Unknown Or Other Problems of Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf owners have reported 19 unknown or other related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common unknown or other problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's unknown or other (19 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Unknown Or Other related problems of Volkswagen Golf

Problem Category Number of Problems
Unknown Or Other problems
Unknown Or Other problem #1

I started my car on 12/10/2011, during which it was around 28 degrees. A few seconds later, the car stalled. After starting it a second time, I drove the car to between 3-5 mph, at which time it stalled again. On the third try, I was able to keep the engine running, but the engine ran rough for the first few minutes. On January 4 following another bout of cold weather, the car's engine refused to start even after multiple attempts. It was towed to the dealership where they attempted to start it. According to the dealership, it started immediately. The dealership is currently looking into the issue. They believe the problem is related to the intercooler pipes freezing during cold temperatures. When it thaws, water enters the engine and hydrolocks it, preventing it from starting or stalling the engine if it is already running. This issue poses several safety risks, especially if the car stalls in the midst of high-speed traffic.

Unknown Or Other problem #2

My brand new 2011 vw Golf tdi manual car stalls at launch much too easily. I have driven manual transmission cars for 40 years and have found it much worse than the Mazda miata which was poor. This is a problem with all of this model, as confirmed by my test drive, magazine reviews, and the salesperson. It may be do to the "hill climbing" feature which locks the brakes upon stopping so that you have to overcome the brakes to move. I am scared a car will hit me from behind.

Unknown Or Other problem #3

Sunroof on 2011 Volkswagen tdi exploded during morning commute at 65mph. Foreign object impact does not appear to be the cause. Outside temp was ~29f, no vehicles in close proximity, no overpasses. Continued driving as problem was apparent, but not getting worse after the initial boom! and shower of glass shards. Images available, took with my cellphone after arriving at my workplace. Dealer is covering under warranty, including provision of a rental car.

Unknown Or Other problem #4

I Dec 19th 2011 I experienced what I believe was a hard start. Weather in the morning was in the teens, afternoon in the low 40s. Leave work, get in car, put key in ignition & turn to on position, put seat belt on, and start. Car starts right away but is idling rough, shaking violently like a washing machine off balance. I drop into neutral and rev it up to 2k, still idles rough for about a minute more but does not stall. I experienced something like this once when my Subaru legacy's #2 injector quit, a misfiring boxer engine does not idle smooth. The ride home was uneventful, stopped at the bank and restarted fine. Everything was normal this morning, temps in the low 40s. What I believe happened to my car was moisture accumulated in the inner cooler and was ingested into the intake tract causing a "hammering effect" as the engine tried to compress this moisture. Vw has issued a TSB #21 11 06/2025464 but no recall as yet. When I brought my vehicle in for service they found no moisture so nothing was done. I believe this to be a safety issue because the vehicle could ingest this moisture at any time without warning causing the car to stop and strand in an unsafe location. A recall and fix should be issued.

Unknown Or Other problem #5

In oct. 2009, I purchased a 2010 Volkswagen Golf. Within four months, it began having problems. Every few months since, it has come to a halt while I am driving. The radio and dashboard lights all operate, but the car no longer moves. You must turn it off then back on at least once. I have narrowly avoided accidents with multiple cars and an 18-wheeler on I-95 and us1 in miami. The car has even come to a halt while driving at 55 mph. It has also stopped after trying to accelerate when a traffic light turned from red to green, and when switching lanes. I have brought the car to multiple vw dealerships, but they cannot replicate the problem, and it does not log on the car's computer. Some of the mechanics have noted that other cars have come in with similar issues, especially Golfs, and 2. 5l jettas. The car has done this five times and has been in the shop for at least 30 cumulative days. I am working to try to get vw to refund me under the florida lemon law. At one dealership, I was told the problem would have to get worse before they could do anything. The service manager at another dealership promised to contact vw corporate and suggested I call him to follow up; however, he did not return my call. After I contacted vw corporate, they sent someone to meet me at a local dealership, and he was 30 minutes late for our appointment. When I called the person who had arranged this meeting to determine if the representative was still coming, my call was not returned. I have missed work, spent hours researching this matter and following the protocol associated with the lemon law, and spent money on tolls on the way to the dealership and expenses related to alternative driving arrangements. I absolutely do not feel safe in this car, and avoid driving it whenever possible. Finally, I have read about your investigation into vw cars stalling and would like to point out that this problem is not limited to diesel cars, as my car runs on regular unleaded.

Unknown Or Other problem #6

My 2004 vw Golf was running rough. The rpm's were very high but the car was going very slow. I had new spark plugs and ignition wires put in. After a heavy rain a few weeks later I had the same problem. This time I had a new ignition coil put in. In total I spent $699. 24 having the car repaired. Vw is currently running an ignition coil inspection and replacement program but my vehicle is not covered. I called to complain but vw told me there was nothing I could do but complain to the NHTSA.

Unknown Or Other problem #7

Everytime it rains, I get an inch or two of water in my passenger side front and rear foot well of my 2000 vw Golf. It began last rainy season with a large rain event. Since then, it has happened with every rain event.

Unknown Or Other problem #8

Consumer experienced problems obtaining a valet key from the dealership for 2002 Volkswagen Golf. The consumer was complaining of the service received at williamson Volkswagen of Lincoln.

Unknown Or Other problem #9

The hinge on the right side of the glove box broke off.

Unknown Or Other problem #10

Engine runs rough, and engine check light comes on. Dealer repair center state check light came on b/c injectors needed to be cleaned and vacum hoses had to be replaced. Car has only 20k mi on it.

Unknown Or Other problem #11

The center armrest was broken.

Unknown Or Other problem #12

Main airflow sensor went out 4 times. Engine check light would come on, and vehicle would lose all power. Power relay( relay109) would shut down. Contacted dealer, and informed to bring in vehicle.

Unknown Or Other problem #13

The right rear brake pad wore down to the metal backing plate in under 20,000 miles while all other pads were still serviceable. Brake light on the right rear had also burned out. The glove compartment door hinge snapped while opening it.

Unknown Or Other problem #14

While driving on a road engine light came on and engine started misfiring. Contacted dealer and manufacturer. To bring vehicle in for servicing.

Unknown Or Other problem #15

The dealer has the car but can not get the part . The part is back ordered for two months. I ask for a replacement of the car but they dienied it. Please help.

Unknown Or Other problem #16

The rear mats do not have traction, which could cause a hazardous situation. Yh.

Unknown Or Other problem #17

The two areas we have had problems with since the very beginning are the check engine light keeps coming on for no reason. They have asked us if we closed the gas cap tightly? we always do! each time they say it is something else which is now getting costly. The other problem is the overwhelming smell of gas that has made us sick and caused horrible headaches. The dealership has not fixed this problem either and asked if we top off when we fill up. We do not. We feel that this car is having major electricial problems as we do have a 2001golf and have not experienced any problems with it. We would like to thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. Sincerely, richard & roberta wilson.

Unknown Or Other problem #18

Vehicle will misfire / stall. The engine check light will illuminate. Dealer has been notified.

Unknown Or Other problem #19

No failures or complaints with either car or dealer.

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