Check Engine Light On problems of the 2010 Volkswagen Routan

Three problems related to check engine light on have been reported for the 2010 Volkswagen Routan. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2010 Volkswagen Routan based on all problems reported for the 2010 Routan.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 1
Failure Date: 05/09/2017

Engine turns off while driving down the road. Vehicle has trouble restarting after an occurrence. There is no indication as to when this issue will occur. The check engine light does not come on before or after an incident. Volkswagen claims my VIN is not part of the ignition recall, NHTSA campaign id 15v194000. At approximately ~70,000 miles this would occur about once a month. Now at 105,000 miles it is occurring more often. Normally once a week, but it has occurred just recently two days in a row. Volkswagen service department is unhelpful since there is no code in the computer.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 2
Failure Date: 08/15/2013

I was driving about 30 mph when it felt like the car was going to die/stall. My vehicle has only 30k on it and actually sat at home two years after I bought it while I work from home. Nevertheless it felt like the engine was going to stall out like I had no gasoline. This issue started out intermittent, but progressed and I could feel shaking from the floor boards. I took it into the dealer and they replaced some ball bearings under warranty. However about a month later the same problem starting occurring. This time the check engine light came on. I took it into the dealer and they said the spark plugs and the coil pack were bad. This part is supposed to last about 100k. It was out of warranty so we took it somewhere else to get it fixed. It has been fixed a few weeks and it feel like the same problem is happening again. The car does not shift well at low speeds and seems to almost stall out while turning corners. Also it is idling at a higher rpm than it had several months ago.

car   Check Engine Light On problem 3
Failure Date: 09/03/2011

Was driving on a freeway with a baby when the car will not move forward while running at 60mph. Very dangerous especially with a baby. The car was also backing up if we do not step on the handbrake. The previous day brought the car to the dealer because I told them that the car will not move even if I step on the gas and the engine light is on. Also told them to check thoroughly because I am going on a roadtrip. They called and said the car does not have a problem. I found out that Volkswagen has an issue with transmission. Service center should have look into this being that it is common problem with Volkswagen before releasing the car. Also when I called their roadside assistance they said that the nearest dealer will not take our car because we need an appointment. ( for an emergency) what do we do, I even told them we have a baby with us and we are in a busy freeway. We had to call again and tell them the situation. Then the dealer helped us. Called Volkswagen customer service on 9/06 told a guy named[xxx]. About their warranty and said talk it out with the dealer, dealers are a private owned company. Who do we then bring the car for repair for cars under warranty? when I called their customer service seems like transmission issue is not something important but not for somebody like me who drives with a baby it is very important. Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6).

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