Automatic Transmission Control Module Problems of Jeep Liberty

Jeep Liberty owners have reported 9 problems related to automatic transmission control module (under the power train category). The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Jeep Liberty based on all problems reported for the Liberty.

car image   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem of the 2012 Jeep Liberty 1
Failure Date: 10/12/2016

At 48k miles engine started having multiple cylinder missfires, too lean then too rich codes for cyclinders while traveling on the highway, brought to dealer, was charged $148 to replace O2 sensor. Drove vehicle out of the lot, and within five miles from dealer, experienced same trouble. After one and half weeks at the dealer, they had replaced 2 pcm modules, O2 sensors and then the catalytic converter. Vehicle was driven no less than 3 months and 5k driven miles after work was completed the engine started failing again with the same issue, stranding by disabled spouse 1400 miles away from home. Dealer now wants to remove engine head and rebuilt engine. Once was brought to the dealer, service agent told my spouse was advised that no transportation was hoping to be provided to her, since she was traveling with her service animal "a dog" . Even after they were advised of ada laws, and was told to drive the Jeep and have it towed back to the dealer at our expense. When I contacted doge Chrysler customer service, case number 30253034 I was told that they can't provide any assistance until the dealer diagnosed the issue, Jeep have been at the dealer for a week now, and service advise it sayd that is going to take another 2 days before they get it in the shop to look at it. .

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car image   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem of the 2006 Jeep Liberty 2
Failure Date: 08/29/2015

The contact owns a 2006 Jeep Liberty. While the dealer was repairing the vehicle according to NHTSA campaign number: 13v252000 (fuel system, gasoline, structure), the vehicle failed to start. The technician diagnosed that the pcm was defective and needed to be replaced. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 80,000.

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car image   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem of the 2011 Jeep Liberty 3
Failure Date: 04/01/2014

The contact owns a 2011 Jeep Liberty. The contact stated that while driving 65 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning. The vehicle was taken to the dealer. The technician stated that the pcm module needed to be reprogrammed. The remedy failed to repair the failure. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 38,000.

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car image   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem of the 2003 Jeep Liberty 4
Failure Date: 09/03/2009

I own a 2003 Jeep Liberty and have had it for 2 years now and have every problem you can think of. My warranty recently expired 6,000 miles ago. My warranty expired at 75,000 miles and at 78,000 miles my air conditioner broke and had to replace that it cost me $900. 00. Just yesterday may car would not shift passed second gear, I have an automatic transmission, I noticed it when I was getting on the highway. Lately I have been noticing that the transmission seems to be slipping but never could find the problem because my transmission fluid was always fine. So yesterday I went to aamco transmissions and they said it was the tcm so they told me it would cost $440. 00 total. So they went to order the part but come to find out no one has it and the place that has all the tcm parts wont ship them till the 24th of September. So here it is September 3rd and I wont have my car fixed for the whole month of September. I don't understand why they wont ship them now. Also, they told me that they have been selling out of tcm fast because everyone is always needing them.

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car image   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem of the 2004 Jeep Liberty 5
Failure Date: 03/20/2009

2004 Jeep Liberty sport. On March 20, 2009 while driving, the auto transmission slipped out of gear, would not shift out of 1st gear. On March 24th, Liberty returned to us. Dealer charged $500 to replace wiring attached to pcm, stating they were worn out and not covered under warranty. On April 24th the same problem occurred while driving on the interstate in connecticut, the Liberty abruptly downshifted from 4th to 1st gear nearly causing us to be struck by trailing vehicles, and would not go into any other driving gear. Jeep dealer in greenwich, CT said they suspected the tranny was worn but could not undertake the repair. We cancelled our trip and brought it to a local dealer on April 25th, bad pcm diagnosed, replaced. Warranty covered. Received Jeep back on 5/1/09. Later the same day the problem occurred again while driving on highway. Brought it back to same dealer. Pcm replaced again we're told. Liberty returned to us on 5/6/09. On 6/9/09 while driving on the highway the Jeep shut down completely once again an accident was narrowly avoided. Towed to a different local dealer. Bad pcm again diagnosed. Part had to be ordered. Liberty finally returned to us on 7/2/09. On 7/9/09 while driving on local road, the transmission slipped again and would not shift out of 1st gear. We brought it back to the dealer who did last repair. As of today it remains there. The check engine light came on in each instance at the exact moment the problem occurred.

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car image   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem of the 2007 Jeep Liberty 6
Failure Date: 06/14/2007

The contact owns a 2007 Jeep Liberty. While idling on a moderately leveled hill at a stop light, the vehicle rolled backwards, and almost caused a crash. The vehicle was taken to the dealer for inspection and they reprogrammed the pcm. Weeks later, the failure recurred. The contact took the vehicle back to the dealer and they repaired it according to NHTSA campaign id number 06v341000 (power train: automatic transmission). Weeks after the repair, the failure recurred a third time. There are no warning indicators prior to the failures. She filed a formal complaint with the manufacturer. The failure mileage was 3,000 and current mileage was 13,317.

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car image   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem of the 2006 Jeep Liberty 7
Failure Date: 09/23/2006

On Sep. The 23rd I was on i70e just out of effingham IL. When my Jeep Liberty crd had a problem. There was a loud noise or thud then all of a sudden my speed went from about 65 mph down to 45 to 50 almost instantly. The white van that was behind me just tapped my rear bumper with no damage. The driver of the van went on around me as I went off of the hyw. To the side of the road. This problem cleared up in about 1 min. And the car the went on as it was ok. Please reference odi number 10167608. This incident is the same as that report. Also coming back to florissant on the 30th of sept 2006 the exact same thing happened. However my car was the only car in sight at the time. I have had three events with this type of failure and one of them resulted in the vehicle behind me just touching my car. The dealer here in florissant, mo. (marty cancilla Dodge. Has yet to figure out the problem. The Chrysler district rep is going to be here on this thursdays to talk to me. As far as I am concerned this is a very dangerous problem, especially when traveling on the interstate a 60 to 70 mph. My Jeep Liberty has been in the dealers shop since Tuesday of last week. I do hope they will fix this problem. I know form the Jeep internet forum that this is a real problem with other Liberty owners with the diesel crd. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

car image   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem of the 2006 Jeep Liberty 8
Failure Date: 09/05/2006

On the 5th. Of September I was traveling home from dayton, OH on i70 and just as I was coming into indianapolis, in. My 2006 Jeep Liberty crd had a failure in its transmission that caused me to temporary lose control of the car. I was driving at the speed limit of 65 to 70 mph and all of a sudden there was a very loud klunk and the cars speed dropped from about 65 mph to 40 to 35 mph almost instantly and that's when I almost lost control for just about a second. I check and there was no cars either behind or to either side of me, which was lucky for me because if a car or semi would have been behind me I would not be here writing this. I pulled over to the right hand lane and started to leave the road for the shoulder. Then all of a sudden my car started to drive normally again. I drove at a reduced speed for awhile and did notice that ther was a slight transmission shudder. This went away after a few minuetes and I was able to drive home to florissant missouri without futher trouble. I would like to say that I have checked with other's who own Libertyi's and several of them have had the same problem. Though their's was not as harrowing as mind. I took my Jeep jiberty down to the dealer's the following day and left it there. That was two days ago and they are still working on it. I will be seeing the service rep. Tomorrow and will finding out a little more about what happen. I do know that this it seems to be a ongoing problem with the 5 speed automatic traansmission with a transfer case. Thank you for reading this. James e. Friese, 115 st. Benedict lane, florissant, missouri, 63033, pn. 314-837-3885.

car image   Automatic Transmission Control Module problem of the 2003 Jeep Liberty 9
Failure Date: 05/14/2005

Contact states while vehicle is in park I will accelerate. The local service dealer reprogrammed the powertrain control module. However, this did not remedy the problem.

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