Seat Broken Problems of Volkswagen New Beetle

Volkswagen New Beetle owners have reported 1 problem related to seat broken (under the seats category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Volkswagen New Beetle based on all problems reported for the New Beetle.

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Failure Date: 07/27/2002

While executing a right turn at low speed, the drivers's seat broke loose from the track at the front of the seat. The seat remained attached to the track at the rear of the seat. This caused the seat and me (the driver) to suddenly roll toward the back of the car, almost losing contact with the steering wheel. Only by grasping the steering wheel and pulling myself forward was I able to reach the clutch and brake pedals. I then guided the car to a safe stop. This defect could easily have resulted in my death and the death of other drivers. I have never attempted to perform any work on this seat. Regardless of the number of miles driven, and regardless of warranty status, the driver's seat should never break loose like that. This is a potentially fatal defect.

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