Air Brake Problems of Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf owners have reported 1 air brake related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common air brake problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's air brake (1 problem). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Air Brake related problems of Volkswagen Golf

Problem Category Number of Problems
Air Brake problems
Air Brake problem #1

Stopped at stop light , my foot/shoe gets stuck under the brake pedal by the time I realized what happen , the car goes forward and rear ends the van in front. The way the driver is secured in the seat and the fact that the brake pedal is higher than the gas peddle, when you slide your foot over to the brake you can get your shoe/foot stuck under brake pedal, you have to lift your entire leg in order to brake. . This is potentially dangerous and will cause accidents. This is happened several times. And I have been in 2 minor accidents once while stopped at a light and once when parked in front of my house ted batsakis 3161 shakespeare dr. Los alamitos CA 90720.

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