Electrical Failure problems of the 2004 Volvo XC90

Ten problems related to electrical failure have been reported for the 2004 Volvo XC90. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2004 Volvo XC90 based on all problems reported for the 2004 XC90.

car   Electrical Failure problem 1
Failure Date: 10/01/2011

I was driving on the freeway and there was a slight thumping noise and the electrical systems failed and shutdown in a second. The power was lost and the vehicle came to a sudden halt. Luckily I was on the right side of the road and I had pulled over to the side of the road. It was very scary, as I was on the freeway in the night and I could have very well been in an accident causing damage to my life and others. The electrical failure caused the car to loose complete control of the speed and the car came to an immediate halt. There was a message of break failure for a second before the car shut down completely. Request you to please look into this concern as it is a potential safety hazard. I have researched over the internet and I read that most of the owners of 2004/2005 Xc90 are facing similar issues, which is very scary. Kindly help us and help save lives. Thanking you.

car   Electrical Failure problem 2
Failure Date: 07/02/2011

An electrical failure in our 2004 Xc90 occurred late at night while we were nearing the end of a 60 mile trip. . . And it almost killed me and my family. I was driving home at night after attending a fireworks show in san jose, CA and for some reason the engine stalled during DE-celleration as I was changing lanes while exiting the freeway. I first noticed it when there was a loss of headlights, then no acceleration plus a loss of power steering/brakes. I was lucky to wrestle the car into a gas station right off of the exit as it was coasting to a stop. I turned the key off, then attempted to re-start the vehicle. . . And it re-started right away and everything worked fine. . . So I drove the last 6 miles home with no issue. I have read numerous complaints from 2004 Xc90 owners and cannot believe there hasn't been a more aggressive recall action against Volvo for this issue. . . Or the transmission failure rate. This is ludicrous. I am thankful that it happened late at night while we were exiting the freeway: under other circumstances the loss of control of this vehicle could have had serious consequences. I am also thankful it was me driving when it happened. . . And not my wife. I doubt she could have steered this vehicle with no power to the steering or brakes.

car   Electrical Failure problem 3
Failure Date: 06/01/2011

Tl-the contact owns a 2004 Volvo Xc90. The contact stated that while driving at any speed, the lights on the instrument panel illuminated and caused the radio, interior lights, air conditioning and the door locks to fail. The failure was experienced intermittently. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who performed a diagnostic, which located several electrical failure codes. The dealer reset the computer system and the failure was corrected. The failure mileage was 123,000 and the current 133,500. Kmj.

car   Electrical Failure problem 4
Failure Date: 03/20/2011

The contact owns a 2004 Volvo Xc90. While driving at any speed, the contact noticed a loud thumping noise coming from the front end of the vehicle folwed by the illumination of all warning lights including the check engine, abs and srs warning lights. The engine continued to run; however, all the electrical power failed. The dealer advised the contact to bring the vehicle in for diagnostic testing. The contact did not inform the manufacturer since he was awaiting a service appointment with the dealer. The current and failure mileage was 62,000. The VIN was unavailable.

car   Electrical Failure problem 5
Failure Date: 10/21/2010

2004 Volvo xc 90 , 2. 5 awd. While driving on i40 at night ,(65 mph, in drive) a loud thump followed by momentary electrical failure( headlights, loss of engine power. ) it then picked back up and continued on for approx 1/4 mile and it happened again. Made into far right lane from the 3rd lane over. Other than the radio volume everything worked as normal the next 40 miles to home. This happened at approx. 9:30 pm in the middle of the interstate . What if the lights had failed and it not regained power, 40/85 is a busy highway at night. I was driving with my wife and 2 kids.

car   Electrical Failure problem 6
Failure Date: 09/01/2010

The vehicle is intermittently shutting off while driving on the private roads or freeway, all electrical equipment (dashboard, gauges, stereo, some windows, driving tranny changer - can't shift), and all other items are going out. The power of the vehicle will stall for 1/2 second in as many as 3-5 times during an episode. Ultimately resulting in all electrical power failing. This appears to also be causing the batter to not be charged. The battery is new, purchased a few days ago to see if this would resolve the issue, which it didn't. Thus the car cannot be started after a few days of driving without trickle-charging the battery. The srs baggage warning has not become engaged. I am the second owner of this vehicle, it doesn't appear through carfax or other records history that the previous owner had repaired these issues. This is very concerning, because this could cause an accident, leave me or my family stranded.

car   Electrical Failure problem 7
Failure Date: 07/24/2010

After driving 125 miles without incident, we left our 2004 Volvo xc 90 t6 awd parked for 4 hours before driving again. After less than a half mile at low speed, there was a "thump" from the front of the car, the wipers cycled, the gauges all went blank, some of the windows stopped working, the a/c went out (blower stayed on). The car stayed on, but seemed "stuck" in second gear and the brakes became "spongy," but operable. Turn signals were inoperable and the power steering went out. The indicator light on the gear shift went out and the central locking system stopped functioning. We got out of traffic and into the shade. I checked all fuses and tried to restart the car. It would restart, but within seconds there were multiple "clicks" coming from the area near the fuse box in the passenger compartment followed by the electrical failures described above. After letting the car sit for a couple of hours we moved it to a secure location two miles away. During that drive all of the above problems happened again, including the engine being "stuck" in second gear. After letting the car sit overnight, it started and ran without incident. However, the "check engine" light and the "srs" light have remained on. A repair shop could not diagnose the problem. Prior to this incident, the same things happened to my wife in the same car. The symptoms lasted a few seconds and disappeared.

car   Electrical Failure problem 8
Failure Date: 03/01/2010

My 2004 Volvo Xc90 has experience a sudden electrical failure. While driving in city conditions all internal electronics including speed & fuel gauges, turn light indicators, audio system, air circulation and supplemental restraint system have turned off while the engine continued to operate. This made the car impossible to drive as no feedback on speed or ability to indicate a turn or a stop was possible. This occurred suddenly and without any warning. I was unable to fix this by restarting the car. According to basic research, this is a common issue with Volvo cars made circa 2003-4 and involve a defective cem (car electronics module). In other incidents engines have also shut down unexpectedly and brakes became inoperable. This is a serious safety issue that needs to be addressed.

car   Electrical Failure problem 9
Failure Date: 12/10/2009

I own a 2004 Volvo xc-90. I have owned the car since April 2004. Approximately seven months ago, I started experiencing intermittent electrical problems (radio and navigation display disappearing, engine service alerts, etc). Since the initial problems with the radio, the problems have progressed to the point of complete electrical failures while driving on the highway at speeds of over 55mph. These incidents involved a complete shut down of the gauges (tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, as well as audio system). . Read more...

car   Electrical Failure problem 10
Failure Date: 08/31/2007

I have a 2004 Xc90. I have been having electrical failure problems with my car where the car just stalls while driving at speeds of 50mph randomly for the past three years and have brought the car into the calabasas dealer numerous times and also to an independent auto mechanic and no one is able to duplicate the stall of the electrical system and therefore noone is able to diagnose the solution to the hazard that occurs when the car stalls and therefore no one is able to fix the problem. The dealer assures me that it is not a safety issue, just a nuisance. I researched and found that there are 100s of complaints of similar issues for this car. Today this same issue happened at much lower speeds two times within five minutes. I request that this issue be researched and the manufacturer fix the problem.

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