Suspension Noise Problems of Ford Focus

Ford Focus owners have reported 27 problems related to suspension noise (under the suspension category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Ford Focus based on all problems reported for the Focus.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 1
Failure Date: 06/07/2016

We had to have the front suspension repaired 3 times in the first 5,000 miles. There was a major knocking sound and you could feel movement in the steering wheel when the car was transistioning over a speed bump or into a driveway. Right after this was fixed, after the third replacement of the same parts, the transmission had to be repaired 4 times, 3 times the clutch pack failed which happened regularly every 10,000-12,500 miles. The car would jerk violently during start of moving and then the clutch would slip while driving at speed. The clutch pack was replaced 3 times. The last time the transmission just failed to shift into any gear, forward or reverse, this happened while the car was moving in a parking lot. We are afraid this will happen driving on the street, through an intersection, getting on or driving on a freeway. The dealer looked at it, they said the onboard computer showed a failure code, they reset the code and then stated there was no porblem. When asked why the part that the failure code said was bad was not replaced the dealer stated that there was no problem and just drive the car. If it fails again have the car towed in and they will check again.

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car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2010 Ford Focus 2
Failure Date: 01/01/2016

I have owned the car since it was new now has 88k miles I have put literally 4 set of tires on this and have had a rear alignment kit done to it . This car sways really bad at speeds of over 65 mph and when there is hardly any wind at all . Very dangerous to drive in the snow or rain . The car caused me to have a accident that cost my insurance company over 2000 to repair due to the swaying of speeds over 65 mph . I have a horrible thumping noise coming from the front end suspension area which I thought it might be I had bad tires so replaced to bad thumping so replaced wheels still bad and wheel bearings and still bad thumping idk what to do this is so annoying I want Ford to pay for all of this and to recall these cars they are very dangerous.

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car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 3
Failure Date: 04/02/2015

Purchased new and within 40,000 miles the clutch has failed two times and the transmission module has failed once and has had to be reprogrammed twice. The suspension makes loud noises on the front end whenever you hit any bump. I feel unsafe driving this car because it can lose the ability to accelerate at any time without warning.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 4
Failure Date: 09/22/2014

I purchased this Ford on sept 22, 12. . . It had 83 miles on it. . I am the only owner. Since then its been in the dealer for service over 10 times. I am on my (3)third clutch system to stop the shutter and loud noise's it makes. The last clutch was installed on sept 23, 14. And after a week its back to its same jerking/shutters and the noise is loud when you make turns. Its really nice when I try to get a buyer to test drive it. I pray it does not make a noise during the test drive. And, the front shock suspension made crunching noises at low speeds on un-even road surface. (like driving in and out of drive way and in parking lots). And, the way to fix the front suspension. . . . The Ford service tighten the front end down. And. Believe me you feel every impact of the bumps. Ford put out a paper that the service people gave us the 1st time we when it. The car needs to learn your driving patterns. And the most resent one is the car might drive like a manual/standard car- with jerks. . And make noise. This is the transmission. This would be nice to have this info. Handed to me before I purchased the auto and then I could make a good choice is this purchase. But the information was given to me when I had issues with the Ford. Any, buyer read other drivers comments. And, if you really like to buy the Ford Focus. Get the manual one. It has no. . . . Issues because you shifting manual transmission. And not have the issues with this auto clutch. And, the 2013 to 2014 have the same issues as the 2012. Ford just can't get the problems fixed or they don't want to correct the issues on the Focus. .

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2008 Ford Focus 5
Failure Date: 06/10/2014

I have read many complaints about the 2008 Ford Focus and most compare to mine. The suspension on these vehicles are terrible. The car will vibrate, rumble and ruin tires. This problem has been happening since I purchased the car with only 6,000 miles on it. I have done multiple alignments, rotations and balances to try and fix the problem with no luck. I am on my second pair of tires and they are wearing down fast. There is also a "clunking" noise when backing out of my driveway that I assume is related to this problem. Because there are so many others having the same trouble as me, it leads me to believe that this is a defect on the vehicle. If I continue to get the "run around" from Ford motor company I will never purchase another vehicle from them again. I am very displeased with the lack of understanding and carelessness Ford shares for their customers. Ford needs to own up for their failure to create a reliable vehicle like the 2008 Ford Focus.

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car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2014 Ford Focus 6
Failure Date: 02/27/2014

The transmission hesitates when stopped then to accelerate. It has caused me to almost have a few accidents. The front suspension makes noises . Ford can't seem to fix either issue. I know a lot of other Focus owners are having issues.

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car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2012 Ford Focus 7
Failure Date: 11/26/2013

I purchased the car used with 25,000 miles, shortly after the car began shuddering very badly and did not accelerate correctly. The problem progressed to a loud metal grinding noise, the clutch was deemed to be bad and replaced. Six months after the clutch failed again and was replaced and now a year later the clutch needs to be replaced again, making it the fourth clutch for a car with under 70,000 miles. Ford has extended the warranty so it is covered however the part is on back order for 4-6 weeks. Ford does not offer a replacement vehicle during this time. I do not feel safe driving this car with the transmission not working properly. This car also had the steering and suspension repaired within the first year of ownership.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2013 Ford Focus 8
Failure Date: 06/28/2013

Steering and computer aided systems along with tires that were not disclosed to be used under 40 degrees caused loss of steering input and control which lead to hitting a curb and damaging suspension components as well as the drive-ability of the vehicle is worse that before. There are known issues with the steering on the 2013 Focus st and after 6 months of going back and forth, Ford cannot remedy the situation and the care is unsafe to drive at any speed as the lack of steering control cause unnecessary movement of the vehicle, requiring nerves of steel to drive at even 20 mph. Clunking noises and grinding also coming from suspension and transmission gears.

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car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2009 Ford Focus 9
Failure Date: 03/13/2012

It first started when I was driving down the highway and I started to feel my steering wheel shake. Nothing major, I just thought it was out of alignment. Days later, I had my front windows rolled down when I was pulling out of my drive way and I could hear my front and rear suspension creaking really bad. And now even when the cars turned off and not moving at all its still making a high pitched screeching noise coming from the suspension noise. . . No clue how that's even possible. I know its not coming from the engine cause the cars turned completely off, and I've tested it out with the hood open to see if I could possibly hear it better but im still hearing it from the front and rear suspension area. I've googled "Ford Focus suspension problems" and tons of other people have had similar problems with their suspension from Focuses from 2000-2011. I did more reading and peoples camber will start to change to the point where they're buying new tires every year. . . Im just saying I don't want a front suspension part to break apart down the highway when im driving 70 and have me crash into a ditch or a truck or something like that. Definitely something to check out.

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car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2010 Ford Focus 10
Failure Date: 06/02/2011

I had similar problem as complaint filed odi10307817. I would have a loud noise like the car suspension was bottoming out when going over moderate bumps. I also had excessive tire wear on front tires at only 32000 miles, front tires had to be replaced. Ford said they could not duplicate the problem of bottoming out after much complaining Ford finally fixed everything but said the front end was out of alignment. When asked what was done to fix the problem was informed that the subframe had to be adjusted and because of that an alignment had to be performed. I even found on Ford's website a service bulletin for there service technicians for the loud noise when bottoming out.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2008 Ford Focus 11
Failure Date: 02/14/2010

I have a 2008 Ford Focus, I have replace the tires on it 3 times already due to wear there is only 37,000 miles on my car. I have been given the run around from the Ford dealer there is a serious issue with the suspension on these cars and its goning to cause serious accident or even death when these cars start to fail expecially at highway speeds. I am on my fourth set of tires and they will soon need to be replaced. I am also hearing a squeaking noise coming from the right rear wheel well. I believe it is also the suspension.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 12
Failure Date: 02/02/2009

The contact owns a 2000 Ford Focus. While driving approximately 35 mph on normal road conditions, the contact heard a loud grinding noise coming from the front end of the vehicle. Suddenly, the front end collapsed without warning. The vehicle exhibited front suspension failure and roadside assistance was called to the scene. The vehicle was towed to an independent mechanic for diagnostic testing. The failure caused the struts to separate from the axle. The technician replaced both front struts, axle, and both sway bars. The failure mileage was 52,000 and the current mileage is 52279. Updated 04/16/09.

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car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2001 Ford Focus 13
Failure Date: 04/06/2008

Sunday morning (4/6/2008) I got in my car and backed down my driveway. While turning the wheel and going down the driveway I heard a very loud metal on metal sound. I put the car up on jack stands and inspected the suspension. I found the drivers side spring was not seated on the strut base. At this time I drove the car to sears auto repair in novi, michigan. While driving the car to sears the spring moved a couple times, made some noise, and affected the steering of the vehicle. Sears inspected the springs and found the drivers side spring was corroded and fractured in a couple places at the top. I ended up replacing both springs and it cost $436. 86. On Monday (4/7/2008) I decided to go on the internet to find out if other people had the same issue with the Ford Focus springs. I found out it was not an uncommon issue. In fact Ford issued a TSB (03m02s2) and extended the warranty on the springs to 150,000 miles or 10 years (only if serviced at a dealership). Unfortunately I found this out after I repaired the car on Sunday. I was never notified by Ford of TSB on the springs. Also, it should be noted that I bought the car used (about 1. 5 years ago) from a Ford dealership which should have inspected the vehicle for things like this (spring corrosion). On Monday (4/7/2008) I decided to call the Ford customer service line (800-392-3673) to see what can be done to reimburse my expenses and discuss the safety concern. I was told by the customer service representative that Ford did not view this as a safety concern. I am a mechanical engineer designing safety critical suspension components (not coil springs) and to me this is not an acceptable answer. If the coil spring were to fracture further and cut my tire when driving on the freeway I can imagine that would not be a very safe situation. I don't understand Ford not issuing a recall over a poor quality suspension component which could cause injury. If needed I have the old parts in my possession.

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car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2003 Ford Focus 14
Failure Date: 10/15/2007

I recently took my 2003 Ford Focus in for suspension noise in the front. The shop took a look at it and said he had seen a lot of Focus' and escorts that have the spring on the strut break. He said there is no warning signs. The noise he was hearing was coming from the top of the strut which he said didn't appear to be a hazard but suggest I replace both front struts just in case. He said a lot of the time people won't know that their spring is broken because it will stay intact in the bottom and top strut housing. He said on other occasions the spring will come out of the housings and possibly puncture the tire. He said aftermarket brands have a stronger steel they use in their springs and recommended using the aftermarket brand instead of Ford genuine parts. That is ok with me because the aftermarket brand is cheaper.

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car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2003 Ford Focus 15
Failure Date: 05/15/2006

The contact owns a 2003 Ford Focus. While driving 30 mph, the contact heard several squeaking noises coming from the front of the vehicle. The dealer inspected the front suspension and found the spring rubbing on the strut cover. The failure affected the front shocks on both sides of the vehicle. The dealer stated that the strut needs to be replaced, but it is not under warranty. The contact had it replaced and paid $550. 62. The current and failure mileages were 17,709.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2004 Ford Focus 16
Failure Date: 10/08/2004

When braking there would be a squeaking and a rattling noise coming from the front suspension. Dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem.

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car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 17
Failure Date: 07/01/2004

Front end creaking, crunching, grinding and/or rattling noise from the front suspension while driving at slow speeds and/or while turning.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2003 Ford Focus 18
Failure Date: 10/31/2003

Squealing brakes, grabbing brakes, grinding noises from brakes, premature wear in front rotors, knocking noise from rear suspension, loud sqeaking noises from all suspension. Brought car into 3 different service departments a total of 10 times for all and no solution. Service didn't care enough and very rude.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 19
Failure Date: 08/06/2002

I would like to file a complaint regarding my Ford Focus zx3 right front suspension is making a loud cluncking noise when I put the vehical in reverse/drive. I'm concern after reading that this vehicle front suspension can collapse. Investigation: pe02-044.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2001 Ford Focus 20
Failure Date: 07/14/2002

Traveling on I-465 eastbound in indianapolis at approx. 60 mph. The car made a grinding sound and then the driver (my son) lost control and crossed two lanes of traffic and hit a retaining wall on the left-hand side of the road. There was one passenger with him at the time and he was following us home. We were about 100 yards in front of him at the time of the accident. The entire left front suspension, steering and tire assembly was heavily damaged. Left rear tire and suspension also damaged. Sun roof would not close. Very little exterior damage done scratched paint very small dents, almost all of the damage was done under the tire well.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2001 Ford Focus 21
Failure Date: 04/19/2002

Grinding, popping noise from right front suspension. Unable to determine cause.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 22
Failure Date: 01/14/2002

Vehicle has been in multiple dealerships, in TX and in ar and still nothing has been fixed. The suspension had been replaced due to bent struts faulty shocks. The brakes have been redone on 4 seperate occassions and still squeal and grind. The transmission lasted 6 months this time and is being replaced as I type. There is a wierd metal noise coming from the from right side on acceleration. All of the recalls have been completed. Did have a burning smell which the dealership could not duplicate. Excessive wind noise from the driver side window. Which the dealership blames on aftermarket wiring. Which would have nothing to do with the wind noise. The car now sways on the freeway as if the wind is pushing the car around when there is no wind. Everyone that we speak to cannot help me. The people will pull the car up on oasis and that make comments like "OH my god" and "I have never seen any Focuses with this many problems" I was a loyal Ford person. I own numerous Fords. Including a 94 cobra, 97 expedition, 86 svo, 67 gt390, and numerous others and this is very discouraging. The fuel pump has been replaced and on a recent trip I had to do 3 tuneups on the car just to get where I was going. Oil was leaking into the spark plug holes from somewhere. The car surges to no end. It is just unbelievable. The car has been to various dealerships and mechanic shops 20+ times and is still messed up. I am just glad I got the 100k mile warranty. I would like Ford to buy me out of this piece. I cannot afford to trade it in. My girlfriend is a ft student. So we are surviving on my income alone. Any help would be appreciated.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 23
Failure Date: 01/01/2002

The accelorator cable stuck on the vehicle causing the rpm's to increase and the vehicle not to stop. Because of very careful driving, no one was injured. Ford claims this is a "minor problem". Secondly, phil long replaced some front suspension parts because they were defective. From that day the vehicle has had excessive front end noise.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 24
Failure Date: 06/01/2001

Rear suspension: every 3 months, dealer must adjust suspension components to stop loud cracking noises from occuring (3+ times) and must be repaired again next week. Front suspension has been repaired twice due to cracking/clunking noises and must be repaired again this week. Dt.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 25

Vehicle pulls to the right and is making noise, the consumer feels it isn't the tires due to having rotations and alignments done, the problems could possibly be a suspension problem, tires replaced however the make/model of the tires were not provided.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2000 Ford Focus 26

Noises coming from rear suspension ( drivers side). Initially noise appeared during right turns at low corner speeds. Now the noise is apparent over dips and uneven surfaces. Accompanied by these noises are movement in the rear suspension. The suspension feels as though it is out of alignment. Ride and handling have changed due to noise. Car rides lopsided at times and runs wide in corners at higher speeds. There is increased body motion in rear at speeds above 65. The initial estimate of problem, by dealership service dept. , concluded that the rear spring was out of alignment. However, the repair did not resolve the suspension problem. I believe the problem could be the axle.

car image   Suspension Noise problem of the 2002 Ford Focus 27

The vehicle had a noise in the rear end, due to tire cupping. Which was caused by the rear suspension not settling and not being aligned. The consumer was told that Ford had an a camber kit to install to solve the settling.

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