Interior Lighting Problems of Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen Passat owners have reported 16 interior lighting related problems since 1996. Table 1 shows the 1 most common interior lighting problems. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's interior lighting (16 problems). For details of each of the problem category, use the links in the table.

Table 1. Interior Lighting related problems of Volkswagen Passat

Problem Category Number of Problems
Interior Lighting problems
Interior Lighting problem #1

2004 vw Passat 4 sedan rear cigarette lighter and ash tray are not safely and functional installed well. Have the tendency to keep coming apart entirely exposing electrical wires leading to burn and electrical shock or popping or burning of wires. Have had the problem repaired on multiple occasions by dealer as well as by myself to further prevent the mishap since out of warranty. My children bump the cigarette lighter and it caused sparks and burning smell. I was able to repair the enclosure again for the 13th or so time and since it's not under warranty it's not covered. Children sit in the rear more than adults but there has been time where the adults have causd the same issue. It's that my 9 yr old son try to repair or put back in where the entire enclosure fell out again.

Interior Lighting problem #2

Incident description = 2004 vw Passat had been previously report several fuel consumptions problems at hoy fox vw and gas ended up leaking out of fuel tank and cause a spill in my garage and drive. Hazard was inhalation gas in a closed in area caused head aches/ nausea/dizziness/ for my family and I I have had mutiple problems with vehicle since then has broke down on me twice in less than 1 day's time. On 01 Sep 08 my wife noticed and oil spot in driveway after I left to go out of town granted we have brand new home and the vw was only vehicle parked in that spot she could reach me because no service with my cell phone but I ended up broke down outside big spring ,TX the care was sluggish and leaking oil this time and on 03 sep08 in /texarkana after being in shop allday 2sep08 it broke down for a previous condition with ignition coils. Hoy foxvw not admitting that may have put the new oil filter to tight to cause to breakdown after having the oil change on 28aug08/29aug08 for other neglected maintenance. Please look into this matter I'm sure it's not just my vehicle they trying to assume because it just had went out warranty. The engine oil cooler was damaged and bursted when put on at hoy-fox vw by a vw technician after putting the oil filter on entirely to tight. Leaked in yard and I was not aware of it and the spilled out all over the ground at a high temperature vehicle (overheated) which make it hard for me stop while drive because of the slickness of mixture between the coolant and oil. Almost ran off the road but ended up shifting to neutral and letting coast over to median.

Interior Lighting problem #3

My 2002 vw Passat initially blew the #5 fuse which controls the a/c, steering wheel items (horn, volume control, etc. ) and items on the driver side sun visor. The fuse was replaced and subsequently I experienced smoking in the area of the sun visor. Removing the visor, I noticed frayed wiring and burnt wiring insulation. In addition there was sparking inside the roof area. I took the car to the dealer and they cut the frayed wire and taped it up, with a more complete repair to come in a couple of days. Driving the car home later that day the car started smoking again with the addition of crackling sounds. I had the car towed to the dealer that evening. The dealer is now looking at the wiring and has found at least one wire leading from the visor area all the way down to the fuse box which is bare because it's insulation has been burned off. The fuse that should have blown was melted into the fuse box. The burned wire has also burned off insulation on other wires which were touching the damaged wire. The dealer is trying to track down all the wires that may have been damaged. Current cost is approximately $2400 with Volkswagen agreeing to pick up $900 of the cost. Based on internet research, there have been other reports of frayed wiring in the visor area of the 2002 Passat. I have numerous postings by people who have blown the fuse and had their visors replaced. Others have pulled down the visor and taped up the frayed wiring in their visor. I believe this to be a design or manufacturing flaw and I believe that my visor wiring has been fraying for some time prior to the catastrophic failure.

Interior Lighting problem #4

A/c was not cooling as normal then the a/c was not cooling at all. The day the a/c system failed I was driving on the highway at the speed of 70 miles per hour and it was raining heavily. All windows to the vehicle fogged to the point where I had no visibility. I pulled over to the emergency lane. I had to wait for the storm to pass to open my windows and be able to see through all windows. I drove the car home and made an appointment with a vw service shop the next day. The shop checked the a/c system for refrigerant and found that it was contaminated. They vacuum/drained the system, refilled it with new refrigerant, and replaced the temperature sensor for the a/c system. The a/c was working as normal for two months then without warning my a/c system was not cooling at all. I took it back the next day to vw service. They found that the a/c compressor shaft was seized to the compressor housing. To repair it they had to replace the compressor, expansion valve, and condenser. They also cleaned to a/c lines, vacuumed the system and refilled it with refrigerant after putting all the parts together. I was without a vehicle for a week. Till this day my a/c system is not working properly. For example, I drive the car one day, the a/c works and normal, and the next day it does not cool at all. It works at random times. To add, the same time my a/c was broken my air bag warning light came on. Vw checked it and found that the front passenger side igniter had too much resistance. To fix it they removed the front passenger seat and bypassed the front passenger side airbag plug. Then they checked the seat harness and reinstalled the seat. My air bag warning light is on again. Moreover, the sunvisors lights didn't work, shift knob was corroded, the rubber seal to the satellite antenna rotted away, and both tail lights on the interior started to burn and look melted. All was replaced under warranty. Good for that because I couldn't have been able to pay for all the repair costs.

Interior Lighting problem #5

Rear tail light on 2002 Volkswagen Passat 4 motion remained on even when car was shut off or locked. Dealership replaced comfort control model for $500. 00. Since the replacement, interior lights come on periodically causing the battery to drain and the passenger doors will not unlock with the key fob.

Interior Lighting problem #6

Abs warning light coming on. Brake light coming on. Pressure light coming on and chimes occur.

Interior Lighting problem #7

While test driving a volkswagon Passat glx sedan, touching the window control caused the abs braking mechanism to engage. The car lurched as if the brakes were quickly applied and abs failure warning lights and tones went off in the car. The instrument lights flickered as well. The warnings shut off in a few seconds and the car appeared to return to normal. This happened on two seperate occasions in the span of 10 minutes both times while traveling on a level road at a constant speed with my foot on the accelerator at the time. The situation was dangerous because of the unintended braking and the startling effect of the warnings occuring simultaniously.

Interior Lighting problem #8

Upper control arms on both sides are worn out. Tie rods are worn out on both sides. Catalytic converters needed replaced. I paid for the tie rods, warranty covered converters, and I have not had the upper control arms replaced. Oil leaks on engine. Interior lights do not activate when drivers door is opened.

Interior Lighting problem #9

Brake failure light appears even after multiple brake repairs. Driver?s side rear upper brake light replaced for 29th time in less than 2 yrs. Multiple coolant leaks still present even after repair and water pump replacement. Radio/amplifier not functioning even after replacement (radio was only used twice in vehicle?s lifetime). Diagnostics show airbag malfunction. Regulator pin on rear passenger side window keeps breaking (3rd replacement since 2003). Engine cover below car keeps falling off due to rusted bolts. Homelink system keeps malfunctioning. Fuses keep blowing out. Dashboard panel lights out (odometer, fuel gauge, etc. ). Ccm module keeps breaking down. Car needs to be jumpstarted when not in use for over 48 hrs. Climate control (a/c and heater) works only sporadically. All repairs performed by vw dealership, yet same issues keep reappearing just a few weeks after repairs. Repairs performed in past 2 years: ecu unit replaced, brake light switch replaced 3 times, a/c compressor unit replaced, abs module replaced, alternator replaced, brakes replaced 3 times.

Interior Lighting problem #10

Pollen filter seal failure. This problem is documented in many International Passat owner groups. The seal around the pollen filter fails. The car's interior becomes flooded in rain. Electrical components that get wet fail over time at accelerated and unpredictable rate. Safety concern: it is difficult to operate auxilliary components (defroster, radio, etc when interior lights fail) emergency flasher and asr breakers are also subject to moisture-related accelerated decline as a result of pollen filter leakage. Our vw dealer and vwoa stated that pollen filter seal failure and associated flooding damage and electrical failure were part of "normal wear and tear". Vw service advisors in the washington DC area have said they see "several of these each week" in rainy seasons. The filter designed to reduce allergens in the air has the perverse consequence of accelerating the growth of mold inside the car because it seal fails, creates (in our case 2" of standing water) moisture in the car that promotes unpleasant, unhealthy, expensive-to-remidiate mold growth in the passenger compartment.

Interior Lighting problem #11

I had shut off my car and when I went to turn it back on I had no lights, turn signals, dome light, horn, climat control or radio. I took it to the dealer they told me it happens on beetles and golfs all the time and that it was the ignision switch. They showed me the switch when they pulled it out. It had gotten so hot it melted right through the wires. There is no safety recall on this but if it gets hot enough to melt metal it could start the car on fire.

Interior Lighting problem #12

1)trunk light stopped working just past the warranty period, wiring problem, cost to repair $200. 2)abs light flashes continuously, about 1 year now,dealer gets 3 pages of diagnostic error messages. Can't determine problem with light but abs is supposedly working. Cost: 3days car rental, and $300 out of pocket. 3)front end suspension: crunching noise and bounce. Bounce corrected-dealer replaced stablizer bar, $284. Noise continues(6 months), dealer can't determine problem. Getting worse, afraid front end will crash into ground. 4)timing belt broke, dealer replaced engine at no cost. 5)engine replacement caused problem with radio. Radio will not accept code. Needs to be replaced. 6)rear driver side window will not go down when indicated, falls down a few minutes later. Also, door will not open when unlocked. 7)sometimes the ignition switch will not turn when starting car.

Interior Lighting problem #13

Catalytic converter replaced early on in ownership. Water pump, oil pump, timing belt replaced two months ago. Turbo replaced twice and still defective. Electrical problems with driver's side window, heated seat, trunk light. Suspension system bushings need replacement @ only 56,000 miles. Steering column replaced early on.

Interior Lighting problem #14

Driver's interior door light is inoperable. Nlm.

Interior Lighting problem #15

Truck light inopetrable. Nlm.

Interior Lighting problem #16

Interior map light and sun roof switch failed. Mjs.

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