Fuel Pump Problems of Volkswagen GTI

Volkswagen GTI owners have reported 12 problems related to fuel pump (under the gasoline fuel system category). The most recently reported issues are listed below.

car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2006 Volkswagen GTI 1
Failure Date: 12/21/2010

Owner of a 2006 vw Gti, threw engine code for known TSB regarding cam follower and cam shaft wear at the high pressure fuel pump. Mechanic inspected site and discovered that cam shaft wear/ damage was extreme and would require replacement of high pressure fuel pump, cam shaft, and cam follower all outside of warranty. This is a known issue and should have some extension on factory warranties from vw of America instead of expecting owners to pony up $1600-2400 in repair costs when it inevitably fails. For note of known issue, see vw TSB #2013147/8.

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car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2008 Volkswagen GTI 2
Failure Date: 08/11/2010

Aug 11th I turned a corner in my 2008 vw Gti with ~29,8xx miles on the odometer, accelerated briskly in 2nd gear at approx 4000 rpm the car bucked and shuddered and lost power. When the rpm's dropped about 500rpm the motor regained power until about 4000 rpm and then the car bucked, shuddered and lost power again. This continued to happen as long as the accelerator peddle was depressed. This happened in every gear. Luckily this happened on a long freeway entrance ramp prior to my attempt to merge with freeway traffic. I took it to the dealer and the ecu had a low fuel pressure code. This apparently is a known issue and they replaced the cam, high pressure fuel pump and cam follower. Apparently the high pressure fuel pump is driven off the cam and over time punches a hole in the cam follower and then rides directly on the cam shaft causing scoring and resulting in the failure I experienced. I specifically asked to see the old parts as I wanted to ascertain the amount of metal shavings that were now floating around in my engine. For whatever reason they did not save the parts and sent them back to vw since this repair was under warranty.

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car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2010 Volkswagen GTI 3
Failure Date: 07/25/2010

2010 vw Gti with 6700 miles, fuel pump died while driving, car stalled out in the middle of the highway.

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car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2000 Volkswagen GTI 4
Failure Date: 07/20/2010

Faulty component: gasoline: delivery: fuel pump defect summary: on my 2000 Gti glx, the fuel pump nipples that connects the fuel lines are cracked, this tension on the fuel supply lines are causing a severe leak inside my car. Because of the severe leaking fuel, my safety has been compromised due to presence of an ignition source caused by the electrical plugs of the fuel pump, this may cause an electrical failure and cause a fire.

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car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2006 Volkswagen GTI 5
Failure Date: 01/10/2010

The contact owns a 2006 Volkswagen Gti. The contact noticed a reduction in power along with a shuddering of the vehicle and the check engine light illuminated intermittently. The dealer replaced the crank case breather hose and a fuel pressure sensor; however, the problem intensified and the vehicle was almost inoperable. The contact had the vehicle towed to the dealership and the vacuum hose was replaced. The dealer also performed the ignition coil recall repair on the vehicle. When he picked up the vehicle, the check engine light illuminated when he turned the vehicle on; however, the dealer suggested that he had a valve lash and fuel pump module repair. While driving long a distance, the vehicle check engine began to blink on and off. The failure was diagnosed by a second dealer who stated that there was a major failure with the camshaft system which needed to be replaced along with the high pressure fuel pump, and a cam follower. The vehicle was repaired and the check engine light was illuminated at the time of the complaint. He called the manufacturer and was told that they could not assist him. The current mileage was approximately 85,000. The failure mileage was approximately 84,000.

car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2007 Volkswagen GTI 6
Failure Date: 05/01/2009

The high pressure fuel pump cam follower system on the 2. 0t fsi motors is prone to failure, I had a follower wear through the protective coating in about 20,000 miles, and due to this reason further wear would be accelerated, damaging the camshaft and the cam lobe, as well as the fuel pump, causing the car to be out of service for at least fifteen days. I replaced the follower myself but demand that Volkswagen finds a reasonable solution to fix this. They refuse to do any repairs until there is a failure. But when a failure occurs more than 5000 dollars with of labor and parts must be put into the car to fix this issue. And if it is past the warranty period than this problem is just a ticking time bomb. This must be solved in order for these cars to have at least some chance at longevity without a repair that will break later on.

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car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2006 Volkswagen GTI 7
Failure Date: 04/04/2009

On April 4, 2009 I discovered that my fuel pump, cam follower and intake cam lobe have prematurely worn as described in a June 2007 vw TSB #15 07 04. The cam follower cap wore through, causing the fuel pump plunger tip to come into contact with the cam lobe, wearing all three parts to the point that they must be replaced, as per the TSB, even though the engine was maintained at the dealer during warranty period pursuant to vw specifications, and in excess of the intervals called for in the maintenance booklet that came with the car since the warranty period expired. Because my car never displayed a check engine light, the cam wear was never checked by the servicing dealer since they are instructed in the TSB not to proceed in the absence of a warning indicator, and by the time the issue was found, vw denied warranty claims due to mileage on the car (80,100 +/- at the time of discovery). It is my contention that the parts will continue to wear to the point that the fuel pump and/or cam shaft may fail during highway operation, possibly causing a collision or the release of fuel into the engine bay thereby causing a risk of fire. The vw maintenance booklet makes no mention of the necessity of replacing or even checking these parts for wear through 100,000 miles, and if the check engine light does not illuminate, the owner may have no warning of an impending failure of the parts. I have already replaced one cam follower, and have the original damaged part. An unscientific review of vw owner websites indicates this is a common failure, and in some instances has occurred in as few as 25,000 miles. I have contacted vw directly, and while they have not disputed the fact that the parts are defective, they refuse to offer any repair assistance.

car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2006 Volkswagen GTI 8
Failure Date: 07/02/2007

There were no events leading up to this failure. Car hesitated. Took it to the dealership. This wa s supposedly a wide spread problem that the fuel pumps went bad in desert temperatures. New fuel pump took 4+ weeks to arrive - back ordered.

car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2007 Volkswagen GTI 9
Failure Date: 06/22/2007

The contact owns a 2007 Volkswagen Gti. While driving 65 mph, the vehicle periodically loses power, but has not shut off. The check engine light illuminated. The dealer diagnosed the vehicle as needing a new fuel sensor and fuel pump. The service manager stated that the fuel pump and fuel sensor are not made for high altitudes. If they are replaced, the same failure will occur. The VIN and engine size were unknown. The current and failure mileages were 1,500.

car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2001 Volkswagen GTI 10
Failure Date: 03/14/2005

The engine will buck or stall and then completely shut down. This happened at all speeds and even at an idle. Has been to the dealer 4 times. The dealer cannot find the cause of the problem. Vehicle has been diagnostically tested. Also, fuel injection wa scleaned. At another trip to the dealer, and they replaced the fuel pump and filter, and did another diagnostic test. Currently, the vehicle is in the dealership for the same reason awaiting repairs. Contacted the manufacturer, an area representative came to inspect the vehicle, no information on his findings.

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car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2001 Volkswagen GTI 11
Failure Date: 04/04/2003

My blinkers stopped working in August 2002. Dealer repaired under warranty. January 2003 check engine light came on. Car off warranty; turbo cut off valve replaced and coolant temp sensor. Check engine light came on a couple weeks later. Took Gti to dealer again. Dealer replaced the fuel pump relay. Now, 3 days later the check engine light came on again.

car image   Fuel Pump problem of the 2001 Volkswagen GTI 12
Failure Date: 12/15/2000

Air bag sensor light stayed on. Vehicle been into dealer on two occasions, and problem still reoccurring. The fog light burn out while the vehicle was new. Also, the interior lights were defective. Check engine light comes on repeatdly and fuse panel replaced. Fuel pump relay replaced .

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