Warning Light On problems of the 2002 Volvo S60

One problem related to warning light on has been reported for the 2002 Volvo S60. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2002 Volvo S60 based on all problems reported for the 2002 S60.

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Failure Date: 01/07/2013

While driving in the dark, power to the electronics listed below were lost inevitably and many warning lights/messages appeared on the dash (also listed below under symptoms). There were no warning signs that this was about to happen nor is there any explanation for why it happened. I was driving on a dark road and I lost complete vision of the road due to headlight failure (both low and high beams). This scenario is a common safety issue associated with many other similar Volvo years and models. I had to stop the car immediately to avoid crashing and call someone to pick me up. All symptoms from this "blackout" did not and have not disappeared since it happened, making the car undrivable. These symptoms are suspect to be the result of a cem failure, which also controls emissions. As stated previously, this exact scenario has caused thousands of similar Volvo years and models to be recalled/repaired on Volvo's behalf. Unfortunately, my vehicle model has not been placed under recall for this extremely, dangerous safety defect. I would like to see action taken against Volvo and repair costs covered on their behalf. Symptoms: ¢¿brake failure stop safely� warning message ¢¿engine system service required� warning message ¢¿srs airbag service urgent� warning message ¢low beam headlights not working ¢high beams headlights not working ¢check engine light on ¢abs light on ¢traction control light on ¢odometer not working ¢radio not working ¢power seats & heated seats not working ¢12v sockets (front & rear) not working ¢trip odometer not working ¢clock reset.

Other Air Bag related problems of the 2002 Volvo S60

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