswagen Golf tdi engines and know about condensation in the intercooler freezing, then thawing, causing water to build up in the intercooler piping. I removed the intercooler to engine intake pipe and drained about a cup of water and intercooler. If this water was drawn into the engine, it could have destroyed the engine. This is a well documented issue on several Volkswagen forums. My vehicle is not under factory warranty and does not qualify for any Volkswagen factory updates without significant cost to me.

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car image   Diesel Engine problem of the 2012 Volkswagen Golf 3
Failure Date: 11/10/2012

The car is a 2012 vw Golf tdi, purchased around April of 2012. It had approximately 7500 miles at the time of the incident. I was on a short drive to the store and back (5 miles round trip from home). On the way back, I heard a metal grinding sound coming from the engine compartment and noticed a lack of power. I turned off the radio to confirm that the sound was coming from my new car and it was. At the next stop light, the car died and could not be restarted. I confirmed that I still had diesel fuel, and sure enough, I still had 1/4 tank. So I was not out of fuel. The engine would crank, but not start. Thankfully this happened at a stop light instead of on the hilly interstate I take to work 20 miles each day. Aside from hearing the metal grinding sound for approximately 30 seconds, I had no warning. The car had to be towed back to the dealer. The dealer took a few days to diagnose the problem as a faulty fuel pump. Apparently, the fuel pump malfunctioned and shot metal shards through my entire fuel system. It took the dealer well over a week to replace every component and the cost of labor and parts was over $10,000. Thankfully, vw covered the repair as being under warranty. A quick google search confirmed that hundreds of other vw diesel engines have had the same problem. Unfortunately, the dealer did not replace the fuel tank. Based on reports I have seen online, I can expect another failure any day. Please investigate this further and force vw to issue a recall. I have owned 5 Volkswagens in the past (own 2 right now) and love them, but I will never buy another one after this incident.

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car image   Diesel Engine problem of the 2012 Volkswagen Golf 4
Failure Date: 04/24/2012

Smog control fraud with diesel engine.

car image   Diesel Engine problem of the 2011 Volkswagen Golf 5
Failure Date: 02/13/2011

The contact owns a 2011 Volkswagen Golf diesel. While driving 10 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer who stated that the vehicle would not stall if the gear was downshifted to first. The vehicle was not inspected or repaired. The vehicle continued to stall even when downshifted into first gear. The current and failure mileages were 900.

car image   Diesel Engine problem of the 2001 Volkswagen Golf 6
Failure Date: 11/15/2006

Multiple issues regarding vehicle reliability: replacement (twice) of oil transmission lines, repair to turbo system, and now replacement of diesel "glow plugs", cabling and failure of starter motor.

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car image   Diesel Engine problem of the 2006 Volkswagen Golf 7
Failure Date: 08/26/2006

While driving vehicle (only 14,500 miles) all of a sudden, there was a loss in power and a whining sound. The whining sound increased speed and pitch when stepping on the accelerator pedal. Then soon after, smoke came from the tail pipe. Parked car and had it towed to the dealer of purchase. Dealer will not inspect car free under warranty unless I can prove that I used the vw approved motor oil. Called dealer service manager and got same reply. Called vw customer care number and got the same reply. By this time, car was not operable for almost 3 weeks just sitting in the dealer service lot. Dealer service and vw of America refuse to take responsibility for the repair. Dealer said they would inspect the car for $625. 00. If found to be a manufacturer's defect, I would not have to pay the $625. 00 now I am waiting for the dealer service to tell me that it was not a defect and that somehow the engine failure was my fault.

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car image   Diesel Engine problem of the 2004 Volkswagen Golf 8
Failure Date: 04/18/2006

2004 Volkswagen Golf tdi 1. 9 I noticed the fuel mileage started to decrease and the vehicle started to produce excess smoke. The problem continued to get worse over the course of the next 2 months. The oil changes were conducted with 0w40 synthetic oil recommended by the manufacture. The fuel filter was changed at 20k, 42k, 50k and 70k to help reduce the sluggishness of the engine. Nothing appeared to correct the problem. At 73500 mile the engine began to lose power during acceleration and under a load. The engine also developed a skip resulting in the engine light indicator turning on. I drove the vehicle to the Volkswagen dealer and indicated all of the above problems to the service representative. The service section checked and replaced the mass air flow sensor and oxygen sensor. Informed me the problem was corrected. I picked up my vehicle and drove less than one block and could not stay in the flow of traffic because of the lack of power. I returned to the service section and dropped the vehicle filling out the paperwork reinforcing the same problems as above. The vehicle had extreme hesitation, lack of power and excessive smoke under acceleration and load. The service tech check the engine and found that the camshaft had no lobes on the 1 and 2 cylinder and the number 3 cylinder was beginning to lose the lobe or rounded. The lack of the lobe prevented the intake and exhaust valves to properly open and close to allow fuel mixture into the cylinder and the exhaust to be removed from the cylinder. This problem could only be corrected by replacing the entire head. The wear on the camshaft is very noticeable and above the number 1 cylinder the camshaft has a deep scratch or gouge in the middle of the lobe. The service technician had no explanation for the rounding of the lobes or the scratch or gouge in the lobe.

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car image   Diesel Engine problem of the 2002 Volkswagen Golf 9
Failure Date: 01/31/2006

I had an oil change done on my car and the drain plug striped out the threads. The oil pan is made of aluminum and the plug is made of steel.

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car image   Diesel Engine problem of the 2000 Volkswagen Golf 10
Failure Date: 06/03/2005

Vehicle is a 200 vw Golf tdi. At approx. 40k miles engine developed excessive carbon build up in the egr system and required cleaning. Vw performed this service at no charge. At approx 60k mile excessive carboin build up again noted. Vw contends that this is a maintenacve proble caused by exzcess sulfer in the fuel. Customer requested vw to perform cleaning and provide permanent repair or other mitigation to prevcent re-occurance. Custome believes that the tdi engine in Golf 200 models was not properly designed or tuned for disiel fuel in use and that vw either should provide corrective action or pay on-going costs that will be necessary to maintain propoer engine performance. Vw is non-responsive. Vw case nummer is 501-830-79. Complaint initiated with vw on 6/3/05.

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car image   Diesel Engine problem of the 2004 Volkswagen Golf 11
Failure Date: 07/13/2004

Failure to warn. For safety reasons, 2004 Volkswagen vehicles equipped with a 100-hp tdi diesel engine option require use of a special engine oil for all oil changes and topping off of the oil level. Volkswagen has stated that for these engines, "failure to use engine oil for your engine that expressly conforms to Volkswagen oil standard 505. 01 can cause engine failure on the highway that can cause a crash and serious personal injury" however, this information was not conveyed to me by Volkswagen. The owner's manual supplied with the car acutally requires use of a non-conforming oil specification, and contains no safety warning. Other owners have received the correct information either in their owner's manuals, or by means of an adhesive yellow and red warning label affixed in the engine compartment. My vehicle also lacks the warning label. Volkswagen has issued a service bulletin 17-03-01 dated sept 17, 2003 which discusses the requirement for the special oil, but only in the context of warranty coverage and not safety. To attempt to obtain safety warning labels for my vehicle, I have made several contacts with both the dealer and Volkswagen customer care. At this time the dealer is attempting to obtain the stickers for me. The label is identified by Volkswagen 241. Oilsticker. Diesel. Pdengine. 21 (copyright) 2003 Volkswagen of America, inc however, while researching the oil information it became apparent to me that there are other Volkswagen owners with the same engine series who are also unaware of the safety warning, and will be until Volkswagen takes the initiative to provide the information.

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