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Front Suspension Control Arm Problems of Volvo C70

Volvo C70 owners have reported 1 problem related to front suspension control arm (under the suspension category).

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Failure Date: 07/07/2011

There is excessive wear on my 2008 Volvo C70. The rear tires were scalloped and feather-edged to the point of replacement at 15,000. The front tires were moved to the rear with new tires installed in the front. Rear tires gained the same symptoms at 19,800 miles with additional symptoms of low rumble. New tires were put on the front and previous front tires put on rear axle. Wheel alignment was done both at 15,000 and 19,800 miles, both times severely out of specs. Only the toe adjustment can actually be done on the rear axle, however, when it is done, the camber becomes out of alignment, hence the very premature tire wear. The proper correction is to replace the rear control arm, Volvo refused saying that the premature tire wear is due to driving habits. I suggest that the original rear control arms are of insufficient strength to properly hold the alignment, hence they could break and become a real safety issue.

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