Horn Assembly Problems of Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf owners have reported 6 problems related to horn assembly (under the electrical system category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Volkswagen Golf based on all problems reported for the Golf.

car image   Horn Assembly problem of the 2012 Volkswagen Golf 1
Failure Date: 07/31/2017

My local Volkswagen dealership stated there is a recall on certain vw models for the clock-spring located inside the steering column. My vehicle has been making a terrible noise when I turn the wheel in either direction, which vw attributes to the clock-spring. They told me the 2012 Golf tdi model is not covered under the recall but apparently this clock-spring problem impacts other models. They warned the problem will get worse and eventually impact the steering, airbag, turn signals, horn, and other electrical components inside the steering wheel. They quoted the cost to replace the clock-spring is $890. So my question is can the recall be broadened to include 2012 Golf tdis as well?.

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car image   Horn Assembly problem of the 2015 Volkswagen Golf 2
Failure Date: 06/10/2015

I was in hayward on the 880 freeway (flat, dry road) in rush hour traffic, in the hov lane going about 40 mph, and my vw e-golf just shut down and showed the error "electrical system failure: stop!". I had enough momentum to coast 5 feet over to the left side (center divider) I could not make it completely out of the lane. Cars were laying on their horn and speeding past me while my bumper hung out a foot into the lane. The car is 3 months old. It had a charge of 86 miles when it happened, I had it on a charging station it showed I charged my car accumulated (kwh): 29. 523. The radio, windows, bluetooth and all other electrical powered instruments still worked. I pressed the power button off and turned it on again , the error still remained, and the car would not "turn on".

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car image   Horn Assembly problem of the 2012 Volkswagen Golf 3
Failure Date: 04/03/2012

Volkswagen of America fails to provide their customers a fuse diagram, making it impossible to safely identify and replace a simple blown fuse. Without a basic fuse diagram, the only choice for vw owners needing to replace a fuse is to pull fuses one-by-one as they search for the blown fuse. With many unused slots, should a fuse be inadvertently replaced in the incorrect slot, a critical safety system such as brake lights, tail lights, headlights, abs brake control, windshield wipers, horn, etc. Can be accidentally disabled without any immediate knowledge on the part of the owner. This happened in my case when I was trying to locate the 12-volt accessory fuse. All other automobile manufactures provide fuse assignment diagrams either in their owner's manuals or, more typically, on the back of the fuse compartment covers. This enables the owner to quickly identify the correct fuse, pull and inspect it, and replace it with a new fuse. I contacted Volkswagen of America's corporate office and spoke with a special assistant to the president and ceo who was unwilling to give me any explanation whatsoever why vw refuses to provide this important safety information. Vw's advice is to "shine a flashlight on the end of the flat fuse and try to determine which one is blown. " it is impossible to identify a blown fuse in this manner. Since this represents a very real potential safety hazard to each and every vw owner who needs to replace a fuse, NHTSA should immediately issue a recall on all vw models, going back to the date vw instituted this ill-advised policy. Nhtsa should require the company to place fuse assignment diagrams on the interior of the fuse boxes. This will immediately and completely correct this safety defect.

car image   Horn Assembly problem of the 2010 Volkswagen Golf 4
Failure Date: 02/15/2011

Vehicle horn does not respond promptly to actuation, typically has about a 1 second delay, which makes it unsuitable for sounding a warning in abrupt lane change situations. Dealer states this is normal, and I have verified that other vw Golf/jettas of the 2010 and 2011 model years respond the same. This is a totally repeatable issue.

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car image   Horn Assembly problem of the 1997 Volkswagen Golf 5

Horn can't be located when the wheel is turned.

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car image   Horn Assembly problem of the 1996 Volkswagen Golf 6

Horn button difficult to find in emergency situations.

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