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Headlight Switch problems of the 1999 Volvo V70

Four problems related to headlight switch have been reported for the 1999 Volvo V70.

car   Headlight Switch problem 1
Failure Date: 11/13/2005

Dt: contact states the headlights on his vehicle went out while driving his vehicle at night. There is a recall for the exterior lighting, headlight: switch, campaign id number 04v504000. The dealer refused to perform the recall work on the vehicle because they said the failure was due to physical damage of the headlight switch.

car   Headlight Switch problem 2
Failure Date: 07/03/2005

Headlight switch has been replaced twice, recently replaced as a recall, within one week of being replaced under recall the switch failed again. We were driving in moutains with family when the headllights and turn signals no longer worked.

car   Headlight Switch problem 3
Failure Date: 09/20/2003

The headlight switch on my 1999 V70 xc failed while driving causing my headlights to become inoperable at night when switched to the "on" position. While no crash occurred, there are obvious safety risks involved with a suddent loss of headlights. Upon further investigation, I found that the plastic housing containing the headlight switch had cracked with allowed the unit to separate. I have substantial anectodal evidence that this problem is widespread on 1999 V70 and s70 models on various internet bulletin boards.

car   Headlight Switch problem 4

The headlight switch does not work. The switch came apart and the headlights do not come on at all. Please provide details.

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