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Failure Date: 06/27/2005

Over the weekend my check engine came on in my V40 wagon. When idle it acted as if it was going to stall. A few times it did, when idle at a stop. It did restart most of the time right away, but a few times it took a couple of tries and waiting. I made an appointment to bring it in for service on 6/28. On 6/27 I was taking my 7 month old baby to day care when it stalled in the middle of driving. Luckily there was no one behind me and I was able to pull to the side of the road. The car went completely dead while driving approximately 45 mph. I had a bit of trouble restarting it - but it eventually restarted. I was very nervous the rest of the way to the day care, but I made it without it stalling. I was able to leave the day care and decided to get to work and have it towed to the dealership. It stalled again. After many tries and 30 minutes later it started and I made it to work. I had it towed to Volvo. They found a power supply interruption code -ecm30 and replaced the mass airflow sensor. Picked up the car later that day and on my way home from work the check engine came on again. As I pulled into my driveway it started stalling again. Took it back to Volvo on 6/28. They worked on it for 5 hours while I waited. They replaced the front oxygen sensor, still had problems, replaced the rear oxygen sensor, the light still came back on. Replaced both sensors again and loaded software. That seemed to do the trick. I haven't had that same problem again so far. But I am noticing that my V40 sometimes slows (rpms rev up to around 4,000) when accelerating. This was very dangerous because when I needed to accelerate into traffic, vehicle slowed down. When I read in the paper about other Volvo models have similar occurrences, I wanted to make sure someone new of the same type of problem happening in the 2001 V40 wagon. Every repair was under warranty and did not cost me anything thank goodness. My warranty is up this week -sure hope this doesn't happen again.

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